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RAAF A20 CAC CA-8 Wirraway
A20-301 to A20-400

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CA-8 Wirraway A20-367, 
7 S.F.T.S., Deniliquin, 
via Mike Mirkovic.


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RAAF Serial Aircraft Type C/No Aircraft History
A20-301 CA-8 503 Rec 1AD ex CAC 28/06/41. Rec 7SFTS 05/07/41.Accident 09/02/42 when on landing at Deniliquin, dropped starboard wing, damaging starboard wing, wheel and airscrew. Pilot was LAC W S Rappenaker Serv#411830 who was not injured. Ground Accident 09/03/42 at Warbanccan NSW when A20-299 tyre blue out on taxying, swerved and struck A20-301 that was only repaired on the 02/03/42. Ground accident 30/09/42 when A20-39, piloted by LAC J P Hourigan Serv#410668, taxied into A20-301(Then a reserve aircraft) at 7SFTS Deniliquin. Damage to Port Main Plane. Repaired. Rec 5SFTS 30/08/44. Accident 1215hrs 22/11/44 at Uranquinty when aircraft was on finals, another aircraft disrupted intended flight path. Aircraft stalled at 20 feet and struck ground heavily. Extensive damage. Rec 7CRD 16/12/44. Converted to components.
A20-302 CA-8 504 Rec 1AD ex CAC 28/06/41. Rec 7SFTS 05/07/41. Accident 19/08/41when on landing at Deniliquin, aircraft landed on port main, with drift to port, causing aircraft to ground loop. Damage to Port oleo and wing. Pilot was P/O R B McPerson. Repaired. Successful force landing in nearby paddock adjacent to Deniliquin 09/02/42. Pilot was LAC Donaghue Serv#411880. No Damage. Used up to 18/01/45. Issued to 7SFTS Storage 19/01/45. Rec 86 F Sqn RAAF 07/02/45. W/O Gorman landed at Cooktown Mission after engine trouble 22/06/45. Allocated 13ARD for service 04/07/45 as considered unsafe to fly to 13ARD. Rec 6CRD ex 86 F Sqn RAAF 30/10/45.Approval to convert to components given 18/12/45.
A20-303 CA-8 505 Rec 1AD ex CAC 05/07/41. Eng#271. Rec 24Sqn RAAF 13/09/41.Crashed into sea 20/01/42 near Praed Point, Rabaul after being shot down by Japanese Zero's. Crew; SGT C.F. Bromley 405391 (Pilot) SGT R. Walsh 5803 (Observer) KIA. Left damaged or destroyed by enemy action, at Rabaul 23/01/42. Approval to Write off due to enemy action, 29/01/42.
A20-304 CA-8 506 Rec 1AD ex CAC 07/07/41. Eng#272. Rec 24Sqn RAAF 13/09/41. Left damaged or destroyed by enemy action, at Rabaul 23/01/42.Approval to Write off due to enemy action, 29/01/42.
A20-305 CA-8 507 Rec 1AD ex CAC 07/07/41. Eng#268. Rec 7SFTS 11/07/1941.Stayed with this unit up to 1945.Allocated 05/01/45 to AFRU. Issued and Rec AGS 17/01/45.Into Storage at AGS 25/09/45.27/04/46 Cat C Storage. Rec CMU 21/08/47.Approved 13/12/49 for conversion. Held off until 20/01/55.
A20-306 CA-8 508 Rec 1AD ex CAC 10/07/41. Eng#269. Issued 7SFTS 11/07/41 but allocated to 1AD ex CAC and held 20/07/41.Rec 7SFTS 28/07/41.Accident 13/10/41 when on landing at Wagga, wing held off when engine stalled with aircraft touching down causing damage to port main plane. Pilot was LAC H J Carrucan. Repaired. Accident 05/11/41 when aircraft again was damaged in similar circumstance. Pilot was LAC Dickenson. Repaired. Accident 26/12/41 LAC K Hindmarsh damaged aircraft on landing at Wagga. Repaired. This aircraft stayed with 7SFTS for the next few years. Accident 1/06/43 when the pilot, LAC R B Clark also held off too late during a night landing at Deniliquin. Damaged and repaired by 17/01/44. Taxying accident on 11/01/44 when pilot of A20-151, F/O J S Douglas, collided with a stationary A20-306 piloted by LAC G R Baker. Repaired. Accident when A20-306 piloted by LAC J D Spence Serv#431029 , taxied into stationary A20-601 piloted by LAC B Wilson Serv#442290. Repaired. Rec 5SFTS 30/08/44 ex 7SFTS. Into storage 10/01/45. Cat C Storage 01/12/45. Held Cat C Storage until converted to components 30/10/51.
A20-307 CA-8 509 Rec 1AD ex CAC 30/07/41. Rec 1SFTS 15/08/41.Rec 1AD 29/08/41. Rec 7SFTS 23/09/41.In service with 7SFTS till 4/43. Accident 29/04/43 some 20 miles north of Benalla (Tunganah) when a short in the fuse box caused an electrical fire in air. Aircraft was forced landed by Pilot LACA R Benson Serv#419620. No injuries to pilot. Aircraft slightly damaged. Repaired. Accident 07/06/43, aircraft forced landed after engine failure some 2 miles south of Nay .Both crew members were ok. Pilot was F/Sgt F G Cummings Ser#406971 and Observer was F/O W J P Morgan. Aircraft was heavily damaged. Repaired. Accident 10/08/43 when engine seized forcing pilot, LAC Allen to force land some 12 miles south of Yarrawonga. No injuries. Aircraft brought back by road on the 11/08/43. Repaired. Accident 19/09/43, when landed due to engine seizure near Warbeccan Satellite field. Pilot, F/Lt Amery un-injured. Repaired. Mid Air Accident 01/11/43 when aircraft collided with A20-363 in flight. Pilot of A20-307, LAC M V P Foley Serv#430205 killed. Aircraft crashed and was destroyed. Pilot of A20-363, LAC E D Millikin Serv#430216 slightly injured after bale out. Converted to components 11/11/43.
A20-308 CA-8 510 Rec 1AD ex CAC 22/09/41.Rec 7SFTS 03/10/41.Accident 24/12/41 when aircraft made forced landing 7 miles north of Hays. Pilot was LAC W R Knight Serv#416343. Pilot okay. Accident 03/01/42 engine missing , made forced landing at Benalla, Vic. Pilot was LAC A G Rutherford Serv#408879 Okay. Aircraft not damaged and was flown out by Staff Pilot. Accident 24/01/42 when stationary with F/O K A McCaul, was hit by A20-345 taxied by P/O H N Wishart at Deniliquin. Damaged to fin and rudder. Repaired. Accident 29/01/42 when aircraft made forced landing 1400hrs 21 miles north of Deniliquin due to engine failure. Aircraft on landing hit post with port wing. Pilot, LAC C A Forrester Serv#407231 Okay. Repaired. Accident 13/11/42 in flight, hit flock of birds causing damaged to starboard main plane and tail plane. Pilot, F/O B Weston okay. Repaired. Accident 18/08/43 at Deniliquin when taxying into the sun, pilot, LAC W H Hardy, struck fuel drum with port mainplane. Repaired.03/07/44 received at CFS. Accident at Parkes NSW when pilot, F/Lt D K McDonald taxying along Tarmac struck stationary Tender. Repaired. Rec at Point Cook 16/09/44 for storage. Rec 7AD storage 07/03/46.Cat C Storage 17/05/48.Alolocated 30/10/51 to Tocumwal for conversion. Arrive 11/12/51.17/12/51 completed.
A20-309 CA-8 511 Rec 1AD ex CAC 10/08/41. Rec 7SFTS 18/08/41. Accident 27/08/41when aircraft landed wheels up after using flap leaver instead of Landing gear lever at Deniliquin. Pilot,Sgt J O'Hare and LAC G Kohler okay. Repaired. Used by 7SFTS till January 1945 with no further accidents. Loaned to 12Sqn RAAF 05/01/45.Was to be re-allocated to AFRU Point Cook, but cancelled, instead, rec 86Sqn RAAF 14/02/45. Rec 19/04/45 by 8OTU. 21/04/45 aircraft surveyed and found to require main plane replacement. 27/04/45 issued to Clyde Engineering to be overhauled. Rec 2AD ex Clyde 10/09/45. Rec 5SFTS 25/09/45. Into Storage Cat C 01/11/46. Upgraded Cat B Storage 17/01/50. Rec CAC for refurbishment 13/02/50. Rec 16/08/50 at 78 F Wing RAAF. Placed in temporary storage 24/07/51. Rec 04/04/52 2OTU. Accident 10.32hrs 15/10/52 aircraft bellied on landing at Williamtown. Pilot, Sgt W B Pollock Serv#A22397 and Sgt G A Collins Serv#A35083 were not injured. Accident 28/10/52 when aircraft suffered brake failure and collided with Vampire AA79-650. Repaired. Accident 02/06/54 with 2 OTU when forced landed at Evans Head - Pilot: Sgt D K Baehnisch A4893.Returned and held U/S at 2OTU. Repaired and held in service or storage until 1956. Rec and held by 22Sqn CAF 10/10/58. 16/01/59 rec at Det B ,1AD for storage. Retired from RAAF service 09/12/59. The aircraft was sold to the R. H. Grant Trading Company.
Under restoration in Stonehaven VIC by Mike Higgins.

Wirraway A20-309

A20-310 CA-8 512 Rec 1AD ex CAC 10/08/41. Rec 7SFTS 18/08/41. Rec CAC 04/09/42 for Dive Bomber Conversion. Rec 7SFTS ex CAC 18/10/42. Rec 24Sqn RAAF 18/11/42. Rec 4Sqn RAAF 09/01/43 at Berry Strip PNG along with 9 other ferried Wirraways. Flown up by P/O P/O Blenkhorn and Cpl Phelam 24Sqn RAAF. Used operationally for reconnaissance and observation by 4Sqn RAAF. Issued to 2Ad for overhaul 16/06/43, flown to Mainland. Held at Rockhampton Qld 23/06/43 due to engine failure. Rec 3AD 23/06/43.Rec 2AD for overhaul 15/07/43.Rec 5SFTS 23/07/43.Into Storage 02/09/45 5SFTS Res. Cat C 17/08/48.Stored at Tocumwal 03/09/53. Retired from RAAF service 05/56.
The aircraft was sold to L & M Newman on 22/05/56.
A20-311 CA-8 513 Rec 1AD ex CAC 12/08/41.Rec 7SFTS 18/08/41.Used training by 7SFTS until allocated to Ansett 06/10/42 for Dive Bombing Modifications. Rec Ansett 18/12/42.Rec 2 Aircraft Park Richmond following Dive Bomber modifications. Rec 7SFTS 23/03/43. Accident09.59hrs 01/04/43 when aircraft crashed 8 miles east of Shepparton at Pine Lodge. Pilot, LAC E J Dow Serv#418740 killed. Wreckage rec 7AD 04/04/43.SOC 16/04/43.
