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A4-28 (with A4-22 and others) Anson 1 of 22 Sqn based at RAAF Richmond ca 1938.  RAAF Official via Joe Barr


Avro Anson Image Gallery

RAAF Avro Anson Pages Serial Range
RAAF Serials A4-1 to A4-48
RAF Serials (Single letter) K8713 to W2660
RAF Serials (Double Letter) AW451 to VM375
Ansons with RAAF Article XV Squadrons Article XV Sqns (RAF Serials)

The Author of this page is Joe Barr

Source: National Archives, Accident Cards supplied by Darryl Gibbs, CASA Aircraft Register, The Book 'The Searchers' by Jim Eames, RAAF Aircraft Status Cards, Logbook of R.W.Hill, RAAF Historical Section, “The Anson File” by Ray Sturtivant, “The Submarine Hunters: Nos, 66, 67, 71, 73 and 107 Squadrons” by John Lever, “Warpaint Series No.53: The Avro Anson” by Alan W. Hall, “RAAF Camouflage and Markings” (2 vols) by Geoffrey Pentland, Mike Mercovic, RAAFA Museum, Bull Creek, Will Clough and the South Australia RSL website ‘South Australian War Memorials” , John Hillier South Australia Aviation Museum, Alan Penhall, Ballarat.

Emails: Dean Norman, Geoffrey Goodall, Howard J Curtis, Johan van der Wei, Warrick Henry, Greg Hyde, Dave Holmes, Gordon Birkett, Grahame Field, Daniel Leahy, Thomas Laucke, Halden Boyd, Stephen Szczurek, Chris Hill, Grahame Higgs, Bob Livingstone, Jim Prendergast, Dave Masterson, Jos Heyman, David Perrott, Ron Wynn, Gordon Birkett, Brendan Cowan, Patrick Crowe, Andrew Pendergast, Shirley Cook, Grahame Higgs, John Hillier, Peter Rentell, Andy Marden, Alan Lilley, John Deckert.

Updated 25 Septemeber 2014


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