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RNZAF de Havilland DH.80 Puss Moth
2125, NZ567, NZ582, NZ590, NZ593 & NZ594


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Serial c/n Aircraft history
2125 2125 Previously G-ABHC with the London Aeroplane Club.
Imported into New Zealand in April 1931 by Miss Aroha Clifford.
Damaged during first flight on 27 April 1931 after being erected and test flown at Wigram.
Sold for 1000 pounds to NZPAF in August 1931 and rebuilt during 1931-1932.
Aircraft was given it's c/n as a serial number.
Sold to Southland Aero Club in early 1937 and registered as ZK-AEV.
Impressed into RNZAF on 27 September 1939 as NZ590.
Further details see NZ590 below.
NZ567 2204 Previously ZK-ACX/NZ593.
Rebuilt from the remains of NZ593 also using parts from NZ582.
Brought back on charge with Unit 39 Rongotai on 27 March 1943.
Released on 02 July 1946 from No.42 Squadron to the Civil Aviation Department as ZK-AJN.
To J. Stackwood, Christchurch in 1950.
Last flight 12 July 1958 prior to being stored at Christchurch Airport until 1967 when it was moved from the airport to a haybarn at Tai Tapu.
Cancelled from the register on 31 July 1968.
To C. Smith, Mandeville during 1980 for restoration.
Added to register as ZK-ACX on 05 June 1987 to C. Smith, Mandeville.
Registration cancelled 31 August 2000 as withdrawn.
NZ582 2107 Previously ZK-ACB.
The first Puss Moth to be used by an aero club in New Zealand and the only one to be owned by a club.
Delivered to the Auckland Aero Club at the end of 1930.
Hired by the Canterbury Aero Club for some time.
Presented to the newly formed Waikato Aero Club on 04 December 1937.
Impressed into RNZAF on 12 October 1939 for a cost of 550 pounds as NZ582 and used for communications duties.
Broken up for parts at Woodbourne in 1942 and written off books at Woodbourne on 28 November 1942.

DH.80A Puss Moth 

NZ590 2125 Previously NZPAF 2125.
Sold to the Southland Aero Club and entered the New Zealand Civil Aircraft Register as ZK-AEV.
Impressed into RNZAF with Unit 2 Wigram for a cost of 400 pounds on 27 September 1939 as NZ590.
Continued to operate for some time as ZK-AEV before being serialled as NZ590.
Operated initially by Communications Flight from Rongotai but later transferred to No.1 SFTS based at Wigram.
Last time the aircraft was flown was 07 July 1944.
Withdrawn from service in December 1944 due to it's poor condition (TT 1776 hours).
Reduced to spares for Civil Aviation Department use in ZK-AJN.
Written off books at No.42 Squadron on 31 May 1946 as converted to spares and produce.
Some parts (complete fuselage and most of the fittings, but no undercarriage, struts, wings, or tailwheel) stored at Sheffield in 1967.
Retrieved by Colin Smith of Waikaka in 1984 for storage on his farm.
NZ593 2204 Previously ZK-ACX. The first privately owned Puss Moth in New Zealand.
Arrived at Lyttleton on board "Northumberland" in November 1931 for Sir Bruce Stewart of Christchurch.
Advertised for sale in March 1935 for 850 pounds.
Sold to A.J. Bradshaw on 03 November 1935 for Southland Airways.
Impressed into RNZAF with Unit 18 Rongotai for a cost of 500 pounds on 08 July 1940 as NZ 593.
Allocated to Flying Instructor's School, Hobsonville June 1940-August 1941.
Unserviceable at Hobsonville August 1941-March 1942.
With Initial Training Wing, Rotorua March-August 1942 and CFS Tauranga August-December 1942.
Badly damaged at Ashburton on 16 December 1942 when it was struck by NZ661.
Written off books at Ashburton.
Remains sent to DHNZ at Rongotai for use as spares, but the aircraft was rebuilt using parts from NZ582 and became NZ567.
Details on NZ567 see above.
NZ594 2046 Previously ZK-ABG.
Imported into New Zealand by Air Transport and Survey Co. Ltd. of Hobsonville for use by Rotorua Airways.
Entered service with Rotorua Airways on 25 October 1930.
Damaged on landing at Rangiora on 19 March 1934 while flying as a support aircraft for the Southern Cross during it's New Zealand tour.
Repaired and sold to New Zealand Airways, Timaru in June 1934.
Damaged in accident and sold to A.J. Bradshaw for Southland Airways in 1938.
Impressed into RNZAF with Unit 7 Taieri for a cost of 450 pounds on 08 June 1942 as NZ594.
Served with No.1 SFTS.
Sold to A. MacIntosh from Woodbourne on 24 April 1946.
Entered the New Zealand Civil Aircraft Register as ZK-AJW.
Believed to have crashed into sea south of Waitaki River mouth on 25 August 1948 during flight from Invercargill to Christchurch.
Wreckage, identified as coming from the aircraft and pilot's body washed up on shore near Oamaru on 01 September 1948.

Author: Ivan Prince (Updated by Brendan Cowan)

Sources: AHSNZ Journals 1966-1968, NZ Wings October 1980, May 1988. "Missing" by C. Rudge. NZ Civil Aircraft Register. "Flying the Thermal Skies" by D. Stafford. Tiger Club of NZ Newsletter April 1984. RNZAF records.

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Updated 10 December 2013


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