A20-312 CA-8 514 Rec 1AD ex CAC 12/08/41.Rec 7SFTS 18/08/41.Used training by 7SFTS until allocated to 2AD 21/05/42. Rec 7SFTS 03/06/42.Accident 21.50hrs 01/12/42 aircraft crashed 2 miles south east of Deniliquin. LAC W J Woodbury Serv#418034 killed.08/02/43 issued to Tocumwal as scrap. SOC 18/02/43.
A20-313 CA-8 515 Rec 1AD ex CAC 14/08/41. Rec 7SFTS 18/08/41. Accident17/02/42 when aircraft made wheels up landing at Deniliquin. Pilot, F/Sgt K B Lewis Serv#400093 okay. Repaired. Accident 1130hrs 11/06/42 when aircraft suffered engine failure 5 miles south west of Deniliquin and forced landed. Pilot, LAC J H Farrell Serv#413364 okay. Damage to engine and centre section. Repaired. Accident 02/09/43 when aircraft landed without fuel 40 miles west of Deniliquin. Pilot LAC Erskine un-injured. Continued service with 7SFTS until 13/03/45 when Rec at 5SFTS SR AFRU for storage. Cat C Storage 17/08/48. SOC after period of storage at Det B 1AD Uranquinty 30/12/51.
A20-314 CA-8 516 Rec 1AD ex CAC 14/08/41. Rec 7SFTS 18/08/41. Accident 13/04/43 at 7SFTS 8 miles west of Deniliquin at satellite field when A20-164, piloted by LAC L G Shaw taxied into a stationary A20-314. Locked. Repaired. Rec Ansett 01/06/43.Rec 7SFTS 07/07/43.Rec 25/06/45 5SFTS SR AFRU for storage. Rec 03/05/48 at Det B Tocumwal. Cat C Storage 17/08/48. Handed over to DAP for disposal 13/12/49. SOC 19/12/50 following conversion.
A20-315 CA-8 517 Rec 1AD ex CAC 27/08/41. Rec 22Sqn RAAF 20/09/41.Rec Ex 22 Sqn. Second Batch of aircraft delivered to 2OTU Mildura 04/05/42.Accident 17/07/42 . Aircraft, piloted by , F/Sgt C T Adams, was making a section attack on two target aircraft when he overshot and struck port main plane and tail wheel of #2 Target aircraft A20-133, during break away manoeuvre, piloted by P/O B T Stapleton. F/Sgt C T Adams abandoned his aircraft and parachuted successfully. SOC 10/08/42.
A20-316 CA-8 518 Rec 1AD ex CAC 28/08/41. Rec 22Sqn 23/09/41.Rec 2OTU Ex 22 Sqn 11/05/42. Second Batch of aircraft delivered to 2OTU Mildura 04/05/42.Accident 07/06/42 aircraft struck the ground whilst making a precautionary landing at Mildura. Pilot Sgt E A Walker OK. Repaired. In service 2OTU until 13/07/44 when Rec by 8OTU.Rec 18/01/46 at 7AD. Issued 22/03/46 to CMU Tocumwal. Rec 28/03/46. Cat E storage, upgraded to Cat C 17/08/48.Rec 1AD 11/12/51, and issued Det B Tocumwal for conversion 17/12/51.
A20-317 CA-8 519 Rec 1AD ex CAC 29/08/41.Rec 13/09/41 23Sqn RAAF. Rec 13/10/42 10RSU. Rec 23Sqn ex 10RSU 23/10/42. Rec ex 23Sqn at ANA Mascot 16/05/43. Rec 2AP ex ANA 18/06/43. Rec 2OTU 24/06/43. Accident 25/10/43 when engine failed on take-off at Mildura. Aircraft forced landed 1 mile ESE of aerodrome. Pilot, Sgt J H Mitchell OK. Major damage. Rec 22/12/43 at ANA Parafield SA. Rec 1AD 11/12/44 ex ANA. Allocated to 457Sqn RAAF 20/12/44. 09/01/45 Allotment cancelled. Rec NEI Pool 20/02/45 ex IAD. Issued to Clyde Engineering for overhaul 08/06/45. Aircraft returned ex Clyde 11/06/45 due to adverse weather conditions. Rec 20/07/45 Clyde. Rec 2CRD ex Clyde pending storage. 18/01/46 Rec 7AD ex Clyde for storage. Cat C 05/11/47. Issued 2AD for Para Dummy Dropping 05/04/48 U/E. Allocated 30 (T/T) Sqn 19/10/48. Rec 30Sqn (T/T) 20/01/49. In service 30Sqn (T/T) Rec 1Ad Det B Tocumwal 22/04/53.On disposal list AIR 7365 02/01/57. Listed as Scrap 31/05/57.
A20-318 CA-8 520 Rec 1AD ex CAC 02/09/41.Rec 23Sqn RAAF 13/09/41.Rec 10CRD 10/08/42. Rec 3AD ex 10CRD 30/08/42. Rec 23Sqn 12/09/42. Rec Clyde Engineering 14/05/43. Rec 23Sqn 05/06/43.Rec 7SFTS 26/07/43. Accident 08/01/44 Deniliquin when struck by A20-330 piloted by LAC F J Robins when stationary. Repaired. Accident 21/06/44 when aircraft crashed during training flight 30 miles north east of Deniliquin 2 miles north west of Boonock Station between take-off 0300hrs EST and 0615hrs EST when fuel would have been exhausted. No witnesses. LAC G S Payne Serv#431208 of 7SFTS course 45(P) killed in impact. (Was buried Deniliquin War Grave #B-15) Wreckage received at 7CRD 26/06/44. SOC24/07/44.
A20-319 CA-8 521 Rec 1AD ex CAC 29/08/41. Rec 24Sqn RAAF 11/10/41.Served with 24 Sqn. Failed to Return to Rabaul, believed to have been shot down by Japanese Zero's 20/1/42 as part of a 110 aircraft raid. Crew; SGT R.A. Blackman 402844 (Pilot) SGT S.E. Woodcroft 22630 (Observer) MIA. Left damaged or destroyed by enemy action, at Rabaul 23/01/42.
A20-320 CA-8 522 Rec 1AD ex CAC 31/08/41. Rec 7SFTS 23/09/41.Accident 18/12/41 when aircraft stalled on landing damaging port wing tip at Deniliquin. Pilot, LAC J D Rumbold Serv#408704 OK. Repaired. Rec 23Sqn RAAF 20/11/42. Accident 23/11/42 when aircraft sheered off landing gear on landing after tyre blowout. Extensive damage. Rec Clyde Engineering 21/12/42 ex 23Sqn.Rec 2AP 21/04/43. Rec 24Sqn RAAF 10/05/43.Rec Clyde Engineering 28/05/43. Rec 24Sqn 10/06/43. Rec 2OTU 20/06/43.Rec 7SFTS 06/12/43.Rec AFRU 19/05/44.Rec CFS Instrument Flight 06/09/45.Rec Pt Cook Storage 27/08/46.Cat C storage 17/08/48.Rec Det B 1AD Tocumwal 06/07/50.Rec CAC 21/03/52 for overhaul. Cat B Storage Point Cook. Rec B Sqn Point Cook 24/06/54. Approval for conversion 18/02/55. Retired from RAAF service 05/56. The aircraft was sold to L & M Newman 22/05/56.
A20-321 CA-8 523 Rec 1AD ex CAC 01/09/41. Rec 24Sqn RAAF 20/09/41. Accident 11/11/41 at Cairns Aerodrome when aircraft overturned on landing damaging prop. Crew, Pilot R Little Ok. Repaired. Slightly damaged 10/01/42 at Garbutt Aerodrome. Repaired. 24 Sqn Left damaged or destroyed by enemy action, at Rabaul 23/01/42. Reported record of A20-321 having accident at Deniliquin NSW 7SFTS(A50 Sheet Page 71) 02/08/44 with LAC T E Moore Serv#431205 in taxying accident!!
A20-322 CA-8 524 Rec 1AD ex CAC 01/09/41. Rec 7SFTS 08/09/41.Accident 20/12/41 when aircraft made forced landing at Balranald 1430hrs due to engine failure. No damage and pilot, F/Sgt K Lewis Serv#400093 and LAC N V McWhinney Serv#411353 both OK. Rec Clyde Engineering 23/06/43. Rec 7SFTS 01/07/43. Rec 5SFTS 13/03/45.Rec 8OTU 16/05/45.Rec 7AD 19/11/45. Cat C Storage 17/08/48. Held Det B 1AD Tocumwal 31/01/51.Approved conversion 18/02/55.Retired from RAAF service 05/56. The aircraft was sold to L & M Newman 22/05/56.
A20-323 CA-8 525 Rec 1AD ex CAC 01/09/41. Rec 7SFTS 08/09/41. Accident 13/11/41 when aircraft dropped port wing on landing during dusty conditions at Deniliquin. Pilot, LAC Sims OK. Repaired. Accident 02/12/41 when on landing dropped port wing at Deniliquin. Pilot LAC K W Baxter OK. Repaired. Accident 07/08/43 when taxying back struck another aircraft, A20-227 piloted by F/Sgt A J Wood. Pilot of A20-323, LAC J G Rose Serv#428563 Ok. Repaired. Rec 2AP 24/06/44 ex Clyde Engineering. Rec 2OTU 30/06/44. Rec 8OTU 13/07/44.Rec 2OTU ex 8OTU 29/10/44. Rec 7AD Storage ex 2OTU 08/10/45. Cat C Storage 17/08/48. Rec CAC Ex 1AD 02/11/51. Rec Pt Cook 24/04/52.Accident Unit 1BFTS - Place Uranquinty - Date 14 February 1955 - Pilot A215568 T/Plt Clark, B when aircraft lost power and was forced landed with undercarriage retracted. Approval for conversion 19/07/55. Listed as scrap metal 31/03/57. Photo held per 1955 crash.

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A20-324 CA-8 526 Rec 1AD ex CAC 01/09/41.Rec 7SFTS 08/09/41.Accident 21/02/42 when aircraft was on night cross country flight and got lost. Forced landed and damaged airscrew, oil cooler and flaps. Pilot, LAC K F Sharp Serv#15646 OK. Repaired. Accident 0900hrs 18/03/42 forced landed 1 mile SW of Deniliquin Aerodrome after engine failure. Pilot Acting S/Ldr G F Walker and LAC E R Taylor Serv#406744 OK. Cause possible Fuel vapor lock causing damaged airscrew and oil cooler on landing. Repaired. Rec 09/11/42 at CAC for Dive Bomber modifications. Accident 12/12/42 when on ferry flight to Townsville, aircraft forced landed at Mittagong. Pilot, Sqn Ldr G P Walker and WAG, P/O R E Pacey un-injured. Damaged. Rec 12RSU 16/12/42 for repairs and for follow-on delivery to 4Sqn RAAF (AC). Rec 29/12/42 by 4Sqn. Accident 06/01/43 when aircraft was forced down with engine failure after throwing up oil near Rima at Soputa, PNG. Pilot was F/O R S Boydell and Observer Sgt A E Cole Serv#35725 4Sqn AC. Crew AOK and returned to unit. Rec 15RSU 10/01/43. Repaired. Rec 4Sqn 12/06/43 ex 15ARD. Accident 07/07/43 when aircraft was carrying out a normal landing at Wau Strip PNG when returning from supply mission near Pilimung. Aircraft held off at 20feet when starboard wing lost lift and struck strip causing pilot to loose control. Pilot, F/O C W Frees Serv#401643 un-injured. Aircraft was severely damaged. Rec 15ARD 02/08/43. SOC 31/08/43.
