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RNZAF Miles M.14 Hawk Trainer III
NZ585 & NZ586


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Serial c/n Aircraft history
NZ585 486 Arrived in Wellington aboard the "Westmoreland" on 11 May 1937.
Assembled at Rongotai.
Entered the New Zealand Civil Aircraft Register as ZK-AEZ with the Wellington Aero Club.
Impressed into the RNZAF for a cost of 1100 pounds on 15 September 1939 as NZ585.
Allocated to No.2 EFTS initially at New Plymouth and later at Ashburton.
Later allotted to RNZAF Station, Whenuapai.
Destroyed by fire after Hudson NZ2077 crashed into the hangar it was housed in at Whenuapai on 17 December 1942.
Written off books at Whenuapai on 08 January 1943.
NZ586 32 First flight as G-AETL was in February 1937 prior to the aircraft being exported to New Zealand for the Otago Aero Club.
Entered the New Zealand Civil Aircraft Register as ZK-AEY.
Entered service with the club on 02 October 1937.
Impressed into the RNZAF with Unit 18 Rongotai for a cost of 1250 pounds on 26 September 1939 as NZ586.
Allocated to No.2 EFTS initially at New Plymouth and later at Ashburton.
Sold to Otago Aero Club from Woodbourne on 19 September 1946 and entered the New Zealand Civil Aircraft Register as ZK-ALO.
Delivered to the club in December 1946 after refurbishment by de Havillands at Rongotai.
To F. Patterson in May 1950 with airframe hours of 1912.
To Piako Aero Club, Waharoa on 29 April 1952.
Badly damaged after landing accident at Waharoa 16 December 1956 and withdrawn from use.
Written off after a gale collapsed the hangar that the aircraft was stored in.
Remains presented to MOTAT in 1966 to assist in restoration of ZK-AYW.

Author: Ivan Prince (Updated by Brendan Cowan)

Sources: AHSNZ publications. NZ Civil Aircraft Register. NZ Wings September 1972. Classic Wings Downunder-Issue 40. RNZAF records.

Emails: Martin Edwards, Brendan Cowan,

Updated 06 December 2013


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