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RAAF A81 Bristol Freighter Mk.21

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Bristol Freighter Mk.21E A81-1. 
34 Squadron, Mallala, c.1949, 
via Mike Mirkovic.


Bristol Freighter Image Gallery

RAAF Serial RAF Serial  Type C/N Aircraft History
A81-1 WB482 Mk.21 12799
Ex G-AIMI and WB482. 
Delivered to ARDU on 14/04/49. 
Re-Serialled A81-1 14/04/49. 
To 34 Sqn 22/05/49. 
Was to be issued to ARDU 28/07/49,
ARDU issue cancelled to allow the aircraft to be used to transport troops to the coalfields during the strike crisis. 
To ARDU 16/08/49. 
To 34 Sqn 08/12/49. 
To 1AD 22/05/50. 
To 34 Sqn 20/07/50. 
Forced Landing at Woomera 11/10/50 due to starboard engine failure. 
Forced landing at Mallala 11/12/50. 
Loaned to Airflite for survey flying 09/07/52 to 23/02/53. 
To Mallala 23/02/53. 
To 34 Sqn 16/04/53. 
To ATU 06/10/55. 
Incident at Ceduna 11/05/56, loss of power in port engine. 
To Bristol 20/11/56. 
To ATU 27/03/57. To 2ATU 15/07/58. 
To Bristol 18/07/58. 
To 2ATU 01/07/60. 
To Bristol 29/09/61. 
To 2ATU 13/12/62. 
Still with 2ATU 12/02/67. 
Disposal Action started 04/07/67. 
Sold by the RAAF in 02/70. 
Registered VH-SJG 08/05/70 to 24/01/79. 
Obtained from Brain & Brown for the museum and withdrawn from use. 
Located at RAAF Museum, Point Cook VIC.
Highlight for Album: Bristol Freighter A81-1  RAAF Form E/E.88 Aircraft Status Card
A81-2 WB483 Mk.21 12805
Ex G-AIMO and WB483. Delivered to RAAF Base Mallala 05/05/49. 
To 34 Sqn. Damaged 12/05/49. 
To 1AD 18/05/50. 
To 34 Sqn 15/06/50. 
To 1AD for overhaul 20/10/52. 
To 34 Sqn Mallala 11/03/53. 
Destroyed 5 miles southwest of Mallala 25/11/53 after the mainplane separated in flight during instrument flying. 
Sections of the aircraft were held at ARL until 28/10/55.
Highlight for Album: Bristol Freighter A81-2  RAAF Form E/E.88 Aircraft Status Card
A81-3 WB484 Mk.21 12807 Ex G-AIMR,
Flew into RAAF Base Mallala on May 5 1949.
Served with 34 Sqn.
Disposal action was initiated in July 1967.
Registered VH-SJQ 05/11/70 to 10/05/75,
Ditched 10/05/75 into Bass Strait, 40km South of Wonthaggi  VOR, Victoria.

Highlight for Album: Bristol Freighter A81-3  RAAF Form E/E.88 Aircraft Status Card

A81-4 WW378 Mk.21E 12746 Ex G-18-15, Ex G-AHJN.
Purchased by RAAF 28/08/51,
Delivered 23/09/51.
Served with No 34 Sqn.
Stored 03/59, then Broken Up.

Bristol Freighter Mk.21E A81-4
34 Squadron, 
October 1962,
RAAF Photograph by Clive Lynch 
via Mike Mirkovic.  RAAF Form E/E.88 Aircraft Status Card



Bristol Freighter 
 NAA via the Phantom  Bristol Freighter 
 NAA via the Phantom


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Source: National Archives, RAAF Status Card, RAAF Museum Website, CASA Aircraft Records.

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