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RAAF A20 CAC Wirraway

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75th Anniversary


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Type Serial Range
North American NA-16 & CAC Wirraway CA-1 & CA-3  A20-1 to A20-100.
CAC Wirraway CA-3, CA-5 & CA-7 A20-101 to A20-200
CAC Wirraway CA-7 & CA-8 A20-201 to A20-300
CAC Wirraway CA-8 A20-301 to A20-400
CAC Wirraway CA-8 & CA-9 A20-401 to A20-500
CAC Wirraway CA-9 A20-501 to A20-600
CAC Wirraway CA-9 & CA-16 A20-601 to A20-700
CAC Wirraway CA-16 A20-701 to A20-772

Notes on North American NA-16 and CAC Wirraways

Type Notes Construction
RAAF Serial Range
NA-32 NA-16-1A 1 Pattern aircraft supplied by North American Aviation
Fixed landing gear, similar to the North American Y1BT-10.
32-387 A20-1
NA-33 NA-16-2K 1 Pattern aircraft supplied by North American Aviation 33-388 A20-2
CA-1 Mk.I 1st Wirraway production contract for 40 airframes. 1 to 40 A20-3 to A20-42
CA-3 Mk.II 2nd Wirraway production contract for 60 airframes. 41 to 100 A20-43 to A20-102
CA-5 Mk.II 3rd Wirraway production contract for 32 airframes. 103 to 134 A20-103 to A20-134
CA-7 Mk.II 4th Wirraway production contract for 100 airframes. 135 to 234 A20-135 to A20-234
CA-8 Mk.II 5th Wirraway production contract for 200 airframes. 436 to 635 A20-235 to A20-434
CA-9 Mk.II 6th Wirraway production contract for 188 airframes. 636 to 823 A20-435 to A20-622
CA-10 N/A Proposed Wirraway dive-bomber variant (not built). N/A N/A
CA-10A N/A Contract for construction of outer wing sets with upper-wing split flaps/dive brakes for retro-fitting to 113 existing CA-3, CA-5, CA-7 & CA-9 aircraft. N/A N/A
CA-16 Mk.III 7th and final Wirraway production contract for 135 airframes. 1075 to 1209 A20-623 to A20-755
CA-20 N/A Contract to modify 17 Wirraway airframes for use by the RAN.

Note: Other Wirraway airframes were issued to the RAN ex 2 AD Richmond for spares use and subsequently deemed unsuitable. They were held 2 AD and the RAN Depot Randwick before disposal. These include A20-18, 73, 190,  412, 567 & 579 which were sold to Wilmore Aviation on 15 July 1954. There may have been others.
original C/N's
A20-18, 28, 133, 139, 141, 145, 168, 176, 209, 211, 214, 225, 238, 250, 469, 490 & 752



75th Anniversary


The Author of this page is Gordon Birkett.

Source: Australia/Townsville at War Website, Australian Aviation Magazine, Australian Aviation Annual 2001/2002, National Archives, Flightpath Magazine, Glory in Chaos, RAAF Wirraway Accident Data Cards, Darwins Air War, CASA Aircraft Records, Australian War Memorial Website and Photographs, Tom Trimble, Logbook of Roy F Goon, DB Design Bureau ,

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Updated 07 October July 2013


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