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RAAF Serial Aircraft Type C/No Aircraft History
A20-1 NA-32 32-387 NA-16 on Card. Order#A30964. Fixed u/c and two bladed prop. Rec 1AD ex CAC 02/02/38. Eng #6155 Wasp. Aircraft Arrived in 1938 as a pattern Aircraft for CAC. 07/02/38 issued to 2 Sqn.24/06/38 Rec at 1FTS. 24/08/38 returned to CAC for repairs. Rec 1FTS 09/09/38. 22/08/38 Rec 1Sqn. 28/08/38 21/ Sqn. 23/09/38 wingtip damage on landing at Point Cook.24/01/40 Rec 8Sqn. Rec 1AD for overhaul 24/05/40.23/06/40 issued to Engineering School to become Wirraway Instructional Airframe #2. 17/10/45 converted to components. SOC 17/10/45.

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A20-2 NA-33 33-388 Pattern Aircraft order per A33916 for CAC Wirraway Production. Rec 1AD ex CAC 08/11/38. 15/06/39 Forced landing with little damage.22/09/39 attached to 12Sqn temporarily. 31/08/39 to 22Sqn. 12/09/39 landed wheels up. 23/10/39 issued to 2AD for instructional purposes. However shown as repaired. Rec at 21Sqn. 1055hrs 29/02/40 engine failed on approach to Laverton Airbase. Pilot was P/O K H Springbett and Tech Sgt R F Hodges Ser#2150, Not repaired for flight.15/04/40 at engineering School. 18/08/40 converted as Wirraway Instructional Airframe #1.

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A20-3 CA-1 1 Rec 01/08/39.Rec from CAC 30/08/39.Issued to 12Sqn 01/09/39.04/03/40 damage to Starboard wing of two ribs. 08/09/40, engine replacement.05/10/40 issued to 2SFTS.28/11/41 aircraft landed with port oleo (Main Gear) not extended. damage to port wing tip and wing. Repaired.09/04/42 Rec at 5AD for G Service.06/08/42 Rec at 7SFTS.08/09/44 Rec at 1AD Ferry Flight.17/10/45 aircraft realised as being 1st Wirraway and would have significant historical value.04/01/46 Issued to SHQ Canberra. 09/01/46 aircraft transferred from 1AD Ferry Flight to 7AD for storage. 18/01/46 aircraft was damaged during taxying from dispersal to storage .Considered un-economical to repair.23/01/46, 7AD advised to repair aircraft with components sourced at 7AD.Repaired. 17/05/46 Rec at SHQ Canberra. Stored Cat E 01/10/46. 03/08/48 request to write-off to transfer to AWM. Approved 14/10/48. Relocated to Australian War Memorial 08/03/50. Held.

Wirraway A20-3

A20-4 CA-1 2 Received at 1AD 12/07/39. Issued to 1 Squadron for trials 13/07/39. Returned to CAC for Mods ?/39. Reissued 1AD from CAC 12/09/39. Issued to 22Sqn 28/09/39. On 07/10/39 1330hrs was forced landed after takeoff at Richmond Airbase caused by engine failure, resulting in slight damage to Port Wing tip. Pilot was F/O Kingsley-Oyback 22Sqn. Held 13/11/39-18/12/39 pending decision on engine. Returned to CAC 05/04/40. Returned 22Sqn with Eng. B20-2. 22/05/40 accident on landing causing Port Tyre and tail wheel tyre to burst resulting in bent propeller tips. Repaired, but on test flight, 27/06/40, under carriage collapsed causing damage to airscrew and underside. Repaired. On the 24/07/40, 11.45am it was forced landed at Rutherford Racecourse NSW due to fuel shortage with nil damage. Pilot was P/O E J Johnson, 22Sqn. Returned to 22Sqn service 29/07/40. Allocated 2SFTS ex 22Sqn 01/08/40. Eng. B20-2 removed and sent to 2AD 10/12/40. Eng#166 installed 23/12/40. Crashed 16/02/42 10 miles west of Wagga when the a/c collided with tall trees at high speed when buzzing a friends homestead. Serving with 2SFTS Wagga at time. P/O D C Dodgshun and LAC I S Gordon Ser#402657 both killed. Ref.: 343 40/41 RAAF Accidents. Became Wirraway Instructional Airframe #3, with Engine become Wasp Instructional Engine #8 Offered for disposal 9/04/46, Authorised for W/O 08/05/46, Passed to DAP 26/11/47, Action completed 08/02/49.

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A20-5 CA-1 3 Received at 1AD 12/07/39. Issued to 1 Squadron for trials 13/07/39. 29/08/39 issued to 12 Sqn. On the 05/09/39 FLGOFF Arnold Dolphin (Pilot) CPL Harold Johnson (Observer). One of five newly arrived Wirraway aircraft for 12 Sqn left Laverton. Flying to Darwin via Narromine, Winton and Daly Waters on 1 Sep 39 for a deployment to Northern Australia. When they arrived over the airfield the flight turned tragic when FLGOFF Dolphins aircraft crashed onto the airfield and possibly becoming Australia's first WWII casualties on home soil. Converted to components by 12/03/40 with remains arriving at 1AD Laverton. Completion and approval to write-off by 27/05/40.

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A20-6 CA-1 4 Received at 1AD 30/08/39. Issued to Workshops ex 1AD 31/08/39. 01/09/39 issued to 12Sqn. One of five Wirraway aircraft ferried by 12 Sqn from Laverton to Darwin on the 01/09/39. On 06/06/40 0610hrs was forced landed at Darwin Aerodrome following when connection at rear of Oil pressure Gauge broke. Pilot was P/O T R Philp of 12Sqn. New rings fitted to Eng. B20-4 on the 26/08/40. Engine was unserviceable due to piston rings 30/09/40. Allocated to 2SFTS ex 12Sqn 05/10/40. In service with 2SFTS as of 14/10/40. Was unserviceable from 27/10/40 to 16/05/41 with Eng. B20-4 going to CAC on the 15/02/41. Engine Change with B20-34 completed on 16/05/41, with a/c in service with 2SFTS. 24/03/42 allocated to 7SFTS where it stayed till 11/09/44. Allocated to ARFU ex 7SFTS, issued and received at AFRU/RS on the 18/09/44. Allocated 5SFTS/Sr 2TG ex AFRU/SR 10/03/45, issued and received 5SFTS/RS 19/03/45. Allocated 8 0TU ex 5SFTS 16/05/45, allocation cancelled 21/05/45. Held pending future. 01/10/46. 17/08/48 required for post war use and held at Uranquinty stored as Cat C. 30/07/51 allocated to 1AD for Conversion to Spare Components. Still held at Uranquinty 13/02/52.
A20-7 CA-1 5 Received at 1AD 30/08/39. Issued to Workshops ex 1AD 31/08/39. 01/09/39 issued to 12Sqn. One of five Wirraway aircraft ferried by 12 Sqn from Laverton to Darwin on the 01/09/39. 13/11/39 at 12Sqn Unserviceable due to oiled plugs and cylinder wear. Engine returned to CAC. Engine returned to 12Sqn ex CAC 03/06/40. Serviceable again 09/07/40 at 12Sqn. Unserviceable 30/08/40 due to ring wear. 16/09/42 aircraft allocated to 2AD for repairs. 12/03/41, Eng.B20-3 was replaced by Eng.B20-23 at 2AD. In Service at 2AD 31/03/41, requesting allotment. Allotted and in service at 2SFTS 14/04/41 till 16/03/42. 11/04/42 allocated to 5AD and received there on the 14/04/42. Allocated 24/07/42 and issued to 7SFTS by the 31/07/42. Stayed there till 29/08/44. Allocated 24/08/44 issued 29/08/44 and received at 5SFTS 30/08/44. 23/10/44 allocated, and issued 31/10/44 to Clyde Engineering for overhaul. Returned 2AD 26/02/45 ex Clyde Engineering. Issued to 5SFTS 24/02/45 and arrived there at 5SFTS /SR 28/02/45. Issued to 5SFTS /EU 15/03/45. During a non-operational night patrol at 2310hrs it crashed and burned some 6 miles East of the Rock (14780E) on the 12/06/45 killing the pilot following a loss of control. Pilot was LAC N O'Rorke 5SFTS.Crash ref. 520/44-45. Approval given 19/07/45 to convert to components at 5SFTS.

