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Sea Venom WZ904

Sea Venom Image Gallery

RAN.Serial Ex-RAN/RN Type C/N Delivered To RAN RAN Codes Aircraft History
N4-893 WZ893 FAW.53 12750 27/02/56 882, 803 Served with 805 Sqn. Part of the Checkmates Aerobatic Team (RAN).
Damaged 02/10/62 when it collided with WZ940 over Sydney Harbour, landed at Nowra.
Crew; LEUT B. Roberts.
Scrapped 05/67.

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N4-894 WZ894 FAW.53 12751 27/02/56 205, 868, 806, 806/M Crashed 11/05/59 Jervis Bay NSW.
Flown by LEUT(P) P.Vickers, RAN of 724 Sqn, heard a thump, ASI failed, vibrations, fire warning light, undercarriage and flaps could not be lowered, engine off.
Pilot made a dead stick landing at Jervis Bay airfield, aircraft overshot runway and written off.
Disposed off 4/02/60.

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N4-895 WZ895 FAW.53 12752 27/02/56 804, 865, 870, 867 Used by de Havilland Christchurch Hampshire, UK to design ejection seat layout.
Damaged 04/02/58, Nose wheel failed to lower when with 808 Sqn.
Restored to ground running by ABATA Steve Long 1981 and to taxying condition in 1982.
Participated in the last fixed wing airday at Nowra and led the A-4ís and Trackers out to runway 21 with Fairey Firefly WD-826.
Restoration to flying condition started 1986 but was cancelled. VH-NVV ntu
Aircraft currently stored with the RAN Historic Flight

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N4-896 WZ896 FAW.53 12753 27/02/56 206, 206/Y Crashed 28/08/57 Nowra NSW.
Flown by LEUT(P) Rowe, RAN & LEUT(O) A.L Eccelston, RAN from 808 Sqn.
Crashed on finals at RANAS Nowra into bush 500 yards short of runway 26.
Crew survived suffering from shock and abrasions.
Aircraft written off 10/12/57.

Highlight for Album: Sea Venom WZ896 (N4-896)

N4-897 WZ897 FAW.53 12754 27/02/56 801/M, 864/M, 864/NW, 211/Y, 206/Y First Sea Venom to fly in Australia.
Ikara missile trials aircraft
Damaged 29/10/58 whilst being flown by SBLT(P)C.Patterson RAN of 724 Sqn
Aircraft descended to low and hit trees on approach to Nowra.
To Swan Hill Vic.
Fuselage pod moved from Swan Hill to Sydney Tech College, date unknown, as spares support for WZ-910.

Label found in cockpit states aircraft reduced to spares 1972
Sold to Camden Aviation Museum.
Fuselage pod under restoration by Steve Long
Currently located at Camden Museum of Aviation
This is a private collection and not open to the public

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N4-898 WZ898 FAW.53 12755 27/02/56 862, 863, 874 Damaged 22/10/57 during landing.
To HMAS Nirimba as an Apprentice training aid 1970,
Still there in 1976 with side No's 874/NW.
Used as spares support for WZ937
Has had major component changes with WZ910 and WZ937

Listed for disposal as scrap 1979 and bought by Queensland Air Museum on 25/07/79.
Now on display at Queensland Air Museum as 862/M.
Has tail of WZ910 fitted.

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N4-899 WZ899 FAW.53 12756 27/02/56 801, 885 Sold for Scrap 25/07/66.
N4-900 WZ900 FAW.53 12757 27/02/56 866 Served with 816 Sqn, B Flt.
Crashed 28/04/66, off HMAS MELBOURNE Philippine Sea
Arrestor wire parted during carrier landing, aircraft crashed into sea. (Accident happened approx 1500 Hrs, not at night as we previously stated)
Pilot ejected at near sea-level and rescued with minor injuries.
Observer also ejected but was lost at sea.
Crew; LEUT (P) J. Dacosta, LEUT (O) E. Kennell.
RAN Ejection number 4.
N4-901 WZ901 FAW.53 12758 27/02/56 810/M, 867/NW, 876/NW, 875/NW, 875/M 1968 made a heavy landing on HMAS Melbourne and distorted the main spar.
Withdrawn 20/08/70.
On display as 867/NW.
Australian National Aviation Museum, Moorabbin, Vic.

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N4-902 WZ902 FAW.53 12759 27/02/56 807, 865, 884 Sold for Scrap 25/07/66.

