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A20-201 to A20-300

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Wirraway A20-202 
Mustang A68-138 
Photo Lionel Potts 
via Bruce Potts


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RAAF Serial Aircraft Type C/No Aircraft History
A20-201 CA-7 201 Rec 28/12/40 1AD ex CAC. Issued to 3SFTS 13/01/41.19/01/411130hrs Details obscured as aircraft believed to have broken up in air after pilot lost control in clouds.. Aircraft crashed 3 miles from Barkers Vale Post Office between Kyogle and Murwillumbah NSW. Killed were F/O L R Hack (3SFTS Staff Pilot) and Lac L W Turner Ser#402265. Soc 31/01/41.
A20-202 CA-7 202 Rec 1AD ex CAC 24/12/40. 3SFTS issue 25/12/40. To 2SFTS for Service, then onto 3SFTS 13/01/41. 24/07/41 rec 7SFTS ex 3SFTS.14/10/42 forced landing due to engine failure (due to impeller failure) to 7 miles north of Deniliquin. Pilot F/Lt CC Cooper and Lac R R James Ser#408811 both OK. Repaired. 09/07/42 forced landing with no damage.25/11/43 during landing at Annadale Station, aircraft struck tree on finals. Both F/Sgt A J Wood Ser#403974 and Lac C Holt Ser#437939 ok. Damage done to airscrew, main plane and fuselage. Sent to ANA Parafield 27/01/44. Rec back from ANA at 1AD 16/04/45. 05/07/45 Rec at AGS. 28/08/45 into storage at AGS. To Cat C storage 29/04/46. 18/04/47 Rec CMU for Cat C Storage.25/05/50 Rec CAC for overhaul. Rec 01/02/51 at 23Sqn RAAF Archerfield to replace A20-212 lost. 06/02/53 downgraded to Cat B storage.05/03/53 upgraded to in service. Taxying Accident to: Wirraway A20-202 - Unit: 23 Sqn - Place: Amberley - Date: 26 August 1954 - Pilot: Plt Off A Turner 033699.Held 23Sqn for repairs. Sent to 1AD Det B Tocumwal. SOC 31/05/57.

Wirraway A20-202 
Photo Lionel Potts 
via Bruce Potts

A20-203 CA-7 203 Rec 1AD ex CAC 24/12/40. To 3SFTS 27/01/41.19/02/41 collided on ground with airfield cutter damaging leading edge of starboard mainplane. Repaired. 02/06/41 to 7SFTS. 28/12/43 0010hrs, with 7STFS still, crashed after take-off at Bradleys Satellite Airfield when trainee allowed aircraft to drop thirty feet after raising undercarriage and hit ground near boundary fence and crashed. Pilot Lac J E McNamara Ser#431259 seriously injured. 01/02/44 delivered to ANA Parafield for repairs. 09/02/45, repair work stopped due to labour shortage. Issued to Clyde Engineering 02/08/45 for repair and overhaul.06/09/45, allocated to 2CRD for storage. 06/03/46 conversion requested and approved. Conversion completed 22/11/48.
A20-204 CA-7 204 Rec 1AD ex CAC 28/12/40. To 3SFTS 27/01/41. To 7SFTS 10/07/41.01/09/41 tipped on port wing and tail plane during landing. Repaired. 03/12/42 damaged on landing. Repaired. 03/08/44 Rec at 5SFTS. 10/10/44 issued to Clyde Engineering for overhaul. 29/01/45 Rec 2AD ex Clyde. 08/11/48 Cat C storage. 26/02/51 issued to CAC for overhaul.24/01/52 Rec at 22Sqn CAF. 08/10/53 Rec 1AD for storage. Soc 02/01/57.

Wirraway A20-204

A20-205 CA-7 205 Rec 1AD ex CAC 28/12/40. Held 2SFTS for tests and was damaged on landing when held off too soon damaging starboard wing 20/01/41. Pilot was Sgt J Howard Ser#407002. Repaired. To 3SFTS 27/01/41. To 7SFTS 2/07/41. Damaged 05/07/41. 24/11/41 flew into ground when landing damaging starboard wing. Repaired.02/03/43 Rec at CFS. 11/09/44 issued to Clyde Engineering for overhaul. 08/01/45 Rec 2AD ex Clyde Engineering. Issued to 549Sqn RAF. 15/11/45 Rec 7AD ex 549Sqn RAF. 17/08/48 Cat C Storage. 24/03/52 Rec at CAC for overhaul. 17/10/52 held at Point Cook in reserve. 22/01/53 struck wing tip on landing. 27/01/54 held Cat C. SOC 31/05/57.
A20-206 CA-7 206 Rec 1AD ex CAC 28/12/41. Rec 3SFTS 27/01/41. To 7SFTS 30/07/41. 28/10/41 aircraft landed with u/c up. Repaired. 20/11/41 aircraft landed wheels up. Repaired. 12/08/43, nose over on landing flipping onto back, damaging screw, fuselage and cowling. Repaired. 22/11/43 still at 7SFTS. Allocated to ANA Parafield for overhaul 03/01/44. 28/04/45 Rec at CFS.15/03/46 rec 7AD for storage.17/08/48 Cat C storage.01/07/49 issued 2AD for overhaul and for that Unit's use. Was to go to RAN. Cancelled. In service 2AD. Accident Williamtown NSW - Date: 22 October 1953 - Pilot: Sgt R A Phillips A35111. Accident Richmond - Date: 6 August 1954 - Pilot: Plt Off P K Brown 033641.14/04/55 authorised for conversion.
A20-207 CA-7 207 Rec 1AD ex CAC 15/01/41. To 3SFTS 09/02/41. To 7SFTS 25/05/41. To 4Sqn 31/07/41. 05/11/42 Rec 12RSU. 18/11/42 Rec 4Sqn. 16/01/43 Rec at 23Sqn.26/07/43 Rec at 7SFTS after rear clock removed from rear cockpit.23/11/43 Rec 5SFTS. Into Storage 19/06/45. 17/08/48 Cat C Storage. 02/04/52 issued to DAP for conversion.
A20-208 CA-7 208 Rec 1AD ex CAC 15/01/41. To 3SFTS 09/02/41. 26/04/41 whilst being pushed out of hanger, U/C collapsed. Repaired. To 7SFTS 25/05/41. To 4Sqn 31/05/41. Rec 3AD 12/10/42. Rec 5SFTS 26/10/42. Crashed 26/03/45. Stalled in steep climb when pulling up at 20 feet following gunnery shooting. Aircraft impacted and was destroyed by fire near Belfraydon Gunnery range.W/O J D Tamlyn Ser#409613 and W/O L M Loftus both of 5SFTS killed.
A20-209 CA-7
209 Rec 1Ad ex CAC 17/01/41. To 3SFTS 09/02/41. Issued 7SFTS 02/06/41.22/11/41 1545hrs, stalled on landing at 20 feet at Deniliquin. Damaging both oleo legs and starboard wing. Pilot was Lac D J Unkles Ser#408766 and Lac C I Winter-Irving Ser#408717.Both un-injured. Repaired. 13/09/44 Rec AFRU ex 7SFTS. 26/02/45 issued to Clyde Engineering for overhaul. Modified to CA-20. 28/06/45 Rec 2OTU.08/10/45 Rec 7AD for storage. Cat C 17/08/48.31/08/51 Rec CAC for overhaul. 27/03/51 Rec 1BFTS Point Cook.20/07/53 Rec 1AD ex 1BFTS.
30/11/53 transferred to the RAN.
The aircraft was struck off charge.
The aircraft was sold to Lund Aviation Pty Ltd.
A20-210 CA-7 210 Rec 1AD ex CAC 17/01/41. Allocated 3SFTS 16/01/41. 03/02/41 issued to 5Sqn.24/05/41 accident with 1ATS. Repaired.03/08/41 with 5Sqn. Whilst on military survey flight from Laverton, crashed at Meredith 21/03/42 1530hrs; aircraft failed to pull out of dive during aerobatics. P/O J V Brittain Ser#407689 and Sgt W B Scotton Ser#20818 both killed. Aircraft destroyed by impact and fire. Soc 13/04/42.

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A20-211 CA-7
211 Rec 1AD ex CAC 29/01/41. To 3SFTS 09/02/41.25/02/41, 1615hrs, aircraft made a wheels up landing due to fuel exhaustion after becoming lost at Kyoomba, near Stanthorpe Qld, damaging u/c and main planes. Both crew, Lac N H Collier Ser#414318 and Lac J T Campbell Ser#402347 were un-injured. Repaired Issued 7SFTS 02/06/41.10/11/44 issued to Clyde Engineering ex 7SFTS. Now CA20, 23/04/45 Rec 8OTU.30/08/45 aircraft landed with u/c up due to mechanical fault at Parkes. Repaired. 26/11/45 Rec 7AD for storage. Cat C 17/08/48.13/09/51rec 2AD ex 1Ad for servicing.10/07/52 Rec 1BFTS Point Cook ex 2AD.15/07/53 issued to 1AD Toc.
30/11/53 transferred to the RAN.
The aircraft was struck off charge.
The aircraft was sold to Lund Aviation Pty Ltd.
A20-212 CA-7 212 Rec 1AD ex CAC 12/02/41. 17/02/41, in service with 2SFTS.31/12/41, 1640hrs engine failure in flight and made forced landing made 5 miles south west of aerodrome, Deniliquin. P/O R Preshney and Lac A P Connell Ser#408835 OK. Nil Damage. Rec 5SFTS 31/05/42. 31/07/42 made forced landing resulting in damage to spinner ,props and flaps. repaired.28/09/42 Rec 457Sqn. 30/11/42 rec 7SFTS. 19/03/43, 0500hrs engine failure and forced landed 11 miles north west of Deniliquin. Lac N K McIntosh Ser#427130 OK. Repaired. 17/04/45 issued to Clyde Engineering for overhaul.30/07/45 Rec 8OTU. Into storage 26/11/45 7AD. 17/08/48 Cat C Storage.09/05/50 to CAC for Overhaul.30/11/50 Rec 23Sqn CAF.
Accident 30/12/50 1100hrs,whilst on shark patrol, stalled and flicked to starboard whilst making steep turn to port from a altitude of 130feet, with pilot unable to regain control and crashing on crowded Maroochydore beach killing 3 and injuring 14civilians.
Pilot, F/Lt Herbert William Thwaites seriously injured and Sgt Geoffrey Myer Neill (Fitter) slightly injured.
Civilians killed were: Liam Joseph O'Conner, Graham Stanley Blair and Pauline Probert.
SOC 08/03/51.

