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RAAF Vickers Wellington
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458, 460 & 466 Sqns, RAAF

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Wellington F of 458 Sqn  
via Brendan Cowan


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RAF Serial Type Aircraft History
R1695 Mk.IV 460 Sqn 09/08/1942 to 10/09/1942, Coded UV-Y.
Ditched in the sea 10Sep42. Op to Düsseldorf. Two rescued.
FSgt JC Pearson 404941 (P) KIA
Sgt LMJ Evans 407735 (O) Inj
Sgt EC Parton 411102 (W/Op) KIA
Sgt RW Lawton 406599 (W/Ag) Inj
Sgt JH Murphy 408194 (AG) KIA
R1765 Mk.IV

458 Sqn. From 48 MU 2Sep41.
Damaged by AAA 22Oct41 and abandoned over Surrey on return from Le Harve.
FltLt JAH Sergeant 70680 RAF (P) Inj
PltOff BF Hickey 404431 (2/P) Safe
PltOff RBirnie NZ403773 (O) Safe
Sgt MW Shapier 400357 (W/Ag) Inj
Sgt AS Austin 1159702 RAF (A/G)  Safe
Sgt RJ Hobbs 645979 RAF (A/G) KIA

R1775 Mk.IV

458 Sqn. From 48 MU 15Oct41.
Missing 15Nov41, Op to Emden.
PltOff  RJ Furey 404332 (P) KIA
Sgt AL Cox 400460 (2/P) KIA
PltOff  W Goldman 400403 (O) KIA
Sgt E Rowland 1050936 RAF (W/O) KIA
Sgt DB Pepper 946888 RAF (A/G) KIA
FSgt HW Duffield 745531 RAF (A/G) KIA

R1785 Mk.IV

458 Sqn. From 48 MU 4Sep41.
Lost 9Jan42. Op to Cherbourg
FlgOff BP  Hickey 404431 (P) KIA
Sgt VW Johnstone 400716 (2/P) KIA
FSgt R Birnie NZ 403773 RNZAF (O) KIA
FSgt AS Austin 1159702C RAF (W/Op) KIA
Sgt WW Forgan 407639 (A/G) KIA
Sgt F Hinton 752964 RAF (A/G) KIA

R1795 Mk.IV 458 Sqn. From 48 MU 4Sep41
X3409 MK.III 466 Sqn. First aircraft delivered 6Nov42
X3451 MK.III 466 Sqn. First aircraft delivered 6Nov42
X3790 MK.III 466 Sqn. Delivered 29Oct42
Z1182 Mk.IV

458Sqn. From 48 MU 12Sep41.
Crashed on takeoff 6Jan42, Holme-on-Spalding Moor
PltOff HM Moran 400956 (P) Inj
PltOff DN Carmichael 403040 (2/P) KIA
FlgOff EJN MacDonald 404346 (O) KIA
Sgt JG Barlow RAF (W/Op) Safe
Sgt WR Darling RNZAF (A/G) Safe
Sgt DE Bottomley RAF (A/G) Safe

Z1183 Mk.IV 458 Sqn. From 48 MU12Sep41
Z1184 Mk.IV 458 Sqn. From 48 MU 7Sep41
Z1212 Mk.IV

458 Sqn. From 48 MU 25Oct41.
460S qn. UV-V. 8Apr42 to 27Aug42.
Total Op’s 24 with 460Sqn.
Shot down by night fighter 27Aug42. Op to Kassel.
FSgt CC Viney 408139 (P) KIA
Sgt WW Jarrett 411451 (O) KIA
Sgt HI Munckton 405133 (W/Op) POW
Sgt CH Mc Smith 411397 (W/Ag) KIA
Sgt HTA Turner 403158 (A/G) KIA
RR Ferry has this in his logbook while with 460 Sqn.

Z1214 MK.IV 458 Sqn. From 48 MU 15Oct41
Z1216 Mk.IV

460 Sqn. UV-S 10Sep42 to 10Sep42.
Total Op 1.
Lost 10/11Sep42. Op to Dusseldorf.
FSgt JA Bryden 404601  (P) KIA
Sgt AE Brown 403105 (O) KIA
Sgt KJ Danks-Brown 404403 (W/Op) KIA
Sgt TC Harris 406453 (W/Ag) KIA
Sgt JK Ring 406980 (A/G) KIA

Z1218 Mk.IV

458 Sqn. (FU-D) From 48 MU 2Sep41.
Lost 20/21Oct41. Op to Antwerp.
Sgt PJM Hamilton 912835 RAF (P) KIA
Sgt PG Crittenden 400410 (2/P)) KIA
PltOff DK Fawkes 102969 RAF (O) KIA
Sgt T Jackson 995859 RAF (A/G) KIA
Sgt AY Condie 968155 RAF (W/Op) KIA
Sgt PGEA Brown RAF (A/G) POW

First operational loss by 458Sqn.
Sgt Crittenden was the first Australian serving in Bomber Command, to be killed on operations flying with a RAAF squadron.

SGT Brown survived the crash and was captured. He was held at Stalag Kopernikus and was given the POW number 24443.

Z1219 Mk.IV 458 Sqn. From 48 MU 11Sep41.
Z1236 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn 13/09/1942 to 14/09/1942, coded UV-G.
Total Missions 2.
Z1246 Mk.IV 458 Sqn. From 48 MU 25Oct41.
DBF 24Nov41 at Spalding Moor
Z1249 Mk.IV

460 Sqn. UV-K. From 48 MU, 23Dec41 to 2Jun42.
Total Op’s 12.
Lost 2/3Jun42 on Op to Essen.
Sgt S Levitus 402910 (P) KIA
FSgt HR Brodie 400524 (O) KIA
Sgt RGD Read 69516 RCAF (W/Op) KIA
Sgt TGP Townsend 1051659 RAF (W/Ag) KIA
Sgt JA Gaiter 405020 (A/G) KIA

Z1251 Mk.IV

460 Sqn. UV-X 13Mar42 to 13Mar42.
Total Op’s 1.
First Operational loss of a Wellington by 460 Sqn when this aircraft failed to return from the first operation to Dunkirk 13/03/42.
FSgt PJD Cooney NZ403951 RNZAF (P) KIA
Sgt JS Turnock 404688 (2/P) KIA
Sgt IE Hart 400413 (O) KIA
Sgt J Woodward 1359686 RAF (W/Op) KIA
Sgt GN Winter 989226 RAF (A/G) KIA
Sgt WA Pascoe 1380051 RAF (A/G) KIA
First Operational loss by 460Sqn.

Z1254 Mk.IV From 23 MU 10Sep41.
458 Sqn,
460Sqn. UV-L From 458Sqn, 23Mar42 to 6May42.
Lost 6/7May42. Op Stuttgart
SqnLdr CL Gilbert 39458 (P) KIA
Sgt RH Murphy 404705 (O) KIA
Sgt CN Dixon 1169818 RAF (W/Op) KIA
Sgt JR Shearer 400335 (W/Op) KIA
FSgt KA Fogg 56267 RCAF (W/Ag) KIA
Sgt JG Lake 404421 (A/G) POW
Z1255 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn 10/09/1942 to 10/09/1942, coded UV-C.
Total Missions 1.
Z1259 Mk.IV

460 Sqn. UV-W. 9Aug42 to 27Aug42.
Total Op’s 5.
Lost 27Aug42. Op to Kassel.
FlgOff JF Summers 403152 (P) KIA
FlgOff FE Parsons 406579 (2/P) KIA
Sgt NG Bass 404600 (O) KIA
Sgt RI Munroe 405216 (W/Op) KIA
PltOff FC Pinfold 403878 (W/Ag) KIA
Sgt WH Tubman 402683 (A/G) POW

Z1261 Mk.IV 458 Sqn. From 48 MU 15Sep41
Z1272 Mk.IV 458 Sqn. From 46 MU 31Aug41
Z1273 Mk.IV 458 Sqn. From 46 MU 31Aug41
Z1274 Mk.IV 458 Sqn.
Z1278 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn 01/04/1942 to 22/05/1942, coded UV-C.
Total Missions 10.
Z1279 Mk.IV 458 Sqn. From 45 MU 16Sep41
Z1280 Mk.IV 458 Sqn. From 45 MU 16Sep41
Z1284 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn 30/05/1942 to 10/09/1942, coded UV-A.
First aircraft taken on Sqn strength, from 44MU
Total Missions 7.
RR Ferry has this in his logbook while with 460 Sqn.
Z1288 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn ex 45 MU 25/07/1942 to 14/09/1942, coded UV-Z.
Total Missions 8.
Z1290 Mk.IV

458 Sqn. From 12 MU 15Oct41
460 Sqn. UV-T. 28Mar42 to 28Apr42.
Total Op’s 9 with 460Sqn.
Lost 29Apr42. Op to Kiel
FSgt LM Shepard 402885 (P) KIA
Sgt JF Carpender 404868 (2/P) KIA
Sgt WW Perroux 404661 (O) KIA
PltOff R Bond 402836 (W/Op) KIA
Sgt TH Mcilveen 402600 (W/Ag) KIA
Sgt JP Cosgrove 408122 (A/G) KIA
RR Ferry has this in his logbook while with 460 Sqn.

