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Wirraway A20-109


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RAAF Serial Aircraft Type C/No Aircraft History
A20-101 CA-3 99 Rec 1AD ex CAC 26/08/40. Served with 2 SFTS 02/09/40., Wagga Wagga NSW.20/02/41 taxied into A20-78. Repaired.14/04/42 E service at 5AD.20/04/42 at 7SFTS.28/06/43 issued to ANA for Dive Bomber Mods and service.13/09/43 at 7SFTS. 12/02/45 G Service with Clyde Engineering. 14/05/45 at 2AD. 21/05/45 at 8OTU. 26/11/45 Rec at 7AD for storage.01/10/48 to Cat C Storage.06/11/50 upgraded to Cat B and issued to CAC for overhaul. 27/03/52 at Point Cook.21/07/53 had landing accident when dropped wing on landing. Repaired. 09/10/53 landed at Avalon due to loss of engine oil and suffered u/c damage. Repaired. 22/02/54 Rec at Point Cook. Soc 31/05/57.

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A20-102 CA-3 100 Received 1AD ex CAC 13/09/40 for allocation 2SFTS. No records thereafter till demise. 09/01/41 had landing accident and flipped over at 15.10hrs at Wagga Aerodrome resulting in heavy damage to port wing tip bent, canopy and windscreen crushed, fin extensively crushed and tail assembly damaged. 2SFTS Pilot was F/O A S Hayes and WAG was LAC J Harvey Ser#404244 who were uninjured. Aircraft was considered w/o with limited records showing it was converted 09/41.
A20-103 CA-5 103 Served with 4 Sqn. On 26/12/42. The aircraft shot down a Japanese Mitsubishi Zero at Rabaul Papua New Guinea. The crew were P/OFF John S. Archer and SGT J. L. Coulston. On the 16/04/44 at 1300 A20-80 while being taxied collided with stationary Wirraway A20-103. Located at the Australian War Memorial, Canberra ACT.

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A20-104 CA-5 104 Received 1AD ex CAC 13/09/40 for allocation to 4 Sqn (9/9/40). Received 4Sqn 07/10/40. Coded "D" Stayed with 4 Sqn per services01/01/43 when allocated to 24 Sqn. issued 13/01/43, received 24Sqn 16/01/43. Allocated Clyde Engineering for overhaul. Received 24 Sqn 09/03/43. 28/03/43(not 27/03/42 per E/E 88 Card, but per 24Sqn A50) involved in Mid Air Collision near Chipping Norton NSW in adverse weather during formation practice with A20-516. Pilot was Sgt. C C Martin Ser#420023 who was killed and WAG was Sgt. D J P Handbury Ser#420757 who was slightly injured during collision and whom then parachuted to safety. Salvaged and received 2AD ex 24 Sqn 05/04/43. Approval for conversion 16/04/43.
A20-105 CA-5 105 With 4 Sqn 1710hrs 04/04/41, Canberra. Aircraft was involved in a mid air collision with A20-171 which took off and collided with it at 2000ft 7 miles east of aerodrome. Pilot F/O B M Cox parachuted safely, but Corporal W B Ramsey Ser#207668 being killed. Both Aircraft destroyed.
A20-106 CA-5 106 Received 1AD ex CAC 13/09/40, allocated 4Sqn ex 1AD 09/09/40(Pre) Spent next fortnight at 1AD, in service with 4Sqn as of 01/10/40. Issued and in service with 1 ATS ex 4Sqn 15/02/41. 19/02/41 had firing accident whereby P/O Bradbury during gunnery exercises, due to out of synchronised machine gun mechanism fire, placed a hole in one prop. Returned 4Sqn 17/05/41. 06/01/42 1615Hrs 4 Sqn Aircraft stalled over Williamtown Aerodrome and crashed. Aircraft destroyed by fire. Pilot was P/O S T Ross and Wag AC1 J K M Brown Ser#37562 killed. Waiting conversion 09/01/42 at Williamtown. Approved for w/o 16/02/42.

Wirraway A20-106

A20-107 CA-5 107 Rec ex CAC 14/09/40. To 2SFTS . 20/01/41 crashed into fence after landing. Minor repairs. 25/02/41 made forced landing, no damage. To 7SFTS 06/04/42.10/11/44 sent to Clyde for Overhaul. 27/03/45 to 2OTU. 08/10/45 sent to 7AD for storage.27/05/48 allocated for Cat C storage.03/08/51 sent to 1AD for Det B. Sent to 2AD 5/52.21/10/52 sent to 1AD ex 2AD for Cat B servicing. 27/05/53 allocated Cat B storage at Point Cook. 21/06/54 allocation cancelled.25/08/54 allocated to 22Sqn RAAF for SAR Duties.. 14/10/54 held at 22Sqn. 06/01/55 had forced landing some 5 miles from Williamtown. Repaired. 6/02/59 Issued ex 22Sqn to 1AD. Retired from RAAF service 02/60. e R. H. Grant Trading Company.
A20-108 CA-5 108 Acc 20/09/40 ex CAC. T0 2SFTS. 25/02/41 Forced landing, no damage due to bad weather.26/03/41 Forced landing causing damage to flaps and scraps to fuselage. Repaired.12/11/41 mid air collision when changing formation with A20-252 (LAC L Coombs Ser#411123). Pilot was LAC R Beverige Ser#411115. Both aircraft landed safely. 06/04/42 to 7SFTS. 13/01/44 made emergency forced landing at night. Damage to fuselage, starboard mainplane and undercarriage. Storage pending going to Clyde for repairs 04/09/44. Repaired 12/02/45. To 5SFTS 07/03/45. 08/11/48 allocated for Cat C Storage for possible post war use. 02/02/51 upgraded from Cat C and sent to CAC fore survey for return to service. 11/02/52 allocated to 1BFTS Point Cook. Held at 1BFTS Uranquinty for repairs. 18/07/53 back to Cat C Storage. SOC 31/05/57.

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A20-109 CA-5 109 Received 1AD ex CAC 29/09/40, allocated to 23Sqn 17/09/40, returned to CAC for fitting of armament. 25/10/40 issued to 23Sqn and in service at 23Sqn 04/11/40. Issued to 24Sqn 13/06/42, received 24Sqn 14/06/42. Allocated 2AD ex 24Sqn for engine change (to #177) and received back at 24Sqn 31/08/42. 02/09/42 received at 2AD for repairs/adjustment to engine. Received back at 24Sqn Bankstown 21/09/42. 27/09/42 15.00hrs crash-landed Rafton Aerodrome with damage to Main Plane, airscrew, and undercarriage. 24Sqn Pilot was P/O H R Baldwin and WAG was F/Sgt R W Orr Ser#5800, both un-injured. 28/09/42 u/s at 24Sqn. Allocated to 10RSU but cancelled 30/09/42. 02/10/42 allocated to 7 RSU. In service with 24 Sqn 19/10/42. 03/11/42, 15.59hrs, crashed landed whilst dive bombing on northern end of Dee Why Beach Sydney NSW, due to adverse weather. Pilot was P/O G F Daw Ser#406348 and WAG was F/Sgt. L Breen Ser#3293 who were both killed. 26/11/42 allocated 2AD ex 24Sqn for conversion. 30/11/42 issued. Converted to components approved 03/12/42.