Highlight for Album: Sea Venom WZ902 (N4-902)

N4-903 WZ903 FAW.53 12760 27/02/56 812, 817, 871 Sold for Scrap 25/07/66.
To Warbirds Museum Mildura NSW.
Later to Chino, California USA as N903WZ.

Highlight for Album: Sea Venom WZ903 (N4-903)

N4-904 WZ904 FAW.53 12761 27/02/56 804, 864, 868 Damaged 06/04/65,when with 724 Sqn,
Port main undercarriage failed to lower, pilot carried out successful two wheel landing.
Ikara missile trials aircraft.
Sold 25/07/66. Townsville Air Museum 10/74.
On display Beck Collection, Mareeba QLD.

Highlight for Album: Sea Venom WZ904 (N4-904)

N4-905 WZ905 FAW.53 12762 27/02/56 863, 886 Sold for Scrap 25/07/66.
N4-906 WZ906 FAW.53 12763 27/02/56 803, 804, 880 Sold for Scrap 25/07/66.
N4-907 WZ907 FAW.53 12764 27/02/56 808, 864, 886, 866

Currently located at the Camden Museum of Aviation
This is a privately owned collection and is not open to the public.

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N4-908 WZ908 FAW.53 12765 27/02/56 804, 864M, 864, 875, 887, 866 Arrived at Hurn, England 29/06/55.
Flown to RNAS Stretton 29/07/55 thence to Glasgow, Scotland on 30/01/56.
Allocated to RAN on 27/02/56.
Loaded onto HMAS Melbourne at King George V Dock on 11/02/56 sailing for Australia.
Served with 805 Sqn as 864/M and 724 Sqn as 864 & 887,
Placed in storage with Hawker De Havilland at Bankstown until sold by the Department of Supply on 25 /07/66,
Scrapped 05/67.
N4-909 WZ909 FAW.53 12766 27/02/56 887, 865 Crashed 21/05/59, Fatal. When with 724 Squadron.
Flown by LEUT(P) S.R Carmichael RAN & ASLT(O) Mike Williams RAN on a photographic exercise crashed into sea off Ulladulla NSW.
Crash seen by a passing Merchant ship.
Twenty nine years later on 18/05/88 remains of aircraft bought to surface by CSIRO vessel.
Port wheel cover at Australia's Museum of Flight.
N4-910 WZ910 FAW.53 12767 27/02/56 802, 808, 867 To Sydney Technical College.
Stored Queensland Air Museum QLD - some parts used for WZ898/N4-898.

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N4-911 WZ911 FAW.53 12768 27/02/56 207, 806M, 887, 810/M, 867/NW Crashed 04/03/64 while coded as 867/NW with 724 Sqn after windscreen imploded resulting in a forced landing and damaging the aircraft.
Written off 4/03/64.
Later sold and for a while at Chewing Gum airfield, Tallebudgera, Qld.
By 01/80 in a rather dilapidated state with faded side No's 810/M
Still with Museum when it closed in 1989.
Later reported in Brisbane.
Current status and location unknown

Highlight for Album: Sea Venom WZ911

N4-927 WZ927 FAW.53 12769 27/02/56 802, 865, 867 Served with 724 Sqn.
Crashed 15/06/60 RAN Air Station Nowra NSW.
Aircraft hit trees in circuit for night landing.
Crew; SBLT (P) B. Dutch, LEUT (O) E. Sandberg, ejected safely.
RAN Ejection number 2.

Highlight for Album: Sea Venom WZ927

N4-928 WZ928 FAW.53 12770 27/02/56 806, 886 Sold for Scrap 25/07/66.
N4-929 WZ929 FAW.53 12771 27/02/56 800, 801, 803, 810, 881 Sold for Scrap 25/07/66.

Highlight for Album: Sea Venom WZ929 (N4-929)

N4-930 WZ930 FAW.53 12772 27/02/56 806, 804, 805, 865 Sold for Scrap 25/07/66.
Tocumwal & District Historical Society VIC.
Noted in outside storage at Tocumwal airport for many years
Sold to a concrete plant owner in Sydney
Tail booms, horizontal stabilisers, elevators, rudders and tip tanks stored in Auckland NZ
Outer wing sections (the folding part) stored at Dairy Flat NZ
We believe that the pod and inner wings remain in Australia

