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RAAF A36 Fairchild F24R

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Fairchild 24R Image Gallery


(See also 451 Sqn, RAAF Fairchild F24 Argus)

RAAF Serial Aircraft Type C/N USAAF Serial RAF Serial Aircraft History
A36-1 24R-9 R9-416 43-14451(?) N/A Registered VH-ACV 16/10/39 to 30/09/40.
Impressed by RAAF 03/09/40 from the Newcastle Aeroclub.
To 1AD 09/09/40. To 1CF 22/09/40.
Forced Landing at Mt Gambier 18/04/41 as it ran out of fuel.
Forced Landing 22/04/42.
Forced Landing 14/05/42.
Sold 19/03/45.
Registered VH-ACV 01/06/46 to 01/09/53.
Crashed 04/02/51 at Nhill VIC.
Rebuilt as 24R-9W and registered VH-BVF.
VH-JCG 11/12/2000

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A36-2 24K/24R-40 3314 N/A N/A Built as a 24K.
Modified to 24R-40 at some stage.
Registered VH-ABZ.
Impressed by RAAF 14/06/41, was NC20637 and VH-ABZ.
To 2 CF 14/06/41.
To Laverton 05/07/41.
To 1 CF 20/07/41.
Forced Landing 11/02/42.
Sold in 19/03/45 for 475 pounds.
Registered VH-ABZ 26/03/46 to 23/02/56.
Withdrawn from use and restored as 24R-46A.
Currently registered VH-ABZ.

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A36-3 24G 2965 N/A N/A NC16896
Registered VH-UYH.
Impressed by RAAF 13/09/42, was VH-UYH.
To 36 Sqn 13/09/42.
Forced Landing 21/10/42.
To ANSETT 29/12/42.
To 36 Sqn 24/03/43.
Forced Landing 24/07/43, due to engine cylinder damage.
To 12 RSU 29/07/43.
To 36 Sqn 24/08/43.
Damaged on route to or at Essendon 26/08/43.
To 4 CF 13/09/43.
Collected by 3CRD 03/05/44.
Sold in 16/03/45.
I believe it became VH-UYH again.

RAAF Form E/E.88 Aircraft Status Card

A36-4 24R-9 R9-415 N/A N/A Never delivered and therefore serial not taken up.
Registered VH-ACW 24/10/39 to 21/11/63 and 13/08/65 to 26/11/71.
Damaged in storm 14/10/71 at Grifith NSW.
VH-ACW reserved 11/01/1979.
A36-4 24R-40 R40-407 43-14443 FS518 Previously USAAC 41-14443 C/N 407.
Impressed by RAAF 15/03/43, was NC47053 and VH-ADF.
To 1 AP 15/03/43.
To 1 CF 05/04/43, later 1 CU.
To 1 AD 02/09/46.
Free Issue to R.G.Casey 12/09/46 at Essendon.
Registered VH-ADF 27/10/47.

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The Authors of this page are Darren Crick, Steve Mackenzie and Brendan Cowan 

Source: RAAF Museum Website, CASA Aircraft Register, John Andrade, RAAF Status Cards.

Emails: John Andrade, Stig Jarlevik, Grahame Higgs, Bryan Austin.

Updated 29 June 2015


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