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A20-8 CA-1 6 Rec 1AD ex CAC 30/08/39. 01/09/39 Issued at 12Sqn. 12/08/40 at CAC for mods. 27/08/40 issued to 2SFTS Wagga. 04/11/40 aircraft forced landed with engine failure at Herefield 10 miles north of Wagga. Pilot was F/O A M Woodhill and Lac R W Taylor Ser#404188. Ok. With 7SFTS, 27/08/42 aircraft crashed 7 miles west of Deliniquin 1445Hrs. Pilot, Lac J D Bell Ser#409885 killed. Converted to components.
A20-9 CA-1 7 Rec ex CAC at 1AD 07/09/39. 27/09/39 issued to 22Sqn. 22/10/39 undercarriage collapse damaging port wing on landing in a paddock south of Richmond Aerodrome. Pilot was F/O K Grant and Sgt D F Cruckford Ser#C.7483. Repaired.02/06/40 airscrew damaged. 29/06/40 issued to 21Sqn.15/07/40 Rec CFS. 05/08/40 Rec 22Sqn. Rec 12/08/40 at 2SFTS. 28/04/41 dropped wing on landing damaging starboard wingtip. Repaired. 27/10/41 forced landing with u/c retracted damaging both mainplanes. Repaired.09/04/42 rec 5AD. 30/0542 rec 5SFTS.07/07/42 aircraft landed with U/C up and damaged flaps and airscrew. Repaired.05/03/44 to Clyde Engineering for overhaul.25/09/44 test flight. 25/09/44 Rec 2AP for Storage.22/09/44 issued to AAGS. 18/09/45 to storage 7AD. 01/10/46 Cat E Storage.27/04/48 to Royal Australian Navy. Rescinded 17/09/48. 17/08/48 to Cat C Storage. SOC 31/05/57. The aircraft was scrapped at Tocumwal New South Wales Australia198?. An unused construction plate was stamped as C/N 9 and an unidentified airframe was given that new identity. The following are the details for it.198?. The fuselage frame was acquired by Ashley Briggs from Tocumwal New South Wales Australia and transported to Heidelberg Victoria Australia.198?. Darryl Gibbs obtained a half share of the aircraft. The aircraft was taken to Clyde North Victoria where restoration work began.198?. The aircraft was moved to Briggs Industries premises in Keysborough Victoria.198? The new construction plate was fitted.198?. Dion Makowski and Andrew Russell acquired shares in the aircraft from Ashley in exchange for labour.1989. Ashley Briggs acquired all shares in the aircraft.

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A20-10 CA-1 8 Accident to: Wirraway A20-10 - Unit: AFTS [Applied Flying Training School] - Place: Point Cook airfield - Date: 13 February 1953 - Pilot: T/Plt J A Hilder A26489. The aircraft force landed due to an engine failure shortly after take off at Forest Hill RAAF Base near Wagga Wagga New South Wales Australia.. The pilot LAC J. C. Sampson was unharmed.1955. Accident with Unit: 1 AFTS [Applied Flying Training School] - Place: Point Cook Airfield - Date: 20 September 1955 - Pilot: Flg Off I L Grove 034222; Tr Plt R J Crimmins, J A32764 The aircraft took part in a navigation exercise from Point Cook to Wagga Jun60. The aircraft was sold to on.196?. Moorabbin Air Museum Victoria Australia.. The registration VH-WIR was applied to the aircraft. At this time it is not known whether this registration was ever actually reserved for this particular aircraft.
Restored to original "as delivered" ground running condition in 2015/16
n static display Moorabbin Air Museum.

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A20-11 CA-1 9 Rec 1AD ex CAC 12/09/39. Originally painted in a silver colour scheme.28/09/39 issued to 22Sqn.27/05/40 Accident on landing, damaging Port Mainplane when tipped on nose. 2 SFTS 05/08/40.31/12/41 aircraft had port tyre burst on landing causing ground loop, resulting Starboard Wing damage. Repaired. Rec 09/04/42 at 5AD. Rec 06/08/42 7 SFTS at Deniliquin NSW. On the 27/06/43, the aircraft developed a violent swing on landing which resulted in it's port wing hitting the ground followed by the aircraft tipping onto its nose. The aircraft had 1811 flight hours at time of accident. Crew; LAC E. C. Williams. To Clyde Engineering for overhaul 08/05/44. Completed 08/11/44. Rec 120Sqn NEIAF Free of Charge 18/11/44. On the 11/12/44, The aircraft went missing whilst on a flight between Port Moresby New Guinea and Tanahmera Java . On 01/45 The aircraft was written off as missing. Soc 08/01/45.

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A20-12 CA-1 10 The aircraft was struck off charge.. The aircraft was reregistered as VH-CEL. The aircraft was reregistered as VH-SSY. Converted into a Ceres
A20-13 CA-1 11 Served with 2 SFTS at Wagga Wagga NSW and 2 OTU. On 25/02/45, The aircraft crash landed immediately after take-off due to an engine failure. It Landed straight ahead and passed through a fence. The aircraft had 2492 hours flight time at the time of the accident. Crew; F/OFF A. C. Beckworth (pilot) and AC1 J Crellin. On the 12/08/45 the engine failed during formation flying and the aircraft made an emergency landing at the airfield. The aircraft had 2671 flight hours at this time. In 1960, A20-13 was sold back to CAC 03/05/60, to be converted to a Ceres Agricultural aircraft, but was never converted. Then it was sold to a private individual and then acquired by an man named King in the mid 1960's. In late 1967, it was exchanged for a derelict Zero from Kavieng, early 1968 by the Air Museum of PNG. Later, In 1978, Bruce Hoy arranged for it to be transferred from display at the Civil Aviation Training College to ownership by the PNG National Museum. The Wirraway having been donated to the college by Bill Chapman in about 1970. Hoy planed to have had it painted in the colors of A20- 137, one of those Wirraways that served in Rabaul at the outbreak of war. A20-685 was painted up as this aircraft when it was held by the War Historical Society at Ward Strip Port Morseby Papua New Guinea.

