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RAAF Miles M.14A Magister
3, 451 & 456 Sqns, RAAF

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Magister Mk.I R1954
451 Squadron, Rayak, 
Barney Wallis in the rear cockpit. 
via Mike Mirkovic.


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  Some miles Magisters are known to have been taken on charge by RAAF units including 3, 451 & 456 Squadrons, and used mostly as unit hacks.  
Aircraft Serial Type CN Aircraft History
P2399 Mk.I ? Served with 451 Sqn, RAAF.

Magister Mk.I P2399
451 Squadron, Rayak, Syria, 
May, 1942, 
 via Mike Mirkovic.
P2445 Mk.I ? Served with 3 Sqn, RAAF, from 253 Wing RAF.

Squadron Leader Judge, RAF (an Australian serving with the RAF) and Peter Jeffreys of No 3 Squadron, RAAF take off in a Miles Magister trainer aircraft for a reconaissance over Italian lines.

AWM 005269 via Brendan Cowan
P2464 Mk.I ? Served with 456 Sqn, RAAF, 10/41 to 23/05/43.
Crashed Middle Wallop 23/05/43 on Joy Flight.
Crew: F/O R. Hitchcock #407714 RAAF & Lac H. Roberts RAF killed.

R1954 Mk.I 5077 Served with 451 Sqn, RAAF. Later served with Turkish Air Force as 77. later TC-KAH. Currently on display at the Turkish Air Force Museum.

Magister Mk.I R1954
451 Squadron, Rayak, 
Barney Wallis in the rear cockpit. 
via Mike Mirkovic.
T9848 Mk.I ? Served with 456 Sqn, RAAF, 06/43 to 15/05/43,
To 151 Sqn,
Sold 13/05/46
Became G-AHYM 18/03/47.

Page Author: Darren Crick & Brendan Cowan.

Source: National Archives of Australia, British Military Aircraft Serials 1911-1979 (Page 205) - Bruce Robertson, AWM RAAF World War 2 Fatalities: RAAF WW2 fatalities compilation by Alan Storr

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Updated 21 July 2017


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