Z1311 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn 30/05/1942 to 01/06/1942, coded UV-Z.
Total Missions 2.
Lost on the night of 1-2/06/42 on ops to Essen.
FSgt John Francis Walsh Walsh 404701 (P) KIA
William Marcel Spongberg 14243 (2/P) KIA
William Marcel Fitzgerald 403576 (O) KIA
Sgt Thomas Lee 1310845 RAF (W/Ag) KIA
John Bruce Moore 990568 (W/Ag) KIA
Sgt Wallace Hugh Sams 402612 (A/G) KIA
Z1312 Mk.IV

458 Sqn.
Lost on return from Op to Cherbourg 9Jan42, after colliding with high tension cables near Fifehead, Magdalen, 5 miles WSW of Shaftesbury, Dorset.
Sgt Garland 404456 (P) Inj
Sgt IT Highlett 404451 (2/P) Inj
Sgt AL Hewish 402353 (O) KIA
Sgt DG Taylor 402471 (W/Op) KIA
Sgt PH Smith 407209 (A/G)  KIA
Sgt TL Brown  402028 (A/G) KIA

Z1314 Mk.IV 460 Sqn
Z1318 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn 08/04/1942 to 29/05/1942, coded UV-J.
Total Missions 6.
Z1323 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn 25/03/1942 to 14/09/1942, coded UV-S.
Total Missions 38.
Lost 6/7Sep42, Op to Duisburg.
FlgOff JN Barker 406341 (P) KIA
FlgOff FV Hewitt 119746 RAF (O) KIA
PltOff S Howlett 119296 RAF (W/Op) KIA
FSgt WH McAlwane  654274 RAF (W/Ag) KIA
Sgt J Coyne 1057448 RAF (A/G) KIA
RR Ferry has this in his logbook while with 460 Sqn.
Z1325 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn 25/03/1942 to 26/04/1942, coded UV-H.
Total Missions 8.
Z1327 Mk.IV

460 Sqn. From 46 MU, 23Dec41.
Lost 17Feb42. Training accident on night navex near Huddersfield, Yorkshire.
Sgt F Dutton 1006728 RAF (P) KIA
Sgt CC Davies 1052270 RAF (2/P) KIA
Sgt RL Ashplant 1170676 RAF (O) KIA
Sgt JH Ware 402897 (W/Op) KIA
Sgt RL Tresidder 402894 (W/Ag) KIA
Sgt CR Dickeson 1292128 RAF (A/G) KIA
First aircraft lost by 460Sqn

Z1328 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn 13/03/1942 to 12/07/1942, coded UV-U.
Total Missions 21.
Lost on the night of 12-13/07/42 on ops to Gardening.
Crew; SGT Alan Lipson Moyle 407534 (RAAF),  KIA
SGT Frederick Charles Brayne 404948 (RAAF),  KIA
SGT Thomas David Belford 404950 (RAAF),  KIA
SGT Raymond John Bruce Sharkey 402551 (RAAF),  KIA
SGT Ronald John Perry 403785 (RAAF)  KIA
SGT Leonard Charles Underwood Dreyer 407844 (RAAF). KIA
Z1329 Mk.IV 460Sqn. UV-S
Z1334 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn from 12 MU 25/03/1942 to 19/05/1942, coded UV-B.
Total Missions 10.
Z1335 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn from 12 MU 30/05/1942 to 26/07/1942, coded UV-C.
Total Missions 16.
Lost on the night of 25-26/07/42 on ops to Hamburg, crashed near Wesermunde.
Crew; FLTLT Vernon Frank Keyser 406359 (RAAF), PLTOFF Keith McDowell Ferguson 400974 (RAAF), SGT Garth Richard Gower 402947 (RAAF), FSGT Max James Foley 408143 (RAAF) and SGT W.E. Horsfall.
Z1343 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn from 51 MU 08/04/1942 to 29/07/1942, coded UV-Y.
Total Missions 13.
Heavily damaged by AAA 29Aug42 and written off.
FSgt RA Brittingham 403160 (P) Safe
Sgt NH Simpson 401053 (B/A) Safe
FSgt WM Matchett 404496 (N) Safe
FSgt RJ Rogers 55854 (W/Op) Safe
Sgt RA John 402710 (A/G) KIA