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A20-110 CA-5 110 Acc 29/09/40 ex CAC. 06/10/40 to 25Sqn. 02/08/41 had one main tyre burst on landing and ground looped. Damage to wing tip and U/C. Repaired.29/03/42 suffered high speed taxying accident resulting in damage port wing and u/c. repaired.06/09/42 had forced landing caused by engine failure. Repaired. Destroyed 21/07/43 after crashing and burning after becoming lost during a cross country flight at night on the York Peninsula. The aircraft had 1231 flight hours at the time. One crew member killed. Crew; FSGT G.H. Mitchell 405006 (Pilot) & SGT K.L. Hodge 417303 (Nav) (Killed when he struck aircraft during exist, and plummeted 3000ft to his death unconscious). Part of 4 Aircraft flight that was lost due to bad weather, other a/c A20-151/A20-188/A20-124.
A20-111 CA-5 111 Rec 29/09/40 from CAC at 1AD. 04/10/40 on issue to 25Sqn, Tom Trimble damaged this aircraft when the aircraft as brand new while being delivered from Melbourne to WA. He was taxiing it at Kalgoolie and hit a fence post and couldn't take off with the other 4 aircraft. He repaired the aircraft with the help of the flying doctor and flew to Perth the next day. In service with 25Sqn 13/10/40.04/12/40 aircraft swung on take-off and struck port wing and buckled it. Damage also to port gear and flap. Repaired.28/11/40, whilst diving on HMAS Perth during a dummy dive bombing run, starboard panel blew out and ripped fabric off fuselage and elevator. Repaired. 31/08/41 whilst stationary, aircraft heeled to starboard buckling starboard wing. Repaired. 27/05/42 suffered engine failure on T/O and forced landed. No damage to aircraft. Repaired. 22/06/42 aircraft suffered partial seizure of engine and forced landed. Repaired. 16/06/43 issued and Rec at 17RSU. 31/07/43 to 25Sqn.13/08/43 to 5SFTS.08/03/45 to Clyde for overhaul. 02/07/45 to 5SFTS.18/09/45 to AAGS. 22/02/46 to Storage 7AD. 17/08/48 to Cat C Storage. To CAC for Overhaul 1951. To 22Sqn ex CAC 07/12/50.23/10/52 rec at 2OTU.01/10/53 to 1AD Det B for Cat C Storage. SOC 05/02/57.
A20-112 CA-5 112 Rec ex CAC to 1AD 29/09/40. 06/10/40 with 25 Sqn. 30/06/42 on landing overshot strip and was damaged. Repaired. 26/10/42 rec at 17RSU. 27/10/42 had taxying accident when it hit concrete mooring block at 17RSU causing damage to fuselage, engine and prop. Pilot was F/Lt W McCulloch Ser#741. 05/12/42 at 25 Sqn.16/04/43 made forced landing at Geraldton. Repaired. Rec at 5SFTS 14/09/43.16/04/45 placed into storage.08/11/48 Cat C storage Uranquinty. SOC 1957.
A20-113 CA-5 113 Served with 25 Sqn Pearce. Aircraft swung to the right after landing 25/03/43. The aircraft had 1021 flight hours at the time. Crew; F/Sgt Larkin and Sgt T Burrows.
A20-114 CA-5 114 Rec ex CAC 13/10/40 to 1AD.18/03/41 aircraft suffered undercarriage accident on landing. Repaired. 07/10/41 aircraft made forced landing on Rottnest Island due to engine failure. Pilot was Sgt R D Dempster Ser# 406436 and F/Sgt J P Clarke Ser#1831 as WAG. Both OK. Repaired. This aircraft struck the engine cowling of A20-291 01/07/43 with starboard wingtip whilst making an approach during night flying practice. The aircraft had 853 flight flight hours at the time. Crew; Sqnldr G.N. Daly and W/O G.E Kendall. 11/0743 acc Rec at 4AD. 04/11/44 ret to 25Sqn.12/01/45 aircraft Rec at 14Sqn for meteorology work. 08/02/45 Rec at 7CU. 19/03/46 to CMU.29/07/46 to be stored CAT E. 17/08/48 to Cat C status. Retired from RAAF service 05/56. The aircraft was sold to L & M Newman.
A20-115 CA-5 115 Rec 1AD ex CAC 14/10/40. Allocated 23Sqn 15/10/40. 12/10/42 to 10RSU. 13/10/42 with 23Sqn.07/10/42 damaged wing on landing. Repaired.23/06/43 Rec at ANA for Overhaul. 20/07/43 Rec at 5Sqn . 28/10/43 with 7 SFTS. The student on his 4 solo flight ballooned on landing and stalled 1050hrs 17/05/44. The left wing struck the ground and the aircraft overturned. The aircraft had 1396 flight hours at the time. Crew; LAC N.A.Dennis Ser#438443 survived. Repaired. 7SFTS, 17/05/44 1050hrs, during landing at Allandale Satellite Field, pilot held off and wing dropped causing aircraft to overturn. Pilot Lac N A Dennis Ser#438443 ok. To Clyde Engineering . Rebuilt and 08/11/44 Rec at 2AP. Allocated 457Sqn, cancelled.11/01/45 issued to 5SFTS.01/10/46 to storage Cat E. 02/02/52 Upgraded to Cat B and sent to CAC.12/10/51 to 24Sqn RAAF. 08/08/56 to 1AD Det B for storage. SOC 10/12/56.
A20-116 CA-5 116 Delivered to RAAF 13/10/40. To 1AD 13/10/40. To 23 Sqn 04/11/40. To SAC (School of Army Co-operation) 25/07/43. Crashed 16/09/43 Merricumbene, west of Moruya on the NSW during a photographic sortie of the coast near Batemans Bay. Crew; SqnLdr Daniel Kerr Matthews Ser#407004 and F/O W Sebastion Ser#A1247 were both killed. Approved for conversion. Salvaged any usable parts and some remains still located there. Crew buried at Canberra War Cemetery Grave Sites #14 and #12 respectively.

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A20-117 CA-5 117 Rec 1AD ex CAC 13/10/40. Allocated to number 24 Squadron RAAF 06/11/40.18Apr1941. The aircraft crashed near Ravenswood Queensland Australia.. The crew were F/OFF Ian Lambton Menzies and SGT Kenneth Ian Scott Ser#36591. Both lost their lives in the crash.
A20-118 CA-5 118 Served with 24 Sqn On 30/06/41 the aircraft crashed when one of its wings collapsed during dive bombing practice at Townsville QLD. The crew F/OFF Mervyn Nelson Finster and SGT Albert Glance Ser#210073 both lost their lives in this accident.
A20-119 CA-5 119 To 1AD 18/10/40 from CAC. In service with 4 Sqn 11/11/40. While taking off downwind at Cressy on 31/10/41 struck telegraph pole and wires and crashed, still with 4 Sqn who were at Cressy for Army Co-op Exercises. The engine and airframe were extensively damaged. Crew; F/O D.M.Matthews (RAAF#5076) and Sgt Muir were taken to Cressy Hospital. To 1AD 9/11/41. Converted to components.

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A20-120 CA-5 120 Served with 7 SFTS. On the 13/03/44 due to a blockage in the restrictor valve in the hydraulic system the pilot was unable to lower the under carriage and had to land with it up during some night circuits. The aircraft had 1337 flight hours at the time. Crew; P/O N.R. Lord (pilot) and P/O H Lawrence. Served with 8 OTU. Collided with A20-526 in mid-air 20/09/44 whilst conducting a 12 aircraft formation exercise. The accident occurred just days before the unit was due to move to Parkes. The aircraft had 2155 flight hours at the time. Crew; SGT A.R. Collins 439746.

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A20-121 CA-5 121 12/02/41 at Amberley, aircraft collided on ground head on with A20-138. F/O Black and LAC Humphry in A20-121; F/Sgt Watson and LAC Scott in A20-138 all killed.  Both a/c destroyed by fire.
A20-122 CA-5 122 Served with 7 SFTS. Aircraft crashed during a training flight 25/06/44, the student was "shooting up" a friends home at Arrawatts Station near Deniliquin. Crew; LAC F Haley Ser#121598(pilot).
A20-123 CA-5 123 Rec 1AD ex CAC 29/09/40. To 25Sqn 30/05/42 forced landing due to low fuel. No Damage.09/08/42 forced landing immediately after take-off. Repaired 31/08/42.17/09/42. Aircraft made forced landing after engine failure. Pilot was Sgt Fittock 25Sqn. repaired. 25/07/43 at Pearce, aircraft swung on landing and overturned. Pilot was P/O Hirstleigh and Sgt R L Johnston Ser#417306. OK. To 4AD 09/08/43. Repaired, 03/12/43 to 5SFTS.29/08/45 allocated to storage.08/11/48 upgraded to Cat C. 30/10/51 allocated to 1AD Det B for conversion to spares.
A20-124 CA-5 124 With 25Sqn . On the 21/07/43 the aircraft crashed after being abandoned by the crew over Riverton during a night cross country flight. The aircraft had 1024 flight hours at the time. Crew; Sgt Taylor F Fitter and F/Sgt M.J Baker (Pilot) both survived. Part of 4 Aircraft flight that was lost due to bad weather, other a/c A20-151/188/110.
A20-125 CA-5 125 Served with 25 Sqn. Lost 19/02/41 on night exercises 2 miles SW of South Mole at Fremantle harbour when the aircraft hit the sea. Although the exact cause may not be known, it was believed that the pilot was blinded by a search light coming on when the aircraft was at the bottom of its dive and he was disoriented with little or no time to adjust. Crew Pilot:F/ORonald James Sykes and WAG F/O Charles Vernon Anderson.
A20-126 CA-5 126 Rec 1AD ex CAC 06/10/40.To 25Sqn 13/10/40. 18/05/41, swung on formation take-off and damaged A20-184. Pilot was P/O J A Cox and Wag Sgt J Oglesby. Repaired.15/02/43 Engine cut on take-off and forced landed. Pilot was Sgt R H Hill Ser#418213 and F/Sgt K M Sarpley Ser#407458. Cowl, fuselage and cooler damage. Sent to 17RSU. Repaired. Forced landed and damaged 16/04/43 4 miles west of Pearce. No details but aircraft SOC 14/05/43.
A20-127 CA-5 127 Rec 1AD ex CAC 29/09/40. To 25Sqn 13/10/40. 08/05/41 collided with bomb trolley causing damage to centre section, trailing edge and port flaps. Repaired. 07/05/42, during dive bombing, fabric was blown off near S/B Panel. Repaired.12/06/42, aircraft, piloted by F/Sgt A J Neville Ser#406489 and WAG F/Sgt G D Erwin Ser#5660 both 25Sqn, on take-off 0340hrs before dawn on lighted flare path, veered port and collided with two Flare Path Attendants AC1 E G McDonald Ser#45173 (Killed) and Lac R N Veal Ser#29740 (Seriously injured) causing major damage to port mainplane. Repaired. 15/09/42 aircraft crashed into sea 1 mile north west of Fremantle. Pilot was Sgt Kevin P Properjohn Ser#415048 and Sgt Kenneth Page Ser#406951 WAG both killed.
A20-128 CA-5 128 Rec 1AD ex CAC 06/10/40. Issued to 23Sqn RAAF 13/10/40. 21/12/41 A20-130 taxied into A20-128 causing damage to leading edge and cowl. Repaired. 10/01/42 issued to 24Sqn with single code "U" of 24Sqn..Used at 6.07pm on January, 6th 1942 F/O Bruce Anderson (OC of one of two Wirraway Flights, 24Sqn) & P/O C.A.Butterworth (Observer) to intercept a flight of 9 Kawanishi Flying Boats (from Truk Is) that bombed Vunakanau Strip. Negligible results. Resulted in engine damage due to the extreme effort to intercept the flight at 12000 ft. Left damaged or destroyed by enemy action, at Rabaul 23/01/42. (Recorded as A20-118 by "The RAAF at War"), however A50 Sheet states A20-128 and E/E88 Card supports this as A20-128) Other Wirraways there: A20-71, A20-177, A20-179, A20-303, A20-304, A20-319, A20-321, A20-436 & A20-437: Hudsons A16-13, A16-91, A16-146, with A16-145 missing on Ops (Source 24Sqn A50 Sheet).

