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RAN N10 Northrop KD2R-5 Shelduck Radio Controlled Target Plane

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Northrop KD2R-5 
FAAM Nowra
September 2012
Photo Martin Edwards

Northrop KD2R-5 Image Gallery

Aircraft Serial Aircraft History
N10-1 Lost 07/02/66 at Sea.
N10-2 Lost 20/10/66 at Sea.
N10-3 Lost 07/07/66 at Sea.
N10-4 Lost 24/11/65 at Sea.
N10-5 Lost 22/07/65 at Sea.
N10-6 Lost 20/08/70 at Sea.
N10-7 Lost 14/10/66 at Harvey Bay.
N10-8 Lost 18/06/69 at Sea.
N10-9 Lost 06/03/68 at Sea.
N10-10 Lost 02/04/71 at Sea.
N10-11 Lost 13/04/67 at Harvey Bay.
N10-12 Lost 23/10/69 at Beecroft Bombing Range.
N10-13 Lost 13/04/67 at Harvey Bay.
N10-14 Lost 01/07/66 at Sea.
N10-15 Lost 10/02/67 at Sea.
N10-16 Lost 23/10/68 at Sea in New Zealand.
N10-17 Lost 03/10/66 at Harvey Bay.
N10-18 ?
N10-19 Lost 11/06/68 at Sea in New Zealand.
N10-20 Lost 20/10/66 Harvey Bay.
N10-101 ?
N10-102 Lost at Sea.
N10-103 ?
N10-104 Lost at Sea.
N10-105 ?
N10-106 Lost 25/07/73 at Sea.
N10-107 Lost 02/03/73 at Sea.
N10-108 Lost 30/03/72 at Sea.
N10-109 ?
N10-110 Lost 25/07/73.
N10-7119 Lost 06/0368 at Sea.
N10-7120 Lost 23/10/69 at Sea.
N10-7121 Lost 30/04/69 at Sea.
N10-7122 Lost 09/07/64 at Beecroft Bombing Range.
N10-7123 Lost 13/11/65 at Sea.
N10-7652 Lost 09/07/64 Beecroft Bombing Range.
N10-7661 Lost 19/02/71 at Sea.
N10-7665 Lost 20/08/70 at Beecroft Bombing Range.
N10-7720 Lost 19/07/67 in New Zealand.
N10-7723 Lost 13/08/65 at Sea.
N10-8950 Lost 11/06/68 at Sea in New Zealand.
N10-8956 Lost 26/02/70 at Sea.
N10-8959 Lost 26/05/70 at Sea.
N10-8971 ?
N10-8972 Lost 22/04/71 at Sea.
N10-8978 Lost 25/02/70 at Sea.
N10-9177 Lost 03/03/71 at Sea.
N10-9185 Lost 18/05/71 at Jervis Bay.
N10-9186 Lost 29/07/71 at Sea.
N10-9208 Lost 22/09/70 at Sea.
N10-9226 ?
N10-9235 Lost 18/05/71 at Sea.
N10-53152 Has 21101 on the forward bulkhead.
Located at the South Australian Aviation Museum.

Northrop KD20R5 
Shelduck N10-53152 
South Australian Aviation Museum 
15th May 2013 
Photo Brendan Cowan

N10-53156 Lost 30/05/68 at Sea in New Zealand.

Australia's Museum of Flight holds two of these drones (one has handwritten Spare #13 inside it), can anyone identify them?

The Author of this page is Dave Masterson (Previously Darren Crick and Bob Geale).

Source: Australian Aviation Magazine, Bob Geale.

Emails: Bob Geale, Mark Clayton, Waynne Lee.

Updated 02 August 2013


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