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Boeing Washington B.Mk.1 WW353.
 C.M.U., Tocumwal, C.1957
via Mike Mirkovic.


Boeing B-29A Washington Image Gallery

  The serial prefix A76 was originally allocated to the Avro Tudor. The Tudor was planned to be built in Australia alongside the the Avro Lincoln production, however the cancellation of the Tudor contract when the aircraft failed to live up to expectations lead to the A76 allocation became available.

In 1952, three Boeing B-29 Superfortress from the 88 of which were on loan to the RAF as Washington B Is were planned for transfer to the RAAF for various manufacturers trials on behalf of the UK Ministry of Supply.

The three Washingtons (WW349, WW353, & WW354) were allocated for transfer from RAF stocks to the RAAF.

Before these aircraft could be dispatched to Australia, WW349 (which had been provisionally allocated the serial A76-3) was damaged beyond repair on the 29th of July 1952 while it was parked at Wisley in Surry (UK) awaiting its test equipment fit out. It was struck in a taxiing accident by Vickers Valiant I WB215 (also reported as WJ954 the sole Valiant II). While the Valiant was repaired, WW349 was struck off charge same day and no replacement aircraft was allocated for the RAAF as a substitute.

The remaining two Washingtons, WW 353 and WW 354, were flown to Australia by RAAF aircrews and arrived at ARDU Trials Flight (later Air trial Unit) on 26 September 1952 and 12 December 1952 respectively where they were allocated the serials A76-1 & A76-2 which it appears was never applied to them.

By the end of the trial period in 1956 had flown a total of 174 hours in RAAF service with WW353 (A76-1) completing the majority of the flight time with WW354 (A76-2) primarily being held as a spare aircraft.

During 1956 the two aircraft were placed in storage pending disposal decisions from the UK Ministry of Supply and the USAF.

The engines were later removed and the Washington airframes were sold for scrap in 1957.

RAAF Serial RAF Serial  USAF Serial RAF Type USAF Type C/N Aircraft History
A76-1 WW353 44-62049 B.Mk1 B-29A-60-BN



25/08/1951 To RAF as Washington B.1 WW353.
23/09/1952 Arrived in Australia.
Allocated RAAF serial A76-1 not taken up. 
Used by ARDU for Testing/trials. 
16/05/1956 To Storage. 
05/09/1956 Struck off charge. 
23/10/1956 Sold for scrap.
09/1957 Scrapped Tocumwal,
27/04/1962 Final scrapping completed at Tocumwal, N.S.W. 
Highlight for Album: Boeing Washington B.1 WW353  RAAF Form E/E.88 Aircraft Status Card  RAAF Form E/E.88 Aircraft Status Card
A76-2 WW354 44-61963 B.Mk1 B-29A-55-BN 11440
25/08/1951 To RAF as Washington B.1 WW354,
12/12/1952 Arrived in Australia, 
Allocated RAAF serial A76-2 not taken up. 
Used very infrequently by ARDU for Testing/trials.
This aircraft was primarily used as a reserve for WW353,
Most of its time with the RAAF consisted of infrequent engine runs and systems checks.
18/01/1957 Sold for scrap. 
10/1957 Scrapped Edinburgh.

Highlight for Album: Boeing Washington B.1 WW354  RAAF Form E/E.88 Aircraft Status Card  RAAF Form E/E.88 Aircraft Status Card

(A76-3) WW349 44-61968 B.Mk1 B-29A-55-BN






26/07/1951 To RAF as Washington B.1 WW353,
Saw no operational RAF Service,
Served in a test capacity with Scottish Aviation,
To Vickers Armstrong Aircraft for missile trials including Blue Boar,
Allotted for transfer to RAAF,
Provisionally allocated RAAF serial A76-3 (but not taken up),
Located at Wisley, Surrey for fitment of test equipment prior to transfer to Australia,
29/07/1952 Written off in a taxiing accident when struck by Vickers Valiant WB215 or WJ954 at Wisley, Surrey, UK.
Washington WW349 was parked at the time.
Struck off charge same day.
Valiant WB215 was repaired.
No Replacement aircraft was allocated for the RAAF as a substitute.

The Authors of this page are Brendan Cowan and Darren Crick.

Source: National Archives, RAAF Status Card, RAAF Museum Website, , ,

Emails: Graeme Edwards, Nick Blacow, Tjalling Boelman, Tom McGhee, John Hopton.

Updated 28 June 2015


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