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RAN A17 de Havilland DH.82 Tiger Moth

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RNZAF NZ1485 painted as A17-692 
Richmond Air Show 
In silver scheme before 07/2003 crash
Photo Ian McDonell


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de Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth in RAN Service
Aircraft.Serial C/N Aircraft History
A17-382 DHA423 RAAF history to be researched.
30/03/1948 Re-Sold by CDC to Hire or Fly Yourself Air Services Pty Ltd (326 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne) for
08/09/1948 Sale cancelled.
27/09/1948 Withdrawn from CDC to be held Cat "D" storage pending further advice,
31/10/1948 Approved for free transfer to RAN,
??/??/1948 Transferred to RAN.

Sold to an Aero Club in 1958?
A17-540 DHA975 20/06/1942 Received 2 AD ex de Havilland,
13/07/1942 Issued 1 AOS ex 2 AD,
27/07/1942 At 1 AOS,
02/09/1942 Allotted 8 EFTS ex 1 AOS,
06/09/1942 Received 8 EFTS ex 1 AOS,
09/11/1942 Allotted to de Havillands, Mascot ex 8 EFTS,
14/11/1944 Issued
to de Havillands, Mascot ex 8 EFTS,
12/01/1945 Airframe and components being doped.
09/02/1945 Undergoing AID inspection,
??/02/1945 Being prepared for RAAF acceptance,
06/03/1945 Received 2 AD ex de Havillands,
06/03/1945 Allotted 1 AOS (Stored reserve at 2 AD),
06/09/1945 Arranged for inspection to de Havillands, settlement of claim for aircaft destroyed,
08/09/1945 Received 1 AOS Stored Reserve ex 2 AD,
07/09/1945 To be issued on loan to
(name?) N.S.W. Aero Club in full settlement of claim for A/C destroyed.
10/09/1945 Issued on loan to (name?) ex CMU,
18/09/1945 A/C will be available to your club under agreement with you. tiger moths have not yet been offered to Diposals Commission.
19/09/1945 Arrange immediate issue "Hood Blind Flying" to Royal Aero Club, Mascot, NSW for use in Tiger Moth A/C.
24/09/1945 Complete and blind flying hood being handed over to royal Aero Club.
17/06/1947 Crashed Rosebery NSW?
To RAN December 1948?
Further details sought.
A17-692 DHA839 Originally built for Rhodesia as DX781, (not taken up).
24/11/1943 Brought on charge & issued to de Havillands for re-conditioning and current modifications 2 AP.
05/02/1943 received 2 AP ex de Havillands.
07/02/1943 Allotted 5 EFTS (
Narromine) ex 2 AP.
07/02/1943 Issued 5 EFTS ex 2 AP.
09/02/1943 Received 5 EFTS ex 2 AP.
Allotted 10 EFTS (Temora) ex 5 EFTS.
Received 10 EFTS ex 5 EFTS.
24/01/1945 Alloted 10 EFS Reserve
Transferred Reserve Equipment.
04/04/1945 Transferred Reserve Equipment.
Held 10 EFTS Storage.
20/04/1945 Allotted 10 EFTS U/E ex 10 EFTS Storage.

23/04/1945 Issued
Allotted 10 EFTS U/E ex 10 EFTS Storage.
23/04/1945 Received Allotted 10 EFTS U/E ex 10 EFTS Storage.
29/06/1945 Allotted 10 EFTS Storage Reserve ex 10 EFTS U/E.
20/08/1945 Transferred to 10 EFTS Storage Reserve ex 10 EFTS U/E.

01/01/1946 Storage completed Cat "D" under cover.
29/07/1946 Stored Cat "C".
??/10/1946 Allotted 2 AD ex CMD Temora Store.
20/10/1947 Received 2 AD ex CMD Temora.
02/06/1948 Upgraded to Category "B" and allotted to CFS (East Sale) ex 2 AD.
21/06/1948 Issued CFS ex 2 AD.
01/07/1948 Received
CFS ex 2 AD.
17/08/1948 Required for post war use to be stored in Category "B".
03/08/1950 Allotted RAAF S/R East Sale.
09/02/1951 Held U/S R/S East Sale.
23/02/1951 Stored East Sale.
20/04/1951 U/S East Sale

04/07/1951 Serviceable.
04/07/1951 Required for post war use, to be stored in Category "B".
18/03/1952 Allotted 1 BFTS (Uranquinty) ex East Sale for U/E.
26/03/1952 Issued 1 BFTS ex East Sale.
28/03/1952 Received 1 BFTS ex East Sale.
18/09/1952 Awaiting spares at 1 BFTS.
14/11/1952 Serviceable at 1 BFTS.
16/02/1953 Unserviceable at 1 BFTS.
06/03/1953 Held Serviceable at 1 BFTS.
Held Serviceable at 1 BFTS.
25/06/1953 Held serviceable at 1 BFTS. Allotted 1 AD Det "B' Tocumwal for "C" storage.
25/11/1953 to be offered for disposal - not to be converted to components - may only be sold to responsible organisations within Australia or its territories from which it could be impressed.
08/02/1954 Not now to be offered for disposal.
23/02/1954 Required for free issue to RAN.

30/03/1954 Transferred as free issue to RAN.
08/08/1958 Retired from RAN service.
1958 Acquired by the Tamworth Aero Club (as VH-AIF?).
1958 The aircraft was registered as VH-TWA (Also noted as VH-TAW).
1961 The aircraft was acquired by B. Dower and R. Gillespie, Bass Hill, New South Wales, Australia.
17/03/1961 Registered as VH-AWA.
16/06/1965 Acquired by R. Naughton and J. Mason.
2005 Acquired by the RAAF Museum, Point Cook, Victoria, Australia.
06/04/2006 To RAAF Museum still as VH-AWA - Airworthy.

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Note: VH-NVT registered in Australia 09/86 was also painted to represent A17-692 while in RAN Service. This aircraft is actually former RNZAF NZ1485 which then became Instructional Airframe 151. It was civilianized in New Zealand in 1969 as ZK-DAM.  Exported to Australia, it became VH-JKE before being re-registered -NVT ( for 'Navy Tiger'?) and painted up as 'A17-692' and coded NW for RANAS Nowra, NSW. It was owned by Ken Aldmerman and operated in conjunction with the Navy Air Museum at that base.  It later went to a couple of other owners in NSW before crashing into the sea off Fraser Island, Queensland on 8/07/2003.  It was subsequently salvaged and may be restored.

Highlight for Album: NZ1485 painted as A17-692


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