ADF Units Operating Military Aircraft

Squadron or UnitLocationAircraftCallsigns
(ADF Basic Flight
Training School)
Tamworth, NSWCT-4B, CAP-10Roller (Dual) & Charlie (Solo)
(Army Helicopter School)
Oakey, QLDBell 206B-1 KiowaArmy 'Hawk'
(Aircraft Maintenace and Flight Trials Unit)
NAS Nowra, NSWvariousKobra
(Aircraft Research
and Development Unit)
RAAF Edinburgh, SAF/A-18A, PC-9ATester
(Central Flying School)
RAAF East Sale, VICPC-9AAlladdin/Roulette
(Forward Air Control
Development Unit)
RAAF Williamtown, VICPC-9A(F) Reaper.?
RSTTRAAF Wagga, NSWCT-4A, Macchi.?
(School of Army Aviation)
Oakey, QldBell 206B-1 Kiowa, Bell UH-1H Iroquois and Sikorsky S70-A9/UH-60 Black HawkArmy 'Knight'
SANRAAF East Sale, VICB200 King Air, HS748Torch
1 Sqn - 82 WingRAAF Amberly, QLDF-111Buckshot, Cannon, Colt, Carbine
2 FTSRAAF Pearce, WAPC-9AViper (Dual) & Sierra (Solo)
2 OCU - 81 WingRAAF Williamtown, NSWF/A-18Maple, Hawkeye, Hunter
2 SqnRAAF Williamtown, NSWReformed for B737 Awacs?
3 Sqn - 81 WingRAAF Williamtown, NSWF/A-18Adder, Apache, Baron, Cobra
A Sqn,
5th Aviation Reg
Townsville, QLDSikorsky S70A-9/UH-60 BlackhawkArmy ‘Desterier’
B Sqn,
5th Aviation Reg
Townsville, QLDSikorsky S70A-9/UH-60 BlackhawkArmy ‘Warhorse’
C Sqn,
5th Aviation Reg
Townsville, QLDBell CH-47D ChinookArmy ‘Brahman’
6 Sqn - 82 WingRAAF Amberly, QLDF-111Falcon, Nike, Savage
10 Sqn - 92 WingRAAF Edinburgh, SAP-3CStriker, Mariner
11 Sqn - 92 WingRAAF Edinburgh, SAP-3CShepherd
32 Sqn - 84 WingRAAF East Sale, VICHS-748, Beech King AirHudson
33 Sqn - 84 WingRAAF Richmond, NSWB707Windsor/Dragon/Regal/Regent
34 Sqn - 84 WingRAAF Fairbairn, ACTBoeing 737 and C604Envoy/regent/Regal
36 Sqn - 86 WingRAAF Richmond, NSWC-130HStallion/Thunder
37 Sqn - 86 WingRAAF Richmond, NSWC-130JTrojan
38 Sqn - 86 WingRAAF Amberly, QLDDHC-4Wombat
38 Sqn, Det B - 86 WingRAAF Townsville, QLDDHC-4Wombat
75 Sqn - 81 WingRAAF Tindal, NTF/A-18Magpie, Buzzard, Condor
76 Sqn - 81 WingRAAF Williamtown, NSWPC-9A, Hawk Mk.127Bobcat, Panther, Leopard, Tiger
77 Sqn - 81 WingRAAF Williamtown, NSWF/A-18Shogun, Despot, Warlock
79 Sqn - 81 WingRAAF Pearce, WAHawk Mk.127Devil, Demon, Fury, Hero.
86 Wing Det CEast TimorCaribou?
161 Recce Sqn,
1st Aviation Reg
Darwin, NTBell 206B-1 KiowaArmy 'Possum'
162 Recce Sqn,
1st Aviation Reg
Townsville, QLDBell 206B-1 KiowaArmy 'Marlin'
171 Op Support Sqn
1st Aviation Reg
Oakey, QLDBell UH-1H IroquoisArmy ‘Cavalier’ or ‘Bushranger’
173 Survey Sqn
1st Aviation Reg
Oakey, QLDTwin Otter and King Air (on lease)Army 'Redback'
292 Sqn - 92 WingRAAF Edinburgh, SATAP-3BMariner
HC723 SqnHMAS Albatross, NSWAS350Taipan
HS805 SqnHMAS Albatross, NSWSH-2GCheckmate?
HS816 SqnHMAS Albatross, NSWSH-60Tiger
HS817 SqnHMAS Albatross, NSWSea KingShark

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