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RAAF Avro 698 Vulcan

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  Vulcan XA903 
carrying Blue Steel. 
Photo BAE Systems

Avro Vulcan Image Gallery

Serial Type Aircraft History
XA903 B.1 10/05/1957 First Flight,
31/05/1957 Delivered to RAF,
16/11/1960 Arrived in Australia ,
17/11/1960 To Base Sqn Edinburgh ex UK for A.V.Roe & Co, Edinburgh Field, fitted with Olympus 10101 Engines, 101110, 101082, 101102 & 101106,
Used by private contractors in conjunction with 4 JSTU RAF in Blue Steel Trials,
06/02/1961 Returned to RAF ,
Served as Rolls Royce Olympus 593 (Concord) and later as Turbo-Union RB119 (Tornado) Engine test aircraft,
Nose section preserved Wellesbourne Mountford, UK.

Vulcan B1 XA903 
Blue Steel Trials

XH539 B.2 12/12/1961 Received at Edinburgh, SA from UK, for use by private contractor (A.V.Roe & Co) at Edinburgh,
Used by private contractors in conjunction with 4 JSTU RAF in Blue Steel Trials,
Date of return unknown.
Scrapped Waddington 1989.

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Blue Steel
Blue Steel missile


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