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  • Crash Site page for Wirraway A20-212.
  • A20-213 CA-7 213 Rec 1AD ex CAC 14/01/41. Rec 2SFTS 24/02/41.06/08/41 heavy landing , slight damage. Repaired.23/10/41 nose over during braking, damage to air screw. Repaired.20/06/42 Rec at 7SFTS. 26/02/45 to Clyde Engineering for overhaul.04/06/45 Rec 2AD ex Clyde.18/06/45 Rec 8OTU. Into storage 7AD 26/11/45. 17/08/48 Cat C Storage.25/09/51 To CAC for overhaul.27/03/52 Rec 1BFTS. With 1BFTS till 31/05/56. 08/08/56 to 1AD. Listed as scrap metal 31/05/57.

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    A20-214 CA-7
    214 Rec 1Ad Ex CAC 14/02/41. To 2SFTS 24/02/41.09/04/42 to 5AD ex 2SFTS. 29/06/42 Rec 5SFTS. 30/04/43 Rec 2OTU. 28/07/43, 1115hrs, suffered engine failure on take-off Mildura and was heavily damaged. Pilot was F/Lt J C Hastwell and Sgt J H Crompton Ser#414005 both OK. To Clyde Engineering. Repaired. Modified to CA-20. 31/01/44 Rec 7SFTS.18/09/44 Rec AFRU. 19/03/45 Rec 5SFTS.24/05/45 Rec 8OTU.24/11/45 Rec 7AD for storage.17/08/48 Cat C Storage.27/11/51 Rec CAC for overhaul.19/06/52 Rec 1BFTS Point Cook for service and storage cycles. 10/07/53 Rec 1AD.
    Transferred to the RAN 30/11/53.
    The aircraft was struck off charge.
    The aircraft was sold to Lund Aviation Pty Ltd.
    A20-215 CA-7 215 Rec 1AD ex CAC 26/02/41.07/03/41 to 2SFTS. 06/05/41, 1345hrs, 6 miles north west of Wagga Aerodrome, forced landing due to engine failure. Pilot Lac W M Rogers Ser#403076 OK. Repaired.09/04/42 Rec at 5SFTS. Mid air Accident 08/08/43 when A20-584 collided with A20-215 following a diving attack on formation flying exercise. The aircraft pulled up under A20-215 and collided and then partially disintegrated. Both aircraft crashed within one and half miles of each other. Crew A20-584; Pilot W/O Frank Kenneth Smith Serv#407450 (staff instructor pilot), and LAC J.C. Chantler Serv#422931 (trainee pilot), both killed. Crew A20-215; Pilot Sgt L H White Serv#413809 (staff instructor pilot) parachuted and survived with shock and injury to right foot, and LAC R T Cooper Serv#428633 (trainee pilot), was killed. Sgt L.E. White parachuted to safety. SOC 23/08/43.
    A20-216 CA-7 216 Rec 1AD ex CAC 24/02/41. To 2SFTS 03/03/41.25/03/42 rec 5SFTS.18/04/42 0930hrs, crash landing due to engine failure at Parkes Aerodrome, NSW. Pilot F/O H R Paxton and Sgt W R McKissick Ser#205715 OK. Repaired. 08/10/43,0430hrs, aircraft crashed during night instructional flight and crashed 5 miles south west of aerodrome. F/O D T Burrows and Lac H N Slapp Ser#432979 both killed. Soc 3/11/43.
    A20-217 CA-7 217 Rec 1AD ex CAC 24/02/41. To 2SFTS 03/03/41. 08/04/42 Rec 5SFTS. 17/04/42 made wheels up landing due to engine failure at Canowindra. Pilot was Lac LT Cook. Repaired. 28/09/43 made landing due to fuel shortage. Nil damage.23/03/46 storage CMU. Cat C 17/08/48.30/10/51 converted to spares. Soc 30/10/51.
    A20-218 CA-7 218 Rec 1AD ex CAC 24/02/41. To 2SFTS 03/03/41. Rec 5AD 08/04/42.14/09/42 Rec 7SFTS. 02/12/42 force landed due to fuel shortage 9 miles south of Narrandera.Pilot Lac J S McInnes Ser#410252 OK. 27/11/44 Rec at Clyde Engineering for overhaul. 03/05/45 Rec 2OTU ex 2AD.08/10/45 Rec 7AD into Storage. Cat C 17/08/48. 27/12/51 Rec CAC for overhaul. To 1BFTS 21/01/52. 11/03/53 Accident forced landing 1 mile south of Neranquinal Aerodrome. Repaired. Accident with CFS - Place: East Sale, struck wing on airstrip - Date: 9 September 1954 - Pilot: Flt Lt P Badgery 022145.Repaired. Accident - CFS - Place: East Sale, airscrew struck ground during taxying twice - Date: 11 and 13 October 1955 - Pilot Flt/Lt R E Graham 05815.Repaired. 13/02/57 Rec 1AD.04/12/58 listed for disposal. At CAC 25/03/60.

    CA-8/9 Wirraways 
A20-218 & A20-250
7 A.D., Tocumwal, 
 via Mike Mirkovic.

    A20-219 CA-7 219 Rec 1AD ex CAC 02/03/41. Rec 2SFTS 07/03/41.09/04/41 struck in flight on port wing at night by A20-230. Pilot was F/Lt A N Jones. repaired. 07/12/41,1355hrs forced landing half a mile south west of No2 Strip Wagga following engine failure. Pilot Lac I B McGrath Ser#402166 OK. Repaired.21/02/42 forced landing with wheels up damaging airscrew, flaps and wings. Repaired.20/04/43 rec7SFTS ex 5AD. On the 04/05/44, two aircraft were approaching to land A20-219 landed ahead of A20-38 and stopped. A20-38 landed behind and to the left but swung on landing and collided with A20-219.
    A20-220 CA-7 220 Rec 1AD ex CAC 04/03/41. 07/03/41 Rec 2SFTS.14/03/41 swung on landing damaging port flap after tyre burst. Repaired.03/04/41 bounced on landing 15 feet damaging wing tips. Repaired. 20/06/41 1000hrs, on a dual cross country flight to Narrandera and Temora, aircraft was in low cloud and lost control and crashed 9 miles west of Wagga. Pilot A/F/Lt A N Woodhill and Lac W Graham Ser#407789 killed. Soc 28/07/41.
    A20-221 CA-7 221 Rec 1AD ex CAC 04/03/41. 07/03/41 Rec 2SFTS.24/04/41 heavy landing Wagga. Lac Stoddard OK. . 28/08/41Landing accident damaging port flaps and tip. Sgt K A Richards and Lac M T Lennon OK. Repaired.08/11/41 tipped on nose. Repaired.22/04/42 Rec 7SFTS. 20/07/42 crashed 15 miles east of Deniliquin. Pilot Lac C Germain Ser#414373 and Lac R J Hooper Ser#414447 both killed Soc 04/06/42.
    A20-222 CA-7 222 Rec 1Ad ex CAC 05/03/41.17/03/41 Rec 2SFTS. 07/05/41 stalled Parkes Aerodrome 1448hrs at 20ft causing aircraft to land and turn over onto back. Extensively damaged. Pilot Lac K J Young Ser#403103 aok. Repaired. 26/02/42 aircraft taxied into trench, causing damage to prop and cowl. Lac A J Cotterhill AOK.Repaired.09/04/42 Rec 5AD. 04/06/42 Rec at 7SFTS.01/04/43 aircraft turned over on landing. Repaired.30/08/44 Rec at 5SFTS. 31/10/44 issued to Clyde Engineering for overhaul.26/02/45 Rec at 2AD.07/03/45 to 5SFTS for storage.17/08/48 Cat C storage. 09/01/53 issued to DAP. 04/12/58 listed for disposal.10/08/60 issued to CAC. SOC.
    A20-223 CA-7 223 Rec 1AD ex CAC 6/03/41.17/03/41 Rec 2SFTS. 18/11/41 Forced landing due to engine failure, damaging centre section and main plane. Sgt R Roberts Ser#400847 AOK.Repaired.08/04/42 Rec at 5SFTS.15/11/44 Rec Clyde Engineering for overhaul.16/04/45 Rec 8OTU.26/11/45 Rec 7AD for storage. Cat C Storage 17/08/48.24/03/52 Rec at CAC for overhaul.19/08/52 Rec Point Cook FTS. Wheels up landing at Point Cook 12/09/52. Repaired.24/10/56 on landing wing struck ground. Repaired.04/12/58 Declared for disposal.25/03/60 delivered to CAC. Soc.