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A20-14 CA-1 12 Served 2SFTS Wagga. Forced landed at Coolamon Road Relief landing ground 1645hrs 08/09/1941 damaging Wing tip, Main Planes and Ailerons. Pilot was LAC A J Woods Ser# 403974.Midair with A20-228, 1100Hrs 29/12/41, Wantabadgery, near Junlee NSW. Pilot F/Sgt W H Jones Ser#407062 killed and Lac V Vickers Ser#414106 killed. Aircraft collided after un-authorised close formation. Both aircraft broke-up and crashed. Pilot and Wag of other aircraft survived and were placed under close arrest along with crew of third aircraft.
A20-15 CA-1 13 Served in 23Sqn RAAF. Destroyed 1000hrs 29/05/40 when aircraft crashed and burned at Southport GoldCoast. Killed were Pilot P/O K A Goman and W/T P J Pritchard Ser#3097 Converted to components.
A20-16 CA-1 14 Serving with 2SFTS Wagga. Forced landing 1001hrs 18/12/41 at Coolamon Road Relief landing ground due to seized engine. Pilot Sgt R K Hendrick Ser#37674 and AOG LAC A F Smith Ser#412728. Repaired. Issued to 452Sqn RAAF and at 1115hrs 18/10/42 at Richmond RAAF Base, crashed on take-off following engine failure causing wheels up landing damaging Propeller, underside of fuselage and mainplanes. Pilot was P/O Watkins 452Sqn.
A20-17 CA-1 15 Served with 22 Sqn. Based at Richmond it crashed and burned into the bush near Hazelbrook in the Blue Mountains at 10.38 am on the 1 August 1940. It is not certain whether the aircraft had engine trouble or that the pilot became disoriented in the foggy conditions. The Wirraway was flown by Flying Officer Harry Thomas Hopgood , Sgt Vincent Charles Monterola Ser# 2504 was his Observer on this flight. Both men were killed in this crash.
A20-18 CA-1
16 Modified to CA-20 and transferred to the RAN.
Acquired by Willsmore Aviation
A20-19 CA-1 17 Served with 21 Sqn at Laverton Victoria Australia 11/40.With CFS, near Warral, 1410hrs 23/05/42 aircraft when at low altitude suffered high speed stall resulting in aircraft crashing after flicking inverted. Pilot F/O D S Ambrose and P/O F C Fenly both Killed. Converted to components.

Wirraway A20-19

A20-20 CA-1 18 Served with 21 Sqn 05/40. Aircraft spun in from 1000ft and crashed and burned 2 miles north of Laverton Airbase 1530hrs 15/01/40. Pilot P/O J N Alexander and Temp/Sgt W K Platt Ser#1791 both killed. Authorisation was given to convert the aircraft to components.
A20-21 CA-1 19 Served with 21 Sqn 09/02/40 With CFS 08/42. Aircraft crashed 1430hrs 08/08/42 near Tamworth NSW. Aircraft was observed at 3000ft when aircraft rolled over and dived into ground. Both Pilot F/Lt C A Dawson and LAC G Patterson Ser#37142 were both killed. Aircraft was destroyed by the impact and fire. Converted to components.

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A20-22 CA-1 20 Served with 7 SFTS. Aircraft crashed on take-off 1700hrs 08/12/42 at 4 miles north of Wandock SA due to engine failure. Pilot was F/O N Marshall with F/Sgt N S Kelso Ser# 401645 being slightly injured. Aircraft repaired. On 29/12/43, during a takeoff at 300 feet at night the engine lost power and was misfiring. An emergency landing took place without the use of lights and flaps with the wheels up at Semaphore Beach SA. Crew; LAC H.W.Wills Ser#435106. 7SFTS was based at Deniliquin at the time, we are not sure why they would have been in SA. Served with 21 Sqn at Laverton Victoria Australia 04/60 later Sold.

Wirraway A20-22

A20-23 CA-1 21 Served with 5 SFTS. On the 14/06/44, The aircraft was forced landed with the undercarriage retracted. Crew; LAC I Crowe. Converted to components 08/63. The Aircraft was sold to CAC to be converted to a CA28 Ceres. Became CERES CA28-21. Registered VH-CEW 01/08/63 to 10/04/70 and 21/05/70 to 20/03/78. Withdrawn from use.
A20-24 CA-1 22 Served with 5SFTS. Aircraft forced landed after excessive oil blowing over cowl. 20 miles from Deniliquin 1300hrs 28/05/42. Pilot was F/Sgt G F Tucker Ser#403867 and LAC J C Carey Ser#413166 both uninjured. Sold.
A20-25 CA-1 23 1100hrs 11/04/40 Forced landed after engine failure onto French Street Coorparoo Suburb in Brisbane. Pilot was P/O B M Palmer 23Sqn. Aircraft suffered bent prop and undercarriage damage. Repaired. With 2SFTS Wagga, aircraft was destroyed when spun in after un-authorised low level loop aerobatics, 2 miles west of Brucedale 17/12/1940.Lac J G Lemon Ser#400371 killed. Converted to components.
A20-26 CA-1 24 With 2SFTS 28/11/41, aircraft damaged on landing (both Mainplanes and undercarriage) when pilot tried to execute a go around. Pilot was Lac H P Williams, Ser#405812. Repaired.
A20-27 CA-1 25 With 25Sqn, 14/06/1940, aircraft following magneto problems, forced landed at Maylands Airport, Perth WA. Pilot was F/Lt T S Ingleden. Aircraft, then with 2SFTS, Wagga, forced landed with u/c raised 1530hrs 02/07/41 1 mile from Coolanon Road Relief Landing Ground. Pilot was Lac E H Zillman Ser#405004 and Lac R D Henderson Ser#400727. Both OK. Allocated to number 7 Service Flying Training School at Deniliquin New South Wales Australia.15May1944. The aircraft suffered an engine fire during start up. The pilot FSGT E. L. Nicholson was OK 10/51. Converted to components.

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A20-28 CA-1
26 Rec 01/12/39 ex CAC at 1AD. 02/01/40 issued to 25Sqn. 30/05/40 Damaged Starboard wing tip. Repaired. Rec 2SFTS 05/10/40. 20/02/41 wing drop on landing damaging wing tip at Wagga. Pilot was F/Lt Marn and Lac J H Perry Ser#402751.OK. Repaired. 16/12/41 forced landing with u/c retracted 1 mile NW of Wagga. Pilot was F/Sgt K A Richards and Lac R O Patterson Ser#409218. OK. Rec 5SFTS 01/04/42. 16/04/42, successful precautionary landing without damage. 10/04/44 Rec at Clyde Engineering for overhaul.19/09/44 Rec 8OTU. To 7Ad for storage 29/10/45.17/08/48 Cat C storage.24/02/51 Cat B for overhaul.
19/09/52 selected for Royal Australian Navy.
01/10/52 Rec by RAN. 1957.
The aircraft was struck off charge.
The aircraft was sold to Lund Aviation Pty Ltd.