A20-325 CA-8 527 Rec 1AD ex CAC 05/09/41. Rec 2BGS 12/10/41.Rec Staff Pilot Course per 7SFTS. Rec OTU 23/12/41. Accident 12/02/42 when aircraft flown by Sgt W M Booth Serv#401363 had mid air collision with A20-404 flown by P/O D R Baker Serv#411271 near Horsham. Both manage to land OK. A20-325 was repaired. First Batch of aircraft delivered to 2OTU Mildura 15/04/42.Accident whilst stationary being piloted by F/Lt Jackson when struck by A20-372 piloted by F/Sgt D A Rogers who was landing in a strong cross wind. Wing tip of A20-372 struck wing tip of A20-325. Repaired. Accident 26/05/43 when engine quit after taking off which forced pilot, Sgt R J Lambert Serv#419271 to land past strip with aircraft going through two fences before stopping.Repaired.Accident1140hrs 03/07/44 when aircraft carrying out a section attack, piloted by Sgt P I Anwyl Serv#442319 collided midair with A20-524 piloted by Sgt S G Johnstone Serv#118059 14 miles NNW of Mildura Aerodrome. Sgt P I Anwyl was killed, but Sgt S G Johnstone baled out successfully. Both aircraft were destroyed by the impact and later fire. SOC 10/08/44.
A20-326 CA-8 528 Rec 1AD ex CAC 05/09/41. Rec 2BGS 12/10/41.Accident 13/10/41 when aircraft, piloted by Sgt J A McKenzie Serv#407904 taxying head on into Fairey Battle L5759 piloted by Sgt J B James Serv#407582 resulting in wing and spar damage in both aircraft. Repaired. Rec OTU 20/12/41. Rec 15/04/42 by 2OTU as part of first batch of aircraft delivered to 2OTU Mildura. Accident 18/08/42 when aircraft was forced landed by Sgt E Butcher 7 miles due south of aerodrome. Repaired. Accident 10/09/42 when aircraft was being taxied across tarmac, suffered brake failure causing aircraft to collide with building with port wing after swerving. Pilot, F/Sgt M D O'Mara not injured. Main plane severely damaged. Repaired. Rec 8OTU 13/07/44. Rec 2OTU 29/10/44.Accident 28/09/45 at Mildura when aircraft was being landed, Pilot applied braked too harshly causing aircraft to tip. Rec 7Ad for storage 08/10/45. Cat C 17/08/48. 30/10/51 allotted 1AD ex Det B 1AD Tocumwal. Converted to components 17/12/51.

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A20-327 CA-8 529 Rec 1AD ex CAC 06/09/41.Rec 2BGS 12/10/41. Accident 10/10/41 at Port Pirie when aircraft port wing tip struck tree when carrying out low level attack. Pilot, Sgt W Edmonds OK. Repaired. Rec OTU 20/12/41.Rec 2OTU 10/05/42. Accident 28/09/42 when aircraft lost power and made a forced landing (NFD). Accident 24/11/42 when engine caught fire on starting in lower cowl. Pilot F/Sgt Pengelley OK. Repaired. Accident 0800hrs 26/04/43 when aircraft lost power and forced landed at Mildura Aerodrome. Pilot W/O W E Forster Serv#407231 OK. SOC 31/05/43.
A20-328 CA-8 530 Rec 1AD ex CAC 08/09/41. Rec 7SFTS 23/09/41. Rec CAC for D/B Modifications 03/11/42. Rec 7SFTS 02/12/42. 10/12/42 allocated to 12RSU Replacement Pool. Accident 16/12/42 when on landing flare at Parkes NSW on ferry flight to Cloncurry, pilot held off to high causing aircraft landing heavily, damaging wing tip and ailerons . Aircraft was loaded too far aft of C of G. Pilot, Sgt R H Wallace Serv#414178, and WAG K C Thompson Serv#413283 not injured. Rec 12RSU for repairs 22/12/42. Rec 4 Sqn RAAF (AC) 05/05/43. Coded QE-V 4Sqn RAAF 05/43. Rec 13ARd Reserve Pool ex 4 Sqn RAAF(AC) 16/06/43. Rec 4Sqn RAAF (AC) 20/07/43.Rec 4Sqn Reserve Pool 26/10/43. Rec 9 CU 04/11/43. Rec 15ARD 13/05/44.Rec 4Sqn RAAF(AC) 15/11/44.Rec 5RSU 18/05/45 for fitting of additional fuel tanks. Rec 4Sqn RAAF (AC) 04/06/45.Approval to convert to components in situ 07/01/46 at Labuan. Aircraft did not return to Australia.
A20-329 CA-8 531 Rec 1AD ex CAC 08/09/41. Rec 7SFTS 22/09/41. Accident 22/10/41 when on take-off, aircraft was obstructed causing pilot, LAC C E Bodkin Serv#403713 to apply excessive braking, causing aircraft to tip on airscrew. Repaired. Continued service at 7SFTS until 1944. Rec CFS 03/07/44. Rec Point Cook Reserve Storage 04/11/44.Rec CFS 04/06/45.Rec Point Cook Reserve Storage 06/09/45. Rec 7Ad 07/03/46. Cat C Storage 17/08/48.Rec 1AD ex Det B Tocumwal 11/12/51.Soc 17/12/51 following conversion to components.
A20-330 CA-8 532 Rec 1AD ex CAC 07/09/41. Rec 7SFTS 23/09/41. Accident 20/03/42 Deniliquin whilst taxying, brakes were applied harshly causing aircraft to tip on nose. Pilot LAC L W Dickson AOK. Repaired. Accident 09/11/42 when on night take-off at Deniliquin, struck tree causing damage to port leading edge. Pilot, LAC D G Story, made a safe landing. Repaired. Accident 07/01/44 at Deniliquin when piloted by LAC F J Robins struck a stationary A20-318 .Repaired. Into AFRU storage 19/01/45. Rec 5SFTS 19/03/45. Into storage 5SFTS S/R 16/04/45.Cat C Storage 17/05/48.Det B Uranquinty 13/04/51.Soc 17/12/51 following conversion to components.
A20-331 CA-8 533 Rec 1AD ex CAC 07/09/41. Rec 7SFTS 23/09/41. Accident 21-22/04/42 when after night take-off aircraft dived into the ground one mile south of Deniliquin Aerodrome 0140hrs at Benalla. Pilot, LAC C R Warren Serv#409353 (Course 19 P, of X Flight 7SFTS)killed. SOC 08/05/42. NB 7SFTS had 41 Wirraways serviceable out of 126 on strength as at 01/05/42 due to accidents and servicing.
A20-332 CA-8 534 Rec 1AD ex CAC 11/09/41. Rec 7SFTS 23/09/41. Accident 24/07/42 on landing at Deniliquin when pilot, LAC W N Fisher Serv#415470 Course #23 nearly landed on top of A20-590 piloted by LAC Weidenbach Serv#417023 , under instruction by F/Sgt A N Turner, was landed on the strip. A20-332 collided with A20-590 causing severe damage to A20-590 (Class D; Mast, cowl and airscrew). Nil injuries to A20-590 Crew, but Fisher was slightly injured. A20-332 was damaged beyond repair per Class C .SOC and converted to components 04/09/42.
: 7SFTS had at this time 158 Wirraways , 3 Moth Minors , 1 Gipsy Moth and 3 Ryan STM22s. The following month had only 118 Wirraways and the same number of other aircraft. It was a bad month of Wirraway accidents.
A20-333 CA-8 535 Rec 1AD ex CAC 11/09/41. Rec 7SFTS 23/09/41. Accident 23/11/41 when pilot, LAC Sedwick Serv#411533 became lost and landed at Tocumwal damaging port flap. Repaired. Accident 26/08/42 when A20-333 and A20-342 collided mid air some 5 miles north west of Ranganilla during a low level dive bombing attack. Crew A20-342;Sgt G B Willcocks Serv#41081 and SgtB O Burke (WAGS) Serv#411993: Crew A20-333;Sgt D N Cullens Serv#495723 and Sgt A D Woods (WAGS) Serv#413812. Both Crews were killed. Soc17/09/42.
A20-334 CA-8 536 Rec 1AD ex CAC 11/09/41. Rec 7SFTS 23/09/41. Accident 10/02/42 when on landing, Pilot, LAC H D Newton Serv#405870, stalled and dropped port wing. Minor damage, repaired. Accident 25/09/42 whilst on landing at Deniliquin Aerodrome, Pilot, F/O D G Southwell hit iron windsock post on landing. Repaired. Rec Clyde Engineering for service 28/06/43. Rec 7SFTS 26/07/43. Accident 08/10/43 when Staff instructor, SgtJ B Higgens, who was giving dual instruction on night landings, struck ground heavily causing undercarriage to collapse and aircraft to bounce. Aircraft landed on belly. Repaired. Rec AFRU for storage 18/09/44. Rec 5SFTS S/R for storage 27/03/45. Cat C Storage 17/08/48. 30/10/51 allocated to Det B 1AD Tocumwal for conversion.
A20-335 CA-8 537 Rec 1AD ex CAC 15/08/41. Rec 7SFTS 28/08/41. Accident 07.30hrs 06/02/42 when aircraft, piloted by F/Lt S W Galton, made a forced landing one mile south of bombing range when engine through oil .Repaired. Rec 17/07/44 8OTU. Rec 2OTU 29/10/44.Rec 7AD for storage 08/10/45.Cat C 17/08/48 Det C Uranquinty. Rec Det B Tocumwal 30/10/51.Rec 1AD for conversion ex Det B 17/12/51.
A20-336 CA-8 538 Rec 1AD ex CAC 16/08/41. Rec 7SFTS 28/08/41. Accident in flight with Ailerons jamming at 7000ft one mile east of Wandock satellite field 07.15hrs 12/10/42. Crew; Sgt T B Curlewis Serv#406194 and LAC J C Andrew Serv#417147 baled out of un-controllable aircraft. Both slightly injured. Aircraft destroyed. Soc 27/10/42.
A20-337 CA-8 539 Rec 1AD ex CAC 18/08/41. Rec 7SFTS 28/08/41.Rec 2AD 01/06/42. Rec 7SFTS 08/06/42. Accident 30/03/43 2020hrs when aircraft on night cross country flight, piloted by LAC B D Otton Serv#424033, attempted a forced landed after engine failure 12 miles west of Finley, near Deniliquin Road. Aircraft was severely damaged and eventually written off after survey. Pilot was severely injured. Soc 06/07/42.