    Wirraway A20-223

    A20-224 CA-7 224 Rec 1AD ex CAC 6/03/41.17/03/41 Rec 2SFTS. 29/10/41, over use of brakes put aircraft on nose at Forrest Hill. Pilot Lac R Munroe ok. Repaired.07/11/41 overshot strip. Minor damage. Repaired.21/02/42 forced landing damaging oleos and wing/flaps. Lac RA McKillop okay. Repaired.09/04/42 Rec 5AD.22/06/42 Rec 5SFTS. 01/01/43 Rec 4OTU. 05/12/43 rec 5SFTS.15/11/44 Rec Clyde Engineering for overhaul. 12/02/45 Rec 2AD. 26/03/45 Rec 5SFTS. 22/04/45 Rec 8OTU.26/11/45 Rec 7AD for storage. Cat C 17/08/48.20/07/51 Rec CAC for overhaul. 06/03/51 Rec 1BFTS Point Cook. Accident at East Sale Airfield - Date 3 February 1954 - Pilot Sqn/Ldr C E Wakeham (033168). Accident CFS [Central Flying School] - at East Sale - Date: 3 September 1956 - Pilot: Flt/Lt R E Graham (051815), Flt/Lt J C Sandercock (04234).3/11/56 held at East Sale. Soc 1957. Owned by HARS Sydney NSW.
    A20-225 CA-7
    225 Rec 1AD ex CAC 28/02/41. Rec 2SFTS 07/03/41.09/04/42 Rec 5AD. 15/07/42 Rec 7SFTS. 30/08/44 Rec 5SFTS.31/10/44 Rec Clyde Engineering for overhaul.27/03/45 Rec 2AD. 30/03/45 Rec at 8OTU.19/11/45 Rec 7AD for storage. Cat C Storage 17/08/47.20/07/51 Rec at CAC for overhaul. Cat A Service 24/07/51.30/10/52 in service with 1BFTS Point Cook.
    30/11/53 transferred to the RAN by air.
    The aircraft was struck off charge.
    The aircraft was sold to Lund Aviation Pty Ltd.
    A20-226 CA-7 226 Rec 1AD ex CAC 07/03/41. Rec 2SFTS 17/03/41.09/04/42 Rec 5AD.11/05/42 Rec 7SFTS.05/05/43 Rec CFS.28/02/44 Rec 7SFTS.17/04/45 Rec Clyde Engineering for overhaul. 03/09/45 Rec 2AD. 23/03/46 into storage.17/08/48 Cat C storage.06/03/50 Rec CAC for overhaul.25/09/50 Rec Point Cook.03/05/51 damaged on landing at Point Cook. Both crew un-injured. Repaired. Cat B storage 24/07/51.27/07/51 back in service. 18/11/52 engine failure in take-off and forced landed in swamp. Salvaged, held un-repaired at 1AD.Approved for conversion 02/06/55. Soc 21/05/56.
    A20-227 CA-7 227 Rec 1AD ex CAC 10/03/41. Rec 2SFTS 17/03/41. 05/08/41 landed with wheels retracted. Repaired. 28/11/41Engine failure and forced landing. F/Lt Honey and LAC M Crossing Ser#412405 AOK. Repaired.09/04/42 Rec 5AD.27/07/42 Rec 7SFTS.07/08/43 Ground collision with A20-323 at Deniliquin with aircraft forced landing with heavy damage. Pilot of A20-323, LAC J G Rose Serv#428563 when taxying back struck, A20-227 piloted by F/Sgt A J Wood on take-off. Pilot of A20-323, LAC J G Rose Serv#428563 Ok. Soc 28/08/43.
    A20-228 CA-7 228 Rec 1AD ex CAC 14/03/41. Rec 2SFTS 24/03/41. Midair with A20-14, 1100Hrs 29/12/41, Wantabadgery, near Junlee NSW. Pilot F/Sgt B Weston Ser#406087 un-injured and Lac J K Oliver Ser#414075 slightly injured. Aircraft collided after un-authorised close formation. Both aircraft broke-up and crashed. Pilot and Wag of A20-228 survived and parachuted. Both of these two were placed under close arrest along with crew of third aircraft.
    A20-229 CA-7 229 Rec 1AD ex CAC 17/03/41. Rec 2SFTS 24/03/41.30/03/41 forced landing following engine failure. Damage to port wing and flaps 2.5 miles NE of Wagga. Pilot was Lac N V Freckinton Ser#402793. Repaired.17/02/42 taxying accident in gun emplacement. Pilot Sgt L Collins. Repaired.30/03/42 Rec 5SFTS.05/03/44 Rec Clyde Engineering for overhaul.09/08/44 Rec CFS.16/09/44 Rec Point Cook.09/05/46 Rec Point Cook Storage.26/07/46 Rec CFS.27/08/46 Rec Point Cook Storage.17/08/48 Cat C Storage.21/03/52 Rec CAC for overhaul. Rec 23Sqn CAF 05/09/52. Landing accident Goolman Emergency Strip 20/09/52.Cadet D A Kendall Ser#A15103 AOK. 08/10/52 Rec 3AD for repairs. Rec 1AD for Cat B storage 30/07/53. Listed for disposal 31/05/57.Soc Profile:
    A20-230 CA-7 230 Rec 1AD ex CAC 17/03/41. Rec 2SFTS 24/03/41.12/05/41 Rec 12Sqn Darwin, Coded M.13/12/41 aircraft on landing at Batchelor, flipped over onto back. Heavily damaged. Pilot was Sgt D E Andrews AOK Repaired. Rec 23/03/42 5SFTS. 10/03/43 forced landing and went through fence. Repaired.24/04/43 forced landing with wheels retracted. repaired.15/10/44 2100hrs Crashed 4 miles north west of Rockwhen flying 1200 ft altitude at night Plt Off L Williams encountered a dust storm, which reduced visibility and caused the pilot to crash. Crew; Plt Off L.H. Williams 410404 (Pilot) and LAC L.D. Leysley Ser#443782 Killed. Both aircraft and crew found on the 16/10/44.Soc 03/11/44.
    A20-231 CA-7 231 Rec 1AD ex CAC 18/03/41. Rec 12 Sqn Darwin Coded M 12/05/41.26/06/41 on take-off emitted smoke and oil then made landing, no damage.28/12/41 struck spinner when landing too fast at Darwin. Pilot was Sgt D L Cruickshank and P/O C Harvey, both AOK. Repaired.24/02/42 struck airscrew again on landing at Batchelor.25/03/42 Rec 5SFTS. 29/07/45 to Clyde Engineering for Overhaul. Cancelled. in storage at 5SFTS. ??/01/46 5SFTS. 08/07/48 to CMU. Cat C Storage 17/08/48 Uranquinty. 31/05/51 held Cat B storage Uranquinty.30/10/51 airframe converted to components. Soc.
    A20-232 CA-7 232 Delivered 18/03/41. To 1AD 18/03/41. To 2SFTS 24/03/41. To 1AD 21/04/41. To 12 Sqn 12/05/41 Coded M. On 27/08/41 the aircraft made an emergency landing onto the beach at Rocky Cove Northern Territory Australia. The crew was F/OFF G. R. Shave and SGT C. G. Harvey. The aircraft and crew were OK. Reported as destroyed in an air raid on Darwin 19/02/42. To 5SFTS 16/03/42. Accident 02/06/42 when A20-555 was taxied into 12 Sqn RAAF A20-232 at taxy post. Pilot of A20-555, LAC R L McMinn Serv#412646 not injured. Damage to Port Mainplane of A20-232 and Airscrew of A20-555. Repaired To 4 SFTS 30/09/43. To 76 Sqn 04/05/44. Damaged by falling coconut tree 20/05/44. To 12RSU 25/05/44. To 10RSU 15/05/45 for repairs. To 15ARD 29/06/45. Converted to components 07/01/46.
    A20-233 CA-7 233 Rec 1AD ex CAC 21/03/41.Rec12Sqn 12/05/41 Coded M. 24/10/41 over ran strip and hit excavation trench damaging undercarriage and wheel. Repaired.23/03/42 Rec 5SFTS. 04/09/42 forced landing damaging airscrew. Repaired. 26/09/45 during night flying, aircraft crashed 1.5 miles NW of control tower. Pilot Sgt Baxmerrit, condition unknown. 27/09/45 recommended for conversion by 7CRD and collected. 01/11/45 approval to convert to components. Retired from RAAF service.
    Acquired by Pearce Dunn for his Warbirds Aviation Museum at Mildura Vic Australia.
    In 1974 was at the Warbirds Aviation Museum.
    It was exchanged by Pearce Dunn for AT-16 Harvard Fv 16077 (now VH-TXN), and sent to Sweden on August 29, 1981, arriving on October 13.
    Parts of the Wirraway were used to rebuild an N.A.-16 4M, Sk 14, for the Swedish AF Museum.
    As the restoration is now complete, the remaining parts of the Wirraway has been returned to Australia - possibly to Mildura.

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    NOTE: There is some doubt that it was actually A20-233 that ended up at Mildura and then Sweden. Some photos of the crash of A20-233 would suggest that it was far to badly damaged to be this example. This is under current investigation

    A20-234 CA-7 234 Rec 1AD ex CAC 26/03/41.Rec 2SFTS 31/03/41.23/06/41 The aircraft force landed wheels up during cross country flight.Repaired.28/12/41 aircraft forced landed 1.5 miles from Coolaman Rd Relief Landing Ground, 1300hrs, due to engine. (Pictured this date with damaged airscrew AWM Neg:044475) Pilot was Lac N Crossing Ser#412405. AOK. Repaired.09/04/42 Rec 5AD.22/06/42 Rec 5SFTS.15/11/44 Rec Clyde Engineering for overhaul.26/03/45 Rec 2AD. 11/04/45 Rec 2OTU.08/10/45 Rec 7AD for storage. Cat C Storage 17/08/48.20/09/51 Rec 2AD. 03/07/52 Rec 1BFTS Point Cook. 28/07/53 to East Sale for storage.15/10/57 to 1AD Det Tocumwal. 30/10/58 approval for disposal. Sold to CAC 25/03/60.

