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RNZAF Boeing 757-22QC
NZ7571 to NZ7572


Boeing 757 
Wearinf RNZAF 75 Anniversary markings
31st March 2012

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Boeing 757 Image Gallery

Serial c/n Delivered Aircraft history
NZ7571 26633 07/05/2003 Previously PH-TKA with Transavia Airlines.
Rolled out 16 December 1992.
First flight 22 January 1993.
Delivered to Transavia Airlines 22 February 1993.
Last service for Transavia Palma-Amsterdam as TRA6126 on 16 March 2003.
Ferried Amsterdam-Bristol for repaint 17 March 2003.
Ferried Bristol-Shannon for maintenance in RNZAF colours ON 24 March 2003.
Sold to GECAS then onsold to RNZAF April 2003 for use with 40 Squadron.
Arrived at Wellington on 07 May 2003 and positioned to Whenuapai later that day arriving at 1515.
Fully operational by June 2003.

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NZ7572 26634 xx/xx/2003 Previously PH-TKB with Transavia Airlines.
Rolled out 27 March 1993.
First flight 15 April 1993.
Delivered to Transavia Airlines 03 May 1993.
Last service for Transavia Rhodos-Amsterdam as TRA2324 on 18 May 2003.
Ferried Amsterdam-Bristol on 19 May 2003 as TRA051 for repainting.
Ferried Bristol-Shannon as TRA053 on 25 May for maintenance.
Sold to GECAS June 2003 for onsale to RNZAF.
Arrived at Whenuapai on 30 June 2003 for service with No.40 Squadron after being delayed in the USA for a week during it's delivery flight because of a fuel leak.
Entered operational service on 11 July 2003.

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Author: Ivan Prince (Updated by Brendan Cowan)

Sources: Boeing 757 Website. NZ Herald 14/15 April and 26 June 2003. AHSNZ Aerolog September 2003

Emails: Henry Almonte, Mike Condon, Peter Van Dyk, Martin Edwards, Brendan Cowan,

Updated 28 January 2014


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