A20-338 CA-8 540 Rec 1AD ec CAC 19/08/41. Rec 7SFTS 28/08/41.Accident 1300hrs 27/02/42 at Deniliquin Bombing Range when aircraft crashed. Crew; P/O J M Wishart killed and LAC W N Knight Serv#416343 severely injured. Aircraft converted to components. SOC 16/03/42.
A20-339 CA-8 541 Rec 1AD ex CAC 20/08/41. Rec 7SFTS 28/08/41. Accident 29/12/41when struck starboard wing tip on landing. Pilot LAC George Serv#408828 AOK. Repaired. Accident 29/01/43 when on night landing following flare, collided with vehicle tender with starboard wingtip at satellite Strip 8 miles west of Deniliquin. Aircraft was heavily damaged. Pilot, LAC M J Whitby Serv#413056. AC1 W McK Hamilton Serv#61077, driver of Tender, fatally injured. Issued to ANA for repairs. Repaired and delivered 1AD 17/08/43.Rec 24/09/43 5SFTS. Converted to Target Towing/Drone configuration 24/11/43.Into Storage 07/02/45 Cat C Storage. Rec 5SFTS 05/03/45. Storage 5SFTS S/R 10/10/45. Cat C Storage 17/05/48.Held Cat B Storage Det B Tocumwal. Residue of parts sold to L M Newman 22/05/56.
A20-340 CA-8 542 Rec 1AD ex CAC 21/08/41. Rec 7SFTS 28/08/41. Rec CAC 31/10/42 for D/B Modifications. Rec 7SFTS 09/11/42. Rec 4OTU 04/11/42.Accident 26/01/43 when during a authorised low level flight near Ana Bay Area struck high Tension power lines. Pilot; F/Sgt Robinson 4OTU, not injured, with aircraft recovering to Aerodrome with damage. Repaired. Accident 02/04/43 when aircraft suffered engine failure near Nelson Bay forcing pilot, Sgt B A Todd and WAGsSgt Teagardon to force land aircraft with undercarriage retracted. Both un-injured. Repaired. Accident 12/07/43 when aircraft, piloted by F/O W K Ellwood 4OTU ground looped aircraft at Williamtown RAAF when port wing contacted ground. Repaired. Rec 7SFTS 05/12/43. Accident 24/12/43 when on take-off after swinging both port and starboard, had undercarriage collapsed at Deniliquin Aerodrome. Pilot, F/O D G McKenzie uninjured. Repaired. Accident 03/02/44 whilst carrying out a pre-cautionary landing, Pilot LAC K R Smithwick stalled the aircraft at 50 feet and landed heavily damaging the aircraft. Not injured. Rec Clyde Engineering for repairs and overhaul 27/03/44.Repaired.Rec 2AP 09/10/44. Rec 83Sqn RAAF 29/01/45. Accident 1330hrs 04/12/44 when on starting engine, aircraft caught fire. Crew: Pilot W/O P L Christenson Serv#409082 slightly burnt and Passenger LAC N E Bain Serv#70186 OK. Repaired. Rec 5SFTS S/R for storage 25/09/45. Cat C 17/08/48. Rec CAC for overhaul 10/07/50. Rec Point Cook for Storage 13/06/51. Held for storage for 22Sqn CAF05/04/53. Rec 22Sqn CAF 13/04/53.Accident 1600hrs 13/05/54 Aircraft on flight near Richmond RAAF Base at 3000ft when engine failed, Pilot managed to glide aircraft in onto main strip. Aircraft suffered severe damage. Investigations showed that needle assembly on carburettor incorrectly adjusted, causing too rich mixture. Pilot F/O BARWICK, E S (023206) 22Sqn CAF. Held at 2AD from 18/08/54. SOC 31/05/57.
A20-341 CA-8 543 Rec 1AD ex CAC 21/08/41. Rec 7SFTS 28/08/41. Accident 05/09/41 when on landing, Pilot LAC G V Hobbs Serv#411325 overshot landing with flaps up. Aircraft ran through boundary fence and ended on nose. Repaired. Rec SHQ Flight Richmond RAAF 07/09/42. Rec 457Sqn (RAAF) RAF 21/09/42. Rec CAC 26/11/42 for Dive Bomber Modifications. Rec 4OTU Williamtown NSW 16/12/42. Accident 0945hrs 01/04/43 when aircraft into the sea after the completion of "shadow" shooting exercises. Crew; SGT K.O. Graham Serv#410326 (Pilot) & F/SGT W.D. George Serv#8016 (Wireless Op/Air Gunner). Aircraft lost at Sea. SOC 26/04/43.
A20-342 CA-8 544 Rec 1AD ex CAC 24/08/41. Rec 7SFTS 8/09/41. Accident 26/08/42 when A20-333 and A20-342 collided mid air some 5 miles north west of Ranganilla during a low level dive bombing attack. Crew A20-342;Sgt G B Willcocks Serv#41081 and SgtB O Burke(WAGS) Serv#411993: Crew A20-333;Sgt D N Cullens Serv#495723 and Sgt A D Woods (WAGS)Serv#413812. Both Crews were killed. Soc17/09/42.
A20-343 CA-8 545 Rec 24/08/41 1AD ex CAC. Rec 7SFTS 08/09/41. Issued 5Sqn 09/10/42.Accident 02/03/43 when aircraft, piloted by F/O R M Randle 5Sqn RAAF (A/C) forced landed after engine failure 10 miles west of Kingaroy Qld. No damage or injury. Rec Clyde Engineering for overhaul 22/04/43. Rec 5Sqn 10/05/43 and coded BF-J by June 1943. Allocated 13ARD 01/10/43.Accident 9/10/43 when flying low over the Johnston River near Innisfail, pilot, P/O J W Ahern Serv#426817 and F/Sgt T L Bubke Serv#425271 both of 5Sqn, struck high tension and telephone wires over the river, damaging aircraft. Rec 13ARD 25/10/43 for repairs. Repaired rec 4Sqn RAAF(A/C) Aircraft coded QE-E (replaced A20-619 QE-R). 17/04/44, flown by F/OL A Perry to Sqn. Accident 1400hrs 09/05/44 when P/O L J Norton Serv#432248 and passenger Major R J O'Loan (45AAL Sec AIF) landed at Finschafen and was taxying back to dispersal, swung to avoid jeep and struck side of ditch damaging tail. Temporary repairs and rec 11RSU 02/06/44. Rec 21/06/44 4Sqn repaired. Accident at Horanda, Dobodura 19/12/44 when Douglas C-47A-30-DL 42-23583 DAT Code:VHCGJ X394 70thTCS wing passed over and collided with top of Wirraway A20-343.The C-47 was patched & flown to Biak for repair & transfer 31/01/45 USAAF Clark Field. It was W/O 16/09/48 (salvaged in USA).A20-343 repaired. Accident 28/02/45 when on landing with strong cross wind at Nadzab, the aircraft crashed into embankment after running off strip. Pilot; F/O A R Nancarrow Serv#432854 un-injured. Rec 10RSU 09/03/45. Issued Salvage 01/10/45. Salvaged 10RSU 10/10/45 at Nadzab.
A20-344 CA-8 546 Rec 1AD ex CAC 24/08/41. Rec 7SFTS 08/09/41.Accident 23/02/42 whilst landing at Deniliquin Aerodrome when port Brake seized on landing roll causing aircraft to tip on nose. Pilot LAC I G Peacock Serv#408240 AOK. Repaired. Accident 24/12/42 Mid Air collision 9 miles west of Mathours NSW, with A20-344 during practice formation flying. LAC D J Hinsley Ser#410195 killed in A20-249. Pilot of A20-344, LAC G W Williams Ser#410930 killed. Both aircraft destroyed with A20-344 being SOC 15/02/43.
A20-345 CA-8 547 Rec 1AD ex CAC 14/09/41. Rec 7SFTS 23/09/41. Accident 24/01/42 when A20-305 being stationary with F/O K A McCaul at the controls, was hit by A20-345 taxied by P/O H N Wishart at Deniliquin. Damaged to fin and rudder on A20-308 and airscrew damage on A20-345. Repaired. Accident 09/10/42 at Deniliquin Aerodrome when student pilot, LAC J W A Sutherland, held off too high and stalled. Aircraft was damaged. Repaired. Rec CFS 03/05/43.Rec 7SFTS 21/02/44. Rec 8OTU 17/07/44.Issued Clyde Engineering 03/05/45 for overhaul Rec 25/05/45. Rec 2CRD19/10/45.Rec 7AD 20/11/45.Cat C Storage 17/08/48. Rec CAC for overhaul 16/09/49.Rec 1AD ex CAC 12/02/50. Rec 22Sqn CAF 16/02/50. Rec Det B Tocumwal 29/11/53.SOC 31/05/57 after Auction.
A20-346 CA-8 548 Rec 1AD ex CAC 14/09/41. Rec 7SFTS 23/09/41. Accident 30/03/42 when trainee pilot, LAC Sly, suffered partial power loss during night flying circuit of Warbreccon Satellite Strip and landed wheels up. Pilot AOK. Repaired. Accident 08/06/43 when engine failed on take-off on west side of Deniliquin Aerodrome. Pilot; F/Lt D W Eisenhauer Serv#400464 OK and LAC L T Gun Serv#437264 slightly injured. Aircraft heavily damaged. Repaired. Rec 7SFTS Store Reserve 23/10/44. Rec 84Sqn RAAF 02/01/45.Rec 6CRD ex 84Sqn RAAF 20/08/45.Surveyed 09/45 and approved for conversion to components 12/10/45.
A20-347 CA-8 549 Rec 1AD ex CAC 14/09/41. Rec 7SFTS 23/09/41.Accident 29/05/42 engine failure with forced landing 9 mile north of Echuca with no damage. Pilot, LAC G M Hamilton not injured. Repaired. Rec 23Sqn RAAF 10/11/42.Issued ANA for service and modifications 25/03/43. Rec 23Sqn ex ANA 16/05/43. 22/07/43, rear clock removed for installation on 23Sqn Vengeance. Rec 7SFTS ex 23Sqn RAAF 26/07/43.Accident 11.45hrs 06/10/43 when aircraft made a forced landing at Urana due to engine failure. Aircraft was damaged when flipped over after landing. Pilot, LAC B Foster Serv#428038 AOK. Repaired. Into storage AFRU 17/01/45.Tfr 5SFTS U/E 07/03/45. Rec 5SFTS S/R 16/04/45. Cat C Storage 17/08/48.Held 31/01/51 Det B 1AD Cat C Uranquinty.30/10/51 Rec 1AD for conversion to components. SOC 30/10/51.
