Australian & New Zealand Military Aircraft Serials & History

RAAF Avro 679 Manchester Mk.I or Mk.Ia
460 Sqn, RAAF

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  Avro Manchester 
via Brendan Cowan

Avro Manchester Image Gallery

Aircraft Serial Type C/N Aircraft History
L7464 Mk.Ia ? To 61 Sqn RAF,
To 50 Sqn RAF ,
To 57 Sqn RAF,
To 460 Sqn RAAF Used by 460 Sqn during their conversion to Lancasters,
To 1 AAS March 1943,
Became 3624M
R5474 ? Mk.I ? Contract serial range R5273 - R5477 Cancelled

 Avro Manchester


Page Authors: Darren Crick and Brendan Cowan.

Source: National Archives, British Military Aircraft Serials 1911-1979 - Bruce Robertson, Australian War Memorial, Air Britain, , ,

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Updated 02 July 2015


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