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    A20-235 CA-8 436 Rec 1AD ex CAC 30/03/41. Rec 1SFTS 12/05/41.10/07/41 tyre burst on landing damaging flap, wing and root. Repaired. On test flight 01/08/41 landed and overshoot strip. Pilot was F/O P Sinnott, AOK. Damaged Port wing and aileron. Repaired. 08/10/41 Hard landing damaging Port wing and aileron. Repaired. Forced landing 30/12/41 due to engine failure 4 miles SE of Ballaing. Pilot Lac D W Slocum Ser#412202 AOK. 02/03/42 Rec 6SFTS. 30/03/42 Rec 7SFTS.17/07/44 Rec 8OTU. 27/10/44 Rec Clyde Engineering for overhaul. Rec 2AD 05/02/45. Rec 452Sqn RAAF 01/03/45.22/03/45, 1545hrs, following engine loss at 600ft, forced landed and ditched into sea 17 miles NW of Pitoc Strip, Morotai. Crew was F/Sgt C TAFF Ser#420298 "B" Flight and Mechanic Lac N Reid Ser#59306.Soc 16/04/45.
    A20-236 CA-8 437 Rec 1AD ex CAC 30/03/41. Rec 2SFTS 31/03/41.23/05/41 Accident on landing, minor damage. Repaired. 15/07/41 starboard wing tip struck ground on landing. Pilot was Lac F J Rollands Ser#403005, AOK. Repaired. 09/04/42 Rec 5AD. 25/05/42. Borrowed by 2OTU, had accident 18/08/42 1030Hrs when forced landed 7 miles due south of Mildura due to engine failure. Pilot was Sgt E D Butcher Ser#405392, OK. Rec 7SFTS.28/08/44 Rec 5SFTS. 08/03/45 Rec Clyde Engineering for Overhaul. 02/07/45 Rec 2AD.03/07/45 Rec 5SFTS Storage (Now Painted overall Yellow). Stored Cat E, upgraded to Cat C 01/10/46. 17/08/48 Cat C Storage Uranquinty.17/01/50 upgraded to Cat B.13/02/50 Rec CAC for Overhaul. (Emerged overall Silver dope with Black anti glare panel and Cockpit frame). 27/06/50 Rec 1BFTS Point Cook for Reserve Storage.05/09/50 Rec ARDU. Used and held till 04/06/54 by ARDU.10/08/54 Rec 1AD at Tocum.31/05/57 Soc and sold for Scrap.
    A20-237 CA-8 438 Rec 1AD ex CAC 30/03/41. Rec 2SFTS 31/03/41. 06/08/41 aircraft landed with undercarriage retracted, at Wagga. Repaired. Pilot was P/O W McCulloch AOK. 10/10/41 aircraft struck tree whilst with 2BGS Port Pirie during low bombing practice. Pilot Sgt W C Edmends Ser#401425 and Lac R Butcher Ser#406638 AOK. Damage was dent in Port Wing Tip.Repaired.19/02/42 Aircraft crashed after stall following formation practice when returning. Crashed at Pools Creek near Ladysmith 0820hrs.Both Lac A W Spares Ser#412734 and Lac M D Ravell Ser#412268 killed. Soc 18/03/42.
    A20-238 CA-8
    439 Rec 1AD ex CAC 30/03/41. Rec 2SFTS 31/03/41. Taxying accident when it struck A20-240 24/02/42 damaging Main Plane. Repaired.25/03/42 Rec 5SFTS. 28/09/42 struck boundary marker on landing damaging Starboard wing and flaps. Repaired.10/02/44 to Clyde Engineering for Overall. 02/07/44 Rec 2OTU. Rec 8OTU 10/07/44 for storage.26/11/45 rec 7AD for Storage.17/08/48 Cat C Storage. 24/07/51 upgraded to Cat B. 22/01/52 Rec 2AD.
    30/09/52 transferred by flight to the RAN at Nowra. RAAF Approval #AS822 9/1/1772 Dated 25/08/52.
    Given Side Number 904, with tail code NW.
    The aircraft was struck off RAN charge.
    The aircraft was sold to Lund Aviation Pty Ltd.
    A20-239 CA-8 440 Rec 1AD ex CAC 30/03/41. Rec 2SFTS 31/03/41.27/05/41 stalled on landing damaging Starboard Wing tip and aileron. Repaired.10/07/41 skidded 350 yards and went through boundary fence, damaging Port wing leading edge and wheel. Repaired.06/04/42 Rec 7SFTS. 31/05/43 crashed landed at Chilton (No further details)14/06/43 issued to Clyde Engineering for survey. Converted to components 13/08/43. Soc 25/08/43.
    A20-240 CA-8 441 Rec 1AD 30/03/41 ex CAC. 23/05/41 with 2SFTS. 05/06/41 aircraft on landing hit soft patch of strip, stopped and turned over damaging fin, rudder and prop. F/Lt H A Durant and Sgt H(?) Chandler Repaired. 26/09/41 aircraft made forced landing after engine failure, with undercarriage retracted 2 miles east of Wagga. F/O L W Brickhill and Lac R H O'Farrell not injured. Repaired. Rec 30/03/42 5SFTS. 11/12/42 aircraft damaged on landing (Not stated) Rec 2OTU 30/04/43.04/12/43 held storage, unserviceable. Rec 8OTU 13/07/44. Rec Clyde Engineering for overhaul 03/05/45.Rec 5SFTS 22/10/45.Held storage 1FTS Uranquinty.07/02/47 damaged when hanger doors blew off during storm and damaged Aircraft.17/08/48 held in Storage Cat C.10/07/50 for overhaul CAC. Stored Cat B at Point Cook BFTS.03/12/52 aircraft landing Gear collapsed on landing. Repaired. Accident 1 AFTS [Applied Flying Training School) at Point Cook Airfield 12 January 1954. Pilot: T/plt B H Prince A39431 not injured.01/05/55 held Cat C Storage.10/12/56 classed write-off. Disposed 02/01/57.
    A20-241 CA-8 442 Rec 1AD ex CAC 01/04/41.2SFTS 14/04/41.13/08/41 aircraft nosed over on landing, no damage.13/04/42 rec 5SFTS.Landed with Under Carriage retracted causing damaged to airscrew and cooler. Repaired.06/01/43 Accident 15/10/44 at night during severe dust storm, aircraft forced landed 15 miles south of Uranquinty and crashed. Pilot Sgt R Wallace Ser#414178 and Lac J Turner Ser#443598 both injured. Was to be issued to Clyde Engineering. Held E Star 5SFTS 18/10/43 to 1/11/44. Then Allocated to 2CRD for conversion to components. Off 03/11/44.
    A20-242 CA-8 443 Rec 03/04/41 1AD ex CAC. Rec 2SFTS 09/04/41.31/03/42 Rec 5SFTS. 13/04/42 suffered forced landing at Junee during cross country flight. Pilot was Lac D W Bull Ser#409023. Repaired. In storage at 5SFTS 04/04/45.08/11/48 to CMU. SOC 30/10/51.
    A20-243 CA-8 444 Rec 05/04/41 1AD ex CAC. 14/04/41 in service with 2SFTS.19/06/41 accident on take-off when aircraft lost height and struck ground one mile east of Wagga. Pilot, Lac L J Brown Ser#406910 injured slightly. 11/07/41 issued to 2AD for repair.02/05/42 issued to ANA for repair. Under repair until 4/43. Issued to USAAF ex 2AP 16/04/43.Rec 03/05/43 USAAF(FEAF). 15/06/45 aircraft returned to RAAF for use by 4Comm Unit.04/01/46 Rec 7AD ex 4CU for storage.14/05/46 allocated 38Sqn for repairs.15/05/46 canc, reallocated 6AD.Canc.19/07/46 allocated 3AD ex 38Sqn.09/08/46 Rec 3AD ex 38Sqn. 01/10/46 to be stored Cat E. 14/10/47 converted to components. SOC 14/10/1947.
    A20-244 CA-8 445 Rec 05/04/41 1AD ex CAC. 14/04/41 in service with 2SFTS. 11.30hrs 11/06/41 forced landed 7 miles north of The Rock on Bullengong Road, but turned over on its back. Pilot, Lac N K Charmen Ser#400859 and LAC F P B Minchin Ser#400863 not injured.18/08/41 Rec 1AD for repairs.28/08/41 Rec 2SFTS.06/04/42 Rec 7SFTS.03/05/43 Rec CFS.01/12/43 landed and hit boundary fence.Repaired.23/05/44 landing accident due to wing scrap. Repaired.25/05/44 ground looped. repaired.03/06/44 issued to Clyde Engineering for overhaul.29/10/44 in store CFS Store.26/05/45 PC Store.17/08/48 Cat C special reserve.17/12/51 Converted to components 1AD. SOC.
    A20-245 CA-8 446 Rec 05/04/41 1AD ex CAC. 14/04/41 in service with 2SFTS.08/09/41 on landing on wet grass, brakes in-effective causing nosed down and damaged airscrew when it struck earth scoop. Pilot was LAC Guymer Ser#405016. Unit ATS, 2SFTS.Next day on flying aircraft out LAC Campbell Ser#403315 on landing, bogged aircraft. Ret to service12/09/41. To 5SFTS 30/03/42.20/01/43 Rec 12RSU. Rec 5SFTS 2/43. Accident 11/10/43.Ret to serv 18/10/43 5SFTS. 04/10/44 to Clyde Engineering for overhaul. Rec 2AD 29/01/45. Rec 5SFTS Storage 05/02/45.In service 16/04/45. With DFS. Fatal Accident 15/06/45 Uranquinty F/O J D Reid SOC 10/09/45.
    A20-246 CA-8 447 Rec 1AD ex CAC 09/04/41.Rec 2SFTS 13/04/41.Rec 09/04/42 5AD. Rec 5SFTS 18/06/42.Rec 14/12/42 at CAC, ret 5SFTS 18/12/42.Rec 12ASR Pool20/01/43.Rec 12RSU 11/05/43.Rec 2AD 12/06/43.09/07/43 Rec 2OTU. Rec 8OTU 13/07/44. Accident 05/10/44 when aircraft taxied into tractor towing broom. Pilot was F/O E H Marsh. Held storage pending repairs. Issued Clyde Engineering for overhaul 23/05/45. 06/09/45, issued ex Clyde to 2CRD for storage and then disposal.18/03/46 recommended for conversion. 22/11/48 Conversion not actioned, aircraft passed onto DAP on 24/06/48.
    A20-247 CA-8 448 Rec 1AD ex CAC 09/04/41.Rec 2SFTS 06/05/41.Accident 21/07/41 engine cut out during formation flying with aircraft successfully forced landed wheels up, at the Rock: Pilot LAC N G Monroe. Repaired. With ATS 2SFTS, 27/11/41 aircraft landed wheels up due to engine failure. Pilot was LAC P A Haydon Ser#411779. 12/01/42 aircraft forced landed due to engine failure. Undercarriage pulled to prevent aircraft crashing into trees. Pilot was LAC J McTaggart Ser#405752. Rec 5AD 09/04/42. Rec 7SFTS 20/04/42.Accident 13/07/42 at Swan Hill when aircraft made wheels up landing. Pilot was LAC W D Cottle. Repaired.12/11/42 flown to 1CF. 19/03/43 Rec 7SFTS.25/03/43 Rec at Ansett for service.31/03/43 Rec 7SFTS.19/07/45 into storage.20/03/45 issued to Clyde Engineering for overhaul.30/07/45 held in storage 2AD.30/07/45 Rec 5OTU ex 2AD.26/11/45 Rec 7AD for storage. Cat C 18/07/48.25/05/50 Rec CAC for overhaul.12/02/51 issued 1BTS Point Cook ex CAC. Accident with 1 AFTS [Applied Flying Training School] - Place Six miles west north west Werribee - Date 14 January 1957 - Pilot A312508 T/Plt V. Dyson-Holland. Soc 12/03/57. Conversion to aircraft completed 03/06/57.
    A20-248 CA-8 449 Rec 1AD ex CAC 11/04/41. Rec 2SFTS 27/04/41.Forced landing due to weather 09/05/41.Damaged.Repaired,in service 06/06/41.Aircraft struck ground 26/02/42 during gunnery practice south of Uranquinty aerodrome. Pilot, F/Sgt J O O'Hara killed. Approved for conversion 31/03/42. Records per 2SFTS show : LAC S A Obgorman Ser#405877 as killed in this aircraft 26/02/42 per Sheet 26 A50 2SFTS.
    A20-249 CA-8 450 Rec 17/04/41 1AD ex CAC. Forced landing due to weather 09/05/41.Damaged.Repaired,in service 06/06/41. Accident 07/01/42 forced landing over poor ground 4 miles south of Rosewood. Pilot was F/O K W F Blundell. Repaired. 06/04/42 rec 7SFTS. Mid Air collision 9 miles west of Mathours NSW, on 24/12/42 with A20-344 during practice formation flying. LAC D J Hinsley Ser#410195 killed in A20-249. Pilot of A20-344, LAC G W Williams Ser#410930 killed also. 08/02/43 aircraft issued as scrap.
    A20-250 CA-8
    451 Rec 17/04/41 1AD ex CAC. Rec 2SFTS 30/04/41. 08/09/41 aircraft bogged on landing and nosed over. Pilot was LAC D C Willmott. Repaired 12/09/41.30/03/42 Rec 5SFTS.14/02/43 Rec ANA Airways for service. Rec 01/04/43 5SFTS.15/11/44 Rec Clyde Engineering for overhaul.09/04/45 Rec 2AD ex Ansett via 2AD.Rec 2OTU 08/04/45. Rec 7AD 08/10/45. Storage Cat C 17/08/48. 27/05/51 CAC for overhaul.22/04/52 Rec 1BTFS Uranquinty. Held in storage.
    Transferred to the RAN 30/11/53.
    The aircraft was later struck off charge.
    The aircraft was sold to Lund Aviation Pty Ltd.

