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RAAF A38 Stinson L-5 Sentinel

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Stinson L-5

Stinson L-5 Image Gallery
Aircraft History
A38-1     Stinson Reliant
A38-2 42-99129 76-1370 To 36 Sqn from USAAF 30/05/1944.
To 37 Sqn 25/11/1944.
To USAAF 01/03/1945.
There have been suggestions that A38-2 was allocated to this aircraft however it not referred to as such on status card,


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Source: RAAF Museum Website, Joe Baughers USAF/USN/USMC Serials website, RAAF Status Card.

Emails: David Eyre, Daniel Leahy, Wynnum Graham, Grahame Higgs, Mike Mirkovic, Brendan Cowan, Jim Gray.

Updated 1st June 2013

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