A20-348 CA-8 550 Rec 1AD ex CAC 14/09/41. Rec 7SFTS 23/09/41.Accident 7/05/42 when on cross country flight got lost and made forced landing 23 miles south of Tocumwal. Overturned on landing. Pilot, LAC H B Smith not injured. Repaired. Held 7SFTS 17/08/42. Rec CAC 07/12/42 for D/B modifications. Rec 7SFTS 21/12/42.Rec 12RSU 19/01/43.Rec 4Sqn RAAF (A/C) 05/05/43.Rec 13ARD RP 12/06/43.Rec 5SFTS ex 13ARD RP 18/10/43.Accident 16.45hrs 22/07/45 aircraft on landing on main strip Uranquinty, overturned on back due to brakes seizing. Pilot, Sgt L A Garrett Serv#441668 suffered shock. Repaired. Transferred to 5SFTS S/R for storage 12/11/45. Category C 17/08/48. Transferred to Det B 1AD Tocumwal 13/01/53. Approval to convert to components 18/02/55. Residue offered to disposal 13/01/56. SOC RAAF service 22/05/56 when sold to L & M Newman.
A20-349 CA-8 551 Rec 1AD ex CAC 14/09/41. Rec22Sqn RAAF 11/10/41.Issued 2OTU 11/05/42. Second Batch of aircraft delivered to 2OTU Mildura 04/05/42. Accident mid air collision1400hrs 21/01/43.Whilst in a Section mock combat exercise some three miles from Mildura, A20-277 was struck by A20-349 piloted by P/O G.E. Taffe at about 7,000 ft causing tail of A20-277 to break away completely sending both aircraft crashing out of control. Crew; SGT John Michael David Ryan Serv#414139 (Pilot) killed& FLTLT J S Menzies Serv#816 (Instructor) survived after baling out of aircraft. Both crew of A20-349, P/O G E Taffe and Sgt A F Bates Serv#413510 killed. Both aircraft complete Write-offs. SOC 06/02/43.
A20-350 CA-8 552 Rec 1AD ex CAC 14/09/41. Rec22Sqn RAAF 11/10/41.Issued 2OTU 11/05/42. Rec 2OTU 22/05/42.Accident 18/06/42 at Mildura, on landing the tail rose and airscrew struck runway. Pilot, P/O D H Glenn not injured. Repaired. Accident 01/09/42 when halfway through landing roll, gust of wing caused wing to touch runway. Pilot, Sgt G R Board not injured. Repaired. Accident 25/10/42 when aircraft suffered engine failure. Pilot, F/Sgt M D O'Mara Serv#402876 performed a wheels down landing. No damage. Accident 25/11/42 when aircraft made a forced landing caused by suspected bearing failure. Repaired. Rec 8OTU 13/07/44.Rec 2OTU 02/11/44.Rec 7AD Storage 08/10/45.Category C Storage 17/05/48.Held Det B 1AD Storage Tocumwal 31/01/51.Aproved to convert to Components 30/10/51. Rec 1AD ex Det B 1AD for conversion 04/12/51. SOC 17/12/51.
A20-351 CA-8 553 Rec 1AD ex CAC 14/09/41. Rec 22Sqn RAAF 11/10/41. Accident near Londonberry NSW 1130hrs 24/12/41, when aircraft went into spin during bombing run during detail. Killed were Pilot, Sgt B P Slattery Serv#401723 and WAG LAC A.C. Gadd Serv#34562 both of 22Sqn Richmond NSW. SOC 15/01/42.
A20-352 CA-8 554 Rec 1AD ex CAC 17/09/41. Rec 7SFTS 23/09/41.Accident 27/01/43 when aircraft forced landed due to low fuel. Pilot , Sgt Kauffman performed a wheels up landing with damage to centre section, tail plane and airscrew. Held 7SFTS. Issued to Ansett for repairs 28/06/43.Rec 2AP ex Ansett 02/08/43.Rec 7SFTS 16/08/43.Accident 2120hrs 24/07/44 when on take-off the engine cut out. Pilot, LAC J C Sampson Serv#115515 attempted to land straight ahead. Collided with tree in path causing damage to aircraft. Trainee was slightly injured.07/08/44 issued to CAC for survey and possible repairs. Recommended for conversion 24/11/44. Rec 3CRD 15/01/45. SOC 15/01/45.
A20-353 CA-8 555 Rec 1AD ex CAC 17/09/41. Rec 7SFTS 23/09/41.Accident 24/11/41 when on landing at Deniliquin when pilot stalled starboard wing which scrapped ground. Pilot was J W Norton and F/Sgt Mackay. No injuries. Repaired. Accident 1000hrs 16/02/42 forced landing at Mulwala caused by impeller bearing collapse. Pilot was LAC J H Goldsworthy Serv#409107 who was un-injured. Repaired. Rec 2OTU 29/01/43. Accident 0910hrs 31/03/1943 when on take-off run during post 240hrs service test flight, port wing dropped on lift-off causing wing tip to scrape , resulting in crash following aileron controls cross. Pilot, Sqn Ldr J A Ingles and Passenger, Corporal L Byrne Serv#18826 not injured. Airframe held pending decision to repair at ANA. Rec Clyde Engineering ex ANA 04/08/44.Rec 2AP ex Clyde Engineering 23/10/44 following re-build. Rec 2OTU 29/10/44.Accident 01/08/45 when aircraft forced landed 80 miles north of Mildura following engine failure. Pilot, F/Sgt J H McKenzie not injured. No damage. Rec 7AD for storage 05/11/45. Category C 17/08/48. Held Det B 1AD Tocumwal 31/01/51.Allocated 2AD for major servicing ex Det B Tocumwal 03/08/51.Rec 2AD 17/03/52. Held for service 2Ad 05/06/53. Rec Det B 1AD for Cat B storage. Held until 20/11/56 in this Category. Request for disposal 10/12/56. SOC and disposed as Scrap material 31/05/57 Tocumwal.
A20-354 CA-8 556 Rec 15/09/41. Rec 7SFTS 03/10/41. Accident 15/06/42 at Deniliquin when pilot, LAC W A Lock forgot to lower undercarriage on landing. Repaired. Accident 16/10/43 when aircraft made wheels up landing at Deniliquin. Pilot, F/Sgt J W S Mossop Serv#418148 and LAC A C Bothe Serv#427780 not injured. repaired. Had long safe career with 7SFTS until placed into AFRU storage 22/01/45. Rec AGS 11/04/45 ex AFRU storage. Transferred AGS Storage 03/09/45. Storage at CMU Tocumwal 20/04/45. Category C 17/08/48. Held by Det B 1AD Tocumwal 31/01/51.R/F Det B 1AD for spares reclamation 31/10/51. Airframe only Rec 1AD 11/12/51 for conversion. SOC 17/12/51.
A20-355 CA-8 557 Rec 1AD ex CAC 18/09/41. Rec 7SFTS 03/10/41. Issued Station HQ Flight Richmond 07/09/42. Rec 452Sqn RAF(RAAF) 28/09/42.Issued 7SFTS 11/12/42. Issued ANA for D/Bombing modifications 26/07/43.Rec 7SFTS 01/09/43. Issued to AFRU for storage18/09/44. Transferred CMU Deniliquin 30/08/45. Category C 17/08/48. Transferred Det B 1AD Tocumwal 13/07/47. Rec 29/04/48.Approved for conversion 13/12/49. Conversion deferred 19/12/50. Converted to components and disposed of by 26/01/55.
A20-356 CA-8 558 Rec 1AD ex CAC 17/09/41. Rec 7SFTS 03/10/41.Active service with 7SFTS until 1944. Rec 5SFTS 16/05/44. Accident 06/10/44 forced landed at bombing range resulting in severe damage. NFDs. Issued to Clyde Engineering 11/10/44.Rec 2AD 24/02/45.Rec 5SFTS 27/03/45. Rec 8OTU 22/04/45.Accident 09.00hrs 06/06/45 aircraft whilst taxying swung 500 yards down from bombing up point, Pilot applied opposite port brake to starboard swing causing undercarriage to collapse damaging starboard wing. Pilot, F/Lt W R Cundy Serv#402732 (DFC and DFM) and pupil, P/O L G Stewart Serv#404993 not injured. Rec 7AD 15/11/45. Repaired. Stored Category C 17/08/48. Rec CAC 25/06/51 for overhaul. Rec Det B 1AD Tocumwal for Cat B storage. Rec 1 BFTS Point Cook 14/03/52. Rec Det B 1AD Tocumwal 03/07/54. Offered for disposal 10/12/56. SOC 02/01/57.
A20-357 CA-8 559 Rec 1AD ex CAC 20/09/41. Rec 7SFTS 03/10/41.Rec 2AD ex 7SFTS 01/06/42.Rec 7SFTS ex 2AD 08/06/42.Accident 08/03/43 on landing at Deniliquin when pilot, LAC Hodges, had pot tyre blow out causing aircraft to ground-loop. Damage to starboard wingtip, port main plane and port oleo. Accident 24/04/43 when Pilot, LAC J E Hough, whilst taxying past flight line, allowed aircraft to swing and collide with A20-367 at satellite field strip flight line some 8 miles west of Deniliquin. Repaired by 26/04/43.Issued to Clyde Engineering 01/07/43. Rec 7SFTS 06/08/43. Issued to AFRU Storage 19/01/45. Rec AGS11/04/45. Transferred to AGS Storage 03/09/45.Rec AGS 10/12/45 for emergency communications duties. Rec Storage 29/04/46.Rec Det B 1AD Tocumwal 11/11/47 in Category C storage. Approved for disposal 25/02/55. SOC 13/01/56. The aircraft was sold to L & M Newman 22/05/46.
A20-358 CA-8 560 Rec 1AD ex CAC 22/09/41.Rec 7SFTS 03/10/41. Served from 1941 to 1943 7SFTS. Accident 12/09/43 when pilot ran short of fuel and made emergency landing near Morago. Pilot was LAC Duffy. Aircraft later refuelled and flown out by F/Lt Linfoot. Accident 0030Hrs 22/09/43 when during solo night flight the aircraft crashed and was destroyed by fire, some 25 miles north east of Deniliquin. The Pilot, LAC J F Cooper Serv#434542 of the 36th Advanced Training Course, 7SFTS was killed. He had a total of 147.5 Logged Flying hours. He was buried on the 23/09/43 in the Deniliquin War Cemetery (Grave # D.A.15).Aircraft remains Rec by 7AD 28/09/43. SOC 12/10/43.
A20-359 CA-8 561 Rec 1AD ex CAC 22/09/41. Rec 7SFTS 03/10/41. In service with 7SFTS without accident until placed into storage 7SFTS Reserve on 23/10/44. Rec 5SFTS Service Reserve 23/11/44. Rec 5SFTS U/E active fleet 09/03/45. Rec 5SFTS Service Reserve 16/04/45. Category C Storage 17/08/48. Issued to 1AD Det B Uranquinty for conversion to Components 30/10/51.
A20-360 CA-8 562 Rec 1AD ex CAC 22/09/41. Rec 7SFTS 03/10/41. Allocated 1 Comm Flight for exclusive use by Group Captain Campbell 06/11/42. Allocation cancelled 11/11/42. In use by 7SFTS without accident until 09/44.Rec AFRU for storage 18/09/44. Rec CFS Service Reserve 28/04/45. Rec CFS 06/05/45. Rec 7AD Point Cook Service Reserve ex CFS 04/02/46 as Cat E. Category C 17/08/48.Held Det B 1AD 31/01/51.Held Det B 1AD at Tocumwal under cover. Approval to convert to components 25/02/55. The aircraft remains were sold to L & M Newman 22/05/56.