    Wirraway A20-250

    A20-251 CA-8 452 Served with 2SFTS at Wagga Wagga NSW. Crashed Wagga Wagga 29/08/41. Crew; LAC G.C.H. Wilkinson and LAC A Slatyer killed.
    A20-252 CA-8 453 ?

    Wirraway A20-252

    A20-253 CA-8 454 ?
    A20-254 CA-8 455 Rec 1AD ex CAC 28/04/41. Issued 2SFTS 06/05/41. Rec 7SFTS 06/04/42. Accident 19/10/43 wheels up landing. 30/08/44 rec 5SFTS and sent to Clyde Engineering for overhaul. Rec 2AD 26/02/45 then 5SFTS Storage. Held Cat C 17/08/48. Rec CAC for overhaul 19/02/52. Rec 1BFTS 12/07/52 ex CAC. Accident 8/12/53 - Pilot T/pilot T Ward A14288 taxied into starting Cart. Repaired. Soc 31/05/57.

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    A20-255 CA-8 456 Rec 1AD ex CAC 24/04/41. In Service with 2SFTS 05/05/41.12/05/41, whilst demonstrating night flying techniques, the aircraft struck its starboard wing tip on landing. Pilot was F/Lt R J Watt and crew was F/O H A Conahgan.16/07/41 aircraft landed short at Wagga hitting boundary fence. Pilot was LAC G B Evans Ser#400791who was not injured. At 0331Hrs 15th February 1942, on night flying sortie, aircraft after take-off after hitting tree with starboard wing and crashing 1.5miles east of Coolamon Rd Relief landing Ground, near Wagga. Pilot, LAC W E Gilmore Ser#8685 was seriously injured. Converted to components 18/03/42.

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    A20-256 CA-8 457 Rec 1AD ex CAC 28/04/41. Issued 2SFTS 06/05/41.Accident 13/05/41 when aircraft wingtip hit ground on landing. Rec 5SFTS 13/04/42. Accident 08/05/42 when engine cutout on take-off, forcing aircraft to land with wheels up. Accident 12/06/45, aircraft on landing with 90degree crosswind had undercarriage collapsed following brake lock up causing damage to mid section, starboard wing and airscrew. Pilot F/Sgt Tuckett Ser#431646 and Instructor F/O K E Clarkson, DFM Ser#408969, both not injured. To Clyde Engineering 23/05/44 for overhaul. 03/01/45 Rec at 5SFTS. Storage Cat C 17/05/48. 06/03/52 Rec at CAC for overhaul. Rec Point Cook 19/09/52.Accident when with 1 AFTS [Applied Flying Training School] - at the southern end of Avalon runway on the 01/06/54 when aircraft tipped on nose. Pilot: PNA(P) A D Howells RAN A49440. Accident with No 1 AFTS [Applied Flying Training School] 27/11/56 when aircraft was damaged on landing. Repaired. Pilot was Flg/Off R A Baddams (041522). 27/06/57 aircraft suffered fuel problems and was forced landed between the Geelong road and rail line some 3 miles west of Werribee Vic. Instructor was F/O Bastin RAAF and Pupil was PNA(P) J R Franklin RAN. Both un-injured. (Photographs attached and Profile). Repaired, held in service 22/12/58. Retired from the RAAF 02/60. The aircraft was sold to the R. H. Grant Trading Company 12/02/60.

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    A20-257 CA-8 458 Rec 1AD ex CAC 29/04/41. In service with CFS 17/05/41. Stayed with CFS for next two years. Accident 08/09/44 when U/C collapsed taxying after landing at Parkes NSW. Pilot was F/Lt A Munroe CFS. Repaired and sent to Point Cook CFS. Placed in storage ex CFS 09/08/46. Authorised to be converted to components 02/09/49. Completed 16/05/50.
    A20-258 CA-8 459 Rec 1AD 28/04/41 ex CAC. In service with 2SFTS 11/05/41.Accident 17/07/41 when struck boundary fence on night landing at Wagga. Pilot was LAC P F Sebire Ser#405026. Repaired. Aircraft destroyed 0920hrs 15/12/41 3 miles near West Tumut when the aircraft hits trees and crashed on hillside. Killed were SGT W A McGrath Ser#403354 and LAC W J Werner Ser#15281. Converted to components 20/01/42.
    A20-259 CA-8 460 Rec 1AD ex CAC 29/04/41. In service with CFS 17/05/41. Stayed with CFS for next two years. Accident 15/12/43 when aircraft swung off runway on landing and suffered a collapsed U/C at Tamworth NSW. Pilot was F/Sgt J Murphy CFS. Repaired and returned to Point Cook CFS. Placed in storage ex CFS 11/02/46 7AD. Approved to be converted to components 13/12/49 at CMU. Completed 19/12/50.
    A20-260 CA-8 461 Rec 1AD ex CAC 30/04/41. In service with CFS 17/05/41. Stayed with CFS for next 4 years with Point Cook CFS. Placed in storage ex CFS 11/02/46 7AD. Approved to be converted to components 13/12/49 at CMU. Completed 19/12/50. No accidents recorded against this aircraft on EE88 Card.
    A20-261 CA-8 462 Rec 1AD ex CAC 30/04/41. In service with 1SFTS 09/05/41. Accident 22/12/41when aircraft landed with U/C retracted at Point Cook. Pilot was LAC P G Sadler Ser#30266.Repaired.Rec 6SFTS 02/03/42. Rec 7SFTS 30/03/42. 07/11/42 landing Accident when wing tip struck ground at Deniliquin. Pilot was Sgt D P Pullen. Repaired.11/07/43 Rec at Clyde Engineering for overhaul. Returned 7SFTS 20/08/43.19/01/45 placed in storage at 7SFTS.Transferred to 5SFTS Storage 13/03/45. 17/08/48 placed in Category C Storage. Converted to components 20/10/51.
    A20-262 CA-8 463 Rec 1AD ex CAC 30/04/41. In service with 1SFTS 09/05/41. Accident 18/06/41, taxying accident with collision with Demon A1-41. Pilot was A/Cpl A Gunson Ser#407436. Other Pilot was Johnston Ser#18800. Repaired. Accident 16/08/41when pilot raised undercarriage too soon on take-off, with aircraft striking airscrew and skidded through boundary fence at Werribee. Pilot was LAC J Horder. Aircraft repaired by Australian National Airways and returned to 1AD on the 18/12/41.Rec 5SFTS 12/01/42. 24/08/42 Rec 2AD for engine change, returned 5SFTS 30/08/42. 14/03/42 to 03/05/42 aircraft issued and Rec at 1 Communication Flight for the personal use of Group Captain Campbell who was on inspection of bases. Rec 5SFTS 03/05/42. Accident 24/01/44 when aircraft collided with A20-279 on landing at Deniliquin. Pilot of A20-279 was F/Sgt V B Buchanan, but pilot of A20-262 not ID'ed. Repaired. 16/04/45 placed in storage 5SFTS.17/08/48 placed in Category C Storage. 02/04/52 allocated DAP for conversion. Completed 12/05/52.
    A20-263 CA-8 464 Rec 1AD ex CAC 30/04/41. In service with 1SFTS Point Cook 09/05/41.Landing accident at Satellite landing ground south of Werribee when aircraft struck a piece of wood damaging airscrew. Pilot was F/O P B Sinnott. Repaired. Rec 5SFTS 13/04/42.Rec Central Flying School 22/03/43. Accident 03/01/45 when aircraft forced to make emergency wheels up landing at Point Cook following engine failure on take-off when it reached 30 feet altitude. Pilot was F/O C H Heard Ser#417637 CFS and passenger F/O W J Hunter Ser#404908 were not injured. Was initially deemed as repairable, but held pending allocation to Clyde Engineering. Issued to Clyde Engineering 25/07/45. Surveyed and deemed not repairable and issued to 2CRD 14/12/45. Passed to DAP for conversion 24/06/48.
    A20-264 CA-8 465 Rec 1AD ex CAC 06/05/41. In service with 1SFTS (Intermediate Training Squadron)16/05/41. Accident 30/05/41 when engine cowl came partially off on take-off from South Werribee. Retired from RAAF service 10/41.Pilots were P/O K N Cooper and A/Cpl H G Brock. No damage but re-fixed. Converted to components. Accident 29/08/41at 0255hrs, Aircraft stalled in circuit and spun in quarter of a mile from Werribee Satellite Ground. Pilot, LAC A W C Morrison Ser#416186 injured. Rec 1AD 06/09/41. converted to components soon after.
    A20-265 CA-8 466 Rec 1AD ex CAC 09/05/41. In service 1SFTS 16/05/41. Rec 6SFTS 06/03/42. Rec 7SFTS 30/03/42. Accident 04/04/42 when aircraft crashed into mountains south of Benalla Vic, near Lima East. Pilots LAC J W Masters Ser#416593 and Sgt M W Sowter Ser#408213 both killed. Converted to components 26/04/42.
    A20-266 CA-8 467 Rec 1AD ex CAC 12/05/41. In service with 1SFTS 23/05/41. Accident when engine failed on take-off. Pilot was LAC W C C Eamends. Indefinitely held for repairs till 01/42. Repaired. Rec 6SFTS 02/03/42. Rec 5SFTS 30/03/42. Accident 28/07/42 when it taxied into a stationary A20-390. Pilot was LAC J Cornish. Not injured. Repaired. Placed into storage 5SFTS 07/02/45. Storm damaged 01/10/46. Placed into Category C Storage 17/08/48. Allocated 1AD detach D Uranquinty. Issued to DAP 02/04/52. Converted to components by 12/05/52.
    A20-267 CA-8 468 Rec 1AD ex CAC 07/05/41. Issued to 1SFTS 14/05/41. Accident 08/06/41 when engine failed at 70 feet on take-off and landed wheels up. Pilot, LAC L G Williams Serv#400854 ok. Repaired at 1AD.Back in service 04/07/41 at 1SFTS.Accident 30/07/41when pilot , LAC G T Holder Serv#401443, held off too long on landing, with starboard wing striking ground. No injury. Repaired. Accident 11/08/41 when pilot, again LAC L G Williams Serv#400854 taxied aircraft into soft ground, causing the airscrew to strike ground. Repaired. Rec 5SFTS 06/04/42. Accident 12/06/42 when aircraft struck mast on take-off causing damage to airscrew and cowl with aircraft landing wheels up. Pilot, LAC R O Boxall un-injured. Repaired. Issued to Clyde Engineering 02/03/45 for overhaul. Rec 2AD ex Clyde on 02/07/45. Issued to 5SFTS.Rec AAGS 29/07/45. In storage 06/11/45. Rec 7AD 19/02/46. Category C Storage 17/08/48.08/09/49 aircraft issued to CAC for overhaul. Rec 1AD ex CAC 16/12/49. Issued and Rec 25Sqn CAF 19/01/50.Accident 30/11/52 Details unknown apart from running out of fuel and force landed on navigation flight from Pearce WA. Repaired. Accident at Pearce on 07/06/56 when aircraft on landing with cross wind, departed runway and struck starboard wing tip. - Pilot: Flg/Off F T Collins (022218). Repaired. Accident 27/11/58 when on landing, port wing struck runway. Repaired and sent to Det 1 1AD on the 02/02/59. Place for disposal with D of A 21/05/59. The aircraft was sold to the R. H. Grant Trading Company 09/12/59. Delivered 12/02/60.