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A20-29 CA-1 27 13/01/40, accident Penong SA, forced landing damaging Port U/C and Mainplane. Pilot was P/O J C Manford and Corp A Crutchett Ser#2515 ok. In service with 25 Sqn at Perth 1940 - Tom Trimbles aircraft. Served with 7 SFTS. On the 15/03/44, Wheels up landing after port undercarriage failed to come down. Misjudged the approach and came down hard from approx 15 feet. The aircraft had 1428 hours flight time. Crew; LAC F.K. Watters .Point Cook Pilot: Lieut CA Dakin (0274) RAN Later Sold. Accident to Wirraway A20-29 - Unit: Applied Flying Training School - Place: Point Cook airfield - Date: 17 February 1953 - Pilot: PNA(P) B C McKeon (A46738) (when landing nosed over on touchdown)
A20-30 CA-1 28 With 2SFTS Wagga, 16/08/1940, aircraft forced landed at Wagga with feathered prop. Pilot was Lac A H Haley Ser#402054. Pilot aok. Repaired. 1700hrs 02/10/40 aircraft stalled on landing and dropped wing to contact strip. Pilot was F/Lt Hawdon and pupil was Lac N A Evans Ser#402113. Aircraft damaged but repairable, with both crew aok. Issued to 5SFTS aircraft forced landed 17/09/42 at Yurragundry satellite field 11.00EST. Pilot Lac F J Connally Ser#420450 Aok. Repaired. Allocated to number 5 Service Flying Training School RAAF.22Apr1943. Whilst looking into the cockpit whilst about to land LAC Reeve who was flying solo allowed the aircraft to strike the ground heavily. The aircraft bounce then stalled causing both mainplanes to strike the ground. LAC Reeve survived.. The aircraft was repaired 05/1952. Authorisation was given to convert the aircraft to components.
A20-31 CA-1 29 With 2SFTS Wagga, due to fuel failure, aircraft made forced landing 2 miles west of Coolaman Relief Landing Ground 1100hrs 04/12/41.Damage to Port mainplane and cowling, with airscrew and oil cooler damaged heavily. Pilot was Lac W Williams Ser#412800.With 5SFTS, aircraft made wheels up landing after engine trouble at Currawarns 0900hrs 10/09/42 damaging Airscrew and undercarriage. Pilot was F/O L G Butterworth and pupil was Lac Lippiatt Ser# 414579.
A20-32 CA-1 30 Allocated to number 5 Service Flying Training School RAAF.22Apr1943. Whilst looking into the cockpit whilst about to land LAC Reeve who was flying solo allowed the aircraft to strike the ground heavily. The aircraft bounce then stalled causing both mainplanes to strike the ground. LAC Reeve survived.. The aircraft was repaired 05/1952. Authorisation was given to convert the aircraft to components
A20-33 CA-1 31 With 2SFTS 30/08/1940. Aircraft at 2255hrs during solo night flight, turned right and flew into ground, killing pilot, Lac T Tweedie Ser#404067. Aircraft impacted 1/2 mile east of Wagga RAAF. (Photo of crash, RAAF Museum c/- Buz Busby).
A20-34 CA-1 32 With 7SFTS aircraft crashed 5 miles south west of Deniliquin 1145hrs, 30/04/42 killing both crew members: Lac R W McKay Ser#412258 and Lac L S Simmons Ser#409325.

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A20-35 CA-1 33 With 2SFTS Wagga, 0800hrs 31/12/41, aircraft was abandoned in flight at 3000ft by pilot following spinning out of control during aerobatics at 6000ft. Aircraft impacted 2 miles north of Shepherd's Siding. Pilot Lac M A Lowe Ser#405212 AOK. Aircraft total write-off.
A20-36 CA-1 34 With 2SFTS 2045hrs 25/11/40 aircraft stalled into trees during low and slow approach to Wagga Strip. Both crew, F/O Grant and Lac R D Browne Ser#406025 escaped injury. Aircraft write-off.
A20-37 CA-1 35 With 25Sqn aircraft made safe forced landing following spark plug trouble 13 miles north west of Beverly WA 1020hrs 10/05/1940. Crew P/O R A Little and Sgt H T Smith Ser#2309 Aok. Repaired. With 2SFTS 1000hrs 29/11/40 after duty height test, aircraft landed in ploughed field 5 miles SW of Wagga, damaging one blade, bomb aimer's door, undercarriage and flaps. Pilot Lac C L Rogers Ser#400209 aok. With 7SFTS ,0135hrs 28/07/42, aircraft through engine failure, forced landed at Warbeccan. Crew; P/O W E Miller and Lac H R Vickers Ser#408530 not injured. Repaired. With 2OTU 1042hrs 26/10/43, engine failed on take-off. Aircraft forced landed 1 mile south east of strip. Pilot Sgt J M Mitchell Ser# 419051 AOK.
A20-38 CA-1 36 With 23Sqn 1645hrs 09/09/1940 at Kingaroy Qld, aircraft overturned on landing. Pilot , P/O E. Jackson and Wag Corporal S Rizzo Ser#2243 AOK. Aircraft had struck starboard wing and u/c causing a/c to swing and flip over. Repaired. Served with 7 SFTS. Accident 05/01/44 one and a half miles from Pretty Pine, aircraft made a wheels up landing. Pilot was LAC JF McDonald who was AOK. Repaired. On the 14/05/44, two aircraft were approaching to land A20-219 landed ahead of A20-38 and stopped. A20-38 landed behind and to the left but swung on landing and collided with A20-219. The aircraft had 1670 flight hours at the time. Crew; LAC HD Mitchell.
A20-39 CA-1 37 With 2SFTS 1010hrs 27/10/41, aircraft stalled on landing damaging port tip and u/c. Pilot was Lac C B Wiggins Ser#405335 Aok. Repaired. Allocated to 5 Service Flying Training School RAAF.04Apr1945. The aircraft suffered a mid-air collision with A20-415 during a formation training flight near Sandy Creek . The pilot SGT M. P. McGee Ser#442296 lost his life in the accident.. SGT S. B. McDowell Ser3438604 in A20-415 survived. Aircraft destroyed in accident.
A20-40 CA-1 38 Fitted with Wasp #B20-17 (CAC Built) Rec 1AD ex CAC 26/01/40.Rec 23Sqn Archerfield 20/02/40.Fitted with Wasp #B20-13 (CAC Built) 27/02/40 collision with on ground with VH-UGN at Archerfield, slight damage to starboard oleo.Repaired.14/10/40 Rec 2SFTS. 23/12/40 Fitted with Wasp#7934 (Imported from PW). Engine change for Wasp#9245 05/05/41.18/02/42 aircraft was forced landed and ground looped due to engine failure 1/2 mile south of Wagga 1345hrs. Crew; F/O H D Byrne and Lac S J Commons Ser#9245 Aok. 1 & 2 cylinders were cracked. Repaired. Rec 5Ad 09/04/42.Engine Change Wasp#11320 (Imported PW Built). Rec 5SFTS 22/06/42. Rec Richmond SHQ 06/09/42 Rec 457Sqn RAAF 28/09/42. 29/09/42,1545Hrs aircraft hit wires during low level flight near Sackville NSW causing aircraft to crash into river. Both crew; F/Sgt Bassett Ser# 400268 and Sgt Blackburn Ser# 401362 were killed. Aircraft wrecked.
A20-41 CA-1 39 Served with 2 SFTS, Wagga Wagga NSW. Aircraft abandoned in flight during uncontrollable spin near Uranquinty NSW 1400hrs 08/09/1941. Pilot Lac J D Mahony Ser#411356 parachuted successfully. Aircraft wrecked.
A20-42 CA-1 40 With Advanced Flying Squadron, 3SFTS Amberley aircraft forced landed due to a loss in fuel pressure 1030hrs 01/02/41. Pilot was Lac R M Cooke Ser#404240 who was un-injured. Repaired. Served with 7 SFTS. Made wheels up forced landing after engine failure,1545hrs 02/10/41 4miles east of Deniliquin NSW. Pilot; Lac K C Andrews Ser#403849 Aok. Repaired. On the 19/07/43 at 14:15, the engine failed and the aircraft was landed right after takeoff at Wanoor Satelitte Strip, some 16 miles North East of Deniliquin. The aircraft had 1209 flight hours at the time. Crew; F/O R.J. Wigg and Lac H C Collins Ser#437379 Aok.

