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RAAF A38 Stinson Reliant

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SR-8C Reliant A38-1, 
2 Comm. Unit, Wagga Wagga, c.1940.
via Mike Mirkovic.

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Aircraft Serial c/n Aircraft History
A38-1 9766 Registered VH-UXL 13/10/1936, to Vacuum Oil Co Pty Ltd.
Registered VH-UXL to W.J Smith and A.E Cooper from 15/09/1939 to 25/02/1941.

Impressed into RAAF service on 24/02/1941.
To 2CF (No.2 Communications Flight) 24/02/1941.
Allocated A38-1 from 25/02/1941.
To Ansett Essendon 14/12/1942 for repair.
To 1AD (No.1 Aircraft Depot) 22/06/1943.
To 2CF 25/06/1943.
To 2CRD (No.2 Crash Repair Depot) 26/06/1944.

Transferred to the Department of Civil Aviation on 04/05/1945.
Registered VH-UXL 27/05/1948 to 27/05/1949 to Air Operations Pty Ltd.
Registered VH-UXL 31/10/1949 to Air Operations Pty Ltd.
Registered VH-UXL to K.A Findlay from 01/06/1957 to 10/1957.
Registered VH-KAF to K.A Findlay from 10/1957.
Registered VH-KAF to Findlay's Broadcasting Service 01/12/1959 to 12/06/1961.
Registered VH-CWM to Findlay's Broadcasting Service from 12/06/1961.
Registered VH-CWM to Rex Aviation from 20/05/1961.
Registered VH-CWM to D.B Mott from 12/12/1961.
Registered VH-CWM to G.B Youl from 01/08/1968.
Registered VH-CWM to F.D O'Sullivan 10/03/1970.
Registered VH-CWM to O'Sullivan's General Agency Co Pty Ltd from 06/03/1974.
Registered VH-CWM to J.G Drage from 03/12/1976.
Registered VH-CWM to City of Wangaratta from 03/04/1984.
Was on Display Air World Wangaratta VIC, until this closed in 2002.
Registered to Penoak Pty Ltd 9/7/2003.
Restored to flying condition by Kevin Bailey.
Reregistered 9/9/2004 as VH-UXL to Penoak Pty Ltd (Reg Holder)
and Kevin H Bailey of Mundijong, WA (Reg Operator)
03/2007 displayed at Avalon Air Show.
10-15/03/2009 - displayed at Australian International Airshow, Avalon.
7/11/2009 - Participated in Langley Park Fly-In held in memory of Nancy Bird Walton

SR-8C Reliant A38-1, 
2 Comm. Unit, Wagga Wagga, c.1940.
via Mike Mirkovic.

A38-2   We believe this serial number was allocated to a Stinson L5 Sentinel


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Source: RAAF Museum Website, Joe Baughers USAF/USN/USMC Serials website, CASA Aircraft records,
Craig Justo's Flypast Article on the Sentinal, RAAF Status Card.

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Updated 29th May 2013


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