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RAN Supermarine Sea Otter

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Sea Otter aboard HMAS Melbourne
Photo via Mark Clayton


Sea Otter Image Gallery

Aircraft Serial Aircraft History
JN200 On loan to HMAS Sydney 27.2.47; 723 Sqn, Nowra;
Returned to Saunders Roe 21.7.47 for conversion to Mark II;
Ready for collection 3.10.47;
Loaned to HMAS Sydney;
Transferred to RAN 1949;
Sold 1954 to Air Research, Sydney,.
On civil register as VH-BQI from 22.12.54.
Aircraft was holed during test flying and beached at RAAF Rathmines.
Cancelled as withdrawn from use 19.10.56.
Towed to a farm at Awaba NSW where it deteriorated until 1972 when it was scrapped.
Nose section saved by Bill Hitchcock of the Royal Newcastle Aero Club and held in their hangar for some years until presented to the Naval Aviation Museum Nowra NSW. This is believed to be the only section of a Sea Otter in existence in the world.

Sea Otter JN200 
as VH-BQI 
Photo via exbirdy  Sea Otter JN200 
Photo Geoff Goodall  Sea Otter JN200
FAA Museum, Nowra
Photo Martin Edwards

RD914 On loan from RN to HMAS Sydney 7.10.50;
Transferred to RAN 8.54; 723 Sqn.
Probably withdrawn from use in 1954 and later scrapped

Supermarine Sea Otter RD914
723 Squadron, 
HMAS Albatross, Nowra, 
via Mike Mirkovic.

RD917 On loan from RN to RAN for HMAS Sydney 7.10.49; 723 Sqn;
Returned to RN in HMAS Sydney 24.7.50

Sea Otter
Photo by Bernie Delaney via Kim Dunstan  Sea Otter aboard HMAS Melbourne
Photo via Mark Clayton


The Author of this page is Joe Barr.

Sources: “Fleet Air Arm Fixed-Wing Aircraft Since 1946” by Ray Sturtivant, Mick Burrow and Lee Howard. “The Historic Civil Aircraft Register of Australia VH-BAA to VH-BZZ “ by Tony Arbon and David Sparrow, Martin Edwards, Brendan Cowan.

Updated 24 July 2013


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