A20-361 CA-8 563 Rec 1AD ex CAC 24/09/41. Rec 7SFTS 07/10/41. Accident 27/01/42 during night flight at Deniliquin when aircraft made a successful forced landing. Pilot, Sgt WES Forster Serv#407231 was not injured. Repaired. Rec 2AD 21/05/42 for engine change. Rec 7SFTS 28/05/42.Accident 1500hrs 08/07/42, lost starboard wingtip after colliding with tree when aircraft was making a low pass over Deniliquin Aerodrome. Pilot, Sgt J R Wyndham Serv#6901 was not injured. Accident 25/08/42 with Sgt W E S Forster Serv#407231 on board with Sgt J Milasi Serv#403356 as second pilot) collided with object during low flying over Aerodrome. Repaired. Engine out landing 22/02/43, NFDs. Repaired and test flown 27/02/43 but written off in accident when port wing struck ground immediately on take-off from Deniliquin Aerodrome due to aileron reverse caused by incorrectly adjusted cables. Aircraft crashed after take-off with severe damage. Pilot, F/Lt J B Keys was not injured. Rec 7AD 08/03/43. SOC 28/04/43.
A20-362 CA-8 564 Rec 1AD ex CAC 24/09/41. Rec 7SFTS 07/10/41. Accident 17/11/41when on landing at Deniliquin, aircraft on starboard swing ground looped by pupil. Pilot, F/OC D Hill and LAC P T Robilliard were not injured. Aircraft suffered damaged starboard wing and sheared off starboard oleo. Repaired. In service with 7SFTS. Accident 27/07/43 when the pilot landed with under-carriage retracted at satellite field some 7 miles south west of Deniliquin. Pilot, LAC G S Roche was un-injured. Repaired. Accident 0230hrs 06/03/44(Serial #794) on night landing at Deniliquin Aerodrome, held off too high and stalled. Starboard mainplane damaged and starboard oleo collapsed. Pilot, LAC S N Heysen Serv#433066 was not injured.(NB:7SFTS ORB has him damaging A20-586 on 03/03/44 per incident, with LAC F G Mattress making wheels down landing 06/03/44 in A20-365 with no mention of A20-362 of this period!!).Repaired. Issued into AFRU Storage 19/01/44. Rec 5SFTS RS 27/03/45. Rec 8OTU 22/04/45. Accident 23/05/45 when 8OTU Supermarine Spitfire A58-538, piloted by F/Lt K M Gamble, collided, when taxying, into a parked A20-362 at Parkes New South Wales Australia. Rec 2CRD 13/06/45 for conversion to components. SOC 15/06/45.
A20-363 CA-8 565 Rec 1AD ex CAC 25/09/41. Rec 7SFTS 07/10/41. Accident 27/01/42 when aircraft, piloted by F/O E M Baill and LAC W R Knight Serv#416343, made an emergency landing after engine failure at Morrocco East some 20 miles south east of Deniliquin. No damage. Repaired. Accident 0936hrs 28/04/42, after engine failure in flight, Pilot, LAC J L ???Shelmhmeyer??? Serv#408932 made safe engine out landing one mile south east of Deniliquin aerodrome. Repaired. Mid Air Accident 01/11/43 when aircraft collided with A20-363 in flight. Pilot of A20-307, LAC M V P Foley Serv#430205 killed, with his aircraft crashing. Pilot of A20-363, LAC E D Millikin Serv#430216 slightly injured after bale out. Rec 7AD for conversion 07/11/43. Converted to components 11/11/43.
A20-364 CA-8 566 Rec 1AD ex CAC 01/10/41. Rec 7SFTS 07/10/41. Accident 17/11/41 when on landing during gusty conditions at Deniliquin, Port wing dropped damaged on landing. Pilot, LAC Shailer not injured. Repaired. In service with 7SFTS until 28/06/43 when issued to Ansett for overhaul. Rec 7SFTS 11/10/43. Accident 29/11/43 when aircraft was found crashed 18 miles north east of Moulamein at 1645hrs following a search. Pilot LAC R N Ross Serv#433256 (No38P Course) took off from Deniliquin at 0745hrs on a solo navigation flight (Exercise No 6: triangular course; Deniliquin/Balranald/Oxley/Deniliquin) and was not heard of again. The pilot was found some two miles away with his parachute laying some 250 yards away, intact. LAC R N Ross had 148.55hrs logged. He was buried at Deniliquin War Grave (Plot D.B.1) on the 01/12/43. A20-364 was SOC 31/12/43 after being converted to components at 7AD.
A20-365 CA-8 567 Rec 1AD ex CAC 30/09/41. Rec 7SFTS 07/10/41. In service 7SFTS until 1944 with no accident recorded. Storage at AFRU Deniliquin 19/10/44. 20/07/45 E Service. Upgraded to Category C 17/08/47 and transferred to Det B 1AD at Tocumwal NSW. Approved for conversion 13/12/49. Remains disposed of by 30/01/55.
A20-366 CA-8 568 Rec 1AD ex CAC 30/09/41. Rec 7SFTS 07/10/41. Accident 12/11/41 when aircraft stalled port wing on landing at Wandook. Slight damage to Starboard Wing tip. Repaired. Pilot was LAC Shailer (He would repeat this error again in A20-365 five days later). Accident 28/02/42 when aircraft struck taxy post at Deniliquin, damaging starboard wing. Pilot, LAC W R Mills Serv#412170 not injured. Repaired. Accident 25/03/42 when aircraft swung and ground looped at Deniliquin. Pilot, LAC A D George not injured. Rec AFRU ex 7SFTS 18/09/44. Held AFRU. Rec Det B 1AD Tocumwal ex Deniliquin 03/05/48. Category C Storage 17/08/48.Approved for conversion 13/12/49. Remains SOC 20/01/55.
A20-367 CA-8 569 Rec 30/09/41. Rec 7SFTS 07/10/41.Accident 19/11/41on landing port wing struck ground. Pilot, Sgt K B Lewis and LAC J P Oliver not injured. Repaired. Accident 11/01/42 when aircraft landed wheels up due to severe crosswind. Pilot, F/Lt W M Fowler not injured. Repaired. In service with 7SFTs until 1945. Received AFRU into Storage 03/10/45. Rec 29/04/48 Det B 1AD Tocumwal ex Deniliquin. Category C 17/08/48. Approved for disposal 13/12/49. Remains SOC 20/01/55.

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A20-368 CA-8 570 Rec 1AD ex CAC 01/10/41. Rec 7SFTS 07/10/41.Accident 04/12/41when blower failed in take-off. No damage to aircraft. Engine repaired. Accident 05/04/43 when aircraft made wheels up landing at Echuca when aircraft ran out of fuel. Pilot, LAC A C Evan Serv#427488. Damaged centre section. Repaired. Into storage AFRU Deniliquin 19/01/45. Rec Point Cook Service Reserve 28/04/45. Rec CFS 06/05/45. Transferred Point Cook SR 15/10/45. Rec 7AD for storage 11/02/46. Category C Storage 17/08/48. Held Det B 1AD Tocumwal 31/01/51. Approved for conversion to components 30/10/51. SOC 17/12/51.
A20-369 CA-8 571 Rec 1AD ex CAC 01/10/41. Rec 7SFTS 07/10/41. Accident 23/12/41 when aircraft forced landed due to engine failure. Pilot LAC Richardson un-injured. Repaired. Rec CAC ex 7SFTS 14/12/42 for modifications. Rec 7SFTS 07/01/43. Rec 5Sqn 15/01/43. Later wore code BF-M. Rec 7SFTS 27/10/43.Issued to storage 19/01/45 ex 7SFTS. Rec 8OTU ex Storage 07/02/45. Issued to Clyde Engineering for overhaul 03/05/45. Owing to space, placed in storage. Rec ex Clyde at 2CRD 30/06/45.Rec 7AD for storage 11/12/45.Category C storage 17/08/48. Stored Det B 1AD Tocumwal. To CAC 13/05/50. Rec 19/05/50 CAC. Rec Base Sqn, Point Cook 6/12/50 for Cat B Storage. In use 19/01/51 by 1BFTS. Rec 2AD 15/05/52 for service. Rec 1BFTS Point Cook 11/06/52. 18/09/52 held Uranquinty. Accident 02/03/54 at Uranquinty, Pilot, Flg Off A V Jackson (05348) when landed with jammed 2/3rds Port flap following failure of Flap jack. Starboard flaps were jammed up. No injuries. Repaired. Listed for disposal 04/12/58. SOC25/03/60 when sold to CAC.
A20-370 CA-8 572 Rec 1AD ex CAC 02/10/41. Rec 7SFTS 09/10/41. Accident 1345hrs 24/06/42 when aircraft crashed 16 miles north of Deniliquin at Stud Park Station after entering a stall during a turn or slow roll at 1000 feet. Pilot F/Sgt E L Haffner Serv#406010 and LAC K Davidson Serv#415466 both killed. SOC 04/07/42.
A20-371 CA-8 573 Rec 1AD ex CAC 03/10/41.Allocated to 2BAGS 07/10/41. Canc. Rec 7SFTS 13/10/41.Returned CAC 24/11/41 for modifications. Returned 7SFTS12/01/42.Rec 2AD 22/06/42 for engine change. Rec 7SFTS 29/06/42. Rec 8OTU ex 7SFTS 17/07/44.Issued to Clyde Engineering 03/05/45 ex 8OTU.Rec 5SFTS ex Clyde 19/09/45. Rec Storage 5SFTS Storage 22/10/45. Storm damaged 1946. Category C Storage Uranquinty. Rec CAC 06/02/50 for overhaul. Rec Point Cook 28/07/50.Accident 27/03/58 when undercarriage retracted on landing (NFDs). Not repaired. Sold to CAC 02/05/58 for conversion to a CA28 Ceres. Sales Advice SV.40232, cost 750 pounds. No details are know at this stage on which if any Ceres it became.

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A20-372 CA-8 574 Rec 1AD ex CAC 03/10/41. Rec 2BGS 25/10/41. Rec OTU 13/12/41. Rec 2OTU15/04/42 Mildura. Accident 16/04/42 when Port Eleo collapsed with port mainplane and airscrew damaged when student tried to correct landing at Port Pirie SA. Pilot, Sgt R L Logan was not injured. Repaired by July 1942.. Accident 31/08/42 when halfway on landing roll, aircraft tipped on wing tip due to cross wind. Pilot, F/Sgt D A Rogers not injured. Repaired, back at unit 23/09/42. Accident 1430 hrs 24/04/44 15 miles northwest of aerodrome near Cowra Railway Station on west side of Meribein, aircraft went out of control and struck trees and disintegrated seriously injuring both crewmembers: Pilot F/O H K Barker Serv#403471 and F/O J P Ryan Serv#417315. Allocated to 1CRD 28/04/44 with approval to convert to components 02/06/44.
