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RAAF & RAN A17 de Havilland DH.82 Tiger Moth

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Tiger Moth Image Gallery

RAAF Tiger Moth Pages
de Havilland Australia DH.82A Tiger Moth (A17-1 to A17-300)
de Havilland Australia DH.82A Tiger Moth (A17-301 to A17-600)
de Havilland Australia DH.82A Tiger Moth (A17-601 to A17-965)
de Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth (RAF Serials)
de Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth in RAN Service

The original author of the Tiger Moth pages was Grahame Higgs with updates by Brendan Cowan & Martin Edwards
In 2017 Bert Dugdale has taken on the huge task of completing the listing of all RAAF Tiger Moth histories.


Source: Australian Aviation Magazine, Townsville at War Website, CASA Aircraft Records, Classic Wings Downunder Magazine, Temora Aviation Museum Website, Flightpath Magazine, British Civil Aircraft Registrations 1919-1999, Australian War Memorial Website and Photographs, Logbook of R.W.Hill via Chris Hill.

Emails: Ross Polkinghorne, Kieren Mahera, Graham Edwards, Johan van der Wei, Ross Stenhouse, Robert Brosing, Keith Hayles, Warwick Henry, Daniel Leahy, Darryl Gibbs, John Andrade, Dave Prossor, Tjalling Boelman, Mark Royle, Geoff Chennells, Tom and Mary Kay Peterson, Rob Slater, Geoff Chennells, Owen Zupp, A Banham, Gordon Birkett, Tom Emmans, Chris Hill, Warwick Daw, S Jamie Wilson, Ivan Prince, Dave Begent, Bob Livingstone, Graham Wickens, Bud Felton, Alan Reber, Mike Williams, Lynton Forster, Halden Boyd .

Updated 21st November 2017



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