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    A20-268 CA-8 469 Rec 1AD ex CAC 09/05/41. Rec 1SFTS Point Cook 12/05/41. Mid -Air collision with A20-269 09.35hrs 02/08/41 some 2 miles east from You Yans. LAC M Maguire Ser#401137 (Pilot) and LAC H G Brock Serv# 407779 (Passenger) in A20-268. LAC C Fallon Serv# 407785 (Pilot) and LAC DJ D Hill Serv#407792 (Passenger) in A20-269. Both aircraft collided when changing position in formation. Maguire, Fallon and Hill survived by parachuting to safety. LAC H G Brock Serv# 407779 was incapacitated and killed in subsequent crash of A20-268.Maguire suffered from shock and a hand injury. Crew of A20-269 suffered bruises and abrasions. Converted to components at 1AD 16/08/41.
    A20-269 CA-8 470 Rec 1AD ex CAC 12/05/41. Issued 1SFTS Point Cook 18/05/41.Mid -Air collision with A20-268 09.35hrs 02/08/41 some 2 miles east from You Yans. LAC C Fallon Serv# 407785 (Pilot) and LAC DJ D Hill Serv#407792 (Passenger) in A20-269. LAC M Maguire Ser#401137 (Pilot) and LAC H G Brock Serv# 407779 (Passenger) in A20-268. Both aircraft collided when changing position in formation. Maguire, Fallon and Hill survived by parachuting to safety. Crew of A20-269 suffered bruises and abrasions. Maguire suffered from shock and a hand injury. LAC H G Brock Serv# 407779 was incapacitated and killed in subsequent crash of A20-268.Converted to components at 1AD 16/08/41.
    A20-270 CA-8 471 Rec 14/05/41 1AD ex CAC. Issued to 1SFTS Point Cook 18/05/41. Accident 28/08/41 when port main undercarriage partly hung up causing aircraft to veer left on landing when pot main collapsed on landing at Point Cook. Pilot, LAC R I Rogers Serv#401463 un-injured. Repaired. Rec 6SFTS 02/03/42. Re-issued and Rec 5SFTS 30/03/42.14/02/43 Rec ANA for overhaul. Rec 5SFTS 19/04/43. Into storage ex 5SFTS 5/45. Category C Storage 17/08/48. Allocated for spares recovery 1AD 30/10/51 Converted to components.
    A20-271 CA-8 472 Rec 1AD ex CAC 14/05/41. Issued to 1SFTS Point Cook 16/05/41. Rec 6SFTS 02/03/42. Accident 19/03/42 when undercarriage hung up with starboard leg 90% down only. Collapsed on landing causing aircraft to veer and swing on landing at Mallala. Pilot, F/O A R Mac Pherson Serv#402529 6SFTS was not injured. Issued and Rec 2AD for repairs 13/07/42. Rec Air Armament and Gas School 02/10/42. Accident 22/06/43 when mooring pegs failed causing A20-182 to strike A20-271 aircraft whilst stationary during severe squall. Repaired. 07/03/46 Rec at 7AD ex AAGS, for Storage. Category C storage 17/08/48. Disposed from RAAF Storage 13/01/56. The aircraft was sold to L & M Newman 22/05/56.
    A20-272 CA-8 473 Rec 1AD ex CAC 15/05/41. Issued to 1SFTS Point Cook 18/05/41. Accident 1630hrs, 20/06/41 when aircraft crashed at Moroco West 23 miles south-east Deniliquin. Crew: F/O W G Woods (Pilot) and LAC W T Northway Serv#401460 both killed. Aircraft totally destroyed. Converted to components 03/07/41.
    A20-273 CA-8 474 Rec 1AD ex CAC 22/05/41. Used by 1AD for trials work for AT10 and AR14 Radios. Rec 7SFTS 05/09/41. Accident 18/12/41, when at 600 ft engine cut out forcing pilot, F/O A W G Gilbert to force land in paddock. No damage. Accident 04/10/43 when A20-287, piloted by LAC A Harrison taxied into a stationary A20-273 at Bradley Field. Minor repairs. Rec 09/10/44 at Station Headquarters Flight, Canberra. Issued to and Rec Point Cook Storage 06/09/45.Rec 07/03/46 at 7AD for storage. Category C storage 17/08/48. Disposed from RAAF Storage 30/10/51. Converted to components 31/12/51.
    A20-274 CA-8 475 Rec 1AD ex CAC 22/05/41. Issued to 1SFTS Point Cook 27/05/41.Rec 5SFTS 06/04/42. 15/12/42 issued to CAC for mods. Rec 5SFTS ex CAC 02/01/43. Rec 5 Sqn 26/01/43.Coded BF-E June 1943. Accident 1045hrs AEST 08/08/43 at Mareeba Strip the aircraft on take-off aircraft swung to port as tail lifted off. Despite correction, the aircraft continued to swing causing left leg to shear off, causing port wing to strike and dig into strip, resulting in the aircraft then having its right leg collapse, with the aircraft now on its belly, continued to slide on its belly. Both crew were un-injured: Pilot was F/O R A H Guyot Serv#412133 and Navigator was F/Sgt E P Hayward Serv#34890, both of 5Sqn. Rec 12RSU 23/08/43. Rec 13ARD for repairs 14/10/43.Repaired, and re-issued to 5Sqn 11/10/44 as reserve. No further details except fate:17/01/46 approval given to convert to components.
    A20-275 CA-8 476 Rec 1AD ex CAC 22/05/41. Issued to 1SFTS Point Cook 27/05/41.Accident 03/11/41, when pupil, who was under night hood, advanced throttle, without releasing brakes and placed aircraft on nose damaging airscrew. Pilot was Sgt T W Penn Serv# 407908. Repaired. Rec 7SFTS 04/05/42. Accident 1420hrs 27/01/44 when aircraft was on cross country navigation exercise, crashed 6 miles N E of Violet Town. Pilot was LAC A Watkins Serv#435058 who was seriously injured. Rec by Clyde Engineering 27/03/44 for overhaul and repairs. Retruned to service 4/10/44 to 2AP.Issued and Rec by 54Sqn RAF 16/10/44.Rec 7RSU ex 54Sqn RAF 17/11/44 for service. Returned 54Sqn RAF 23/11/44.Rec 7AD ex 54Sqn RAF 08/10/45.Category C storage 17/08/48. 21/10/49 upgraded to Category B at 1AD.Rec CAC for overhaul 08/11/49.Rec Point Cook 24/04/50. Held Category B at Point Cook Base Sqn. 21/06/54 Rec Det 1B 1AD for storage. Retired from RAAF service 05/56. The aircraft was sold to L & M Newman 22/05/56.
    A20-276 CA-8 477 Rec 22/05/41 1AD ex CAC. Issued 1SFTS 27/05/41. Accident 06/10/41 when engine caught on fire during flight. Aircraft made emergency wheels up landing. Pilot was LAC D E Bond Serv#416143 who was un-injured. Repaired at 1AD. Rec 1SFTS 12/02/42. Rec 2 OTU Mildura 27/07/42. Accident 27/09/42 when aircraft was struck by petrol tanker whilst stationary at Mildura. Damage to port mainplane. Repaired. Accident 08/09/43 when aircraft ground looped on landing due to jamming of flap lever. Pilot was F/O Waddy. Repaired. Rec 7SFTS 06/12/43. Rec AAGS 23/05/44. Rec 7AD ex CMU Nhill 22/01/46. 17/08/48 Category C storage. Offered for disposal 22/01/56. The aircraft was sold to L & M Newman 22/05/56.Picture held on trailer.