A20-373 CA-8 575 Rec 1AD ex CAC 03/10/41. Rec 2BGS 25/10/41. Rec OTU 13/12/41. Rec 2OTU 15/04/42 Mildura. Accident 2245hrs 24/01/43 Mildura, when engine failed after take-off with aircraft force landed. Sgt G F Raffen Serv#416354 killed. SOC 20/03/43.
A20-374 CA-8 576 Rec 1AD ex CAC 03/10/41. Rec 7SFTS 13/10/41.Accident 2310hrs 20/11/41 at Deniliquin Aerodrome, when engine failed on circuit after going around whilst waiting for another aircraft to land. Pilot, LAC H S Smith Serv#411717 injured. Aircraft issued to ANA for repairs 01/12/41. Rec 1AD ex ANA repaired 02/06/42. Rec 7SFTS 22/06/42. Rec into Storage 7SFTS 23/10/44. Rec into 5SFTS Storage 27/03/45. Rec 8OTU 22/04/45. Rec 7AD 19/11/45. Stored Cat C 29/07/46. Cat C Storage 17/05/48 Det B Tocumwal. Held Cat C Tocumwal to 01/07/54. For Disposal 13/01/56. SOC 22/05/56. The aircraft was sold to L & M Newman.
A20-375 CA-8 577 Rec 1AD ex CAC 04/10/41.Rec 7SFTS 13/10/41. Accident 02.35hrs 21/01/42 on a low approach to Deniliquin Aerodrome, aircraft struck boundary fence and crashed. Pilot, LAC G H Lefter Serv#409154 and P/O J C Ames both slightly injured. Aircraft extensively damaged. Issued to ANA for repairs. Surveyed after initial repairs as deemed un-economical to repair, with airframe issued to 1AD for salvage 24/06/42 for conversion to components. Rec 1AD 29/06/42. SOC 22/07/42.
A20-376 CA-8 578 Rec 1AD ex CAC 08/10/41.Rec 5Sqn RAAF 21/10/41.Accident 18/12/41 Laverton Vic, when aircraft , being taxied to hanger on disused road, struck hay rake causing slight damage to undercarriage. Pilot, Sgt Carter Serv#405375, not injured. Repaired at Unit. Accident 22.35hrs 06/03/42 at Laverton Victoria, when aircraft was taking off but held down onto flare path, struck fuel tanker placed in dispersal near boundary fence, with aircraft crashing outside of boundary. Pilot was P/O A L Littlejohns Serv#411454 who was seriously injured (later dying at No1 RAAF Hospital on the 7/03/42), and WAG, Sgt H C Maddin Serv#408857 was slightly injured. Aircraft was rec 1AD 10/03/42.SOC 23/03/42.
A20-377 CA-8 579 Rec 1AD ex CAC 07/10/41.Rec 2SFTS 24/10/41 into store. Placed in service with 2SFTS Wagga on 13/11/41. Accident 0055 hrs 22/02/42 when aircraft landing during night exercise at Coolamon Road Relief Landing Ground, struck trees short of boundary of strip and crashed. Pilot, LAC A Saunders Serv# 22781 was slightly injured. Held by 2SFTS until 06/04/42 at Wagga until converted to components.

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A20-378 CA-8 580 Rec 1AD ex CAC 08/10/41. Rec 5SFTS 01/11/41. Accident 25/03/42 at Uranquinty when A20-378, piloted by P/O R R Oberg Serv#411369 struck stationary A20-408 piloted by LAC C H Hill Serv#405855 on take-off. Aircraft suffered airscrew, port and starboard flap damage as well as oil cooler and cowl damage. Issued to Clyde Engineering for repairs 06/04/42.Rec 2AP ex Clyde Engineering 16/11/42.Rec 5SFTS 04/12/42. Rec 4OTU 08/01/43 as one of ten Wirraways for that unit. Accident 17/03/43 Williamtown, when aircraft stalled on landing , damaging airscrew and wing tip. Pilot, Sgt Graham not injured. Repaired. Accident 09/02/44 Williamtown, when during taxying, airscrew struck concrete anchoring block damaging airscrew. Pilot, Sgt M J Coutts not injured. Repaired. Rec 8OTU 13/07/44.Rec 2OTU 29/10/44. Rec Det B Tocumwal 28/03/46 ex 2OTU. Cat C Storage 17/08/48. Held Tocumwal Cat C until 01/07/54. Offered for disposal 13/01/56. Sold to L & M Newman 22/05/56.
A20-379 CA-8 581 Rec 1AD ex CAC 08/10/41. Rec 7SFTS 07/10/41. Accident 21/10/41 when oil line became disconnected in flight causing engine seizure. Aircraft forced landed 7 miles south of Deniliquin Aerodrome. Pilot, F/Lt Allman and LAC M C Sedgwick Serv#411533 were not injured. Repaired. Accident 1525hrs 23/01/42 when aircraft crashed after stalling in steep turn a half a mile from Deniliquin Aerodrome when aircraft attempted forced landing due to engine failure. Both Instructor, Sgt F L Cunningham Serv#411753 and Student, LAC L M Anderson Serv#408960, were killed. Aircraft SOC 27/02/42.
A20-380 CA-8 582 Rec 1AD ex CAC 09/10/41. Rec 7SFTS 15/10/41. Accident 27/07/42 when A20-380, piloted by LAC D B Lowing, on flare path on take-off, angled 45degrees off and struck stationary A20-76 piloted by Lac R W Kennedy-Dwyer. NFDs. SOC 21/08/42.
A20-381 CA-8 583 Rec 1AD ex CAC 10/10/41. Rec CFS 21/10/41. Accident 06/05/42 when aircraft collided with Airspeed Oxford P6878 causing airscrew damage. Repaired. Rec 2AD ex CFS 30/11/42.Rec CFS ex 2AD 7/12/42. transferred to Point Cook 16/09/44. Rec Point Cook Store 17/08/46.Tfr Cat C Det B Tocumwal 17/08/50 ex Cat B Storage Point Cook. 30/10/51 approved for conversion ex Tocumwal. Issued to 1AD for conversion 17/12/51.
A20-382 CA-8 584 Rec 1AD ex CAC 09/10/41. Rec 7SFTS 15/10/41. Accident 01/09/43 when on approach to landing at Deniliquin, engine when throttled back, backfired and caught on fire. Damage to engine accessories, rear and forward fuselage. Pilot' F/O R H Harris Serv#21727 and Pupil, LAC W Holloway Serv#430237 not injured. Repaired. Rec into storage 7SFTS Store 23/10/44. Rec 7SFTS ex Store 20/11/44. Rec AGS 18/01/45.Rec AGS Storage 28/05/45. Accident 26/03/46 at West Sale with CMU when aircraft caught fire during engine runup. Approved for conversion 11/11/47.
A20-383 CA-8 585 Rec 1AD ex CAC 10/10/41. Rec 5SFTS 14/11/41. Had event free service life. Rec 5SFTS Storage 16/04/45. 08/04/48 allocated to Det B Uranquinty. Cat C Storage 17/08/48. 30/10/51 approved to be converted to components with Det B 1AD Uranquinty. NFDs.
A20-384 CA-8 586 Rec 1AD ex CAC 10/10/41. Rec 5SFTS 14/11/41. Accident 18/01/44 when aircraft landed in open field with engine failure. No damage. NFDs.. Rec 5SFTS Storage 10/10/45. 08/11/48 allocated to Det B Uranquinty. Cat C Storage 17/08/48. 30/10/51 approved to be converted to components with Det B 1AD Uranquinty.
A20-385 CA-8 587 Rec 12/10/41 ex CAC. Rec 5SFTS 01/11/41. Accident 23/12/41 when aircraft ground looped after landing. Damaging airscrew and wing tip. Pilot, LAC A S Simpson not injured. Repaired. Accident 02/03/42 when engine overheated forcing pilot to make emergency landing with wheels up at Uranquinty. Pilot, LAC H R Twigg Serv#412470 was not injured. Repaired. Accident 25/05/44 forced landed due to engine failure. Damage to airscrew. NFDs. Held in storage until issued to Clyde Engineering 24/08/45. Issued ex Clyde to 2CRD. Rec 13/12/45 2CRD ex Clyde. Passed to DAP 22/11/48 for disposal.
A20-386 CA-8 588 Rec 1AD ex CAC 15/10/41. Rec 5SFTS 01/11/41. Returned to CAC and fitted with experimental Pistons 11/11/41. Rec 10/12/41 5SFTS. Accident 28/02/42 when aircraft made emergency landing with wheels up following engine failure at French Park NSW. Pilot, LAC J P Haley Serv#412432 not injured. Repaired. 22/06/42, forced landing, no damage when Pilot got lost. Placed in storage and inhibited 07/02/45 ex 5SFTS to 5SFTS Reserve Storage. Held storage 08/11/48 at CMU later Det C Uranquinty. Allocated Det B 1AD 30/10/51 for conversion. SOC 17/05/52.
A20-387 CA-8 589 Rec 1AD ex CAC 15/10/41. Rec 5SFTS 01/11/41. Accident 25/06/43 when on landing at Yarra Gundry, aircraft swung to starboard causing undercarriage to collapse. Pilot, LAC N M Davidson not injured. Allocated Clyde Engineering 28/06/43 for repairs. Rec 5SFTS ex Clyde 09/08/43. 10/10/45 transferred into 5SFTFS Reserve Storage. 08/11/48 with CMU, remaining at Uranquinty. Allocated Det B 1AD 30/10/51 for conversion. SOC 12/06/52.
A20-388 CA-8 590 Rec 1AD ex CAC 15/10/41. Rec 5SFTS 01/11/41.Sterling service with 5SFTS from 1941-1945 nil accidents. Rec Clyde Engineering for overhaul 25/02/45. Rec 2AD ex Clyde 11/06/45.Rec 8OTU 30/06/45.Rec 7AD 15/11/45 for Cat C Storage. Upgrade Cat B 18/05/49 and issued to 1AD Det B Tocumwal pending allocation to CAC. Allocation and Rec CAC 08/09/49. Rec Point Cook 18/03/50 into reserve. Rec 78Fighter Wing ex PC Reserve 13/04/50 replacing A20-757. Rec 2OTU ex 78FW into Cat B storage 04/04/52. Accident 27/11/52 when aircraft swung on landing, Williamtown. Rec 2AD for repairs. Rec 2OTU ex 2AD 26/03/53. Rec2AD ex 2OTU for 240hrs Service 06/04/54. Rec Det B Tocumwal30/07/54. Held Cat B immediate Reserve Tocumwal 08/08/56.Placed in general reserve 10/12/56 Tocumwal .Disposal 02/05/57. The aircraft was sold to L & M Newman. SOC 31/05/57 as scrap.
A20-389 CA-8 591 Rec 1AD ex CAC 16/10/41. Rec 5SFTS 01/11/41. Sterling service 5SFTS 1941-1945 with no accidents. Into reserve 04/04/45 5SFTS Reserve storage. Cat C Storage 01/12/45 CMU Uranquinty. Det B Tocumwal but held Uranquinty 08/01/48. Held Det B Uranquinty 31/01/51. Approved for disposal 18/02/55. Converted to components 25/03/55. Residue offered for disposal 13/01/56. The aircraft was sold to L & M Newman 22/05/56.
