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RAAF Avro Anson
462 Sqn, RAAF

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Avro Anson NK718 
462 Sqn, RAAF
AWM P01523 021


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RAAF Serials A4-1 to A4-48
RAF Serials (Single letter) N1330 to W2660
RAF Serials (Double Letter) AW451 to VM375
RAF Serial Type c/n Aircraft History
NK718 Mk.I   Built by A.V.Roe at Yeadon,
Served with RAAF 462 Sqn on loan from 192 Sqn, RAF which was based at Foulsham at the same time as 462 Sqn.
Coded DT-K2,
Used as Squadron "hack" aircraft,

To Radio Warfare Establishment (RWE).

Avro Anson NK718 
462 Sqn, RAAF
AWM P01523 003  Avro Anson NK718 
462 Sqn, RAAF
AWM P01523 021




The Authors of this page are Brendan Cowan & Mark Lax.

Source:   British Military Aircraft Serials 1911-1979, Bruce Robertson, Australian War Memorial Website and Photographs, To See the Dawn Again - A History of 462 Squadron, RAAF 1942-2008" Mark Lax,

Emails:  Mark Lax

Updated 08 September 2014


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