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    A20-277 CA-8 478 Rec 1AD ex CAC 23/05/41. In service 1SFTS 30/05/41.Accident 05/09/41 when engine failed on take-off. Aircraft landed wheels up in paddock, killing 6 sheep. Pilot , LAC Oldrenshaw Serv#416062 was no injured. Repaired. Accident 1630hrs 11/12/41, when aircraft sufferd engine failure and landed safely at Werribee satellite field. Pilot was LAC B W Taber Serv# 412280 ITS. Rec 6SFTS 02/03/42. Re-issued and Rec 5SFTS 30/03/42.Rec 2OTU 17/01/43. Accident mid air collision1400hrs 21/01/43.Whilst in a Section mock combat exercise some three miles from Mildura, the aircraft was struck by A20-349 piloted by P/O G.E. Taffe at about 7,000 ft causing tail of A20-277 to break away completely sending both aircraft crashing out of control. Crew; SGT John Michael David Ryan Serv#414139 (Pilot) killed& FLTLT J S Menzies Serv#816 (Instructor) survived after baling out of aircraft. Both crew of A20-349, P/O G E Taffe and Sgt A F Bates Serv#413510 killed. Both aircraft complete Write-offs
    A20-278 CA-8 479 Rec 1AD ex CAC 23/05/41. In service 1SFTS 30/05/41. Rec 7SFTS 04/05/42. Rec 7SFTS Storage 19/01/45. Issued and Rec 5SFTS Storage 07/03/45.08/11/48 allocated to CMU for Category C storage at Tocumwal. 30/10/51 allocated to Det 1 1AD at Uranquinty for conversion and disposal.
    A20-279 CA-8 480 Rec 1AD ex CAC 27/05/41.In service with 1SFTS 06/06/41. Accident 14.15hrs 16/06/411.5 miles south of Rockbank Beam Station when aircraft was practicing spins, engine cut out at 4000feet. Pilot made emergency wheels down landing in field damaging starboard wheel and port wheel rim. Pilot; Corporal W J Basey Serv#407613 not injured. Repaired. Accident 04/08/41 damaged starboard wing tip during high cross wind landing(25-30 mphs) at Point Cook. Pilot; F/Lt Meehan not injured. Repaired. Rec 5SFTS 06/04/42.Accident 24/01/44 when A20-279 collided on landing with A20-262 at Deniliquin. Pilot of A20-279 was F/Sgt V B Buchanan 5SFTS, but pilot of A20-262 not ID'ed as aircraft was suspected being un-manned at time. Rec 5AD 05/02/44 for survey. Rec Clyde Engineering 14/03/44 for survey and repair. Repaired and Rec 2AP 05/10/44.Rec 78 F Sqn RAAF 24/10/44. Accident with 78 F Sqn Noemfoor March/April 1945. Rec 5RSU 24/04/45 ex 78 F Sqn RAAF. Aircraft shipped as deck cargo to RSU and found that corrosion present. Converted to components 24/09/45.
    A20-280 CA-8 481 Rec 1AD ex CAC 30/05/41. In service with 1SFTS Point Cook 06/06/41. Rec 7SFTS 04/05/42. Accident 06/11/43 when aircraft stalled on landing at Deniliquin, NSW. Aircraft ended on back. Pilot was LAC J P Somerville Serv#428176.Issued to ANA Parafield for repairs 01/02/44.Repaired.Rec 1AD 19/12/44. Allocated to 79Sqn F RAAF. Canc. Still at 1AD 13/02/45. Rec 5SFTS 26/02/45. To storage 5SFTS 05/03/45.08/11/48 allocated to CMU for Category C storage at Tocumwal.31/01/51 issued to Det 1 1AD Uranquinty. Issued to CAC for overhaul 07/01/52. Rec CAC 09/02/52. Rec 1BSTS Point Cook ex CAC 04/07/52. Accident 29/04/53 when aircraft had emergency landing due to partial engine failure at Belfrayden satellite Field. Repaired. Accident 25/01/54 when with 1 BFTS [Basic Flying Training School] Uranquinty airfield Pilot: T/pilot J A Duross A28246 damaged port wing and starboard flap on landing. Repaired. Accident 24/03/55 when aircraft was damaged on wheels up landing at Point Cook. Centre section and main plane damage.19/07/55 airframe allocated to Det B 1AD at Tocumwal for conversion to components. Transferred 02/08/56.
    A20-281 CA-8 482 Rec 1AD ex CAC 02/06/41. In service 1SFTS Point Cook 06/06/41. Rec 06/04/42 at 5SFTS. Accident 22/05/42 when engine quit at 1000feet forcing pilot, Sgt G F Tucker Serv#403887 to make emergency wheels up landing near Uranquinty. To Clyde Engineering 02/08/42 for repairs and overhaul. Repaired. Rec 5SFTS 26/08/42.Accident 09/09/43 when aircraft made landing with undercarriage retracted at Uranquinty. Pilot; LAC E C Pollard not injured. Repaired.10/10/45 transferred to 5SFTS Storage.08/11/48 allocated to CMU for Category C storage at Tocumwal. 31/10/51 allocated to Det B for conversion to components.
    A20-282 CA-8 483 Rec 1AD ex CAC 01/06/41. In service 1SFTS Point Cook 06/06/41. Accident 20/07/41at Werribee at night on landing when engine stalled and port wing tip struck ground. Pilot was Sgt E L Haffner. Repaired. Rec 6SFTS 01/03/42. Rec 7SFTS 04/05/42. Accident 0041hrs 23/01/43 when on take-off engine failed at Bradley's Field at night. Aircraft forced landed causing damaged to main plane and fuselage. Required new starboard wing. Pilot was LAC K N Martin Serv#421357 who was not injured. Issued Ansett 15/06/43 for repairs. Rec 7SFTS 07/07/43.Rec 5SFTS ex 7SFTS 15/06/44. Rec Clyde Engineering for overhaul 28/02/45. Rec 2AD ex Clyde 11/06/45. Issued and Rec NEIAF Pool 03/07/45.Returned to RAAF 25/09/45, then into storage at 5SFTS 15/10/45.08/11/48 allocated to CMU for Category C storage at Tocumwal. Rec CAC for overhaul 18/07/50. Rec Point Cook Base Unit and held Cat B storage 11/05/51.22/02/54 held reserve Cat C at Tocumwal. Scrapped 31/05/57 at Tocumwal.
    A20-283 CA-8 484 Prior to acceptance, sent to Melbourne Town Hall (MTH)for display (Photograph held) Rec 1AD ex CAC MTH 05/07/41. Held at 1AD till 23/1/41. Rec 1 ATS. Rec SHQ Flight Richmond NSW 04/05/42.Rec Armament School 02/10/42.Accident 08/01/43 Aircraft stalled on turn and crashed into ground from 100ft. The Accident report actually reports three persons: Crew; SGT D.R. Ramsay Serv#409223 & SGT R.B.D. Shield Serv#23256. Additionally Sgt S P Fogarty Serv#8149 was also injured. Aircraft was carrying one passenger and last named was injured on the ground when aircraft he was working on, Demon A1-1 was damaged by wreckage. Demon A1-1 was extensively damaged. A20-283 was Rec 1AD 21/01/43. Converted to components by 26/07/43.
    A20-284 CA-8 485 Rec 1AD ex CAC 3/06/41. Held for Armour plate trials. Rec 5 Sqn RAAF 12/07/41. Returned to 1AD for fitting of S F Hood over rear crew station. . Returned 5Sqn RAAF 16/08/41 de-modified. Accident 2040hrs AEST, 28/10/42 when aircraft stalled on night time landing at Toowoomba Qld. Pilot; P/O J W H Thorncraft and WAG Sgt H J Roberts Serv#13737 both killed. Wreckage Rec 3AD Amberley 03/11/42. Converted to components 10/12/42.
    A20-285 CA-8 486 Rec 1AD ex CAC 07/06/41. Presentation Wirraway funded by the Licensed Victualler's and Allied Industries War Material Fund of South Australia for 5000.00pounds. Plaque, reading "Presented by the Hotelkeepers and Allied Trades of South Australia" placed on rear crew cockpit port fuselage. Rec 5 Sqn RAAF 29/06/41. Accident 11/03/42 when aircraft braked suddenly to avoid obstruction whilst taxying to runway at Laverton, causing aircraft to tip on nose damaging airscrew. Pilot, P/O A Miller-Randle not injured. Accident 22/02/43 when aircraft made forced landing near Kingaroy. Pilot was F/O Olorenshaw 5 Sqn negligible damaged, repaired in Unit. Coded 5Sqn Coded BF-F 06/43. On the 16th July 1943, a further mishap occurred when F/O S R Carter was making a landing at Mareeba with a strong cross wind, when the aircraft veered across the strip and struck a dirt mound. Damage to the aircraft was confined to a bent airscrew and a damaged port wing tip. It would be repaired by Squadron maintenance personnel. Rec 7SFTS 27/10/43. To Cat C storage 19/01/45. To Strategic Storage Point Cook 28/04/45. Ret to service with CFS 06/05/45.Rec into storage 7AD 11/02/46. Category C storage 17/08/48 at Tocumwal, stored in Aircraft Hanger #131. Disposal 22/05/56 to L & M Newman by sale. Refer ADF-Serial Newsletter Story 2007.
    A20-286 CA-8 487 Rec 1AD ex CAC 10/06/41. Allocated 5Sqn 17/06/41. Rec 10/08/41 5Sqn RAAF after several problems experienced and repaired at 1AD. Accident 04/10/41 at Laverton when on landing, starboard wingtip struck ground causing aircraft to rest on nose. Pilot was P/O I E Crossing 5Sqn RAAF. Repaired. Accident 13/11/41 when aircraft swung to left and ground looped on landing at Deniliquin. Repaired. Accident 27/08/42 at Rockhampton QLD when P/O D J Unkles force landed the aircraft. Collected by 12RSU on the 28/08/42. Repaired. Accident 1600hrs 14/04/43 when aircraft made forced landing in field due to engine failure at Quinslow, QLD. Wheels and flap down landing, but overshot field into stumps, slightly injuring both crew: P/O F Masson Serv#408693 and Sgt F N Oswell Serv#12670 of 5Sqn. Rec 3AD 19/04/43. Forwarded to Clyde Engineering for re-build with airframe arriving there on the 11/06/43. Rec 2AP ex Clyde 04/02/44. Rec 548 F Sqn RAF 06/02/44. Rec ex 548 F Sqn RAF at 7RSU 03/06/44 for 40Hr Service and held. Flown Darwin Civil 28/07/44 for VHF radio fit. Rec 548 F Sqn RAF ex 7RSU 22/07/44.Rec 7RSU ex 548 F Sqn RAF 08/04/45.Rec 8OTU 01/05/45.Accident 12/06/45 Parkes NSW when on landing, brake failure and locked tailwheel resulted in ground loop causing U/C collapse. Pilot was F/Sgt W C Tuckett Serv#431656 not injured. Allocated Clyde Engineering 21/06/45. Approval given to convert to components 06/03/46. 22/11/48 conversion not actioned and airframe was passed to DAP for disposal.
    A20-287 CA-8 488 Rec 1AD 06/06/41 ex CAC. Allocated to 5Sqn. Cancelled 19/06/41. Rec 5Sqn 10/08/41.Accident 12/02/42 when tyre blew out on landing at Laverton damaging port oleo. Pilot was P/O E A Staley Serv#401679 5Sqn RAAF. Repaired. Accident 12/05/42 when aircraft forced landed some 5 miles north west of Laverton Aerodrome causing damage to port and starboard wing tops and further damage to undercarriage when aircraft ran through four fences. Crew were P/O C W Frees and LAC McKensie 5Sqn RAAF. Repaired 1AD. Rec 7SFTS 27/07/42. Accident 06/10/43 when piloted by LAC A Harrison taxied into a stationary A20-273 at Bradley Field. Minor repairs. Placed in IR storage 19/01/45. Rec AGS 11/04/45. Taxy accident at western end of tarmac when F/Sgt Breen collided with refueling unit. Minimum damage. Repaired. Placed in AGS Storage 14/11/45. 10/07/47 rec CMU. Category C Storage 17/08/48. Approval for conversion to stores 30/12/51. 04/12/51 Rec 1AD ex 1Ad Det B Tocumbal. Issued for conversion 17/12/51.