This crew KIA 27Jan43

Z1344 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn 12/03/1942 to 01/06/1942, coded UV-W.
Total Missions 14.
Lost on the night of 1-2/06/42 on ops to Essen.
Crew; FLGOFF A.J. Holland (pow),
SGT C.S. Douglas RAAF (pow),
SGT A.P. Dansey RAAF (pow),
FSGT Dudley Raymond Beinke 406136 (RAAF),
SGT William Desmond Cheese 408046 (RAAF)
 FSGT Thomas Lincoln Watkins 407308 (RAAF).
SGT Cheese, injured (died of his wounds on 20 Jul whilst a POW).
Z1351 Mk.IV 460 Sqn. From 48MU, 11Dec41.
Z1381 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn 25/06/1942 to 02/07/1942, coded UV-H.
Total Missions 2.
Lost on 2-3/07/42 p to Bremen.
Crew; FSGT Arthur Maxwell Johnston 404784 (Pilot, RAAF),
SGT Darryl Downing 407709 (2nd Pilot, RAAF),
SGT D.A. Radke (Nav, RAAF),
SGT Maxwell Joseph Andrew Wyllie MID 405001 (2nd Nav, RAAF),
SGT William James Taylor 407775 (Wireless Op, RAAF)
SGT W.G. Reed (Air Gunner, RAAF).
Z1383 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn 02/04/1942 to 21/06/1942, coded UV-D.
Total Missions 14.
Lost on ops to Gardening 21-22/06/42.
Crew; FSGT Robert John Buckingham 400578 (Pilot, RAAF),
SGT Raymond George Marafu Roget 400333 (Nav, RAAF),
SGT Frederick Roy Martin 403479 (Wireless Op, RAAF),
SGT J. Moores (Air Gunner) and
SGT William Stalker McQueen 403277.
Z1384 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn 12/03/1942 to 10/09/1942, coded UV-F.
Total Missions 34.
Z1385 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn 30/05/1942 to 13/09/1942, coded UV-O,UV-Z and UV-H.
Total Missions 4. Lost.
Lost 13Sep42. Op to Bremen.
FSgt EKF Brasher DFM 404949 (P) KIA
Sgt AD Crowther 411007 (O) KIA
Sgt DW Johnson 403139 (W/Op) KIA
Sgt WJC Monk 403703 (W/Ag) KIA
FSgt KC Bennett 407992 (A/G) KIA
Z1388 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn 12/03/1942 to 25/04/1942, coded UV-J.
Total Missions 5.
Lost on the night of 29-30/05/42.
The second crash for this crew.
Crew; FLTLT Thomas Harrison Bourke 407192 (Pilot, RAAF),
FLGOFF William Martin Murphy 404353 (Nav, RAAF),
FSGT Richard Paterson Davis 407285 (Wireless Op, RAAF),
FSGT Bernard George Paya Lovelock Balleine 407280 (Air Gunner, RAAF),
FSGT I.G. Holborow (Air Gunner).
Z1391 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn from 45 MU 01/04/1942 to 29/05/1942, coded UV-R.
Total Missions 13.
Lost on the night of 29-30/05/42.
Crew; FLGOFF Russell Allen Pera Jones 402967 (Pilot, RAAF), KIA
WOff C.H. Younger (Nav),  POW
SGT Kenneth Reginald Mellows 1167148 (Wireless Op, RAFVR), KIA
SGT George Houghton 1166960 (Air Gunner, RAFVR) KIA
G.H. Loder (Air Gunner). POW
Z1392 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn from 45 MU 12/03/1942 to 10/09/1942, coded UV-G.
Total Missions 27.
Z1394 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn from 45 MU 12/03/1942 to 02/06/1942, coded UV-Q.
Total Missions 14.
Lost on ops to Essen 2-3/06/42.
Crew; FLGOFF John Walter Keene 402742 (RAAF), KIA
FSGT Ronald Frederick Waldon 400894 (RAAF), KIA
SGT William Kendall 1309012 (RAFVR), KIA
SGT D.G. Butterworth (RAAF) POW
FSGT Reginald John Biglands 407282 (RAAF). KIA
Z1399 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn 26/04/1942 to 25/07/1942, coded UV-P.
Total Missions 21.
Lost on the night of 25-26/07/42 on ops to Hamburg, crashed near Duisburg.
Crew; FLTLT Clifford Henry Burgess 406344 (Pilot, RAAF),  KIA
FSGT William Harris Nettle 400330 (Nav, RAAF), KIA
SGT D. Bagley (Wireless Op), SGT J.McP Milligan (Air Gunner) KIA
PLTOFF David Bruce Mills 407298 (Air Gunner, RAAF). KIA
Z1400 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn from 23 MU 30/05/1942 to 28/08/1942, coded UV-T.
Total Missions 24.
Z1401 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn 28/04/1942 to 09/09/1942, coded UV-M.
Total Missions 25.
Z1404 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn 18/06/1942 to 12/08/1942, coded UV-J.
Total Missions 17.
Lost 12/13Aug42. Op to Mainz.
PltOff WA Clegg 400886 (P) KIA
Sgt A Holland 405208 (O) KIA
Sgt RD Smith 405194 (W/Op) KIA
Sgt RJ Mayne 403942 (W/Ag) KIA
Sgt JK McMichael 505360 (A/G) KIA
Z1412 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn 08/06/1942 to 08/06/1942, coded UV-W.
Total Missions 1.
Lost 8/9Jun42. Op to Essen.
Sgt DD Hurditch 402862 (P) POW
FSgt CD Hendon RAF (O) POW
Sgt EF Maher 404448 (W/Op) POW
Sgt D Tinkler RAF (W/Ag) POW
Sgt CM Campbell 402436 (A/G).  DOW as POW 29Aug42
Sgt Hurditch (later AVM, CBE, O21976) retired from the RAAF 19Mar1975
Z1413 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn 08/04/1942 to 05/05/1942, coded UV-X.
Total Missions 5.
Lost on the night of 6-7/05/42 returning from a raid on Stuttgart shot down by  Me110.
Crew; FLGOFF William Joseph Kennedy 402362 (RAAF), KIA
SGT J.M. Stephenson, POW
Pilot Officer RR Ferry 406089. POW
RR Ferry 'bailed out' and landing near a small village, Eppe Sauvage, just inside the border of Belgium.
Z1422 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn 25/06/1942 to 04/08/1942, coded UV-W.
Total Missions 10.
Lost 4Aug43. Gardening Op.
PltOff AG Grand 402948 (P) KIA
Sgt AD Macleod 405274 (O) KIA
Sgt AW Howard 405273 (W/Op) KIA
Sgt TC Hogben 404313 (W/Ag) KIA
Sgt CRD Lowis 305277 (A/G) KIA
Z1461 Mk.IV 460Sqn. UV-D
Z1462 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn 25/07/1942 to 25/07/1942, coded UV-R.
Total Missions 1.
Lost on the night of 25-26/07/42 on ops to Hamburg.
Crew; SQNLDR John William Edward Leighton MID 40053 (RAAF),  KIA
SGT C.F. Sinclair 405219 RAAF POW,
SGT R. Sherman 404804 RAAF POW,
SGT Laurence James Sams 407834 (RAAF) KIA
SGT William George Taylor 6201 (RAAF). KIA
Z1463 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn 19/05/1942 to 09/08/1942, coded UV-L.
Total Missions 24.
Lost 9/10Aug42. Op to Osnabruck.
FSgt JA Finlay 403175 (P) KIA
Sgt N Dan 403561 (O) KIA
Sgt RA Ponton 401080 (W/Op) KIA
FSgt SB Goord 39099 RAF (W/Ag) KIA
Sgt KA Smith 402832 (A/G) KIA
Z1464 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn 18/06/1942 to 15/08/1942, coded UV-K.
Total Missions 18.
Z1470 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn 06/06/1942 to 02/07/1942, coded UV-R.
Total Missions 8.
Lost on Op to Bremen on the night of 2-3/07/42.
Crew; SGT Alexander Frederick Whittick 404844 (RAAF), KIA
FLGOFF Albert Ernest William Webb 406272 (RAAF), KIA
SGT Jack Douglas Hancocks 401237 (RAAF), KIA
SGT Allan Edwin McCrae 406444 (RAAF). KIA
Z1475 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn 10/09/1942 to 14/09/1942, coded UV-B.
Total Missions 2.
Z1482 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn 18/06/1942 to 14/09/1942, coded UV-Q.
Total Missions 19.
Z1483 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn 25/06/1942 to 26/07/1942, coded UV-D.
Total Missions 7.
Lost on the night of 25-26/07/42 on ops to Hamburg.
Crew; FLGOFF Frederick James Breen 402760 (Pilot, RAAF),
FLGOFF John Storey 403965 (Nav, RAAF),
SGT Aubrey Archdale Bice 405066 (Bomb Aimer, RAAF),
SGT Ivan Thomas Tulloh 401865 (Wireless Op, RAAF)
SGT Archibald Edmond Tinkler 400741 (Air Gunner, RAAF).
Z1484 Mk.IV

Served with RAAF 460 Sqn 30/05/1942 to 13/09/1942, coded UV-X.
(24 or 29 Ops)

Z1485 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn from 12 MU 30/05/1942 to 28/08/1942, coded UV-B.
Total Missions 22.
Lost 28Aug42. Op to Saarbrucken.
FlgOff RD Elrington 403663 (P) KIA
Sgt EN Hare 401436 (O) KIA
Sgt JA Smith 411413 (W/Op) KIA
FlgOff NA Taylor 401469 (W/Ag) KIA
FlgOff W Dillon 401559  (A/G) KIA
Z1486 Mk.IV

460 Sqn. UV-H. From 23 MU, 8May42 to 19Jun42.
Total Op’s 8.
Lost 19/20Jun42 on Op to Emden.
Lost on the night of 19-20/06/42 on ops to Emden.
Crew; WOFF David Gordon Kitchen 400805 (RAAF),  KIA
SGT Lionel Heyman James 403109 (RAAF), KIA
SGT Geoffrey Lovell Stevens 400160 (RAAF), KIA
SGT D.T.W. Watson KIA
SGT Maurice Ermini Anivitti 401408 (RAAF). KIA

Z1487 Mk.IV 460Sqn. UV-X
Z1490 Mk.IV 485Sqn. From 48 MU 31Aug41
Z1494 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn 04/08/1942 to 08/09/1942, coded UV-P.
Total Missions 13.
Z1650 Mk.IV Served with RAAF 460 Sqn 30/05/1942 to 01/06/1942, coded UV-F.
Total Missions 2.
Z1692 Mk.III 466 Sqn. Delivered 30Oct42
Z1695 Mk.IV 485 Sqn. UV-Y. From 48MU 31Aug41.
Ground accident with Wellington Z8418
Z1835 Mk.IV 460Sqn. UV-O
Z8418 MK.IV 458 Sqn.
Ground accident with Wellington R1695 at Pocklington on return from Op
AD630 Mk.Ic 458 Sqn.
BB457 Mk.Ic 458 Sqn.