A20-390 CA-8 592 Rec 1AD ex CAC 17/10/41. Rec 5SFTS 11/11/41. Accident 28/07/42 when Pilot, LAC J S Cornish taxied into rear of A20-266 at Uranquinty. Repaired. Accident 16/12/42 when aircraft landed with brakes on. Aircraft tipped on nose damaging airscrew. NFDs Repaired. Rec 16/04/45 into 5SFTS Reserve Storage. Rec 5SFTS 03/05/45 ex Storage .Rec 10/10/45 into 5SFTS Reserve Storage. Allocated to Det B ex CMU Uranquinty 08/11/48 Category C Storage, but held Uranquinty. 30/10/51 allocated to 1AD for conversion to components. Allocated to DAP for conversion 02/04/52. SOC 12/08/52.
A20-391 CA-8 593 Rec 1AD ex CAC 17/10/41. Rec 5SFTS 11/11/41. Accident 19/08/42 when aircraft tipped on nose at Uranquinty. Pilot, P/O C Leedhan not injured. Repaired. Rec ANA for overhaul 30/06/43.Rec 5SFTS 02/08/43.Mid Air Accident 04/04/45 near Wagga Rd Saudy Creek when during formation flying, A20-391 collided with A20-415. Pilot of A20-391 Sgt M P McGee Serv#442296 killed and Pilot of A20-415 Sgt Mc Dowell Serv#438604 survived Converted to components 19/05/45.
A20-392 CA-8 594 Rec 1AD ex CAC 17/10/41. Rec 1SFTS 24/10/41.Accident 1100 hrs 19/11/41 when aircraft struck steamroller stack on take-off at Point Cook and crashed into trees on western side of the northern part of the airfield. Pilot, F/O H T Green and Pupil, LAC J C Smail Serv#412274 both killed. Airframe issued to 1ES 08/01/42 for conversion.
A20-393 CA-8 595 Rec 1AD ex CAC 17/10/41. Rec 1SFTS Point Cook 24/10/41.Accident 0915hrs 26/11/41 at Werribee relief landing ground when A20-393 collided with Airspeed Oxford AS609 on landing convergence. Pilot of A20-393, LAC R W Henshaw Serv#411793 and Pilot of AS609, LAC A G Brittain Serv#408234 were not injured. Damage to both mainplanes of A20-393. Repaired by 02/03/42. Rec 5SFTS ex 1SFTS 06/04/42.Accident 0220hrs 01/12/42 at Forrest Hill when after take-off on the pilots first solo, when at 50-100 feet the aircraft turned right and then turn left diving into the ground some 300- 400 yards beyond leading lights of flare path. Pilot, LAC R J Newbegging Serv#421819 was killed. His funeral was held on the 02/12/42 and was buried at Wagga. Airframe Rec 5AD 07/12/42. SOC 07/12/42.
A20-394 CA-8 596 Rec 1AD ex CAC 15/10/41. Rec 1SFTS Point Cook 24/10/41.Accident 24/12/41 when aircraft crashed about 6 miles south of Geelong on at approximately 1130 hrs. The Pilot was LAC Douglas Bruce Cowell Serv#416325 (age 19) and his observer was LAC Douglas Albert Shearer Serv#416370 (age 19). Both men were from South Australia. SOC 13/01/42.
A20-395 CA-8 597 Rec 1AD ex CAC 22/10/41. Rec 1SFTS 24/10/41.Rec 6SFTS ex 1SFTS 02/03/42. Rec 7SFTS ex 6SFTS 30/03/42. Rec 2AD ex 7SFTS 01/06/42. Rec 7SFTS ex 2AD 08/06/42. Rec 24Sqn RAAF 20/07/42. Rec CAC ex 24Sqn 04/12/42 for Dive bombing Flap modifications. Rec 24Sqn ex CAC 21/12/42. Rec 4Sqn (AC) ex 24Sqn 07/01/43. Accident 09/01/43 at Berry Strip when landing. Pilot F/Lt Stark and P/O Hodges both from 5SFTS Unit, not injured. Repaired. Slightly damaged by Japanese bombing 06/02/43 at Berry Strip along with A20-652.A20-447 was destroyed by bombing. Damaged by Australian AAA 08/06/43 on approach to and the whole length of Bulolo Strip. Airframe struck by multiple rounds damaging airframe. With great luck, the pilot, F/Lt D K Matthews Serv#407004 and the Army Air Liaison Officer Major D G Daniel were not injured. Repaired. Rec 1RCS 26/10/43. Allocated to No. 9 Communications Unit 04/11/43. Rec 15ARD 09/04/44 ex 9CU.By 07/01/46 not returned to Australia with approval to dispose of, on site. Acquired by Pearce Dunn for his Warbirds Aviation Museum at Mildura Victoria Australia. Registered VH-IVS from 16/12/96.
A20-396 CA-8 598 Rec 1AD ex CAC 22/10/41. Rec 1SFTS 24/10/41. Accident 09/12/41 when landing at night at Point Cook, aircraft struck starboard wing tip on landing. Pilot, Sgt M A Truman and LAC T M Knox not injured. Repaired. Rec 6SFTS 02/03/42 ex 1SFTS. Rec 5SFTS ex 6SFTS 07/04/42. Rec 2OTU ex 5SFTS 29/01/43. Accident 01/05/44 when aircraft struck trees whilst conducting low flying leg of cross-country flight exercise and then being destroyed by fire after crash. Crew; F/O R.A. Spencer Serv#416036 (Pilot) & F/Lt J.R. Lynch Serv#2338 both killed. F/Lt Lynch's remains interned at Mildura. Airframe remains Rec 1CRD 05/12/44. SOC 30/05/44.
A20-397 CA-8 599 Rec 1AD ex CAC 22/10/41. Rec 1SFTS Point Cook 24/10/41. Accident 2210 hrs 28/10/41 at Little River Relief Landing Ground when engine failed on take-off at 200 feet, with aircraft forced landed damaging both main planes. Pilot LAC L W Watters Serv#416037 received abrasions. Repaired, but on test flight 02/01/42 after repairs completed, aircraft was deemed needed to have further repairs by ANA. Sent to ANA for repairs 09/01/42. Rec 1AD ex ANA 23/02/42. Rec 5SFTS ex 1AD 04/03/42. Accident 09/03/42at Uranquinty when undercarriage failed to lock down, forcing pilot, F/Sgt I C Chandler Serv#407001 to make wheels up landing. Repaired. Allocated storage at 5SFTS 30/01/45.Issued Clyde Engineering 07/05/45 for overhaul. Rec 2CRD for storage 17/10/45. Rec 7AD ex 2CRD 20/11/45 for Cat C storage. Upgraded Cat B Storage 19/08/49. Rec CAC 16/09/49 for overhaul. Rec 1FTS Point Cook ex CAC 27/02/50 into Reserve Storage. In used 1FTS 19/01/51. Rec 2AD ex 1FTS 08/05/52. Rec 1 FTS ex 2AD 23/06/52. Accident 15 October 1954 when Pilot F/Lt R F Drury Serv# 022125 Instructor and Pupil pilot A/Cdt C Whiteley Serv# A52408 Pupil pilot damaged wing on landing at Point Cook. Repaired. Accident 23/03/55, at Bacchus Marsh aerodrome with Pilot, Senior Air Cadet K A Mirza PAK95083 (Pakistan Air Force?) damaging aircraft airscrew slightly. NFDs. Repaired. Accident 15/06/56 when aircraft was struck on starboard wing by A20-679 during taxying causing slight damage. Repaired. Rec 1AD ex 1FTS for storage 04/12/56. Approved for disposal 10/12/56. SOC as Scrap31/05/57.
A20-398 CA-8 600 Rec 1AD ex CAC 22/10/41. Rec 1SFTS 24/10/41. Rec 5SFTS 06/04/42 ex 1SFTS.Accident 22/05/42 with forced landing with wheels up. Pilot F/Sgt Stewart Serv#407340 un-injured. Repaired. Stirling service until placed into Reserve Storage at 5SFTS 16/04/45. Status Category C Storage at CMU at Uranquinty under Det B. Approval 30/10/51 to be converted to components and SOC.
A20-399 CA-8 601 Rec 1AD ex CAC 23/10/41. Rec 1SFTS 24/10/41. Rec 5SFTS ex 1 SFTS 06/04/42. Accident 24/10/42 at Uranquinty when on landing airscrew struck ground. Pilot, LAC A J Hodgkinson not injured. Repaired. Accident 16.30hrs 16/11/43 when engine failure forced pilot to make wheels up landing some 6 miles south of Redcliffe NSW. Pilots: F/Lt P J Makin and P/O E P Simpson both un-injured. Repaired. Rec 8OTU 13/07/44. Rec 2OTU ex 8OTU 29/10/44.Alloted 7AD ex 2OTU for storage 18/01/46. Rec CMU Tocumwal ex CMU Mildura 22/03/46 by flight. Category C Storage 17/08/48.Approval 30/10/51 to be converted to components and SOC.
A20-400 CA-8 602 Rec 1AD ex CAC 23/10/41.Rec Operational Training Unit 13/12/41. Later renamed 1OTU. Rec 2OTU 15/06/42. Accident 25/06/42 when landed wheels up at night some 30 miles from Ouyen, 60 miles south of Mildura. Pilot P/O T W Williams Serv#403074 (Appointed P/O 01/05/42 ex F/Sgt) un-injured, with P/O H K McCarthy Serv#3908 (Appointed ex F/Sgt 07/06/42 Equipment Section) being injured. RTS 20/11/42. Taxying accident 04/12/42 at Mildura. Little damaged, repaired. Accident 19/03/44 when pilot carried out forced landing in ploughed field due to engine failure during third leg of cross country flight at 200 feet some 2 miles west from Mildura. Pilot Sgt R J Dunn Serv#14783 not injured. Aircraft only slightly damaged. Repaired. Accident 0830hrs 03/05/44 when engine seized 15 miles north east of Mildura during flight with pilot forced landed with wheels up. Pilots, F/O R L Simmons and F/O R Brone? not injured. Rec 8OTU ex 2OTU 10/07/44. Accident 19/03/45 2 miles west of Parkes NSW forced landed in paddock after engine failure in cross country flight. Pilot, F/Lt R M Daymond not injured. Aircraft allocated to Clyde Engineering for repairs 26/05/45.Not commenced, with airframe issued to 2CRD. Request for conversion approved 13/03/46. Still held 22/11/48 and was then disposed of through DAP thereafter. SOC 22/11/48.

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Source: Australia/Townsville at War Website, Australian Aviation Magazine, Australian Aviation Annual 2001/2002, National Archives, Flightpath Magazine, Glory in Chaos, RAAF Wirraway Accident Data Cards, Darwins Air War, CASA Aircraft Records, Australian War Memorial Website and Photographs, Tom Trimble, Logbook of Roy F Goon.

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