    A20-288 CA-8 489 Rec 1AD ex CAC 10/06/41.Held 1AD for airworthy work. Rec 5 Sqn RAAF 10/08/41.Accident 03/03/42 engine caught on fire at Laverton when starting engine. Slight damage. Pilot was Sgt Whitecross Serv#405433. Repaired. Accident 1645hrs AEST 28/09/42 when aircraft stalled in turn and dived into ground at Croydon, Victoria. Burned out. Killing P/O R H Wilkinson Serv#408130 and F/Sgt James Raymond Close Serv#26784 of 5Sqn RAAF.
    A20-289 CA-8 490 Rec 1AD ex CAC 14/06/41. Rec 5Sqn RAAF 16/08/41. Accident 1100 hrs12/06/43 at Mareeba when aircraft stalled in steep turn and crashed. The crew were P/OFF Frank Lawrence Panton Serv#37589 and SGT Gordon Francis Blanch Serv#420837(or #420817). Both lost their lives in this accident. Converted to components 06/07/43. Aircraft was from B Flight.
    A20-290 CA-8 491 Rec 1AD ex CAC 16/06/41. Rec 23Sqn RAAF 06/09/41.Two RAAF Wirraways, A20-100 and A20-290 of 23 Squadron RAAF, from Archerfield airfield in Brisbane collided over Thornlands near Cleveland on 13 February 1942 during a practice of air fighting tactics. Debris from the two aircraft fell over the local school and cemetery and onto the shores of Moreton Bay. Four airmen were killed Sergeant Gordon Henry Williams (pilot) Sergeant George Arthur Ross Hardy (pilot) Sergeant Alan Charles Lord Sergeant Frank Stanley Pledge died. SOC 13/03/42.
    A20-291 CA-8 492 Rec 1AD ex CAC 16/06/41. Rec 25Sqn RAAF 10/08/41. Accident 19/01/42 at Albany when both a stationary A20-291 and A20-185 were struck by metal fragments from Hudson A16-104 when it crashed, caught on fire and then exploded. A20-291 received minor fabric damage, whilst A20-185 numerous holes and damage to engine manifold and cowl. Repaired. Accident 10/09/42 at Pearce when aircraft crash landed after port leg failed to lock causing damage to port mainplane and airscrew. Crew was Sgt R T Knight Serv#401800 and Sgt N F Auldous Serv#16806 25Sqn RAAF. Repaired. Accident 06/04/43 when aircraft was taxied into concrete mooring. Was struck by the wing of A20-114 01/07/43 during a night flying approach. Repaired. Rec 7SFTS 26/07/43. Rec Point Cook Storage 28/04/45. Rec CFS 25/06/45.Rec 7AD 11/02/46. Category C Storage 17/08/48.04/07/52 held at Tocumwal. Sold to 22/05/56 to L & M Newmans Pty Ltd.
    A20-292 CA-8 493 Rec 1AD ex CAC 18/06/41.Rec 5Sqn RAAF 16/08/41.Accident 1500hrs 16/08/42 when aircraft made forced landing after engine failure near Toowoomba QLD. Extensively damaged in wheels up landing. Crew was P/O E A Staley Serv#401679 5Sqn RAAF (Slightly injured) and LAC T J Young Serv#19344.Rec 3AD 20/03/42. Repaired. Rec 5Sqn 23/10/42.Coded BF-L 2/43. Allocated 7SFTS ex 5Sqn 01/10/43. Still with 5Sqn RAAF, accident on a flight from Garbut to Mareeba. Smoke and fumes emitted from starboard exhaust, with engine loosing power. Crew elected to make a wheels down landing immediately after finding suitable spot near Bilyana Nth Qld. After landing, struck ditch and mound causing undercarriage to break off. Heavily damaged. Crew was F/O J A Stevens Serv#413604 and Navigator was F/O J G R Smith Serv#405984.Rec 23/10/43 by 13ARD.Issued to Clyde Engineering 13/07/44 ex 13ARD.Rec 2AP ex Clyde Engineering 29/01/45. Rec 548Sqn RAF 03/03/45. Accident 06/08/45 when on starting, engine caught on fire. Repaired.04/10/45 Rec 7AD ex 548Sqn RAF. Flown to storage by F/Lt B Tainton Serv#40209 and Sgt R M Glastonbury Serv#26200 on the 09/10/45 ex Darwin via Port Pirie. Category C Storage 17/08/48. Rec CAC for rebuild, 25/09/51. Rec ex CAC to 1BFTS Point Cook 07/04/52. Accident Uranquinty airfield - 27/06/52 when aircraft on go around stalled and damaged wingtip. Pilot was T/P B G AbrahamsA37551 and instructor F/Lt J Maguire Serv# 02219. Repaired. Accident Uranquinty airfield - Date: 30 November 1954 - Pilot: S A Narkowicz A49945. Accident 6 miles NE [North East] Lockhart NSW - Date: 5 March 1956 - Pilot: F/Sgt B Millis A37580 Instructor, T/Plt G E Perret A53905 Trainee. Retired from RAAF service 05/56. The aircraft was sold to L & M Newman. Scrapped 23/06/57.
    A20-293 CA-8 494 Rec 1AD ex CAC 18/06/41.Rec 7SFTS 11/07/41.Accident 03/01/42 when engine suffered oil pressure loss and made wheels down landing. During landing roll, pilot pulled undercarriage up to halt speed and to avoid trees. Pilot was LAC E M Hughes Serv#408847. Repaired. Accident 04/06/42 when aircraft struck fence. Leading edge damaged. Repaired. Accident 0800hrs 27/05/43 with the aircraft crashing some 5 miles east of Finley. Pilot, LAC G M Fowles Serv# 417827 killed. Wreckage recovered to 7AD and converted to components 19/06/43.
    A20-294 CA-8 495 Rec 1AD ex CAC 20/06/41. Rec 7SFTS 11/07/41. Rec 2AD for engine change 22/06/42. Rec 7SFTS 30/06/42. Rec CFS 03/07/44. Issued to Clyde Engineering for overhaul 28/08/44. Rec 2AD ex Clyde 15/01/45. Rec 549 F Sqn RAF Darwin 21/01/45. Accident 04/02/45 at Darwin when on landing aircraft crashed. Pilot was F/O R W Shepherd RAF Sqn Radio code Bathmat #26 with 549Sqn RAF. Rec 7RSU ex 549Sqn RAF 05/02/45.Rec 8CRD for conversion to components 03/04/45.
    A20-295 CA-8 496 Rec 1AD 22/06/41 ex CAC. Rec 7SFTS 11/07/41. Accident 20/01/42 landing accident Deniliquin NSW. Minor damage to port wingtip. Pilot was LAC K F Bailey Serv#408497. On the 03/03/44 A20-74 was being taxied by LAC M. Martin struck Wirraway A20-295 which was stationary. Repaired. Placed into storage 7SFTS 19/01/45. Issued to Clyde Engineering for overhaul 26/02/45.Rec 2AD ex Clyde 04/06/45. Rec 8OTU 27/06/45. Rec 7AD storage 26/11/45. Category C Storage 17/08/48. Rec CAC 18/05/50 for overhaul. Rec 1BFTS 06/02/51. Accident 22/06/53 with 1BFTS . Issued to 1AD 10/07/52. SOC 31/05/57.
    A20-296 CA-8 497 Rec 1AD ex CAC 22/06/41. Rec 7SFTS 11/07/41. Accident 1600hrs 26/01/42 when aircraft suffered engine failure, and forced landed at Deniliquin NSW. Pilot was LAC J A McLachlan Serv#412260. Repaired. Accident 19/05/42 at Wandook satellite Field when aircraft overran strip. Pilot was LAC D J Clarke. Repaired. Rec 07/09/42 at Richmond Station Flight. Rec 452 F Sqn RAAF 28/09/42. Rec 7SFTS ex 452 F Sqn RAAF 16/12/42. Rec Parachute Training Unit (PTU) 24/12/42. Rec 5SFTS storage ex PTU 29/10/45. Rec CMU Tocumwal 08/11/48. Category C Storage. Sold 22/05/56 to L&M Newmans Pty Ltd.
    A20-297 CA-8 498 Rec 1AD ex CAC 26/06/41. Rec 7SFTS 11/07/41. Rec Richmond SHQ Flight 30/08/42. Rec 457 F Sqn RAAF 21/09/42. Rec 7SFTS ex 457 F Sqn RAAF 30/11/42. Accident 04/03/43 when aircraft ran out of fuel on night flying exercise. Force landed and extensively damaged 3 miles west of Bendigo, Victoria. Repaired. Accident 05/09/43 at Bradley's Satellite Field when student bounced and applied brakes too harsh, resulting aircraft to flip on back. Pilot was LAC Raysom. Repaired. Rec AGS 17/01/45. Accident 26/02/45 when aircraft struck tree with mainplane 4 miles North West of Hambrok Satillite Field, near West Sale. Pilot was F/Sgt G Thornton Serv#431341. Mainplanes sent to Clyde Engineering for repair. Assembly of aircraft after repaired mainplanes by AGS. Repaired by 28/08/45. Into Storage CMU Tocumwal 11/11/47. Held Category C Storage 17/08/48.31/10/51 aircraft allocated to 1AD for conversion to stores. Completed 17/12/51.
    A20-298 CA-8 499 Rec 1AD ex CAC 24/06/41. Rec 7SFTS 05/09/41. Accident 1.45hrs 19/04/43 when aircraft stalled approximately 30feet during precautionary landing with port wing striking the ground heavily. Pilot was LAC W L Liebhardt Serv#419658. Rec 7AD ex 7SFTS 26/04/43. Stored. 22/05/44 Approval to convert to components.
    A20-299 CA-8 500 Rec 24/06/41 1AD ex CAC. Rec 7SFTS 05/07/41. Accident 03/01/42 aircraft landed with undercarriage fully up by accident at Wandook satellite Field. P/O J C Ames was not injured. Repaired. Accident 09/03/42 at Warbanccan NSW when A20-299 tyre blue out on taxying, swerved and struck A20-301 damaging front cowl of A20-299. Pilot of A20-299 was F/O R A Stott. Repaired. Accident 30/10/43 near main aerodrome extension at Deniliquin when aircraft overshot flare path. Pilot attempted go around but stalled at 30feet and forced landed. Repaired. Accident 0225hrs 24/12/43 when crashed on take-off at Bradleys Satellite Field. Pilot, LAC A B Charters Serv#436266 killed. Rec 7AD ex 7SFTS 30/12/43 for conversion to components. Approved to convert 12/01/44.
    A20-300 CA-8 501 Rec 1 AD ex CAC 25/06/41.Used in Harness trials by 1AD. Accident 15/04/42 when aircraft was touching down at Woolamanatta landing Ground, starboard wing struck ground, causing undercarriage to collapse. Damage to both main planes and underside of aircraft. Pilot was Sgt K F Sommerville 1AD.Repaired at 1AD. Allocated to 9 Communication Unit 16/05/44. Cancelled 08/06/44 when aircraft suffered engine fire at Laverton prior to taxying. Pilot was F/O D D Mc Cord Serv#408096 who was un-injured. Fire extinguisher used at first, but fire put out by foam from Fire Tender. Repaired by 1AD. Transferred to 1AD TPTF 13/07/44.Rec 7AD Storage 16/10/45. Category C Storage 17/08/48. Held at Tocumwal Cat C until 01/07/54. Approval to be converted to components 25/02/55. The remains were sold to L & M Newman 22/05/56.

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    Source: Australia/Townsville at War Website, Australian Aviation Magazine, Australian Aviation Annual 2001/2002, National Archives, Flightpath Magazine, Glory in Chaos, RAAF Wirraway Accident Data Cards, Darwins Air War, CASA Aircraft Records, Australian War Memorial Website and Photographs, Tom Trimble, Logbook of Roy F Goon.

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