Highlight for Album: Sea Venom WZ930

N4-931 WZ931 FAW.53 12773 27/02/56 887, 868, 877 Damaged when with 724 Sqn during display 8G imposed, false spar cracked, starboard stub plane buckled
Previously reported date of 3/11/56 must be incorrect due to aircraft having UHF radio mods that were incorporated until 1964
Aircraft dumped at NAS Nowra (date unknown) until 1981 when it was bought back to Air Training Department and paint stripped
It was used as spares support for the restoration of WZ895
Was on display at Naval Aviation Museum, Nowra
Currently owned by and on display at South Australian Aviation Museum

Highlight for Album:  Sea Venom WZ931  (N4-931)

N4-932 WZ932 FAW.53 12774 27/02/56 866, 864, 864/NW Whilst attached to 724 Squadron, crashed on landing at RANAS Nowra on 03/12/64,
The pilot ASLT(P) G.J Geerlings RAN undershot the runway and was killed.
Aircraft written off.

Highlight for Album: Sea Venom WZ932 (N4-932)

N4-933 WZ933 FAW.53 12775 27/02/56 207, 207/Y Crashed whilst attached to 808 Squadron, Fatal 08/08/56,
Flown by LEUT(P) B.Y Thompson, RAN & LEUT(O) K.C.M Potts, RAN.
On being catapulted from HMAS Melbourne crashed into the sea killing the crew.
N4-934 WZ934 FAW.53 12776 27/02/56 208, 864, 872 Sold for Scrap 25/07/66.
N4-935 WZ935 FAW.53 12777 27/02/56 210, 865, 878 Withdrawn 06/73.
Sold to Maitland Aero Club NSW 12/73.
FAAM Nowra 07/89 on external display.
Some members of the ADF-Serials team purchased this aircraft in 2005 to save it from the scrap man.
It is currently in storage with another aircraft preservation group.

Sea Venom WZ935
(Marked N4-935) 
Photo via Dave Masterson

N4-936 WZ936 FAW.53 12778 27/02/56 203, 210/Y Coded as 210/Y Crashed 25/06/57 when the aircraft undershot runway 26 at RANAS Nowra crashed and burned.
The crew of Leut (P) Knowlis RAN and Leut(O) B. McKeon RAN were injured in the crash but survived.
Aircraft written off.

Highlight for Album: Sea Venom WZ936 (N4-936)

N4-937 WZ937 FAW.53 12779 27/02/56 211 Used as a training aid at HMAS Nirimba until 1984
Returned to HMAS Albatross for the Naval Aviation Museum
Aircraft was to be restored to running condition but on inspection was found to have a collapsed front engine bearing
An engine change was carried out by VC 724 Squadron and was regularly ground run until being put on permanent dispaly.
Current at Fleet Air Arm Museum, Nowra.

Highlight for Album: Sea Venom WZ937  (N4-937)

N4-938 WZ938 FAW.53 12780 27/02/56 208, 872 Firefighting HMAS Albatross, 30/07/68.

Highlight for Album: Sea Venom WZ938 (N4-938)

N4-939 WZ939 FAW.53 12781 27/02/56 212, 803 Was mounted on pole at Chittaway NSW.
On display Classic Fighter Jets Museum SA.
Offered for sale 2016, not sold as of 01/2017

Highlight for Album:  Sea Venom WZ939 (N4-939)

N4-940 WZ940 FAW.53 12782 27/02/56 887, 809 Served with 805 Sqn.
Part of the Checkmates Aerobatic Team (RAN).
Collided with WZ893 02/10/62 during formation aerobatics display over Sydney Harbour.
Pilot ejected at about 500 ft over water, suffering only minor injuries.
Recovered by HMAS Kimbla. Crew; LEUT A. Riley.
RAN Ejection number 3.
WZ893 recovered to Nowra.

Highlight for Album: Sea Venom WZ940 (N4-940)

N4-941 WZ941 FAW.53 12783 27/02/56 875, 866, 875 Damaged 11/10/56.
Brake and radio failure, aircraft ran off runway at Nowra.
Served with 724 Sqn.
Crashed 11/02/60, RAN Air Station Nowra NSW - Fatal.
Crashed during practice PFL. Ejection seats fired on ground impact but outside safe ejection envelope.
Crew; 724 Sqn SBLT (P) F. Hodgson, EMAW2 M. Holloway.
RAN Ejection number 1.

Highlight for Album:  Sea Venom WZ941

N4-942 WZ942 FAW.53 12784 27/02/56 207, 809 Damaged 15/4/57 when attached to 808 Sqn,
Flared out on finals at NAS Nowra, aircraft landed 200 yards short of the airfield perimeter.
Withdrawn 15/01/63.
Use for fire training at Nowra NSW.