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A20-43 CA-3 41 Rec 16/02/40. Temporary issued 22Sqn 10/04/40. To 21Sqn 29/04/40. Mayala 22/07/40. In service with 21Sqn Malaya 01/10/40. Transferred to RAF OTU Kluang, South Malaya 09/41.Then transferred to RAF Y Sqn 10/01/42 Malaya ex 151 MU.
A20-44 CA-3 42 Rec ex CAC 16/02/40. Temp used by 22Sqn before sent to Malaya Served with 21 Sqn, Heavy landing 16/07/41 Seletar. Then transferred to RAF Y Sqn 10/01/42 Malaya ex 151 MU.
A20-45 CA-3 43 Allocated to Central Flying School RAAF. Allocated to number 7 Service Flying Training School at Deniliquin New South Wales Australia.17Jan1943.With Central Flying School, whilst carrying out low flying practice the aircraft struck the ground and was burnt out 16 Miles South West from Tamworth New South Wales Australia. Both pilots lost their lives in the accident. They were FLT A W. MacArthur-Onslow and SGT Thomas Miles Dawson Ser#405724.
A20-46 CA-3 44 Rec 21/02/40 ex CAC. With 22Sqn 12/06/40, aircraft made forced landing without damage at Canjola after running low on fuel and weather conditions whilst trying for Canberra. Pilot Air Cadet L A Keys un-injured. Rec 21Sqn RAAF 09/07/40.Marked with 21Sqn "R". Sent overseas to Malaya with 15 other Wirraways of Unit during August 1940 via SS Oronte. With "B" Flight in Malaya and coded GA-. With the arrival of the first Buffalo Fighter on the 28/08/41, 10 Wirraways were to be crated and sent to Australia, with the balance of 6 to be used in a OTU. A20-46 was crated 23/10/41 and dispatched via 151MU to Australia, 25/11/41. Arrived at 2AD Richmond 16/12/41.Later served 24/23Sqns. With 23Sqn, aircraft made forced landing at Stradbroke Island 15/03/43.Repaired by ANA Ltd at Archerfield. Issued to 7SFTS 29/07/43.Rec 5SFTS SR 19/03/45. Rec 8OTU 24/05/45. Placed in storage 18/11/45 7AD..Struck off 20/01/55.
A20-47 CA-3 45 Rec ex CAC 01/03/40. Temporary issued 22Sqn 03/05/40. To 21Sqn 29/04/40. Malaya 22/07/40. In service with 21Sqn Malaya 01/10/40. Had landing accident damaging starboard wing tip and undercarriage as a result of a bounce and stall 31/10/41 Coded GA-B. OC was Flt J. Park-Thompson. Aircraft was with 21Sqn till 02/12/41. Then transferred to RAF Y Sqn 10/01/42 Malaya ex 151 MU .Its markings were GA-B 03/42. The aircraft was written off. The RAAF Association Museum at Bulls Creek Western Australia converted a Ceres crop duster back into a Wirraway and painted it up to represent this aircraft.