Wirraway A20-128 T 
23 Sqn Brisbane  
via the GRB Collection  A20- 128 V Wirraway 24Sqn Rabaul

A20-129 CA-5 129 Rec ex CAC at 1AD 06/10/40. To 23Sqn 13/10/40.22/06/42 starboard u/c collapsed on landing. Repaired.25/07/42 taxying accident when aircraft moved into A20-496 causing damage to port mainplane and airscrew. repaired.08/08/42 Rec 7SFTS ex 23Sqn. 17/04/45 issued to Clyde Engineering for overhaul.27/08/45 Rec at 5SFTS. Into storage. 08/11/48 as Cat C storage, upgraded to Cat B Storage 17/01/50. To CAC for overhaul 03/04/52. 03/07/56 whilst in storage Cat B, fire caused damaged to aircraft when engine fired up. To Cat C. Was in Storage at Point Cook 1958. Sold to CAC 02/05/58 for conversion to a CA28 Ceres. Sales Advice SV.40232, cost 750 pounds. Collected from Point Cook 21/07/58 and flown to Fishermans Bend. No details are know at this stage on which if any Ceres it became.
A20-130 CA-5 130 Rec ex CAC to 1AD 06/10/40.To 23Sqn 13/10/40. 21/12/41, A20-130 taxied into A20-128 causing damage to two blades, leading edge and mainplane. Repaired. 10/10/42 aircraft holed in starboard wing during low level flight. Repaired.2/06/43 held and Rec at 2AP Bankstown.09/07/43 Rec at 4OTU Williamtown after overhaul at Clyde Engineering. 06/12/43 Rec at 7SFTS.19/03/45 into storage at 5SFTS. 08/11/48 Cat C storage. SOC 30/05/51.

Wirraway A20-130

A20-131 CA-5 131 Rec 1AD ex CAC 06/10/40. At 12Sqn 21/10/40. 08/12/40 aircraft taxied into A20-33 with no damage. Survived Darwin Raid 19/02/42. Rec 5SFTS 23/03/42. 01/03/43 collided with A20-440 approximately 10 miles north west of Wagga Wagga. The crew of A20-131 baled out, though one crew member (LAC Rayner) was killed when his parachute opened too late. A20-440 was landed by LAC Utting.  It was then realised that the pilot (W/O Averill) had suffered fatal head injuries. Both of those killed are now buried at the Wagga Wagga General Cemetery…Averill - Rayner -  SOC 11/03/43.
A20-132 CA-5 132 Served with 12 Sqn, coded M 01/41-03/41. The aircraft crashed at the Adelaide River Railway Station Northern Territory Australia. The crew were F/OFF F. B. Smith and SGT W. J. Cox. Both were killed in the accident.

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A20-133 CA-5
133 Served with 2 OTU Mildura 1943. Mid Air Accident 17/07/42, A20-315, piloted by , F/Sgt C T Adams, was making a section attack on two target aircraft when he overshot and struck port main plane and tail wheel of #2 Target aircraft A20-133, during break away manoeuvre, piloted by P/O B T Stapledon. Pilot of A20-315 abandoned his aircraft and parachuted successfully. On the 25/05/43 while the aircraft was landing the aircraft struck a soft patch near the end of the landing run and nosed over and finished on its back. At the time it had 940 flight hours. Crew; SGT L.D Winten (pilot) and F/O T.W Livessey (Passenger).
Transferred to the Royal Australian Navy 1957.
The aircraft was struck off charge.
The aircraft was sold to Lund Aviation Pty Ltd.
A20-134 CA-5 134 Rec 1AD ex CAC 13/10/40. At 2SFTS 21/10/40.17/12/40 whilst pulling out of dive, struck trees causing damage to leading edge of wings. Pilot was Lac A C Cameron Ser#404085 and Lac D Scott Ser#402147. Both OK.Repaired.25/02/41, forced landing at Kingeton Vic 1130hrs. Pilot was F/Lt Watt and Lac C G Williams Ser#404126. Nil damage or injuries. 26/01/42 forced landing 8 miles south of Aerodrome due to engine failure, causing damage to port wing and u/c. Pilot was Sgt W G Casley Ser#403435 and Sgt J Milasi Ser#403356. Repaired. 25/05/42 to 7SFTS.Engine failure on take-off at night 26/09/42 causing damage to port wing and u/c. Repaired.30/04/44 holed airscrew during gunnery practiced. Repaired. 09/02/45 issued to Clyde Engineering for overhaul. 31/05/45 rec at 2OTU ex Clyde. Into Storage 7AD 08/10/45. 01/10/46 Cat E storage. 08/11/48 Cat C storage.21/10/49 to Cat B Storage. 17/11/49 Rec at CAC for overhaul.05/06/52 rec at Point Cook with Base Sqn.11/6/52 at 1BFTS.30/03/54 received canopy damage in accident. Unit: 1 BFTS [Basic Flying Training School] - Place: Uranquinty - Date: 30 March 1954 - Pilot: PNA(P) K C W Henry A494380. Accident 02/07/54.Unit: No 1 BFTS Place: RAAF Uranquinty - Date: 2 July 1954 R H E Burr 04415. 05/07/56 Rec 1AD.Soc 31/05/57.

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A20-135 CA-7 135 Delivered to RAAF 18/10/40. To 1AD 18/10/40. To 3SFTS 08/11/40. Collided with Wirraway A20-168 31/12/40 while taxying. Starboard mainplane was damaged. Forced landing 09/04/41 at Bundamba RaceCourse QLD following engine trouble, Pilot Lac G Falconer 404732. To 7SFTS 12/09/41. Aircraft starboard wing struck the ground while landing 08/11/41. Aircraft overturned due to excessive braking after an overshoot 12/08/43. To 5SFTS 30/08/44. To 2AD 23/04/45. To 2OTU 02/05/45. Caught Fire 04/06/45 during non operational flight. To 7AD 08/10/45 and placed into storage. To CAC for Major Repairs 14/11/49. To Point Cook 26/05/50. To 1AD 23/08/56. Stored undercover at Tocumwal?

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A20-136 CA-7 136 Rec 1Ad ex CAC 18/10/40. At 3SFTS Amberley 25/11/40. 07/01/41, aircraft stalled at 20 ft on landing Amberley 0900hrs. Centre section strained and U/C damaged. Pilot was Lac L P Kearle Ser#404340 OK. Repaired. 19/07/42 Rec at 7SFTS. 12/12/45 Rec at Clyde Engineering for overhaul. 15/05/45 Rec at 8OTU. 26/11/45 Rec for storage 7AD. Cat C Storage 17/11/48. 06/11/50 upgrade to Cat B, to CAC 30/11/50. 13/7/51 Rec at Base Sqn Point Cook. Issued and Rec 24Sqn 31/07/51. 05/04/55 sent to Tocumwal Retired from RAAF service 31/05/1957. The aircraft was sold.196?. At Tocumwal waiting to be scrapped.. The aircraft was reregistered as VH-CAC??