458 Sqn.
Lost after forced to land on the sea owing to engine failure, 27Feb43
FSgt Scott RAF (P) Safe
Sgt Whittaker RAF (2/P) Safe
Sgt Softley RAF (O) Safe
FSgt Baggs RAF (
(W/Ag) Safe
Sgt H Bertram RAF (
(W/Ag) Safe
Sgt P Woolman RAF ((A/G) Safe

BK435 MV.III 466 Sqn. Delivered 30Oct42.
DV501 Mk.Ic Served with RAAF 458 Sqn.
DV502 Mk.Ic Served with RAAF 458 Sqn.
DV521 Mk.Ic Served with RAAF 458 Sqn.
DV522 Mk.Ic Served with RAAF 458 Sqn.
DV539 Mk.Ic Served with RAAF 458 Sqn.
Lost 16feb42 Malta, shot down into the sea east of Sicily by enemy aircraft
WgCdr NG Mulholland DFC 34098 RAF KIA. (CO of 458 Sqn)
Sgt AR Wills 402430 KIA (2/P)
FltLt LA Brain DFC 88216 RAF (N) KIA
Sgt E Anstee 1007177 RAF  (F/E) KIA
Sgt JE Andrews 619953 RAF (A/G) KIA
FlgOff J Willis-Richards RAF (A/G) Safe
AWM ROH list WgCdr Mulholland as RAAF, he was a Australian serving as a member of the RAF
DV541 Mk.Ic Served with RAAF 458 Sqn.
DV550 Mk.Ic Served with RAAF 458 Sqn.
DV555 Mk.Ic Served with RAAF 458 Sqn.
DV644 Mk.Ic

458 Sqn. Lost 2Aug42.
Collision with Boston AL696 from 24 Sqn SAAF
Sgt JL Whitworth RAF (P) Safe
FSgt CT McLoughlin 404254 (O) KIA
Sgt DE Bottomley  987758 RAF (W/Ag) KIA
Sgt JG Barlow
960943 RAF (W/Ag) KIA
FSgt WR Darling RNZAF (A/G) Safe

HE124 Mk.Ic 458 Sqn. (MD-H).
HE149 Mk.X 466 Sqn. (HD-J). 26Nov42-31Dec42.
Crashed 31Dec42 at Granswick, Yorkshire while training.
1 RAF Inj.
HE150 Mk.X

466 Sqn.
Lost 11/12Jun43. Op Dusseldorf
FlgOff F Mackeldon 125698 RAF (P) KIA
Sgt RW Maroney 413315 (2/P) KIA
FlgOff S
Roxburgh 125572 RAF (O) KIA
Sgt TC Herbert 1575212 RAF
(W/Op) KIA
Sgt EM Gold 146830 RAF (W/Ag) KIA
Sgt AG Rawlins 1219018 RAF (A/G) KIA

HE151 Mk.X 466Sqn. Delivered 26Nov42.
HE152 Mk.X

466 Sqn. Delivered 26Nov42. (HD-L).
Lost 14/15Jan43, shot down AAA on gardening op.
Sgt RV
Babington 658123 RAF (P) KIA
Sgt JA Austin NZ414575 RNZAF (2/P) KIA
Sgt LR Tabner 1293166 RAF (W/Op) KIA
FSgt HW Stewart R105711 RCAF KIA
Sgt M Harris 1193140 RAF KIA
Sgt AJ Chester 1254680 RAF (A/G) KIA
466 Sqn first operational loss

HE153 Mk.X

466 Sqn.
Crashed on landing at Leconfield 14/15Jan43, after flying into trees and engine failure. Op Koln
FSgt WR Martin 404837 (P) Inj
Sgt JF Louden RAF (O) Inj
PltOff HJS Harmer RAF (W/Op) Inj
Sgt BD Hall RAF
(W/Ag) Inj
Sgt JJ Robson 1314570 RAF (A/G) KIA

HE154 Mk.X

466 Sqn. Delivered 26Nov42.
Shot down by AAA 11/12Jun43. Op Dusseldorf.
Sgt FWR Green 408829 (P) KIA
Sgt KE Fletcher 414782 (O) KIA
Sgt AS Jones 1388330 RAF (W/Op) KIA
Sgt ED Milliken 420233
(W/Ag) KIA
Sgt JF Mell 413631 (A/G) KIA

HE155 Mk.X

466 Sqn. Delivered 26Nov42. (HD-H).
Missing 8/9Apr43. Op Duisburg.
Sgt SM Wood 143087 RAF (P) KIA
Sgt AC Kneeshaw 142881 RAF (O) KIA
Sgt JG Chalmers 1321621 RAF (W/Op) KIA
Sgt AD Pennycord 1187020 RAF
(W/Ag) KIA
WOII LR Crowe R107739 RCAF (A/G) KIA

HE156 Mk.X 466 Sqn. Delivered 26Nov42.
HE164 Mk.X 466 Sqn.
HE166 Mk.X

466 Sqn.
Shot down by night fighter 14/15Feb43, Op Koln
FltLt WJR Kirk 42007 RAF (P) KIA
FlgOff JE Mason 123834 RAF (2/P) KIA
FSgt WE Smith 1289965 RAF (O) KIA
Sgt RE Bentley RAF (W/Op) POW
Sgt NA Leonard RAF
(W/Ag) POW
Sgt TW Reynolds RAF (A/G) POW

HE212 Mk.X

466 Sqn.
Shot down by night fighter 29/30May43 over Brussels. Op Wuppertal.
Sgt HSR Lloyd 147904 RAF (P) KIA
Sgt WR Hendon 146015 RAF (O) KIA
Sgt AV Harper 146015 RAF (W/Op) KIA
Sgt SC Luke 1380482 RAF
(W/Ag) KIA
Sgt WJ Blundell 1380227 RAF (A/G) KIA
Aircraft named “Yvonne Proudbag”

HE256 Mk.X 466 Sqn.
HE257 Mk.X 466 Sqn.
HE259 Mk.X 466 Sqn.
HE270 Mk.X

466 Sqn. (HD-Q).
Lost 5/6Mar43. Op Essen.
Sgt AC Yielder 1126332 RAF (P) KIA
Sgt CJH Smith 1335889 RAF (O) KIA
Sgt RD Baker 1318696 RAF (W/Op) KIA
Sgt JW Gould 1262308 RAF
(W/Ag) KIA
Sgt J Linacre 946593 RAF (A/G) KIA

HE326 Mk.X

466 Sqn.
Shot down by night fighter 22/23Jun43. Op Mulheim.
FlgOff AL Ford 142518 RAF (P) KIA
Sgt CW Hewitt 146023 RAF (O) KIA
FlgOff RL Amesbury 145522 RAF (W/Op) KIA
Sgt RW Fox RAF
(W/Ag) POW
Sgt AH Richardson 615979 RAF (A/G) KIA

HE366 Mk.X 466Sqn.
HE368 Mk.X 466Sqn. Delivered 26Nov42.
466 Sqn's last Operational loss on 26-27/01/43 with only 1 survivor.
Crashed 26/27Jan43 at Retford, Nottinghamshire, due to engine failure. Op to Lorient
Sgt PML McKenzie NZ414726 RNZAF (P) KIA
Sgt WC Bush 1385767 RAF (O) DOW 27Jan43
FlgOff WE Bonest 126961 RAF (W/Op) (A/G) KIA
Sgt CC Brownlee NZ411059 RNZAF
(W/Ag) KIA
Sgt AR Ferris RAF Inj
HE376 Mk.X

466 Sqn. (HD-R).
Missing 1/2Mar43. Op gardening
Sgt WH Barrow 1047258 RAF (P) KIA
Sgt RW Paull 1387643 RAF (O) KIA
Sgt WHV Evans 1313826 RAF (W/Op) KIA
Sgt J Harvey 1083371 RAF
(W/Ag) KIA
Sgt JW Newton 1398368 RAF (A/G) KIA