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A20-48 CA-3 46 Rec 05/03/40 ex CAC. Served 21Sqn. Served 12Sqn. With 5SFTS 16/03/42. Lost 17.30hrs 08/03/43, the aircraft was involved in a mid air collision with A20-602 over Banandera, 15 miles west of Yanco. Solo Pilot, Lac H V Thompson Ser#421946 killed.
A20-49 CA-3 47 Rec ex CAC 16/04/40 and issued to 21Sqn 29/04/40. 0855hrs 10/05/40 aircraft spun into Lake Corangumite, 1 mile from shore, near Foxhow. Both crew were killed. F/O A L May and P/O A V Hilder.
A20-50 CA-3 48 Rec ex CAC 15/03/40. Allocated 21Sqn 19/04/40. Forced landed on delivery 20/04/40.Malaya 09/07/40. In service with 21Sqn Malaya 01/10/40. Landing accident Seletar 18/10/40. Damaged centre section and u/c. Repaired. Re-packed for transit to Australia, 04/11/41. Appears aircraft unpacked and re-issued to 151MU and on 10/01/42, transferred to Y Squadron. Written off 20/03/42 in Far East.
A20-51 CA-3 49 Rec ex CAC 18/03/40. 05/10/40 in service with 21 Sqn Malaya. Aircraft suffered accident at Seletar 15/10/41. Aircraft re-crated and dispatched by sea, 25/11/41 before war started in that theatre. Rec at 2AD after voyage 16/12/41.One of Four Far East Wirraways that survived at that point. Repaired. Issued to 22Sqn Australia 02/03/42.Rec 23Sqn 01/06/42. Rec 4Sqn 23/10/42.The aircraft crashed at Manumu Village, PNG on 11/12/42 with 4Sqn after both crew bailed out. One survived.
A20-52 CA-3 50 Rec ex CAC 21/04/40. To 21Sqn Malaya 29/06/40. 16/10/40 Flt E G Fyfe when landing at Seletar, Malaya, during rain, flaps blow into " up position" forcing aircraft to overshoot past boundary and ending in s/water drain. Unit 21Sqn RAAF 06/02/41 F/O J R Kinninmont Accident at Seletar Malaya. Unit was 21Sqn. Aircraft written off 01/05/41.
A20-53 CA-3 51 Served with 24 Sqn. PLTOFF R.H. Lenne (Pilot) (Observer survived) Departing Townsville with two other aircraft for bombing and gunnery practice at Evans Head PLTOFF Lenne was forced to land near St Lawrence but the aircraft caught fire injuring both Lenne and his observer. Both were admitted to Mackay District Hospital however Lenne did not recover from his injuries and died on 19/12/40. Approval was given to convert the aircraft to components. The forward fuselage frame of this aircraft was obtained by the Australian Aircraft Restoration Group and taken to their Moorabbin Air Museum. The frame was purchased by Darryl Gibbs and taken to Cranbourne Victoria Australia. The frame was moved to Clyde North Victoria 25/04/94.
A20-54 CA-3 52 Served with 7 SFTS. On the 29/12/43, the aircraft swung to starboard during landing run. Crew; WO Bennett. Approval was given to convert the aircraft to components.
A20-55 CA-3 53 Allocated to 5 Service Flying Training School RAAF.11May1944. The aircraft spun from a very tight turn at about 1500 feet then crashed and burnt out near Wagga Wagga New South Wales Australia. The pilots FLT George Joseph Sullivan and LAC W.E. Marks both lost their lives in the crash 06/1944. Approval was given to convert the aircraft to components
A20-56 CA-3 54 With 24Sqn aircraft crashed into sea near Rattle Snake Island , Townsville10.10hrs 06/02/42, after entering spin at 16000ft. Pilot was P/O J Piper who successfully bailed out, Later he would join 75Sqn. Reported as being at the RAAF Museum, Point Cook VIC.
A20-57 CA-3 55 Served with 4 SFTS. On the 14/07/43 solo night circuits, the aircraft swung right and descended from 100 feet after takeoff and crashed. The aircraft had 1221 flight hours at the time. Crew; LAC N.L. Smith. With Unit RAAF College had forced landing:- Place Vicinity Little River Township - Date 29 July 1954 - Pilot Snr Air Cadet R S Devere (A325879).
A20-58 CA-3 56 Rec ex CAC 25/04/40. Issued to 21Sqn. Malaya 21/06/40. Landing Accident 13/11/40 at Seletar, Pilot G U Sheppard. Repaired. Transferred to RAF OTU Kluang South Malaya 10/01/42,, known as Y Sqn. Hit in engine and forced landed west of Perit Sulong Malaya, 17/01/42. P/O Annand RNZAF and Sgt Tony Slater (WAG) RAAF. both were ok. Written off Far East 06/03/42.
A20-59 CA-3 57 Rec ex CAC 03/05/40. Served with 21 Sqn from 01/07/40. Held by 151MU RAF Seletar 15/12/41. Back at 21Sqn 03/01/42. Written off Far East 20/03/42.
A20-60 CA-3 58 Rec ex 06/05/40 from CAC. Issued to 12Sqn. 13/07/41 landing accident at Darwin. Repaired, issued 16/03/42 to 5SFTS. Forced landing 31/03/42 2 miles east of North Aerodrome causing prop and u/c damage. Crew, Lac N T Poran Ser#412240 and Lac B Fuller Ser#412427 Okay. repaired, subsequent service in 5SFTS till allocated for storage 10/01/45. Post War storage Cat C. 1948. Overhauled and upgraded by CAC to Cat B storage 06/12/1950. Issued to Point Cook 18/12/1950 for Cat B Storage. Allocated to Base Squadron point Cook 15/06/1951.12.30hrs 12/02/1952, aircraft forced landed due to engine power loss at little River. Pilot was FLt Leunie Ser#034446 with T/Pilot Hale. 05/11/1953, a/c tipped on nose on landing, damaging Prop. Pilot: Flt Lt H G Cross (035375) (Instructor). 27/01/1954 allocated Cat C Storage .31/05/1957 Scrapped.
A20-61 CA-3 59 Rec. 1AD ex CAC 06/05/40, Allocated 12Sqn ex 1AD 27/05/40. Canc. 31/05/40 returned to CAC. Allocated to 21Sqn from CAC 29/06/40. Issued 21Sqn ex 1AD. Serviceable at 21Sqn 09/07/40. 12/12/40 accident, struck object on aerodrome whilst taxying at Seletar Malaya. Pilot was F/O C R Kenny Unit of 21Sqn, Air HQ Far East. Undercarriage and engine damaged. C at 21Sqn 04/09/40. 23/10/41 G at Maintenance Unit, being packed for dispatch (To Australia). 25/11/41 C at Maintenance Unit. Shipped. Received at 2AD ex 21Sqn (MU). G at 2AD 16/12/41. 05/01/42 F at 2AD, G at 2AD 10/01/42. Allocated 23Sqn ex 2AD 21/01/42. 25/01/42 F at 2AD. 9/02/42 E Star at 2AD. G at 2AD 23/02/42. E 02/03/42 Star at 2AD. E at 2AD 23/03/42. 30/03/42 G at 2AD. 13/04/42 E at 2AD. 27/04/42 C at 2AD. Issued to 23Sqn ex 2AD 05/05/42. 29/05/42(Card 28/05/42) 0955 Hrs at Kingaroy. P/O C W Scott and Sgt K G Smith Ser#21580 23Sqn.both injured when a/c damaged on landing. Port and starboard mainplane, starboard elevator and tail plane damage. Engine Cowling and undercarriage damage. G at 23Sqn 01/06/42. Allocated 2AD ex 23Sqn 04/06/42. Allocated 23Sqn ex 2AD 04/06/42. 09/06/42 above allotment cancelled. 09/06/42 Allocated 3AD ex 23Sqn. 18/06/42 Rec 3AD ex 23Sqn 25/06/42 Issued (Converted to components) QY180 26/06/42
A20-62 CA-3 60 Allocated to number 12 Squadron RAAF.31Mar1941. The aircraft made an emergency landing due to engine problems at Batchelor Northern Territory Australia.. The crew were SQN LDR C. P. Glasscock and SGT R. D. Clark. The aircraft was undamaged.20Mar1942. The aircraft went missing in the Joseph Bonaparte Gulf region of the Northern Territory Australia 63 miles near Wyndam WA, with Sgt L C Dwyer Ser#405350 injured and Sgt W J Carmody Ser#9005 not injured. Rescued by ground party.
A20-63 CA-3 61 Delivered to RAAF 10/05/40. To 1AD 10/05/40. To CAC 31/05/40. To 1AD 26/06/40. To 21 Sqn 03/07/40. Engine failure and crashed 01/08/41 while 21 Sqn was in Malaya. Pilot was F/O B Hood and Sgt T C Lane both of 21Sqn RAAF. Struck off 16/09/41.