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A20-137 CA-7 137 Rec 18/10/40 ex CAC at 1AD. With 3SFTS Amberley Qld 25/11/40. 0900hrs, 08/01/41 made wheels up landing at Coolana. Pilot was Lac J T Campbell Ser#402347. Repaired. Crashed 10/04/41 at Tyalgum Creek near Murwillumbah QLD. The pilot lost control of the aircraft in cloud and parachuted to safety, but fracturing leg.. Crew; LAC J.S.M.Ross (404708). Soc 01/05/41.
A20-138 CA-7 138 Rec 1AD ex CAC 25/10/40. Issued to 3SFTS Amberley.18/12/40 landing accident. Pilot F/O R A Little. Repaired. 17/01/41 collided with A20-165. Repaired.12/02/41 at Amberley, aircraft collided on ground head on with A20-121. F/O Black and LAC Humphry in A20-121; F/Sgt Watson and LAC Scott in A20-138 all killed. Both a/c burned.
A20-139 CA-7
139 Rec 1AD ex CAC 25/10/40. With 3SFTS 25/11/40. 29/11/40 overshot strip on landing and hit drain. Repaired. 04/03/41 to 2SFTS. 20/04/42 to 7SFTS. 07/12/42 held off on landing, Deniliquin. Damaged starboard mainplane and u/c. Pilot was Lac O J Bugg Ser#408171. On 11/10/43, The aircraft was damaged while it was being taxied. At the time it had 1597 flight hours.14/02/45 to Clyde Engineering for overhaul. 04/06/45 to 4OTU. 15/11/45 to storage. Upgraded to Cat C 08/11/48.
Transferred to the Royal Australian Navy 17/09/48.
The aircraft was struck off charge 195?.
The aircraft was sold to Lund Aviation Pty Ltd.
A20-140 CA-7 140 Rec ex CAC 1AD 25/10/40. With 3SFTS 25/11/40. 07/02/40 forced landing due to fuel shortage, causing damage to port wing and u/c. Repaired. Rec 2SFTS 13/04/41.The aircraft had a large 140 painted on its side, with no yellow cowl. 2230hrs, 06/10/41 forced landing at RLG Coolamon Road Wagga. Pilot was Lac G N Williams Ser#405337. Damage to Port wing tip and u/c. Repaired.23/03/42 Rec at 5SFTS. 07/04/42 aircraft made forced landing due to eng trouble, 2 miles NE of the Rock. Pilot was Sgt A G Andrewstreet Ser#18069 and Lac F W Mc Intyre Ser#412635. Both OK..07/01/43 Rec at 4OTU. On the 01/12/43 the aircraft collided with a refueling vehicle. Crew; F/O N.W. Rea. 17/01/44 rec at 5AD.Overhauled, 20/06/44 Rec at 549Sqn RAF. 17/07/44 to Clyde Engineering for complete overhaul.19/10/44 rec 2AP ex Clyde Engineering.23/10/44 Rec 5SFTS.Into Storage. Cat C 08/11/48. Retired from RAAF service 31/05/1957. The aircraft was sold for scrap metal.
A20-141 CA-7
141 Rec 1AD ex CAC 25/10/40.With 3SFTS 25/11/40.04/03/41 dropped wing on landing. Repaired. 05/05/41 Rec 2SFTS. 07/07/41rec 7 SFTS. At 15:15 hrs on the 08/10/43 the engine failed during dual formation flying. A forced landing was done and the aircraft stuck a fence. The aircraft had 1513 flight hours at the time. Crew; F/O N.V McWinney (pilot) and LAC R.A Wood. Modified to CA-20 05/05/45 at Clyde Engineering. Rec 8OTU 30/07/45. 26/11/45 Rec 7AD for storage.08/10/46 Cat C Storage.
09/08/49 transferred to the RAN.
Issued 22/09/49.
Allocated the side number 904.
The aircraft crashed at Nowra 18/06/53.
A20-142 CA-7 142 Rec 1AD ex CAC 30/10/40. With 2 SFTS, Wagga Wagga NSW 13/01/41.10/10/41 Stalled at 15ft during precautionary landing at Bakey's Paddock, 5 miles north of Wagga. Damage to both mainplanes, centre section and u/c. Pilot was Sgt P N Nash Ser#400101 and Lac H J Hoskins Ser#401326. Both OK. Repaired. Rec 7SFTS 30/03/42. 25/01/43 aircraft stalled on takeoff when pilot averted another aircraft in path. Damage to u/c and mainplanes. Repaired.24/11/43 Aircraft issued to ANA Parafield for overhaul. Test flight 25/09/44 after 10 months. 23/10/44 Rec at 5SFTS. Into storage 05/10/45. Cat C Storage17/08/48.24/07/51 upgraded to Cat B Storage.07/03/52 Rec at CAC for rebuild.19/08/52 to Point Cook. With 1AFTS Point Cook, 9/06/55 aircraft crashed 5 miles south of mouth of Werribee River. Two aircraft in line astern formation( A20-141 as #2) with a turn to port, lead aircraft notice splash to port some 200 yards off shore in 10ft of water. Crash launch went to aid. Pilot F/O B L Thomson Ser#032427 and PNA K R Roberts both killed. Soc 17/08/55.

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A20-143 CA-7 143 Served with 5 Sqn. On the 20/04/43 the pilot held off too high and came down hard during landing and the undercarriage collapsed. Crew; LAC S.M Eastment (pilot). Served with 5 SFTS. On the 12/11/43 the pilot (LAC W Strike Ser#432716) undershot the approach, applied too much power and managed to bounce the aircraft approx 15 feet. The aircraft stalled and the port wing struck the ground. The aircraft had 810 flight hours at the time during course No.40.
A20-144 CA-7 144 Retired from RAAF service 05/56. The aircraft was sold to L & M Newman
A20-145 CA-7
145 Modified to CA-20 and transferred to the RAN.
Side number 901/904
Crashed Nowra 06/53 (see photos)

Struck off charge.
Sold to Lund Aviation Pty Ltd.

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A20-146 CA-7 146 Served with 4 Sqn 12/41. The aircraft crashed near Rockhampton QLD. The pilot Peter Masters was OK. Served with CFS. On the 08/03/45 the engine seized and a forced landing was done at Point Cook during spinning practice. The aircraft had 1780 flight hours at the time. Crew; Fltlt L.B. McClure (pilot) and F/O R.G Hambley.
A20-147 CA-7 147 Served at Point Cook VIC. Was on static display there on 06/02/45 for the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.
A20-148 CA-7 148 Rec 1AD ex CAC 31/10/40. Rec CFS 17/11/40 after making forced landing 14/11/40 on its way there. No damage.04/10/41 to DeHav till 1/12/42 for experiments. Rec 3CF 07/12/42. 31/12/42 ground fire during refueling, causing damage to port side panel. repaired. 01/02/43 Rec at 5SFTS.17/09/43 disregarded not to land, made landing downwind with aircraft landing 40 yards short, striking fence and flipping over. Pilot was Lac E C Pollard Ser#434759. 04/10/43 to Clyde Engineering. Repaired.07/05/44 to 549Sqn RAF. 16/05/44 ground looped at Amberley damaging u/c and airscrew. 27/05/44 dispatched by rail to Clyde Engineering Sydney for rebuild.23/08/44 Rec 2AP ex Clyde. 28/08/44 Rec 5SFTS. 05/10/45 into storage.17/08/48 upgraded to Cat C storage. 02/04/52 to Cat B, to be sent to DAP. Cancelled 02/06/52 when aircraft was damaged in transit. SOC 17/05/60.

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A20-149 CA-7 149 Rec 1AD ex CAC 03/11/40. With 12Sqn 23/12/40. 11/01/41, aircraft struck ground when taking off when wheels were retracted. Pilot was under Blind Hood at time. Repaired. 23/12/41 Aircraft swerved into drums at Darwin. Damage P/Tube and tyre. Repaired.13/03/42 at Drysdale Mission, aircraft crashed on take-off. Pilot , Sgt C R Lenton Ser#411151 ok. SOC 25/05/42.
A20-150 CA-7 150 Rec 1AD ex CAC 02/11/40. Rec 12Sqn 07/01/41.16/04/41 port wing tip struck ground on landing. Repaired. 16/09/41 taxying accident after landing when a/c struck stationary A20-181. Repaired.14/01/42 aircraft collided with aerodrome defence drum on landing at Darwin when hydraulic release valve broke spraying pilot with oil. Repaired.16/03/42 Rec at 5SFTS. 26/06/43 to ANA for Dive bombing Mods.02/07/43 first test flight.19/07/43 Rec at 5SFTS. 01/08/43 1 mile SE of Base, aircraft crashed. Killed was Lac J W Barnwell Ser#432300. Soc 26/08/43.