HE383 Mk.X 466 Sqn. (HD-W).
Crashed 31Dec42 near Beverley, while training.
No crew details
HE386 Mk.X

466 Sqn. (HD-Z).
Missing 16/17May43. Op gardening.
Sgt JW Lawson 8686 (P) KIA
Sgt RD Carne 414642 (O) KIA
Sgt RL Robertson 413256 (W/Op) KIA
Sgt DE Robertson 1270871 RAF
(W/Ag) KIA
Sgt GE Harmes 1547702 RAF (A/G) KIA

HE389 Mk.X 466 Sqn.
HE391 Mk.X

466 Sqn. HD-Y.
Missing 22Dec42 on a “Bullseye” exercise testing the defences of Leeds and Shefield.
Sgt R Egerton RAF (P) KIA
FlgOff GL Sellars RAF (O) KIA
Sgt D Dorn RAF (W/Op) KIA
Sgt DL Hogben RCAF (W/Ag) KIA
Sgt JS Davison RAF (A/G) KIA

HE393 MK.X 466 Sqn.
HE395 MK.X

466 Sqn.
Lost 6/7Feb43, crashed at Leconfield after returning from gardening op.
No crew injuries.

HE397 MK.X

466 Sqn.
Lost 30Jan43. Op to Emden.
FltLt CJ Simmonds 115545 RAF (P) KIA
Sgt GC Baker 657594 RAF (O) KIA
Sgt A George 1345755 RAF (W/Op) KIA
Sgt AE Rew 1187995 RAF
(W/Ag) KIA
FSgt GE Watts 1381437 RAF (A/G) KIA

HE404 MK.X 466 Sqn.
HE410 MK.X

466 Sqn. (HD-T).
Lost 21/22Jan43, damaged by AAA on gardening op and crashed in Holland.
FSgt G Emerson RNZAF (P) POW
Sgt WR Fisher 517185 RAF (2/P) KIA
FSgt G Whiltla RNZAF (O) POW
Sgt RG Prior RAF (W/Op) POW
Sgt WDD Watts RAF
(W/Ag) POW
Sgt H Hughes RNZAF (A/G) POW

Wellington B.Mk.X HE410/HD-T
466 Squadron, 
the Netherlands, 
22 Jan., 1943, 
via Mike Mirkovic.

HE411 MK.X 466 Sqn. (HD-R)

Wellington B.Mk.X HE411/HD-R and crew.
466 Squadron, 
Leconfield, c.1943,  
via Mike Mirkovic.

HE434 MK.X 466 Sqn.
HE471 MK.X

466 Sqn.
Lost 30Jan43. Op to Emden
Sgt LF Axby 1335145 RAF (P) KIA
Sgt D Durham NZ413702 RNZAF (O) KIA
Sgt JHA Beath 655653 RAF (W/Op) KIA
Sgt W Jackson 1379812 RAF
(W/Ag) KIA
FlgOff TG Watson 119462 RAF (A/G) KIA

HE501 MK.X

466 Sqn. (HD-J).
Lost 16/17Apr43. Op Mannheim.
FSgt CF Tozer 406585 (P) KIA
WOII GE Young R90189 RCAF (O) KIA
Sgt HE Jones 1375844 RAF (W/Op) KIA
Sgt RK White 1193463 RAF
(W/Ag) KIA
Sgt G Errington 1531620 RAF (A/G) KIA

HE506 MK.X

466 Sqn. (HD-W). 
Missing 10/11Apr43. Op Frankfurt.
FlgOff FE Booy 141711 RAF (P) KIA
Sgt DF Gage 1385897 RAF (O) KIA
Sgt G Myers 1023525 RAF (W/Op) KIA
Sgt DW Williams 553822 RAF
(W/Ag) KIA
Sgt JG Morgan NZ41993 RNZAF (A/G) KIA

HE514 MK.X 466 Sqn.
HE529 MK.X 466 Sqn.
HE530 MK.X

466 Sqn.
Shot down by night fighter 4/5May43 Holland. Op Dortmund.
Sgt LF James 414299 (P) POW
Sgt RE Dolby 414212 (O) POW
Sgt RL Lutton 413214 (W/Op) POW
Sgt JT Baxter RAF (W/Ag) POW
Sgt FA Latham 412543 (A/G) KIA

HE531 MK.X

466 Sqn. (HD-P)
Crash landed Leconfield 20Feb43 after being damaged by ME110 on an Op to Wilhelmshaven.
Sgt RV Rosser RAF (P) Safe
Sgt D Livingstone RAF (O) Inj
Sgt EF Crowhurst 1386792 RAF (W/Op) KIA
Sgt FJ Brown RAF
(W/Ag) Inj
Sgt H Wilcock RAF (A/G) Safe

Wellington B.Mk.X HE531/HD-P being bombed up
466 Squadron, 
Leconfield, c.1943, .
 via Mike Mirkovic.

HE535 MK.X 458 Sqn.
HE549 MK.X 466 Sqn.
HE570 MK.X 466 Sqn.
HE872 MK.X 466 Sqn.
HE984 MK.X 466 Sqn. (HD-H) Named "SNIFTER".

Wellington B.Mk.X HE984/HD-H 'Snifter' and crew, l to r : F/Sgt. J.P. Hetherington, P/O. A.C. Winston, P/O. J.H. Cameron, F/Sgt. J. Samuels and P/O. J.J. Allan. 
466 Squadron, 
Leconfield, c.1943, 
via Mike Mirkovic.

HE989 MK.X 466 Sqn. (HD-Y).

Wellington B.Mk.X HE989/HD-Y and crew
466 Squadron, 
via Mike Mirkovic.

HF114 MK.X 458 Sqn.
HF223 MK.X 458 Sqn.
HF234 MK.X 458 Sqn.
HF239 MK.X 458 Sqn.
HF240 MK.X 458 Sqn.
HF243 MK.X

458 Sqn.
Crashed 19Apr44 on landing at Luqa returning from a convoy escort mission.
FlgOff HR McMillan 409574 (P) KIA
WOff JM Wagstaffe
1219231 RAF (2/P) KIA
FlgOff R Bullen RAF (O) Inj
FSgt AJ Huntley 410488  (W/Op) KIA
FSgt RH Williamson
1252008 RAF (W/Ag) KIA
WOff HG Clarke 412950 (A/G) Inj

HF244 MK.X 458Sqn.
HF265 MK.X 458Sqn.
HF271 MK.X 458Sqn.
HF273 MK.X 458Sqn.
HF278 MK.X 458 Sqn.

Bone, Algeria. c. 1943. Fabric workers lose no time in repairing a damaged tail unit on this Vickers Wellington HF278 of No. 458 Squadron RAAF

HF281 MK.X 458 Sqn.
HF288 MK.X 458 Sqn.
HF293 MK.X 458 Sqn.
HF295 MK.X 458 Sqn.
HF298 MK.X 458 Sqn.
HF337 MK.X 458 Sqn.
HF341 MK.X 458 Sqn.
HF342 MK.X 458 Sqn.
HF343 MK.X 458 Sqn.
HF344 MK.X 458 Sqn.
HF345 MK.X 458 Sqn.
HF346 MK.X 458 Sqn.
HF351 MK.X 458 Sqn.
HF354 MK.X 458 Sqn.
HF359 MK.X 458 Sqn.
HF360 MK.X 458 Sqn.
HF384 MK.X 458 Sqn.
HF400 MK.X

458 Sqn.
Destroyed 13Aug44 after returning from a mission with one 250lb bomb hung up and it is believed the bomb exploded on landing
FlgOff  CG Fereday 410116 (P) Inj
FSgt J Croft RAF (2/P) Inj
FSgt LJ Barlow 421147 (O) Inj
WOff GW Duncan 425286 (W/Op) DOW 17Aug44
WOff JB O’Connell 425201 (W/Ag) DOW 27Sep44
WOff JA Bryson 431730 (W/Ag) Inj
FlgOff CH Luxton, RAF (A/G) Inj

HF401 MK.X 458 Sqn.
HF402 MK.X

458 Sqn.
Lost 11/12Feb42 while on a training exercise off Gibraltar.
FSgt WJ Fox 428682 (P) KIA
FSgt NL Taylor 419777 (2/P) Inj
WOff KH Watts 429839 (O) KIA
FSgt BLR Conolan 428070 (W/Op) KIA
WOff MT Lee 410993 (W/Ag) KIA
FSgt MG Egan 423682 (A/G) Inj
Last loss for 458Sqn.

