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RNZAF de Havilland DH.83 Fox Moth


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Serial c/n Aircraft history
NZ566 4097 The last of the English production run this aircraft arrived in New Zealand on 08 December 1934.
Registered as ZK-ADI to Air Travel (NZ) Ltd Hokitika on 29 January 1935.
Impressed into RNZAF with Unit 39 Rongotai for a cost of 1300 pounds on 12 April 1943 as NZ566.
Served with Communications Flight Rongotai and 42 Squadron.
Was stationed at Rotorua from 15 October 1945-19 April 1948 on forest fire watching duties with the Squadron.
SOC RNZAF on 16 July 1948 and sold to NZ National Airways Corporation for 1200 pounds.
Re-entered the civil register as ZK-ASP on 06 August of that year named "Mimiro".
To W.Wakeman, Christchurch 03 December 1953 who used it in topdressing operations with Aerial Sowing Canterbury Ltd.
To Air Contracts Ltd, Masterton 28 July 1954 for charter work.
To A. Blechynden, Hamilton on 18 January 1957 for use on West Coast whitebait operations.
To R. Rae, Rotorua 06 April 1959.
To S. Marker Christchurch 10 November 1960.
To J. Switzer, Christchurch 09 October 1961.
To A. Evans, Auckland 29 July 1968.
Badly damaged after the engine failed at 500 feet during a flight on 30 July 1968 and stored at Ardmore.
Repaired and sold to M. Robertson, Auckland 18 March 1970.
Damaged in landing accident at Turangi on 18 March 1970.
Aircraft collided with a sheep during a precautionary landing in a paddock.
Taken to Hastings for repair.
Flew again on 14 July 1970 by which time it had flown a total of 7366 hours.
To D. Lilico, Auckland 20 April 1971.
To M. Robertson, Auckland 15 November 1972.
Shipped to United States in April 1975 while owned by Myles Robertson.
Cancelled from NZ Civil Aircraft Register 15 July 1975.
Registered to Hamburg Aerodrome Inc, Lakeview, New York as N83DH on 23 September 1975 and based at AeroPlaza Airfield, Washington.
US registration cancelled December 1984.
Registered to B. Woodford, Hamble, England as G-ADHA 03 December 1984.
To Wessex Aviation and Transport Ltd, Hamble, England 15 April 1985.
To G. Grocott, Switzerland. Registration cancelled 03 February 1997.
Returned to NZ Register on 04 February 1997 as ZK-ADI and registered to Croydon Air Services, Gore.
Still flying in New Zealand as ZK-ADI.

DH.83 Fox Moth 


Author: Ivan Prince (Updated by Brendan Cowan)

Sources: AHSNZ publications 1972-1984. NZ Civil Aircraft Register. CNAPG Website. "Taking Off' by R. Waugh. NZCAA Accident Report. "Flying the Thermal Skies" by D. Stafford. "NZ Tiger Moths" by C. Jenks and D. Phillips. "Cats Have Only Nine Lives" by Bryan Cox. RNZAF records.

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Updated 10 December 2013


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