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A20-64 CA-3 62 Rec 1AD ex CAC 20/06/40. Rec 21Sqn RAAF 08/07/40.Marked with 21Sqn "R". Sent overseas to Malaya with 17 other Wirraways of Unit during August 1940 via SS Oronte. With "B" Flight in Malaya and coded GA-. Lost Far East.
A20-65 CA-3 63 Served with 21 Sqn, lost in the Far East 12/41-3/42.
A20-66 CA-3 64 With 24Sqn RAAF, Forced landing caused by petrol blockage at Rollingstone QLD 12.20hrs 03/10/41.Pilot Sgt C M Alexandar Ser#407777 and Sgt G D Powell Ser# 5838 ok.
A20-67 CA-3 65 With 22Sqn 14/08/41 aircraft landed at night with wheels up, Pilot was P/O J Taylor. Retired from RAAF service 05/56. Acquired by L & M Newman.
A20-68 CA-3 66 With CFS, forced landing 1000hrs 11/06/40 3 miles north of Campbelltown, due to engine failure. Pilots, F/O Frewin Ser#???? And F/O L Trewin Ser#??? Ok.
A20-69 CA-3 67 With 24Sqn the aircraft was ground loop 04/08/41 at Townsville. Pilot was Sgt M G Milne Ser#407586. With 24Sqn , forced landing on beach at Orpheus Island near Townsville 0620hrs 11/11/41. Pilot F/O G S Gratton and Sgt G Powell Ser#5834 OK. Repaired. With 1AD 07/07/42, made wheels up landing 2 miles from Laverton after engine failure. Repaired. Served with 2 OTU at Mildura. Crashed 1545hrs 06/01/43 17 miles west of Mildura, after carrying out instrument training and flying in cloud. The aircraft had 644 flight hours at the time. Crew; FLGOFF V.F. Curtis 400039 (QFI) & SGT W. Simpkins 420502 (Student).
A20-70 CA-3 68 Allocated to number 24 Squadron RAAF.22Nov1940. The aircraft crashed 20 miles SW of Townsville Queensland Australia after sudden loss of oil pressure. The crew were named Air Cadet Anderson and Air Cadet Hermes and both survived the crash.
A20-71 CA-3 69 Served with 24 Sqn. Crashed on takeoff Lakunai 20/1/42 responding to a Japanese Air attack. Crew; PLTOFF C.A. Butterworth 263496 and his Observer, FLTLT B.H. Anderson 260770.Left damaged or destroyed by enemy action, at Rabaul 23/01/42.
A20-72 CA-3 70 Transferred to RAF OTU Kluang South Malaya, known as Y Sqn. Served with 21 Sqn 03/42. The aircraft was lost on operations 19/1/42 after AAA damage 5 miles east of Perit Sulong P/O W.Annand and Sgt A.Salter (WAG) RNZAF ok.
A20-73 CA-3
71 With 2SFTS Wagga, aircraft made forced landing due to fuel shortage 28/03/41. No damage. 2SFTS 09/05/41 when had forced landing 1 mile SE of Ladysmith, damaging starboard mainplane. Pilot was Lac F S Donaldson Ser#400699. Repaired.
Modified to CA-20 and transferred to the RAN.
Retired from Service 08/54.
Acquired by Willsmore Aviation.
A20-74 CA-3 72 Served with 7 SFTS. On the 03/03/44 A20-74 was being taxied by LAC M. Martin when it struck Wirraway A20-295 which was stationary. The aircraft had a total of 1479 flight hours at the time.
A20-75 CA-3 73 With 2SFTS Wagga, 1600hrs 06/09/40 made forced landing at Wagga due to engine failure, Pilot was Lac G C Coward Ser#404004.Served with 7 SFTS. On 11/10/43, The aircraft taxied into Wirraway A20-139. The aircraft had 1450 flight hours at the time. Crew; LAC J. V. Rymer. On the 20/04/45, the aircraft commenced a swing to the right after running 150 yards after touchdown. The instructor opened the throttle fully and the student applied left rudder and the brakes. The aircraft turned over as a result. The aircraft had 1870 flight hours at the time. Crew; FLT J.C.Curtis (Instructor) and SGT B. Lonergan (Student). Retired from RAAF service 05/57. The aircraft was broken up for scrap.
A20-76 CA-3 74 Rec 1AD ex CAC 26/08/40. With 2SFTS Wagga 09/09/40., 1200hrs 23/05/41 aircraft made heavy landing, bounced and stalled at 7-10 ft, causing damage to starboard mainplane. Accident 27/07/42 when A20-380, piloted by LAC D B Lowing, on flare path on take-off, angled 45degrees off and struck stationary A20-76 piloted by Lac R W Kennedy-Dwyer.NFDs. Both SOC 21/08/42.
A20-77 CA-3 75 Allocated to with 2SFTS RAAF at Wagga Wagga New South Wales Australia. Suffered forced landing 11.30hrs 25/02/41 1.5 miles near Clunes Vic due to bad weather. Pilot was Sgt A C Chandler Ser#407001. Nil damage. Aircraft lost 1430hrs 03/08/41 near Mangoplah when aircraft went into spin at 4000ft then impacted into ground and burnt. Pilot F/O S N Prowd and AC1 G M Frazer Ser#32035 both killed.
A20-78 CA-3 76 Served with 2 SFTS, Wagga Wagga NSW.Made forced landing 11.30hrs 25/02/41 due to bad weather. Damaged Port wing tip. Repaired. Aircraft damaged 1240hrs 10/02/42 with 2SFTS when aircraft severely ground looped on landing destroying starboard mainplane. Both U/c Legs damaged. Pilot Lac W C Murrel Ser#412082. On 29/03/44, the tail wheel cable shock spring broke and the student was unable to prevent a violent ground loop. The aircraft had 2012 flight hours at the time. Crew; LAC G.A. Syle and FO K.A. McFadden. Served with 2 OTU. On the 05/06/45, the aircraft was force landed with the undercarriage up due to a lack of fuel. Crew; FO A.R. Toupein and SGT L.E Montgomery. Incident re: Wirraway A20-78 - Unit: 1 AFTS [Applied Flying Training School] - Place: Point Cook Airfield - Date: 14 September 1955 - Pilot: F Sgt G S Hale A35090 02/60, Acquired by R H Grant Trading Company.

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A20-79 CA-3 77 With 5SFTS Uranquinty, aircraft was destroyed during instrument training flight 1330hrs 07/04/42 at the air ground gunnery range after diving several times at target, but failed to pull out of last dive. Killed were Pilot; LAC R A Oppy Ser#412042 and Lac A M Mc Clymont Ser#414066 (Safety Pilot). Aircraft destroyed.
A20-80 CA-3 78 Served with 5 SFTS. On the 16/04/44 at 1300 A20-80 while being taxied collided with stationary Wirraway A20-103. The aircraft had 1683 flight hours at the time. Crew; LAC K.M Clifford.
A20-81 CA-3 79 Served with 5 SFTS. On the 25/05/43 the aircraft force landed with its wheels down at Woodonga Victoria Australia after becoming lost on a night cross country exercise and running short of fuel. The pilot LAC R. E. J. Rhoeder was OK.. Retired from RAAF service 05/1957. The aircraft was sold for scrap. Registered VH-WWY from 01/03/95, aircraft painted as A20-176.

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A20-82 CA-3 80 Served with 2 SFTS, Wagga Wagga NSW. On the 19/10/44, while attempting to takeoff on the Rock to Collinville road the aircraft swung and collided with a fence and a telegraph pole. The aircraft had 1830 flight hours at the time. Crew; FO C.S. Ball. Accident to: Wirraway A20-82 - Unit: RAAF College - Place: Point Cook - Dated: 5 October 1956 - Pilot: S/A/Cdt P A Bolin A26035.

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A20-83 CA-3 81 Transferred to RAF OTU Kluang South Malaya, known as Y Sqn. Served with 21 Sqn. Crash landed Kluang Sgt Graham Steele RNZAF and Sgt John Victorsen (WAG) RAAF - both ok.
A20-84 CA-3 82 Rec 1AD ex CAC 20/06/40. Rec 21Sqn RAAF 08/07/40.Marked with 21Sqn "R". Sent overseas to Malaya with 15 other Wirraways of Unit during August 1940 via SS Oronte. With "B" Flight in Malaya and coded GA-. With the arrival of the first Buffalo Fighter on the 28/08/41, 10 Wirraways were to be crated and sent to Australia, with the balance of 6 to be used in a OTU. A20-84 was crated 23/10/41 and dispatched via 151MU to Australia, 28/10/41. Arrived at 2AD Richmond 16/12/41. Allocated to number 24 Squadron RAAF 21/01/42. Cancelled. Allocated 23Sqn RAAF 26/01/42. Rec 23Sqn RAAF 01/06/42. Rec 24Sqn RAAF ex 23Sqn RAAF 14/06/42. Accident 1508hrs , 26/06/42 when the aircraft crashed 2 miles from Townsville RAAF Base, near Mount Louisa Queensland Australia. The crew killed were P/O T. H. Gledhill Serv#408838 and Sgt C. R. Gould Serv#210009.SOC 29/06/42.
A20-85 CA-3 83 Served with 21 Sqn. Lost in Far East by 03/42.
A20-86 CA-3 84 Served with 21 Sqn. Lost in Far East by 03/42.

Wirraway A20-86 GA-O 
21 Sqn RAAF Malaya 
via the GRB Collection  Wirraway-A20-86-GA-O

A20-87 CA-3 85 Transferred to RAF OTU Kluang South Malaya, known as Y Sqn. Served with 21 Sqn. Reported as being at the RAAF Museum, Point Cook VIC.