HF404 MK.X 458 Sqn.
HF411 MK.X 458 Sqn.
HF414 MK.X 458 Sqn.
HF417 MK.X 458 Sqn.
HF473 MK.X 466 Sqn.
HF481 MK.X

466 Sqn.
Missing 29/30Jun43. Op gardening.
Sgt GS Colless 413826 (P) KIA
Sgt RT Smit NZ39307 RNZAF (O) KIA
Sgt EO Gregory 401503 (W/Op) KIA
Sgt BK Conroy 420152
(W/Ag) KIA
Sgt DA Dunn 413555 (A/G) KIA

HF485 MK.X 466 Sqn. (HD-N)

Wellington B.Mk.X HF485/HD-N and crew.
466 Squadron, 
Leconfield, c.1943, 
via Mike Mirkovic.

HF519 MK.X 458 Sqn.
HF544 Mk.X

466 Sqn.
Shot down by night fighter 25/26Jun43. Op Gelsenkirchen
FSgt ABR Airy 406634 (P) KIA
FlgOff WE Riley 414960 (O) KIA
Sgt GC Green 1255176 RAF (W/Op) KIA
Sgt TM Atkinson 1266030 RAF
(W/Ag) KIA
Sgt GR Johnson 1435337 RAF(A/G)  KIA

HF545 MK.X 458 Sqn.
HF569 MK.X 466 Sqn.
HF601 MK.X 466Sqn.
Missing 5/6Jul43. Op gardening
WgCdr JJ Owen MID 26062 RAF (P) KIA
FlgOff EH Swain 119477 RAF (O) KIA
FlgOff F Darbyshire 126819 RAF (W/Op) KIA
FlgOff AM Long J17237 RCAF
(W/Ag) KIA
FlgOff JF Ray 145801 RAF (A/G) KIA
HF753 MK.X 458 Sqn.
HF803 MK.VIII 458 Sqn.
HF901 MK.VIII 458 Sqn.
HX150 MK.VIII 458 Sqn. (MD-S).
HX278 MK.VIII 458 Sqn. (MD-D).
HX376 MK.VIII 458 Sqn.
HX381 MK.VIII 458 Sqn.
HX445 MK.VIII 458 Sqn. (MD-M).
HX470 MK.VIII 458 Sqn.
HX471 MK.VIII 458 Sqn.
Lost with 69Sqn RAF 6Jan43
HX485 MK.VIII 458 Sqn.

458 Sqn.
Lost 6Nov42 in transit from the Middle East to Malta and crashed into the sea at night near Malta
LAC JW Batton 18762 RAAF KIA
LAC JA Baxter 22524 RAAF Inj
LAC JT Tilley 16242 RAAF Inj
Ac1 JB McInnes 16506 RAAF Inj
3 RAF ok
1 RCAF ok
1 RNZAF ok

HX509 MK.VIII 458 Sqn. (MD-F).
HX511 MK.VIII 458 Sqn.
HX516 MK.VIII 458 Sqn. (MD-A).
HX517 MK.VIII 458 Sqn. (MD-L).

458 Sqn. (MD-K).
Lost 25Mar43 on a shipping search East of Sardinia
PltOff Buchanan 139275 RAF (P) POW
FlgOff J Outeridge 119810 RAF (2/P) Died as POW
PltOff Barnett 123979 RAF (O) POW
FSgt DJ Tunney 406048 (W/Op) POW
FSgt AC Main 406049 (SE/Op) POW
FSgt JCO Wilson 407885 (A/G) POW
FlgOff Outeridge was killed by the Italians 1May43 when attempting to escape when on
transfer from Italy to Germany.

HX534 MK.VIII 458 Sqn. (MD-J).
HX536 MK.VIII 458 Sqn.
HX538 MK.VIII 458 Sqn. (MD-L).
HX576 MK.VIII 458 Sqn. (MD-P).
HX582 MK.VIII 458 Sqn. (MD-R).
HX558 MK.VIII 458 Sqn. (MD-V).
HX570 MK.VIII 458 Sqn.
HX582 MK.VIII 458 Sqn. (MD-H).
HX590 MK.VIII 458 Sqn. (MD-C).
HX592 MK.VIII 458 Sqn.
HX594 MK.VIII 458 Sqn. (MD-X).
HX599 MK.VIII 458 Sqn. (MD-F).
HX602 MK.VIII 458 Sqn.
HX605 MK.VIII 458 Sqn. (MD-S).
HX606 MK.VIII 458 Sqn. (MD-P).
HX630 MK.VIII 458 Sqn. (MD-O).
HX634 MK.VIII 458 Sqn.
HX635 MK.VIII 458 Sqn.
HX639 MK.VIII 458 Sqn.
HX677 MK.VIII 458 Sqn. (MD-W).
HX688 MK.VIII 458 Sqn. (MD-S).
HX694 MK.VIII 458 Sqn.
HX714 MK.VIII 458 Sqn. (MD-A).

458 Sqn. (MD-J).
Crash landed on the runway at Shallufah 17Feb43
Sgt GW Knox
1135628 RAF (P) KIA
FSgt HD Everingham 402736 (2/P) KIA
Sgt EL Rayner
1286457 RAF (O) KIA
Sgt D Dunnett
1266506 RAF (W/Ag) KIA
Sgt AE McCrae 411345 (W/Ag) Inj

HX728 MK.VIII 458 Sqn.
HX739 MK.VIII 458 Sqn. (MD-N).
HX747 MK.VIII 458 Sqn. (MD-U).
HX748 MK.VIII 458 Sqn.
HX831 MK.VIII 458 Sqn.
HX964 MK.VIII 458 Sqn. (MD-F).
HX991 MK.VIII 458 Sqn. (MD-B).
HZ121 MK.VIII 458 Sqn. (MD-K).
HZ256 MK.X 466 Sqn.
HZ257 MK.X

466 Sqn.
Missing 21/22May43. Op gardening.
Sgt CT Horner 409306 (P) KIA
Sgt ADM Ross 24818 (O) KIA
Sgt AF Lane 1386890 RAF (W/Op) KIA
Sgt OP Horton 409727
(W/Ag) KIA
Sgt TJ Brassel 412892 (A/G) KIA

HZ269 MK.X

466 Sqn.
Lost 29/30May43. Op Wuppertal.
FlgOff JC Launder RAF (P) POW
Sgt R Hutton RAF (O) POW
Sgt R Willis RAF (W/Op) POW
Sgt FLJ Hall RAF
(W/Ag) POW
Sgt I Farquhar RAF (A/G) POW

HZ271 MK.X 466 Sqn.
Abandoned 14May43 on return. Op Bochum.
No crew injuries.
HZ275 MK.X 458 Sqn.
HZ279 MK.X 466 Sqn.
HZ477 MK.X 466 Sqn.
HZ479 MK.X 466 Sqn. (HD-Y) Named "YOUNGERS".

Wellington B.Mk.X HZ279/HD-Y 'Youngers' have engine maintenance in a hangar.
466 Squadron, 
Leconfield, c.1943, 
via Mike Mirkovic.

HZ484 MK.X 466 Sqn.
HZ517 MK.X 466 Sqn.
HZ530 MK.X

466 Sqn. (HD-C).
Crashed 13May43 Towthrope Wold, Yorkshire in bad weather while returning from op. Op Duisburg.
FSgt CW Trinder 411970 (P) KIA
Sgt DAM Davidson NZ411865 RNZAF (O) KIA
Sgt H Russell 1320125 RAF (W/Op) KIA
Sgt DA
Traill 657397 RAF (W/Ag) KIA 
Sgt EGL Giggs 1323461 RAF (A/G) KIA

Wellington B.Mk.X HZ530/HD-C.
466 Squadron, 
Leconfield, c.1943,  
via Mike Mirkovic.

