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Gannet WN457  
RSTT Forest Hill. 
Wagga-Wagga, NSW.
1962 or 1963, 
Photo Kurt Finger


Fairey Gannet Image Gallery



Aircraft Serial Const No. Type RAN Codes Delivered Aircraft History
WN456 F.9202 AS.1 433/B, 312/Y,  811/M, 884/M, 815/M 08/05/56 816 Sqn.
Ditched fatal 23/03/65 off HMAS Melbourne.
A/Sblt(P) G.Hutchinson RAN LT(O) Bessel-Browne & LAUC K.Ryan.
Aircraft on landing on HMAS Melbourne caught number 4 wire, hook broke and A/C trickled off angled flight deck and went into sea.
Pilot lost but remainder of crew safe.

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WN457 F.9203 AS.1 434/B,  436/B, 433/Y,  310/Y,  313/Y,  436/Y, 816/M, 887/NW 08/05/56 Ditched 25/04/63
816 Sqdn S/Blt(P) Dennett RAN.
Port engine exploded after catapult launch from HMAS Melbourne.
Aircraft ditched and crew rescued unhurt.

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WN458 F.9204 AS.1 435/B, 314/Y, 434, 313 08/05/56 725 Sqdn.
Crashed fatal 15/10/59,
Aircraft failed to maintain height on single engine landing at RANAS Nowra.
Crashed and caught fire.
ASLT(P)A.L Mauritz RAN Killed.
Reduced to components.
WN459 F.9205 AS.1 436/B, 434/B, 313 08/05/56 817 Sqn,
Crashed Fatal 10/11/55 in sea near Isle of Wright.
Crew of Lt(O) D Padget RAN SBLT(P) J.P Van Gelder RAN and ACMN(T) N.J Self killed
XA326 F.9218 AS.1 432/B, 311/Y, 825/M, 880/NW, 853/M 08/05/56 First Gannet to fly at Nowra with 817Sqd Senior pilot LCDR Wade-Brown RAN coded as 311. Damaged 11/8/56 LEUT Rowe(P) RAN and a passenger N.Dobbs of 817 Squadron on HMAS Melbourne whilst carrying out catapults and arrested landings on HMAS Melbourne suffered a nose oleo collapsed on catapult.
Withdrawn 15/08/67, used for firefighting HMAS Albatross.
XA327 F.9219 AS.1 426/B, 305/Y, 880/NW, 890/NW, 884/NW, 852/M 08/05/56 Withdrawn 15/08/67,
Used for firefighting HMAS Albatross.

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XA328 F.9220 AS.1 425/B, 304/Y, 827/M 08/05/56 Withdrawn 15/08/67,
Scrapped 1968.
XA329 F.9221 AS.1 424/B, 973/NW, 829/M, 814/M, 819/M 08/05/56 Withdrawn 15/08/67,
Sold 30/04/68.

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XA330 F.9222 AS.1 423/B, 302/Y, 882/NW 08/05/56 Crashed 20/02/1961, Nowra NSW.
725 Sqdn Lt(P) G.O'Day RAN Left undercarriage down during a single engine flypast.
Stalled and landed in trees, crew unhurt.
Reduced to components.

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XA331 F.9223 AS.1 422/B, 301/Y, 824/M, 859/M 08/05/56 Withdrawn 15/08/67, used for firefighting HMAS Albatross.
On display Queensland Air Museum, Caloundra QLD.

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XA332 F.9224 AS.1 421/B, 421/Y, 300/Y 08/05/56 816 Sqn,
Crashed 30/01/59 Miranda Sydney.
Tail assembly failed in flight. Fatal.
Aircraft had just been accepted from factory at Bankstown.
816Sqdn test Pilot LRUT(P) Peter Arnold RN killed.
Crashed near caravan park in Miranda NSW

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XA333 F.9225 AS.1/T.2 431/B, 310/Y, 857/M, 877/M 08/05/56 Converted to T.2.
Damaged 21/02/61 Nowra.
Withdrawn 15/08/67, used for firefighting HMAS Albatross.

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XA334 F.9226 AS.1 308/Y, 313/Y, 832/Y, 860/M 08/05/56 Damaged during barrier landing on HMAS Melbourne. 6/67.
Single engine failure on catapult launch. Pilot declared an emergency and obtained permission to fire off the 8 rockets on the wings. The flaps were still in take off configuration and the rocket blast blew off both outboard flaps and severely damaged the remaining flaps. This caused a higher than normal landing speed, arrestor hook failed to pick up a wire and aircraft crashed into safety barrier.
Not economically repairable Withdrawn from service.
Currently located at the Camden Museum of Aviation
This is a privately owned collection and is not open to the public.

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Click here for a fine series of photographs of XA334 from Danielle and Steve Long

XA343 F.9235 AS.1 309/Y, 315/Y, 307/Y, 881/M 08/05/56 817 Sqn.
Damaged 17/02/58, wheels up landing on HMAS Melbourne.
Lt (P) M.Astbury 817 Sqdn RAN undercarriage would not lower.
Crew uninjured.
Withdrawn 15/08/67, used for firefighting HMAS Albatross.
Struck off 02/11/70.

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XA350 F.9242 AS.1 316/881/817 08/05/56 817 Sqn.
1/11/56 made the first live Mk 30 torpedo drop in the RAN near Manus Island whilst being flown by LCDR(P) Gledhill,LEUT(O) Palmer & SBLT(O) Selsmak RAN.
Damaged 27/08/59. 816 Sqn.
Ditched 16/03/63, off HMAS Melbourne near Manus Island.
Flight control lost after engine relight.
Crew LT(P) J Smith RAN LT(O)I.Lawson & Observer P.Hancox rescued & returned to HMAS Melbourne.