Highlight for Album: Sea Venom WZ942 (N4-942)

N4-943 WZ943 FAW.53 12785 27/02/56 805, 807, 865, 876 With 805 Sqn, damaged 8/8/58,undershot the runway at Nowra, lost both oleo legs.
Withdrawn 06/73, last Sea Venom to fly.
Was on display on Pole Nowra as '876'.
Returned to HMAS Albatross 1985 for cosmetic restoration.
Remaining cockpit fittings were stripped out and the fuselage pod was filled with expanding foam.
The Perspex canopy was replaced with sheet metal

However it fell off the pole and was damaged quite badly.
Was located at the rear of Australia's Museum of Flight, without cockpit and forward fuselage.
Some members of the ADF-Serials team purchased this aircraft in 2005 to save it from the scrap man.
It is now in storage with another group.

Highlight for Album: Sea Venom WZ943

N4-944 WZ944 FAW.53 12786 27/02/56 810, 873 Sold 25/07/66.
Warbirds Museum, Mildura VIC.
Sold in USA as N7022H 1971.
Owned by
Rich Grinnell, Ontarion, Oregon
Currently under restoration to airworthy by John Hammons' Ultimate Aviation, Ogden, Utah

Highlight for Album: Sea Venom WZ944 (N4-944)

N4-945 WZ945 FAW.53 12787 27/02/56 804, 805, 866 Sold for Scrap 25/07/66.
Fuselage pod purchased by Camden Aviation Museum.
Cockpit internals stripped out and pod sold to Syd Beck
Instrument panel on display at Camden Aviation Museum
Fuselage pod on display at Syd Beck Collection, Mareeba Qld

Highlight for Album: Sea Venom WZ945 (N4-945)

N4-946 WZ946 FAW.53 12788 27/02/56 807/M, 809/M, 809, 817/M, 869 28/3/1960 While taxiing forward the brakes failed and the aircraft struck the Island of HMAS Melbourne, nose on.
Sold by DOS to Chieftain Aviation, Bankstown NSW.
In 1974 placed on a pole at the clubs entrance.
On display there for approx 25 years.
Removed in 1993 it went into storage at Murrurundi NSW.
Inner wings noted in Penrith car yard some time after sale
Shipped to Portland, Oregon USA.
Was offered for sale on eBay 11/2002.

Sea Venom WZ946 
HMAS Melbourne 
SEATO Exercise 
Philippines 1966

RAN Sea Venoms 
Photo Sandy Sandberg 
via Mike Sandberg

RN Sea Venom FAW20 aircraft loaned to 808 Sqn and used prior to delivery of RAN Sea Venoms

From 30 June 1955 to 27 February 1956, 808 Sqn, RAN was loaned at least nine Sea Venom FAW.20 aircraft (coded 261 to 269) from the RN FAA ex 893 Sqn, RN. 808 Sqn was was converting to Sea Venoms at RNAS Yeovilton (HMS Heron) in the UK and the RAN Sea Venom crews had been undergoing training on their aircraft by 'X' Flight of the Royal Navy's 891 Squadron. (891 Sqn, RN Squadron was equipped with Sea Venom FAW.21s or FAW.20s upgraded to the later standard).

Sadly WM551 (265) was lost along with her crew and others on the ground ground when it crashed into buildings and caravans in the ratings' married quarters caravan site in foggy conditions on the 5th of January 1956. The remaining airframes were returned to the RN on the 27th of February 1956 as 808 Sqn returned to Australia with its complement of Sea Venom FAW.53's.

See our Message board discussion about these aircraft.

RN Serial Type C/N Delivered to RN RN Codes Aircraft History
WM512 FAW.20 12609 21/09/1954 263 893 Sqn RN,
30/06/55 To 808 Sqn, RAN (263),
19/09/55 Appeared at the RAF Biggin Hill Air Display,
22/11/55 Taxied into preceding aircraft WM548 which stopped suddenly at marshalling point, Yeovilton (Cat L), Lt P.H. Wyatt, RAN, & Lt GB Eccleston, RAN,
27/02/56 To RNAY Belfast (Recon),
To Arbroath for G.I. as A2478,
Remains to Staravia, Ascot from 1964 to 1967 when disposed of.

