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Serial c/n Aircraft History
NZ583 489 Previously G-AFHR.
Sold by W. Shackleton Ltd in June 1938 to the Otago Aero Club.
Registered to Otago Aero Club as ZK-AGO on 06 September 1938.
To Queenstown and Mount Cook Airways in 1939.
Impressed into RNZAF for a cost of 650 pounds on 26 September 1939 as NZ583.
Released on 06 September 1940 to Queenstown and Mount Cook Airways and registered as ZK-AGR.
Registration cancelled 24 October 1941.

The Author of this page is Ivan Prince (updated by Brendan Cowan).

Heading photograph: Peter Lewis Collection via Les Billcliff

Sources: Various AHSNZ Publications 1970-1993, NZ Civil Aircraft Register. Australian Civil Aircraft Register, "NZPAF*RNZAF Aircraft Colour Scemes" by W. Russell, NZ Herald 27 December 2002. NZ Wings 1980-1987

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