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XA351 F.9243 AS.1 305/Y, 831/M, 816/M 08/05/56 Sold for Scrap 30/03/67.
XA356 F.9248 AS.1 829/M 08/05/56 816 Sqn.
Crashed 30/03/60 on landing on HMAS Melbourne.
Flown by Lt P McNay RAN 816 Sqdn.
Aircraft sank on approach and struck round down, port mainplane sheared off at root and aircraft came to rest on it side.
Aircraft a write off.

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XA359 F.9251 AS.1 303/Y, 306/Y, 309/Y, 315/M, 08/05/56 816 Sqdn Flown by Lt(P) Roland RAN Ditched 09/05/60 off HMAS Melbourne.
Single engine failure on being catapulted.
Ditched ahead of the ship.
Crew safe.
XA389 F.9259 AS.1 303/Y, 306/Y, 880/M, 814/M, 315/M 08/05/56 Sold for Scrap 30/03/67.

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XA403 F.9273 AS.1 311/Y 08/05/56 Served with 817 Sqn.
Withdrawn 15/08/67, used for firefighting HMAS Albatross.

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XA434 F.9304 AS.1 830/M, 810/M, 846/M 08/05/56 Flew with 725 , 816 and 817 Squadron RAN.
Withdrawn 15/08/67.
On display Fleet Air Arm Museum, Nowra NSW.

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XA436 F.9306 AS.1 306/Y ? Ditched 17/06/58 off HMAS Melbourne.
Pilot LtCdr Payne RAN Senior Pilot 816 Sqdn and crew rescued safely
XA514 F.9334 T.2 878/M, 854/M 08/05/56 Withdrawn 15/08/67,T2 Trainer.
Flown by Lt(P) Cabban RAN 724 Sqdn coded 791 on 13/11/1956.
Aircraft suffered an engine overspeed, engine shut down but not feathered.
Propeller disced on landing beside runway. U/C not locked down. Pilot error.
Used for firefighting HMAS Albatross.

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XA517 F.9337 T.2 876/M, 855/M 08/05/56 Withdrawn 15/08/67, used for firefighting HMAS Albatross.

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XD898 F.9327 AS.1 826/M, 811/M, 847/M 1957 Withdrawn 15/08/67, used for firefighting HMAS Albatross.
XG784 F.9352 AS.1 810/M, 811/M, 828/M 09/58 Damaged 01/61 during landing.
Flown by CO 816 Sqdn L/Cdr T Dadswell on the night of the 10/2/1964,whilst doing touch and go landings on the carrier HMAS Melbourne, the pilot witnessed an explosion on the port bow of HMAS Melbourne this was the collision with the destroyer HMAS Voyager which sank with loss of life. Aircraft remained airborne and relayed SAR instructions to HMAS Albatross.
Sold for Scrap 30/03/67.

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XG785 F.9353 AS.1 833/M, 813/M 09/58 Sold for Scrap 30/03/67.

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XG787 F.9355 AS.1 818/M, 828/M 1957 Withdrawn 15/08/67, used for firefighting HMAS Albatross.

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XG789 F.9357 AS.1 811/M, 841/M 09/58 Withdrawn 15/08/67.
Sold to AARG,
On display Moorabbin Air Museum, VIC.

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XG791 F.9359 AS.1 812/M, 813/M 09/58 Sold for Scrap 30/03/67.
XG792 F.9360 AS.1 813/M 09/58 816 Sqn. Coded 813
Crew Lt(P) D.Farthing RAN LT(O) G.Bessel-Browne RAN & POACM McCreanor.
Ditched 02/02/65, off HMAS Melbourne near Kiama NSW.
Both Engines failed after launch.
Some wreckage recovered to HMAS Albatross.
Crew returned safely to HMAS Melbourne.

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XG795 F.9363 AS.1 813/M, 826/M, 811/M, 814/M, 815/M 09/58 816 Sqdn. Coded as 815,
10/01/1964 LEUT(P)P Adams RAN and crew made a wheels up landing on the bomb bay doors at NAS Nowra,HMAS Albatross, when the undercarriage would not come down.
Sold for Scrap 30/03/67.
XG796 F.9364 AS.1 812/M, 882/M, 858/M 09/58 816 Sqn.
Crashed 24/02/66 Lt(P) Fyfe RAN.
Whilst carrying out his first night deck arrested landing on HMAS Melbourne, took his wave off too late catching six and came to a stop hanging over the port side by the wire.
Crew rescued and hauled back onboard.
Aircraft cutoff and dropped into sea Jervis Bay NSW.

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XG825 F.9367 AS.1 813/M, 843/M 09/58 Withdrawn 15/08/67, used for firefighting HMAS Albatross.

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XG826 F.9368 AS.1 810, 813, 817 09/58 Withdrawn 15/08/67, used for firefighting HMAS Albatross.
XG888 F.9417 T.2 09, 58 09/58 Returned to Royal Navy and converted to T.5.
Returned to Fleet Air Arm Museum Nowra NSW.
Was displayed in Royal Navy scheme but has since been restored to RAN scheme.

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Gannet 885
Photo Kim Dunstan  Gannets of HMAS Melbourne  RAN Gannets at RNAS Culdrose. Note early HMAS Melbourne "B" tailcode  Fairey Gannet approaching to 'Land-on', in Tasman Sea near New Zealand
February 1957  Fairey Gannet making a Bombing attack
Tail Code or Deck Letter Ship or Establishment Period
B HMAS Melbourne/RNAS Culdrose 1955 - 1956
Y HMAS Melbourne 1956 - 1957
M HMAS Melbourne 1957 - 1970
NW RANAS Nowra  

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Emails: Michael St John-Maby, Joe Barr, Bob Geale, Brendan Cowan, Phil Thompson, 'Judwin", John Bennett, Dave Masterson

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