HZ531 MK.X

466 Sqn.
Collided with LN292 over Goole, Yorkshire, 30/31Aug43. Op Munchengladbach.
FSgt MJ Smart 416798 (P) KIA
FSgt NH Fuss 407349 (O) KIA
FSgt JB McLachlan 420353 (W/Op) KIA
FSgt EH Berry 410436
(W/Ag) KIA
Sgt JT Eccleston 1476724 RAF (A/G) KIA

These Wellington’s were the last lost by 466 Sqn before converting to Halifax


458 Sqn.
Lost 23/24Jun43 on a anti shipping mission.
Sgt C Moncur RNZAF (P) POW
Sgt AI Thompson RAF (2/P) POW
Sgt J McIlhatton
1388415 RAF (N) KIA
FSgt RFW Clark 406389 (W/Ag) POW
Sgt FE Baker
1295239 RAF (SE/Op) KIA
WOff LA Pearce 401049 (A/G) KIA

HZ580 MK.X

458 Sqn. Lost 23/24Jun43 on a anti shipping mission
Sgt C Moncur RNZAF (P) POW
Sgt AI Thompson RAF (2/P) POW
Sgt J McIlhatton
1388415 RAF (N) KIA
FSgt RFW Clark 406389 (W/Ag) POW
Sgt FE Baker
1295239 RAF (SE/Op) KIA
WOff LA Pearce 401049 (A/G) KIA

HZ585 MK.VIII 458 Sqn.
HZ587 MK.VIII 458 Sqn.
HZ690 MK.VIII 458 Sqn.
HZ694 MK.VIII 458 Sqn.

458 Sqn.
Lost 17Oct43 while on a anti-submarine patrol north of Cap De Fer.
WOff WJ Duode 403915 (P) KIA
FSgt WH Milne RAF
657704 (2/P) KIA
WOff CC Dacey 406591 (O) KIA
FlgOff EE Tatt RAF
144087 (2/O) KIA
FSgt GJ Gebbie 409686  (W/Op) KIA
FSgt WB Ralph RAF
1117324 (SE/Op) KIA
Sgt R Musgrove RAF1025192 (A/G) KIA


458 Sqn.
Lost 2Nov43 while on an anti-submarine patrol. The starboard engine caught fire and was ditched off Cape Bon.
FlgOff DG Howie 405312 (P) KIA
FSgt HF Bryson RAF
1315187 (2/ P) KIA
FlgOff J Gutherie RAF (O) Safe
FSgt FN Morris 400758 (W/Op) Safe
FSgt J R Ramsay 401395 (SE/Op) Safe
WOI HJM Brady RCAF (A/G) Safe

HZ882 MK.VIII 458 Sqn.
HZ888 MK.VIII 458 Sqn.

458 Sqn.
Lost 13Feb44 while on an anti-sub patrol from RAF Bone to Ghissonaccia
FlgOff RH Male RAF (P) Safe
FSgt HW Brandon 1388140 RAF (2/P) KIA
FSgt WMcIM Lipscomb 421740 (O) KIA
Sgt T Adair 1531154 RAF (W/Op) KIA
FSgt SN Campbell 412335 (SE/Op) KIA
FSgt HW Baines 420911 (A/G) Safe
Ground crew
Sgt CFA Percy 5220 RAAF (F2E) Safe
Cpl K Kenny 9352 RAAF (F2E) KIA
LAC GG Parkin 10158 RAAF (F2E) KIA


458 Sqn.
Crashed 27Nov43, crashed into a hill on Cape Bougaroun
FSgt J Richards 409851 (P) KIA
Sgt MV Aungier
1133860 RAF (2/P) KIA
WOI A Aikman
R93115 RCAF (O) KIA
FSgt GK Reid 422702 (W/Op) KIA
FSgt LJ Muschialli 410909 (SE/Op) KIA
FSgt RTA Freeman 415777 (A/G) KIA

JA145 MK.VIII 458 Sqn.

458 Sqn. Z.
Lost 15Mar44 on anti-submarine sweep while in transit from Ghisonaiccia (Corsica) to Bone (Algeria)
Sgt JM McCann RAF (P)
Sgt R Cain RCAF (2/P)
FlgOff LN Chalmers 413545 (N)
FSgt WTJ Carr 413822 (W/OP/ASV)
FlgOff A Sleight RAF (A/G)
FSgt HE Sorenson 420291 (W/OP/ASV)
All crew safe

JA295 MK.VIII 458 Sqn.
JA297 MK.VIII 458 Sqn.
JA299 MK.VIII 458 Sqn.
JA338 MK.VIII 458 Sqn.

458 Sqn.
Lost 7/8Apr44 while on a anti-submarine patrol in the Spezia-Orbetello area
WOff DA Anderson 401756 (P) KIA
FlgOff BF Lawler 409466 (2P) KIA
FSgt W Scott RAF (O) Safe
WOff MTF Knox 415537 (W/Op) KIA
FSgt RW Gould RAF (SE/Op) Safe
WOff AE McGee 420032 (A/G) KIA

JA414 MK.VIII 458 Sqn.
LA967 MK.VIII 458 Sqn.
LA979 MK.VIII 458 Sqn. (MD-X).
LA991 MK.VIII 458 Sqn. (MD-S).
LA996 MK.VIII 458 Sqn. (MD-O).
LA997 MK.VIII 458 Sqn.
LB142 MK.VIII 458 Sqn. (MD-G).
LB155 MK.VIII 458 Sqn. (MD-W).

458 Sqn. (MD-H).
Lost 29/30Apr43. Took off from RAF Luqa to carry out a shipping search off Western Sicily.
R101306  (P) KIA
R105554 (2P) KIA
R111309 (N) KIA
WOII JR Grasley
R86232 RCAF (W/O) KIA
WOII G J Banks
R84883 RCAF  (SE/Op) KIA
FSgt RD Armour 405168 (A/G) KIA


458 Sqn.
Lost on the night of 24/25Mar43, on a shipping search East of Sardinia
Sgt JG Shierlaw 416107 (P) Died as POW 19Apr45
PltOff Lambie RAF (2/P) POW
Sgt RW Mellor 407906 (N) POW
Sgt FO Raymond 405057 (W/Ag) POW
Sgt J Crouch RCAF (SE/Op) POW
Sgt WP Hermansen RNZAF (W/Ag ) POW

LB173 MK.VIII 458 Sqn. (MD-C).
LB175 MK.VIII 458 Sqn.
LB180 MK.VIII 458 Sqn. (MD-J).

458 Sqn.
Lost 15/16Jun43 to carry out a anti-sub convoy patrol escort
Sgt EB Bottomley 657621 RAF (P) KIA
Sgt BL Pottage 1425553 RAF (2/P) KIA
WOII TF Scandiffio R102787 RCAF (N) KIA
Sgt JR Cousins 1269264 RAF (W/Ag) KIA
Sgt JD Reynolds 1165671 RAF (W/Ag) KIA
FSgt JE Flecknoe 402920 (W/Ag) KIA
All crew 221 Sqn RAF.

LB225 MK.VIII 458 Sqn. (MD-W).
LB238 MK.VIII 458 Sqn. (MD-Q).
LN286 MK.X 466 Sqn.
LN288 MK.X

466 Sqn.
Shot down by AAA 13/14Jul43, Belgium. Op Aachen.
FSgt WA Gunning 413856 (P) KIA
Sgt NC Jordan R135639 RCAF (O) KIA
Sgt R Feakes 422157 (W/Op) KIA
Sgt DW Covell 1336969 RAF
(W/Ag) KIA
Sgt TF Cummins 1192627 RAF (A/G) KIA

LN289 MK.X 466 Sqn. (HD-Z) Named "GITUPTHEMSTAIRS".

Wellington B.Mk.X LN289/HD-Z 'Gitupthemstairs' and crew. 466 Squadron, 
via Mike Mirkovic.