Highlight for Album: Sea Venom WM512

WM517 FAW.20 12616 30/04/1954 265? 893 Sqn RN,
30/06/55 To 808 Sqn, RAN Yeovilton (265?),
11/10/55 RS Yeovilton 22.7.55 (Repairs and renewals) before returning to 808 Sqn Yeovilton,
27/02/56 RNAY Belfast 27.2.56 (Cat 4 Repair & inspection),
25/03/60 Scrapped at Abbotsinch by September 1962..
WM518 FAW.20 12622 17/03/1954 268, 267? 893 Sqn RN,
02/07/55 To 808 Sqn, RAN Yeovilton (Coded 268),
19/09/55 Struck while stationary by taxying WM550,
20/09/55 ARS Yeovilton,
06/02/56 Returned to 808 Sqn, RAN Yeovilton (Coded 267?),
23/02/56 RNAY Belfast (Recon),
SOC 25/02/59,
To Yeovilton dump 07/59,
Since perished.

Highlight for Album: Sea Venom WM518

WM519 FAW.20 12618 04/04/1954 203, 26? Built at Chester, to Christchurch for completion and delivery
893 Sqn RN, Coded 203,
808 Sqn, RAN Yeovilton (initially flew with coded as 203 as it had with 893 Sqn before it was changed to 26?),
16/08/55 RNAY Belfast,
23/02/56 (Recon),
04/03/60 Scrapped at Abbotsinch. Sold to Kitson Vickers & Son, Sheffield.

Highlight for Album: Sea Venom WM519

WM548 FAW.20 12331 09/11/1954 264 893 Sqn RN,
12/08/55 808 Sqn Yeovilton. (initially flew without a code),
22/11/55 Stopped suddenly at marshalling point, taxied into by following a/c WM512, Yeovilton. Cat L.
(L/C P.W. Seed & Lt D.G. Hilliard),
23/02/56 RNAY Belfast (Recon),
04/03/60 Scrapped at Abbotsinch. Sold to Kitson Vickers & Son, Sheffield.

Highlight for Album: Sea Venom WM548

WM549 FAW.20 12632 29/10/1954 267 893 Sqn RN,
12/08/55 808 Sqn, RAN Yeovilton (Coded 267),
19/09/55 Appeared at the RAF Biggin Hill Air Display,
23/02/56 RNAY Belfast (Recon & mods),
04/03/60 Scrapped at Abbotsinch. Sold to Kitson Vickers & Son, Sheffield.

Highlight for Album: Sea Venom WM549

WM550 FAW.20 12633 05/10/1954 266 30/06/55 808 Sqn, RAN Yeovilton (coded 266),
19/09/55 Starboard brake bag burst, swung and hit WM518, Cat H,
(L/C A.J Gould RAN).
27/02/56 RNAY Belfast (Recon & mods)
25/03/60 Scrapped at Abbotsinch. Sold to Kitson Vickers & Son, Sheffield.
WM551 FAW.20 12634 08/02/1955 265 Built Chester, then flown to Christchurch, but returned 09/10/1954,
31/12/54 Back to Christchurch for completion & delivery,
08/02/55 Delivered AHU Streeton;
12/03/55 891 Sqn, RN Yeovilton (Uncoded);
20/06/55 AHU Yeovilton (repaint and quick repairs);
22/07/55 To 808 Sqn, RAN Yeovilton (Coded 265),
19/09/55 Appeared at the RAF Biggin Hill Air Display,
Approx 2 mins after instrument t/o for Culdrose in fog, struck tree, several buildings, 2 caravans in ratings' married quarters caravan site, and crashed into field. DBF (destroyed by fire). ,
Castle Farm on the main Bristol-Yeovil Road, Ilchester,
Another Account says "Took off in poor weather during flying trials of the new carrier HMAS Melbourne in England. The aircraft clipped a chimney in Yeovilton village during its ascent and crashed into a nearby caravan park."
Lt. Peter Haldane. Wyatt, RAN, & Cdr. George Firthe Spencer Brown (DFC, MiD), RAN were both killed as well as Mrs Grace Beard, her three-month-old son, Geoffrey on the ground. At least three others were also injured on on the ground.
05/01/56 Written of Cat ZZ.
24/01/56 RSP (Reduced to spares and produce).
WM553 FAW.20 12636 15/02/1955 261 11/08/55 808 Sqn, RAN (Coded 261),
19/09/55 Appeared at the RAF Biggin Hill Air Display,
23/02/56 RNAY Belfast (Cat 4 Repairs & mods).
To G.I. Arbroath as A2480, Remains to Staravia, Ascot until 1964

Highlight for Album: Sea Venom WM553


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