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  In August 1945, the order was given to equip the first two Squadrons with Avro Lincolns as part of tiger force. the Chosen units were 57 Sqn and 75 (NZ) Squadron.

In the last week of August, 75 recieved 3 aircraft (RF383, RF388 & RF389). Both units experienced poor servicablity with these early Lincolns including unusable dorsal and rear turrets which lacked various items of equipment to complete them and the aircraft also lacked heating equipment which was deemed unneccesary for Pacific operations.

Trials concluded with the aircraft by the end of the year (by which time 75 had disbanded and Tiger Force became redundant) to be continued by 44 (Rhodesia) Squadron thus ending the RNZAF's short association with this type.

RAF Serial Mark RNZAF Unit Code Aircraft History
RF383 B MkII 75 (NZ) Sqn ? 1945: August; Initial equipment for "Tiger Force" deployment.
RF388 B MkII 75 (NZ) Sqn AA-N 1945: August; Initial equipment for "Tiger Force" deployment.
Later to 44 (Rhodesia) Sqn, as KM-C

Lincoln  RF388 
27th February 1946 
ex 75 (NZ)Sqn passed on to 47 (Rhodesia Sqn)

RF389 B MkII 75 (NZ) Sqn AA-A 1945: August; Initial equipment for "Tiger Force" deployment.
Later to Bomber Command School of Bombing.

Lincoln  RF389 
AA-A 75SQN  Lincoln  RF389


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Sources: "Lincoln at War 1944-1966" Mike Garbett and Brian Goulding, "Lancaster - The Story of a Famous Bomber" Bruce Robertson, "British Military Aircraft Serials 1911 - 1979" Bruce Robertson,

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