LN292 MK.X

466 Sqn.
Collided with HZ531 over Goole, Yorkshire, 30/31Aug43. Op Munchengladbach.
Sgt JL Harwood 1390412 RAF (P) KIA
Sgt GG Payne 1579828 RAF (O) KIA
Sgt J
Noar 1239310 RAF (W/Op) KIA
Sgt FAF Elliot 656764 RAF
(W/Ag) KIA
Sgt TD McCann R154939 RCAF KIA
These Wellington’s were the last lost by 466Sqn before converting to Halifax

LN293 MK.X 466 Sqn.
LN392 MK.X 466 Sqn.
LN401 MK.X 466 Sqn.
LN404 MK.X 466 Sqn.
Crashed 11Mar43 Leconfield after engine failure.
 No crew injuries.
LN428 MK.X 466 Sqn.
LN442 MK.X

Lost 11/12Aug43. Op Gardening
WOff ED Fogden 403045 (P) KIA
FSgt FN Hamood 409046 (N) KIA
FSgt WVB Winchester 409265 (W/Op) KIA
Sgt RG
Woosnam 1316368 RAF (W/Ag) KIA
Sgt RW Richardson 2207432 RAF (A/G) KIA

LN453 MK.X 466 Sqn.
LN443 MK.X 466 Sqn.
MP537 MK.XI 458 Sqn.
MP584 MK.XII 458 Sqn.
MP629 MK.XI 458 Sqn.
MP631 MK.XI 458 Sqn.
MP650 MK.XII 458 Sqn.
MP684 MK.XII 458 Sqn.
MP700 MK.XI 458 Sqn.

458 Sqn.
Lost 23/24Jan44 after the port engine cut out and caught fire and was forced to ditch.
FlgOff JR Markey 403429 (P) KIA
FlgOff JN Bartlett 405620 (2/P) Safe
FSgt TR Rogers 425372 (N/B/A) KIA
FSgt JC Shipard 416895 (W/OP/ASV) KIA
FSgt AJ Huntley 410488 (W/OP/ASV) Safe
FSgt LC Taylor 410397 (W/OP/ASV) KIA

MP719 MK.XIII 458 Sqn.
MP749 MK.XIII 458 Sqn.
MP762 MK.XIII 458 Sqn.
MP797 Mk.XIV 458 Sqn.
MP799 Mk.XIV 458 Sqn.
MP810 Mk.XIV 458 Sqn.
MP820 Mk.XIV 458 Sqn.
MS473 MK.X

466 Sqn. (HD-Q).
Lost 13/14May43 in North Sea. Op Bochum.
PltOff T Sampson NZ411032 RNZAF (P) KIA
Sgt CW Jones RAF (O) POW
FSgt JF Cahill 403633 (W/Op) POW
FSgt KS Murphy 403621
(W/Ag) POW
Sgt RJT Jester RAF (A/G) POW

MS483 MK.X 466 Sqn.
MS494 MK.X

466 Sqn.
Shot down by night fighter 29/30May43 Holland. Op Wuppertal.
Sgt LO Upjohn 411972 (P) POW
Sgt J Paterson RAF (O) POW
Sgt RA Napier RAF (W/Op) POW
Sgt WV Garfield RAF (W/Ag) POW
FSgt F Hay DFM 1023216 RAF (A/G) KIA

NB768 MK.XIV 458 Sqn.
NB769 MK.XIV 458 Sqn.
NB810 MK.XIV 458 Sqn.
NB820 MK.XIV 458 Sqn.
NB853 MK.XIV 458 Sqn.

458 Sqn.
Crashed 14Dec44 when overshot Jesi and crashed into a hillside.
WOff GG Simons 416371 (P) KIA
FSgt KJ Leslie 419785 (2/P) KIA
WOff JHM Watson 425388 (N) KIA
WOff R Ellis 427457 (W/OP/ASV) KIA
WOff HS Shying 420068 (W/OP/ASV) KIA
WOff PJ Farrell 427504 (W/OP/ASV) KIA

NB869 MK.XIV 458 Sqn.
NB881 MK.XIV 458 Sqn.
NB886 MK.XIV 458 Sqn.
NB889 MK.XIV 458 Sqn.
NB890 MK.XIV 458 Sqn.
NB921 MK.XIV 458 Sqn.
NC490 MK.XIV 458 Sqn.

The following aircraft and crews were also lost while with 458 Sqn,
No aircraft serial identities were provided in the 458 Squadron history book held at NAA.
Individual aircraft code letters are shown where known.

Date Aircraft Code Letter Incident Crew
12/02/1943 Unknown Overshot the runway and crashed into a quarry at Malta 12Feb43

PltOff LH Gleason J17063 RCAF (P) KIA
FlgOff M McA Kempton
R92308 RCAF (W/Ag) KIA
Sgt HE Stanley
R91441 RCAF (W/Ag) KIA

27-28/04/1943 S Lost 27/28Ap43 shipping patrol off the west coast of Italy

FlgOff  M Tuckwell 137297 RAF (P) KIA
Sgt TE Musto
1316142 RAF (2/P) KIA
PltOff RWJ Hudson
J17587 RCAF (O) KIA
Sgt KT Bates
946569 RAF (W/Op) KIA
Sgt JR Hunter
1020873 RAF (SE/Op) KIA
Sgt WS Lees
1020882 RAF  (A/G) KIA

14-15/07/1943 Unknown Lost 14/15Jul43 on patrol between the Straits of Bonnifacie and South of Elba

FlgOff WJ Markowski RAF (P)
FSgt E J Colclough RAF (2/P)
FlgOff R Leonard RAF (O)
PltOff HW Palmer RAF (?)
WOII TE Griggs
R98819 RCAF (W/Ag) KIA (458Sqn)
Sgt E Stanfield
1365035 RAF (W/Ag) (458Sqn)
Sgt Blackler RAF (W/Ag)

No information on non-causalities other than they were from 38Sqn RAF and are not listed as being KIA in CWGC.

21-22/07/1943 R Lost 21/22Jul43 on patrol west of Sardinia and from Corsica to Toulon

FO GL Barker J20378 RCAF (P) KIA
Sgt R Wilkinson
1239994 RAF(2/P) KIA
Sgt I Kippenberger
NZ 413429 RNZAF (O) KIA
Sgt FC Kingston
1384540 RAF (W/Ag) KIA
Sgt LS Hill
1332496 RAF (W/Ag) KIA
Sgt LH Johnson
1333888 RAF (W/Ag) KIA

23-24/08/1943 Unknown Lost 23/24Aug43 on patrol in the Civitaveschia- Elbe area

FltLt RC Scott  J20438 RCAF (P) KIA
FlgOff ML Brechin  
J20439 RCAF  (2/P) KIA
FlgOff J Hillen
127301  RAF (O) KIA
Sgt ME Windsor
1212913 RAF (W/Ag) KIA
Sgt WE Dixon
1213637 RAF (W/Ag) KIA
Sgt J Whittaker
1315073 RAF (W/Ag) KIA

16-17/09/1943 K Lost 16/17Sep43 on patrol from Civitavecchia to Savona Gorjona islands and the coasts of Corsica and Sardinia

FlgOff PR Driver 122475 RAF (P) KIA
Sgt EL Wilson
1316300 RAF (2/P) KIA
FlgOff G Holt
120970 RAF (O) KIA
Sgt EJ Cuming
1270898 RAF (W/Op) KIA
Sgt GR Potter
1270949 RAF (SE/Op) KIA
Sgt DAE Salt (A/G)
No information on Sgt Salt


The Authors of this page are Darren Crick, Brendan Cowan, Gordon Birkett & The Phantom.

Sources: Dean Norman's RAAF Aircrew Losses project, Logbook of Pilot Officer RR Ferry, Alan Chambers Bomber Command Project, Chorley's Bomber Command Losses, British Military Aircraft Serials 1911-1979 Bruce Robertson, National Archives of Australia,

Emails:  Gordon Birkett, Dean Norman, Peter Ferry, Alan Chambers, Kym Manuel, Jules Crittenden, Martin Edwards, Brendan Cowan, The Phantom, Mike Mirkovic.

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