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A20-88 CA-3 86 Accepted 09/07/40 ex CAC. 12 Sqn 22/07/40. 5SFTS 23/03/42. 2OTU 29/04/43, 04/05/43 aircraft ground looped on landing. Repaired. Storage 16/04/45, held post war use. 07/02/47 storm damaged. SOC 12/05/52.
A20-89 CA-3 87 Kittyhawk A29-35 piloted by Sgt. R.K. Ashby and Wirraway A20-89 piloted by F/O G.H. White, both of No. 2 Operational Training Unit (2OTU) RAAF collided near Mildura airfield on 6 December 1943. Both pilots bailed out of their aircraft and survived the accident. P/O E.P. Simpson was shown as a 2nd pilot on the report.
A20-90 CA-3 88 The aircraft made an emergency landing at Casurina Beach Darwin Northern Territory Australia.. The pilot was FLT LT R. Davidson.. Allocated to number 12 Squadron RAAF.12Apr1942. The aircraft crashed in Bynoe Harbour Northern Territory Australia.. The crew were SGT J. C. Lawrence and SGT A. H. Rodd. Both were unharmed but the aircraft was written off
A20-91 CA-3 89 Allocated to number 12 Squadron RAAF.23Sep1941. The aircraft carried out a belly landing at Casurina Beach Darwin Northern Territory Australia.. The crew were F/OFF C. W. Stark and SGT J. C. Sargent. Both were OK
A20-92 CA-3 90 With 22Sqn aircraft was damaged during high diving and low recovery 1150hrs, 29/10/41 when aircraft received damage to leading edge of wings from tree. Pilot F/O K W Macklin and Sgt J V Hackett Ser3405308. Repaired. With 23Sqn, mid air collision with A20-173 2 miles near Mount Tarampa Qld near Lowood 1500hrs 24/03/43. Pilot Sgt S L Porter Ser#412851 injured. A20-173 made turn in front of A20-92 hitting under belly of A20-92.Both aircraft became uncontrolled forcing all three involved crew to parachute. Both aircraft destroyed.
A20-93 CA-3 91 Served with 4 OTU. On the 24/01/43 at 21:40, while landing at night the student misjudged the landing and bounced. The instructor took over and the aircraft left the runway and taxied into soft sand. The Prop then struck the ground. The aircraft had 881 flight hours at the time. Crew; S/L R.E Bell and P/O Perry. On 3 March 1943, RAAF Wirraway A20-93, of 4 OTU ORB, crashed 1.5 miles from Williamtown aerodrome. Sgt F J Callaghan, pilot, and Sgt E A Thuell WAG, were killed in this crash.
A20-94 CA-3 92 With 23Sqn aircraft made forced landing due to engine failure 12 miles north of Winghan 06/01/42. Pilot was Sgt A J Bond Ser#403889 and Sgt E S Thacker Ser#15387. Both injured. Aircraft was write-off.
A20-95 CA-3 93 With 5 Sqn Coded as CF-A 5/43. Served with 7 SFTS. On the 09/12/43, the aircraft ground looped. The pilot was unable to correct the loop and the undercarriage collapsed. Crew; LAC J.F. Linkson. Retired from RAAF service 05/56. Acquired by L & M Newman.
A20-96 CA-3 94 Allocated to number 5 Service Flying Training School RAAF.27Sep1944. The aircraft crashed while instrument flying was taking place. Both the pilots FSGT E. A. Raftery and LAC A. V. Quirk lost thir lives in the accident. The investigation board found that the starboard wing broke up in flight for unknown reasons whilst in flight 11/1944. Approval was given to reduce the aircraft to components.
A20-97 CA-3 95 With 24Sqn.26/02/43. Whilst carrying out dive bombing and straffing attacks at Bird Island, the aircraft on last recovery struck tree and crashed on beach. Pilot, Sgt Allen Ser#409960 and Sgt R C Caring Ser#409537 were un-injured. Aircraft salvaged for parts and Soc.
A20-98 CA-3 96 Received at 1AD ex CAC 16/04/40, allocated to 23Sqn17/08/40, received 26/08/40, required complete overhaul 05/07/41, return to service 23Sqn 13/09/41. Whilst parked at Archerfield 15/09/41, Tiger Moth A17-264 collided with it when taxying. This caused damage to Port Wing Tip, Aileron and port elevator. Repaired. Back at 23Sqn. 30 hour service 08/11/41. Named "Buku 3" A/c Accident 02/04/42 1505hrs, when due to engine failure, forced landed on Western Beach of Stradbroke Island. No airframe damage. Pilot was F/O P H Ash and the WAG was F/Sgt. J H Hullin Ser#2516, both of 23Sqn. Repairs insitu. Days later on the 08/04/42 on test flight, the engine, following take-off, sprayed oil on windscreen and pilot's face causing him to execute a cross wind emergency landing at Archerfield Aerodrome. Crew was Pilot, Sgt. N A Lamont Ser#6539 and WAG was SGT. J J Cain Ser#4419 of 23Sqn. Damage was confined to the Starboard Mainplane. Repaired and re-issued to 24Sqn 13/06/42, arriving on the 14/06/42 at Townsville. On the 03/09/42 suffered damaged to the Port Mainplane after a misjudged night landing. Repaired and in service 24Sqn by the 07/09/42. Allocated 7 RSU 24/09/42. Re-issued and received at 24Sqn 03/11/42. Issued to Clyde Engineering 30/03/43. Returned and received 24Sqn 31/03/43. On 29/04/43 involved in Mid Air Collision with A20-176 during tactical formation flying near Sydney. Crew of A20-98 was Pilot, Sgt. O J McKenna Ser#418004 and WAG was Sgt. J C W Patrick Ser#403815. Both had bailed out, but McKenna was killed when the parachute separated in the drop, whilst pilot landed safely. Aircraft was completely wrecked. Issued and received at 2AD 30/04/42. Approval to write-off was given 20/05/43. Have only known coloured picture of Wirraway in WW2.
A20-99 CA-3 97 Accident Place: Point Cook Pilot: Flight Lieutenant Raymond Francis FOX (035498) 11 April 1958.The aircraft was struck off charge. Acquired by Pearce Dunn for his Warbirds Aviation Museum at Mildura Victoria Australia 1974. Was on display at the Warbirds Aviation Museum. Acquired by E. Lundberg. The registration VH-JML was reserved for it. Under restoration at Richmond NSW. Registered VH-JMZ 24/11/03.

Wirraway A20-99

A20-100 CA-3 98 Two RAAF Wirraways, A20-100 and A20-290 of 23 Squadron RAAF, from Archerfield airfield in Brisbane collided over Thornlands near Cleveland on 13 February 1942 during a practice of air fighting tactics. Debris from the two aircraft fell over the local school and cemetery and onto the shores of Moreton Bay. Four airmen were killed Sergeant Gordon Henry Williams (pilot) Sergeant George Arthur Ross Hardy (pilot) Sergeant Alan Charles Lord Sergeant Frank Stanley Pledge died.

The Author of this page is Gordon Birkett.

Source: Australia/Townsville at War Website, Australian Aviation Magazine, Australian Aviation Annual 2001/2002, National Archives, Flightpath Magazine, Glory in Chaos, RAAF Wirraway Accident Data Cards, Darwins Air War, CASA Aircraft Records, Australian War Memorial Website and Photographs, Tom Trimble, Logbook of Roy F Goon.

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