Wirraway A20-150 M 
via the GRB Collection

A20-151 CA-7 151 Served with 25 Sqn. On the 21/07/43 the aircraft struck a fence when landing at night. The aircraft had 1038 flight hours at the time. Crew; F/O L.C.M. Garling and SGT F.C Smith. Served with 7 SFTS. On the 11/01/44 the aircraft was taxied into A20-306 which was stationary. The aircraft had 1390 flight hours at the time. Crew; F/O J.S Douglas and LAC W.L.H Armstrong. Served with 2 OTU. On the 07/02/45 the aircraft swung after completing 150 yards of its landing run, the aircraft ground looped and the undercarriage collapsed. The aircraft had 1933 flight hours at the time. Crew; F/SGT H.R Ward (pilot) and P/O F.H Cook.
A20-152 CA-7 152 Served with 5 SFTS. On the 25/07/44 the aircraft collided with a flock of birds at 250ft damaging the rudder. The pilot climbed the aircraft to 3000ft, the aircraft became uncontrollable and the pilot bailed out. The aircraft had 1473 flight hours at the time. Crew; LAC R Willocks (pilot).
A20-153 CA-7 153 Rec 1AD ex CAC 08/11/40.Eng# B20-134. 09/12/40 22Sqn.02/05/41 Crashed on Hawkesbury River bank opposite of Sackville Post Office after hitting telephone wires. P/O P N Ingoldby and P/O T C Mc Manus, of B flight 22Sqn. Both killed. Soc 02/06/41.
A20-154 CA-7 154 Rec 1AD ex CAC 08/11/40. 23Sqn 13/11/40.17/01/42 collided with airfield defence drums and crashed Port Moresby on transfer to 24Sqn.Ret to Townsville.18/05/42 at 1AD. 22/06/42 Rec at 7SFTS.11/04/45 Rec at AAGS.29/06/46 Storage. 17/08/48 Cat C Storage.31/01/51 Cat B to CAC for overhaul.11/12/51 at 1AD stored. SOC 17/12/57.
A20-155 CA-7 155 Rec 1AD ex CAC 08/11/40. 23Sqn 08/12/40. 31/01/41 Accident. 10.30hrs After taking off from Archerfield, Pilot performing dives and recovered too low and struck trees at Darra. Wings, tail and engine torn out, with remaining fuselage burnt. Crew; F/O James.F. Unsworth and P/O Godfrey .E. Turner both killed.. Airframe TTHrs 62.20 Soc 26/02/41.
A20-156 CA-7 156 Rec 1AD ex CAC 08/11/40. 24/12/40 with 24Sqn. 27/07/41 ground looped and damaged U/C. repaired. 23/01/42 operationally in service at 24Sqn. 24/03/42 Rec 1AD. 30/07/42 issued to 1 PRU. 20/08/42 Rec 1AD. 31/08/42 Rec SHQ Richmond. Rec 28/09/42 by 452Sqn Richmond. 25/11/42 issued to CAC ex 1 Fighter Wing Richmond for D/Bomber mods. 21/12/42 Rec 4OTU. 05/12/42 Rec 5SFTS. 06/09/45 storage. 17/08/48 Cat C storage. Retired from RAAF service 22/05/56 and sold to L & M Newman. The aircraft was broken up at Tocumwal New South Wales Australia for scrap metal.
A20-157 CA-7 157 Rec 1AD ex CAC 09/11/40. Issue to 24Sqn 11/11/40. 07/12/40 To ATS before going to 24Sqn.(24Sqn tfr did not happen)13/02/41 to 1AD ex ATS. 03/03/41 Rec 2SFTS. 27/06/41 Rec 1AD for #22 Mod. Ret 2SFTS 04/07/41.14/04/42 Rec 5AD. 29/06/42 Rec 7SFTS.0400hrs Accident 13/05/43 when aircraft forced landed after take-off3 miles south of aerodrome due to engine failure. Pilot was Lac T I Paultridge Ser#429991. OK. 14/05/43 Rec at 7AD. Conv to components 24/05/43.
A20-158 CA-7 158 Rec 1AD Ex CAC 09/11/40. Issue to 24Sqn 11/11/40. 07/12/40 To ATS before going to 24Sqn.(24Sqn tfr did not happen)15/01/41 to 1AD ex ATS. 03/03/41 Rec 2SFTS. Rec 7SFTS 06/04/42.19/04/43 Forced landing with wheels retracted. Damage to all flaps and mainplanes. Pilot Lac J N Pittard Ser#419670. Ok. Repaired. to Clyde Engineering 18/04/44 for overhaul.25/09/44 Rec at AAGS.22/01/46 to 7AD Storage. Cat C 17/08/48.SOC 27/05/57.
A20-159 CA-7 159 Rec 1AD ex CAC 12/11/40. 18/11/40 to 2SFTS. 20/11/40 struck marker whilst taxying damaging flap and tail area. Repaired.22/12/40 Landing accident , when stalled and bounced. Slight damage. Repaired. Precautionary landing, minor damage 20/01/41. To ANA for overhaul 28/01/41.10/10/41 with 2SFTS.30/03/42 Rec 5SFTS.30/04/43 Rec 2OTU. Landing accident Mildura 08/06/43. Damage to undercarriage and mainplane.Repaired.01/09/43 Rec at 7SFTS. 03/07/44 Rec CFS. 18/09/44 transferred to Point Cook for Stored Stock Reserve.07/03/46 Rec 7AD for storage. 17/08/48 Cat C Storage.11/12/51 Failed Survey, CAC and converted to components.
A20-160 CA-7 160 Rec 12/11/40 ex CAC at 1AD. 09/12/40 Rec 3SFTS. 07/04/41 Rec 2SFTS. 09/04/41 issued to 2SFTS(Not taken up) 17/04/41 Forced landing at Coolangatta Aerodrome when lost oil pressure. Pilot Lac V A Collyer Ser#402935 OK. 27/04/41 issue to 7SFTS, not taken up, Isue to 4 Sqn31/05/41.23/03/42 damaged heavily, unable to repair in-situ. Repaired 06/04/42.Served with 4 Sqn. 13/04/42 after engine failure, aircraft made wheels up landing near Melbourne, Vic. Pilot was P/O J R Mowbray 4Sqn.On 23/12/42 the aircraft was shot down by ground fire during a tactical reconnaissance flight over Buna PNG. The crew F/OFF G. Hocking and Major W. F. O'Hara were both killed. Some sources quote this date as the date that the aircraft was shot down but most likely it is when the aircraft was officially written off.
A20-161 CA-7 161 Rec 1AD ex CAC 15/11/40.19/11/40 issued to CFS.06/12/40 aircraft struck a ditch whilst landing and was overturned. Damage to airscrew and tailplane extensively damage. To 2AD for repairs.19/02/41 Rec 3SFTS. 14/04/41 Rec at 2SFTS.03/11/41 Aircraft landed Wheels up. Nil Damage. 14/04/42 Rec at 5AD. 29/06/42 Rec at 5SFTS. 07/09/42 on landing U/C Down lever would not come down, resulting in starboard u/c not extending. Damage to S/B Gear and wing. Repaired.27/12/43 Rec at CFS.17/02/44 Rec at 5SFTS. 20/04/44 during low level cross country flight, aircraft struck trees and crashed. Both crew ok (Lac Healy Ser#410585 and F/Sgt V B Edmonton?) Allocated to storage 04/01/45. 16/05/45 requested to be converted to Wirraway Instructional Airframe #14.Approval 19/05/45. Held by CTS till 31/07/57 till sent to Rathmines. Soc 28/05/58.
A20-162 CA-7 162 Rec 1AD ex CAC 15/11/40. 16/11/40 temporary allotted to CFS. 30/11/40 Aircraft landed high and dropped, severely damaging Starboard wing and aileron. repaired.16/12/40 to 3SFTS Amberley. Spun in and crashed 8 miles south of Goodna, east of Ipswich on 18/01/41 around 1300hrs. The Pilot, LAC D.A.Veitch Service number 404316 (total Pilot hours 66.35) was killed. Aircraft was destroyed and wreckage littered the whole area. Total Flight time 124.4 hours. Wasp #7876. (I wonder whether the previous damage had contributed to last crash?, Author).
A20-163 CA-7 163 Rec 1AD Ex CAC 15/11/40.16/11/40 temporary allotted to CFS. 16/12/40 to 3SFTS.07/06/41 in service with 4Sqn.Eng change Wasp#51 replaced Wasp#141.21/10/41 during flight, Flare illuminator became detached in flight. Struck starboard leading edge and causing damage. Repaired. Damaged on landing 11/12/41 0700hrs, 80 miles on a direction of 300 degrees from Rockhampton. Pilot was F/O Peter Masters ( Later 75FSqn) and Sgt A G Hodges. Repaired. 06/01/42 allocated to 24Sqn. 23/01/42 damaged by enemy action. 31/07/42 Rec at 12RSU to repairs after recovery ex location per 23/01/42 (Port Moresby?). Repaired. Rec at 4Sqn 11/09/42.05/11/42 Rec 12RSU.17/11/42 Rec 4Sqn.17/04/43 Rec 12RSu ex 4Sqn.31/05/43 Rec 5SFTS.24/11/43 fitted for drone towing. 10/01/45 placed into Storage.17/08/48 Cat C Storage. Retired from RAAF service 26/05/56. The aircraft was sold to L & M Newman.
Wirraway A20-163
A20-164 CA-7 164 Rec 1AD Ex CAC 15/11/40. 09/12/40 in service with 3SFTS. Eng#7938 replaced by Eng#7946 09/08/41. 12/09/41 Rec at 7SFTS.09/03/43 Taxying Accident damaging Port Wing. Repaired. 20/03/45 rec at Clyde Engineering for overhaul. 30/07/45 Rec 8OTU.15/11/45 Rec 7AD for storage. 17/08/48 Cat C Storage. Upgraded to Cat B Storage 21/10/49. To CAC for R Service 22/11/49. 15/06/51 Rec Point Cook. 04/06/52 Wheels up landing at Point Cook. Repaired. Accident with Unit AFTS [Applied Flying Training School] Point Cook - Place: Point Cook - Date 24 November 1953 - Pilot: T/plt J S O'Neill A24944. Accident to: Wirraway A20-164 - Unit: 1 AFTS [Applied Flying Training School] - Place: Point Cook - Date: 19 March 1954 - Pilot Flt Lt H G Cross (035375). Accident with Unit: RAAF College - Place: Point Cook - Date: 4 September 1956 - Pilot: Under Officer R G Funnell A14200 ( Later AVM in Charge of RAAF); 30/10/58 Approved to write off. To CAC 07/06/60 per SV42881.

