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RNZAF Mitsubishi A6M3 (Zero or Zeke)


Mitsubishi A6M3 "Zero" NZ6000
Photo via Tim Vickridge

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Mitsubishi Zero Image Gallery

Serial IJN.Serial c/n Aircraft history
NZ6000 2-182 ? Previously 2-182.
Surrendered JNAF Type A6M3 Model 22 Fighter.
Flown from Kara Airstrip to Piva by Wing Commander Koefoed on 15 September 1945.
Shipped from Bougainville to New Zealand on "Wahine" on 13 October 1945 and arrived at Hobsonville late that month.
The aircraft was brought on charge as NZ6000 and allocated to the Central Fighter Establishment, Ardmore.
The idea was to display the aircraft throughout the country but lack of spares for the aircraft which was in poor condition meant that this was not feasible.
The aircraft was brought up to taxying standard and Wing Commander Willis, the Hobsonville Commanding Officer made a single 10 minute flight possibly on 12 December 1945.
Converted to instructional airframe INST113 on 08 May 1946 and initially stored at Hobsonville before being transferred to the TTS on 28 February 1946.
Presented to the Auckland War Memeorial Museum in late 1947 but not delivered to them until December 1959.
Presently displayed at the Museum.

Author: Ivan Prince (Updated by Brendan Cowan)

Sources: AHSNZ publications 1960-1985.

Emails: Martin Edwards, Brendan Cowan,

Updated 2nd June 2016


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