Wirraway A20-164

A20-165 CA-7 165 Rec 1AD ex CAC 18/10/40. 25/11/40 in service 3SFTS. 17/01/41 collision with A20-138 damaging rudder and starboard elevator. Repaired. 11/02/41 overshot strip and collided with civil motor truck, damaging starboard wing. 07/04/42 issued to 2SFTS. Repaired.15/04/41 engine failure after take-off causing damage to u/c, cooler/airscrew, and mainplane. Repaired.25/09/41 landing accident causing tyre burst and damaging port wing tip. Repaired.30/03/42 Rec at 5SFTS.28/08/44 Rec at Clyde Engineering for overhaul. 29/07/44 Rec at 457Sqn. 09/01/45 Rec 14ARD ex 457Sqn.16/02/45 Rec 87Sqn.15/07/45 Rec 1FTS ex 87Sqn.01/10/46 storage Cat E. To Cat C Storage 17/08/48.Cat B 1949. 13/03/51 Rec at CAC for Survey and overhaul. Rec 24Sqn (City of Adelaide) 24/10/51. Rec 1AD ex 24Sqn 11/05/53. Stored. Soc 31/05/57 as Scrap.

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A20-166 CA-7 166 Rec 16/11/40 1AD ex CAC. 09/12/40 with 3SFTS Amberley.01/07/41 Rec 7SFTS. With 7SFTS,
29/01/43 aircraft hit tree on take-off at Leeham Satellite Drome at 0650hrs. Aircraft crashed and was consumed by fire. F/O L G Knight Ser#408032 and Lac K F Slaweske Ser#419346 both received severe burns. F/O Knight died 2/02/43 and Lac Slaweske died 5/02/43. Both buried at Deniliquin, NSW.
Aircraft Soc
A20-167 CA-7 167 Rec 1AD ex CAC 18/11/40. To 3SFTS 09/12/40. 19/07/41 Rec at 7SFTS. With 7SFTS for two years, 12/01/44 aircraft engine caught on fire in mid air. Aircraft forced landed causing damage to centre section ,Starboard Wing, cowl, Airscrew and fuselage. Held stored till sent to Clyde Engineering for overhaul, 26/02/45.31/05/45 Rec at 2OTU after re-build.08/10/45 Rec 7AD for storage.17/08/48 Cat C Storage.21/10/49 upgraded to Cat B Storage.11/11/49 Rec CAC for Survey and overhaul.17/05/50 Rec Point Cook. Accident to: A20-167 Wirraway - Unit: RAAF College - Place: Wagga - Date: 9 November 1953 - Pilot: C D Smithies A33695. Repaired non Airworthy to become Wirraway Instructional Airframe #21 08/01/54. Soc 22/09/58.
A20-168 CA-7
168 Rec Ex CAC 1AD 22/11/40. 09/12/40 in Service with 3SFTS. Collision with A20-135 whist taxying. Damage to centre section of leading edge.Repaired.14/04/41 with 2SFTS.08/06/41, precautionary landing due to low oil pressure, tyre puncture, damaging port flap and landing lights. Repaired. 09/04/42 Rec 5SFTS. 126/04/42 Precautionary landing, but severely damaged on landing when aircraft flipped over. Repaired.15/11/44 Rec at Clyde Engineering for overhaul. Modified to CA-20. 08/04/45 Rec at AGS. Stored 14/11/45. 17/08/48 Cat C Storage. 31/01/51 Cat B Storage to CAC for Survey and overhaul, R Service. 22/02/52 Rec 2AD for Service.
19/09/52 Selected for Royal Australian Navy Service.
30/09/52 issued ex 2AD to RANFAA Nowra per Order AS822 and RAAF File#9/1/1772..
It was given the Number 972. 1952.
The aircraft was struck off charge..
The aircraft was sold to Lund Aviation Pty Ltd.

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A20-169 CA-7 169 Rec 1AD ex CAC 20/11/40. 12/01/41 Rec 5Sqn. Rec 1Ad ex 5Sqn 03/02/41.10/02/41 rec 3SFTS. With 15/04/41, aircraft dived into ground at 10 miles west of Amberley at Mutdapilly, Qld during air to ground practice. Sgt Peter Blair McLaughlan Ser#407063 and Lac Reginald Victor Harvey Ser#406245 both killed. Soc 05/05/41.
A20-170 CA-7 170 Rec 1AD ex CAC 25/11/40.Allocated 4Sqn. 07/12/40 tfr to ATS for two months. Rec 2SFTS 03/03/41.31/03/42 Rec 5SFTS.30/04/43 Rec 2OTU.13/07/44 Rec 8OTU.29/10/44 Rec 2OTU.08/05/45 TThrs 2468Hrs. 11/05/45 Rec Clyde Engineering for overhaul. No work done, held at Clyde Hanger.06/09/45 sent to 2CRD. 06/03/46 Converted to components.
A20-171 CA-7 171 Rec 1Ad ex CAC 25/11/40. Rec 4Sqn 08/12/40.With 4 Sqn 1710hrs 04/04/41, Canberra. Aircraft was involved in a mid air collision with A20-105 which took off and collided with it at 2000ft 7 miles east of aerodrome. Pilot of A20-171, P/O A B Baster parachuted safely. He did not see formation of aircraft that included A20-105. Both Aircraft destroyed.
A20-172 CA-7 172 Rec 1Ad ex CAC 22/11/40. 09/12/40 Rec 3SFTS.06/02/41 dropped wing on landing damaging starboard wing tip. Engine changed. Repaired.21/04/41 Rec 2SFTS ex ANA Archerfield.30/06/41 1000hrs crashed into Nurraguldrie Pine Forrest, 30 miles from Wagga near Turranburry Weir. Lac H J Phipps Ser#402879 and Lac R H Rodgers Ser#403076 both killed. Soc 20/06/41.
A20-173 CA-7 173 Rec 1Ad ex CAC 25/11/40. 07/12/40 allocated to ATS for two months.23/12/40 with 4Sqn. 16/07/41 taxying accident with A20-285(?) Repaired. 24/11/41 aircraft stalled on landing damaging port wing , fuselage, and undercarriage. repaired. 01/06/42 2AD. 17/06/42 Rec 4Sqn. 26/06/42 forced landing with u/c damage and airscrew damage. Repaired.19/10/42 ex 12RSU. 03/02/43 Rec 23Sqn. With 23Sqn, mid air collision with A20-92 2 miles near Mount Tarampa Qld near Lowood 1500hrs 24/03/43. Pilot Sgt D P Anderson Ser#410426 and SAgt D M Humble Ser#413260 were both injured. A20-173 made turn in front of A20-92 hitting under belly of A20-92.Both aircraft became uncontrolled forcing all three involved crew to parachute. Both aircraft destroyed.
A20-174 CA-7 174 Rec 1AD ex CAC 22/11/40. Issued 4Sqn 28/11/40. 17/01/41 Starboard wing tip damaged when dropped on landing. Repaired.18/02/41 with ATS wing dropped on landing damaging starboard wing tip again. Repaired.02/07/41 Starboard wing tip damaged when dropped on landing yet again. Repaired.10.35hrs, 21/07/42 pilot lost control after take-off and crashing some 200 yard from Camden Aerodrome, NSW, severely damaging the aircraft. F/Lt G M Sheppard and Lac E J Hoskin both injured. (Sheppard with broken arm and leg injuries and Hoskin with abrasions to head) 04/08/42 Rec 7RSU. Converted to components; 07/08/42.
A20-175 CA-7 175 Allocated to number 2 Operational Training Unit RAAF based at Mildura Victoria Australia.13Feb1945.
The aircraft was involved in a mid-air collision with A20-650 during a line astern chase
A20-176 CA-7
176 Received 1AD ex CAC 22/11/40, allocated to 4Sqn ex-1AD 28/11/40, in service with 4Sqn 06/01/41, while taxying 07/03/42 hit support of camouflage netting and damaged port wing tip. Repaired by 11/03/42. Issued and received at 12RSU 09/11/42. Returned to 4Sqn 18/11/42. Suffered forced landing at Walgou Strip 22/03/43 due to engine failure. Repaired. Mid Air Collision with A20-98 on 30/04/43 4Sqn Crew was Pilot, Sgt. L A Stephens Ser#405608 and WAG, Sgt. B Dempsey Ser#403816 who made a forced landing at Bankstown, with damage [Bent airscrew, oil cooler buckled, port main plain damaged, starboard wing slightly damaged, centre section and tank badly mutilated (24Sqn A50 description). Aircraft went to Clyde Engineering for repairs and modification to Dive-Bomber specifications. Allocated and issued to 5SFTS 28/10/43. 27/12/43 issued and received to CFS from 5SFTS. Issued and received 21/02/44 to 5SFTS. Crash landed 13/03/44 with major damage and allocated to Clyde Engineering. Issued to Clyde Engineering 15/03/42. Repairs underway 27/03/44. Progressing 30/06/44. Wiring completed 21/07/44, Adjustments and further repairs 28/07/44. Allocated 2OTU ex 2AP 26/10/44. Received repaired at 2OTU 28/10/44. Issued and received at 7AD ex 2OTU 15/11/45.
Approved for RAN FAA use 17/09/48.
Transferred to RAN FAA 20/04/49 ex CMU Tocumwal.
The aircraft registered as VH-WWY and painted as A20-176 is really A20-81.

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A20-177 CA-7 177 Served with 24 Sqn. Crash landed Lakunai 20/1/42 after being shot down by Japanese Zero's. Crew; SGT G.R. Herring 404510 PLTOFF A.G.Claire 273495 injured but ok. Left damaged or destroyed by enemy action, at Rabaul 23/01/42.Flown by SGT G.R. Herring404510 PLTOFF A.G.Claire 273495 were attacked by a number of Zeros which saw the aircraft go into a spin before Herring regained control to make a crash landing at Lakunai. Other Wirraways there: A20-71, A20-128, A20-179, A20-303, A20-304, A20-319, A20-321, A20-436 & A20-437: Hudsons A16-13, A16-91, A16-146, with A16-145 missing on Ops (Source 24Sqn A50 Sheet).
A20-178 CA-7 178 Rec 1AD ex CAC 28/11/40. 24/12/40 Rec 24Sqn.23/01/42 at Port Moresby.24/03/42 Rec 1AD. 16/10/42 Rec 1 PRU. Served with 1 PRU, 06/42 to 1944 for oblique photography. Issued 4RSU ex 87Sqn 21/01/45 following crash at Comallio Strip 12/01/45. Repaired, issued to 548Sqn RAF 02/05/45. 08/06/45 aircraft crashed after landing at Darwin Civil Aerodrome when flown by CO of 548Sqn, SdnLdr E D Glasner Ser#82178 RAF, with W/O P A Holsworth Ser#2615. Aircraft swung to port and crashed into empty drums. 23/06/45 Rec 7RSU. 03/09/45 Rec 8CRD ex 7RSU.Soc 18/10/45. Uneconomical to repair.
A20-179 CA-7 179 Served with 24 Sqn. Shot Down 20/01/42 in flames by Japanese Zero's at Rabaul. Crew; PLTOFF J.C. Lowe 402662 (Pilot) SGT C.A. Ashford 3210 (Observer) KIA. Left damaged or destroyed by enemy action, at Rabaul 23/01/42.Other Wirraways there: A20-71, A20-128, A20-177, A20-303, A20-304, A20-319, A20-321, A20-436 & A20-437: Hudsons A16-13, A16-91, A16-146, with A16-145 missing on Ops (Source 24Sqn A50 Sheet).
A20-180 CA-7 180 Rec 1AD ex CAC 30/11/40. Rec 12Sqn 07/01/41. 08/02/41 Forced landing due engine plug oiling. C service 16/02/42 Darwin RAAF. Destroyed in 12 Sqn Hanger 19/02/42. Officially: Lost Enemy Action 01/03/42. Eng#151.
A20-181 CA-7 181 Delivered 30/11/40. To 1AD 30/11/40, with Engine 152. To 12 Sqn 07/01/41. On the 16/09/41 this aircraft was damaged (Port Wing) in a ground incident with A20-150 and 151. Reported as destroyed in an air raid on Darwin 19/02/42. To 2AD 18/07/42. To 12 Sqn 18/08/42. Crashed 14/09/42, damage to mainplane, undercarriage, prop and flaps. To 1RSU 17/10/42. To 3AD 12/12/42 for repairs. To 4OTU 06/05/43. Crashed 21/06/43 after error in judgment during night landing. To 2OTU 20/03/44. To 8OTU 12/07/44. To 2OTU 29/10/44. To 7AD 11/10/45 for storage. Still held in storage 11/02/46. Held Tocumwal in special reserve 01/07/52. Sold to L.M Newman 22/05/56.
A20-182 CA-7 182 Rec 1AD 30/11/40. 07/01/41 Rec at 12Sqn. 31/03/41 lost wheel on landing causing damage to starboard leg and wing. Repaired. 16/02/42 crashed on landing damaging centre section and flaps and tail wheel. At 13Sqn 11/05/42. Rec 1AD ex RSU 10/07/42.Repaired.24/09/42 issued to 5SFTS. 12/10/42 Rec at Air Armament and Gas School. Accident 22/06/43 when mooring pegs failed causing A20-182 to strike A20-271 aircraft whilst stationary during severe squall. 03/08/43 accident landed on one wheel at Nhill. Repaired. Crashed 02/07/45 after the aircraft flicked during a steep turn at low altitude. Crew; FLTLT Maxwell Ashdown 295306 6SFTS on attachment killed. SOC 31/07/45.
A20-183 CA-7 183 Rec 1AD 30/11/40. 07/01/41 Rec at 22Sqn. 11/01/41 issued to 5Sqn. 04/07/41 Rec 1ATS Point Cook.22/09/41 Rec 1AD.09/11/41 Rec 1ATS. 25/05/42 Rec 4Sqn. 07/10/42 engine failure and forced landing. Pilot was P/O W J Williamson and P/O N A Jobson. 12/10/41rec 3AD. Repaired. Served with 23 Sqn 31/12/42. Whilst returning from a bombing exercise 06/04/43 and returning to formation Wirraway A20-183 struck another Wirraway A20-207 5 miles north of Kingaroy Qld. Crew; SGT Lawrence Ser# 43150 AC2 Barnell Ser#20161 both killed. 08/04/43 Rec at 3AD to convert to components.
A20-184 CA-7 184 Rec 1AD ex CAC 04/12/40. Rec 25Sqn 15/01/41. 18/05/41 during take-off, A20-126 swung on take-off and severed rudder, causing a/c to swing right and damage port u/c and mainplane. Pilot was P/O L T Spence and WAg Sgt F Mc Queen. Repaired by 01/06/41.1820hrs 12/12/41 Engine failure, aircraft forced landed with u/c retracted at Coogee Swamp. Damage to mainplane and airscrew. Pilot was Sgt R E Taylor Ser# 406703 and Lac Dunn un-injured. Aircraft considered write-off. Soc 17/01/42.
A20-185 CA-7 185 Rec 1AD ex CAC 04/12/40. Rec 1ATS 16/12/40. Rec 24Sqn 20/12/40. 1AD 13/02/41. 01/03/41 rec 2SFTS. Acc 10/06/41 when landed with u/c retracted. Repaired issued to 2SFTS 20/06/41.Accident 19/01/42 at Albany when both a stationary A20-291 and A20-185 were struck by metal fragments from Hudson A16-104 when it crashed, caught on fire and then exploded. A20-291 received minor fabric damage, whilst A20-185 numerous holes and damage to engine manifold and cowl. With 2SFTS from 42-44. To Clyde Engineering for overhaul 15/11/44. Rec 2AD 06/03/45.Rec 5SFTS 19/03/45.22/03/45 selected for post war storage and service. Placed into storage Cat E. Re Categorised CatC 17/08/48. Cat B and issued to CAC for overhaul 09/04/52. Cancelled, issued to DAP for overhaul 30/02/52. Returned 06/02/53, and placed in Cat C storage as reserve.26/04/55 re-categorised as Strategic Reserve Cat C.Soc 02/06/57 but held.
To CAC 24/05/60 for Ceres Programme.
A20-186 CA-7 186 Rec ex CAC at 1AD 06/12/40.15/01/41 issued to 25Sqn. 27/06/42 Accident when undercarriage collapsed damaging starboard leg, flaps and centre section. Repaired. 25Sqn. 25/01/43 issued to 17RSU.09/04/43 Rec 25Sqn. 27/04/43 1330hrs, aircraft forced landed after engine failure, in Pine Plantation some 12 miles south west of Pearce. Pilot was P/O R F Gleeson and Sgt J D Bryne Ser#409505 both of 25Sqn. Nil Injuries. Allocated to 4AD 03/05/43.Repaired Rec 25Sqn 08/07/43.01/08/43, issued to 7SFTS.23/10/44 issued to 7SFTS Store Reserve. Issued 5SFTS 23/11/44. Turned over on landing at Uranquinty, during ferry trip damaging the aircraft. Repaired. Cat C Storage. 17/08/48 Cat C Storage. Retired from RAAF service 06/56. The aircraft was sold to L & M Newman.
A20-187 CA-7 187 Rec 1AD ex CAC 24/12/40.27/01/41 Rec at 3SFTS Amberley.14/04/41 Rec 2SFTS.06/04/42 Rec 7SFTS.01/12/42 aircraft crashed 7 miles east of Deniliquin 2215hrs. Pilot, Lac A E Kirkwood Ser#410676 was killed. Aircraft SOC 08/02/43.
A20-188 CA-7 188 Rec 1AD ex CAC 06/12/40.15/01/41 issued to 25Sqn.19/01/42, damaged by exploding ammunition in flight. Damage to port manifold, brake and flare release and fabric.Repaired.29/01/43 Rec at 17RSU. 03/04/43 Rec 25Sqn.13/05/43, forced landing with no damage at Bunbury Landing Field due to mechanical problems (Blower bearing). Wheels up landing at York 23/07/43. 27/06/43 Rec at 17RSU.Rec 25Sqn 25/08/43.10/09/43 Rec 5SFTS. 27/05/45 into Storage, Cat E. Upgraded Cat C 17/08/48.30/10/51 approval to convert to spares. Completed 17/05/52.
A20-189 CA-7 189 Rec 1AD ex CAC 06/12/40. Allocated 12Sqn 11/12/40. Issued 5Sqn 11/01/41.Served with 5 Sqn. The aircraft crashed into the sea 06/10/41 off Swimashore Bay Wilsons Promontory, VIC at 1100hrs during Army Co-operation sortie. Crew; P/OFF F. A. Watchorn (Pilot) seriously injured, and SGT John Stuart Padman 8835 (who was killed).
A20-190 CA-7 190 Rec 1AD ex CAC 06/12/40. 11/12/40 allocated to 12Sqn. Re-allocated to 5Sqn 31/12/40.Forced landing 14/04/41 due to fuel shortage. Nil Damage.14/05/41 damaged on landing when at 1ATS.Repaired by 1AD.Returned to 5Sqn 10/08/41.05/07/42 Rec 2AD.22/07/42 Rec 5Sqn. 06/04/43 accident 1458hrs near east Bodie Qld, aircraft forced landed after lower blower bearing failed. Coded CF-K (?) Pilot was F/O C W Frees. 11/04/43 issued to 3AD for repairs. To Clyde Engineering 11/06/43. Modified to CA-20. 31/12/43 Rec at 2AP.04/01/44 Rec 5SFTS.29/08/45 issue to 5SFTS Reserve.10/10/45 into storage 5SFTS.17/08/48 Cat C Storage. 16/10/53 held at Randwick pending conversion to RAF FAA.12/10/53 issued to RAN.27/11/53 approval for conversion ex RAN. The aircraft was sold to Willsmore Aviation 23/08/54.
A20-191 CA-7 191 Rec 1AD ex CAC 07/12/40. Issued 5Sqn 11/01/41. 29/03/42 caught fire on startup near air intake. Pilot was Sgt Carter. Repaired. 22/04/42 aircraft taxied into fuel drums at Warrnambool. Pilot was P/O R L Forsyth. Repaired. Accident 02/07/42 with 4Sqn. 12/11/42 aircraft collided with Fuel Drims. 04/05/43 issued to ANA for Service. Returned 13/05/43.Coded CF-B 5Sqn 1943. 25/10/43 Rec at 13ARD. 03/12/43 Rec 5Sqn. 12/04/44 Rec 13ARD for overhaul. Held in storage. Issued Clyde Engineering 22/03/45. 06/09/45 issued to 2CRD for storage. Rec ex Clyde Engineering 2CRD 03/12/45. 18/03/46 recommended for conversion.22/11/48 issued to DAP. NFI.
A20-192 CA-7 192 Rec ex CAC at 1AD 12/12/40. Rec at 3SFTS 27/01/41. Tipped onto prop 25/04/41 when brakes applied too quickly. Pilot was Lac H Bastion. prop changed. Accident 18/05/41 when aircraft made forced landing due to engine trouble at Lismore NSW. Pilot was P/O I Roberts. Nil damage or injury.19/07/41 Rec at 7SFTS. 03/05/43 Rec at CFS. 04/11/44 Rec at Point Cook Storage for reserve. 07/01/45 Rec at CFS.15/10/45 to PC Reserve.22/01/46 to CMU for storage. 17/08/48 Storage Cat C.31/01/51 allocated to 1AD for spares. Converted by 17/12/51.
A20-193 CA-7 193 Rec 1AD ex CAC 12/12/40. Rec 3SFTS 12/01/41. 31/01/41 held off too late on landing damaging port wing. Repaired. Rec 7SFTS 30/07/41. 22/12/41 aircraft held off on night landing at Deniliquin damaging starboard wing. Pilot was Lac J D Jones. Repaired. 12/02/42 landing accident damaging starboard wing. Repaired. 24/11/44 issued to Clyde Engineering for overhaul. 30/04/45 Rec 2AD ex Clyde. Used by 2AD Transport and Ferrying Flight till 05/02/46. Into Storage 16/04/46 CMU. Cat C Storage. Upgraded to Cat B Storage 21/10/49. Rec CAC 31/10/49 for overhaul. To Point Cook Reserve. In service,1FTS Point Cook 04/03/51.Accident on authorised low level cross country flight. Unit 1 FTS. Place. Crashed 1520hrs 4 miles N.W. of Little River (V) Date 18 Oct. 51 Pilot A38541 P.N.A.(P) Sweeney N.F. (RAN) killed. SOC 26/11/51.
A20-194 CA-7 194 Rec 1AD ex CAC 12/12/40. Rec 3SFTS 27/01/41. Within proximity of Amberley Airbase, 0011hrs early hours of 06/05/41 Aircraft turned onto back and dive 2000ft into ground on solo aerobatic flight. F/Lt J B Hawdon 3SFTS Killed at Amberley. Soc 03/05/41.
A20-195 CA-7 195 Rec 13/12/40 1AD ex CAC. 21/01/41 to 25Sqn. With 25Sqn till 09/08/43 then Rec at 5SFTS.Into Storage 07/02/45 ex 5SFTS.Held by 5SFTS UE 07/03/45 re-allocated to 5SFTS.22/03/45 into Storage.17/08/48 Cat C Storage 18/11/48 allocated CMU for Cat C Storage.02/04/52 allocated to DAP for conversion.12/05/52 completed.
A20-196 CA-7 196 Rec 13/12/40 1AD ex CAC. To 25Sqn 21/01/41. Crashed Meekatharra, WA 16/11/42. It was dismantled and returned for repair by truck to 17RSU by F/O Watt and 17RSU party on 20/11/42. Repaired and returned to service.06/01/43 Rec 25Sqn. 29/07/43 Rec at 7SFTS.14/10/44 Rec 7SFTS Reserve. Rec 28/04/45 Point Cook CFS Reserve.19/02/46 Rec at CMU for storage. Cat C 17/08/48.01/07/52 held in reserve under cover. Retired from RAAF service 05/56. The aircraft was sold to L & M Newman 22/05/56.

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A20-197 CA-7 197 Rec 16/12/40 1AD ex CAC. Issued 25Sqn 21/01/41.15/11/41 forced landing with nil damage. 28/04/42 25Sqn on landing port oleo folded at end of landing. Pilot was Sgt J Plain. Repaired. 04/07/42 u/c collapsed on taxying. Repaired.03/09/42 due to oil pressure, made forced landing.Repaired.05/06/43 aircraft damaged starboard wing on landing. Repaired.23/10/44 Rec 7SFTS Storage.23/11/44 to 5SFTS Storage.08/11/48 transferred to CMU Storage as Cat C. 09/08/43 Rec at 7SFTS. Retired from RAAF service 05/56. The aircraft was sold to L & M Newman 22/05/56.
A20-198 CA-7 198 Rec 13/12/40 1AD ex CAC. Issued 22Sqn 18/01/41.02/12/41 aircraft struck tail of A20-54 during taxying damaging port leading edge. Repaired. Ex 22 Sqn to 2OTU 04/05/42. Second Batch of aircraft delivered to 2OTU Mildura 04/05/42.24/06/42 aircraft made forced landing at Border Cliffs SA due to engine problems. Pilot was Sgt J H Thevis Ser#405431 and Sgt E D Butcher Ser#405352. Nil damage.09/11/42 forced landing, nil damage. 13/07/44 Rec at 8SFTS.02/07/45 Rec at Clyde Engineering for overhaul. 09/07/45 Rec ex 2AD to 5SFTS Store.08/11/48 Rec at CMU ex 5SFTS Store.17/01/50 upgraded to Cat B.06/02/50 Rec CAC for overhaul.27/10/50 Rec at Point Cook Base reserve storage.26/05/52 issued to 1AFTS.22/05/52 1540Hrs forced landed 2 miles NW of Manor Railway Station with retracted undercarriage. Aircraft severely damaged. Pilot was PNA(P) B Wren Ser# A35099.19/06/52 aircraft conveyed to 1AD by road.25/06/52 approval for conversion.
A20-199 CA-7 199 Rec 1AD ex CAC 16/12/40. Issued to 22Sqn 18/01/41.Rec 2OTU 11/05/42 Ex 22 Sqn. Second Batch of aircraft delivered to 2OTU Mildura 04/05/42. 07/06/42 on completing landing run, collided with A20-530 damaging starboard wing. Repaired. 13/07/44 Rec 8OTU. 29/10/44 Rec 2OTU. 11/08/45 issued Clyde Engineering for overhaul. Deferred.06/09/45 Rec 2CRD ex Clyde for storage pending requirements. From Clyde, undated, returned 2CRD ex Clyde 04/03/46. Aircraft not overhauled. Approval granted to convert to components 04/03/46. 22/11/48 conversion not carried out, issued to DAP for disposal. NFI
A20-200 CA-7 200 Rec 1AD ex CAC 16/12/40. 31/12/41 issued to 3SFTS. 04/07/41 Rec at 7SFTS. With Unit with no accidents until 13/01/45 when issued to storage pending overhaul at Clyde. 19/03/45 prior to Clyde for overhaul, aircraft forced landed 2 miles west of Parkes Aerodrome due to engine failure without injuries. Pilot was F/Lt B M Daymond and Sgt R J Dunn both of 8OTU.Rec Clyde 09/07/45.06/08/45 Rec 5SFTS SR from 2AD.01/10/46 to be stored Cat E. Upgraded to Cat C 17/08/48. To Cat B 17/01/50. To CAC for overhaul, 06/03/50.19/09/50 Rec Point Cook Base Sqn.21/05/51 struck Tiger Moth A17-666 whilst taxying. Pilot un-injured.Repaired.19/02/53 aircraft on three point landing scrapped wing. Repaired.10/02/54 downgraded to Cat C Storage. Arrived 01/05/54 CMU Toc. SOC 31/05/57 listed as scrapped.

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