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RAAF Lockheed Lodestar
1 Air Ambulance Unit, RAAF

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Lodestar 1371 at Catania Sicily for evacuation to hospitals in North Africa via Brendan Cowan


Lockheed Lodestar Gallery  1 AAU Lockheed Lodestar Image Gallery


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SAAF aircraft operated by 1 Air Ambulance Unit, RAAF

SAAF.Serial Callsign. Aircraft.Type. Const/No. Aircraft History
1371 ZS-AVS L-18-08 18- 2069 1941 First Flight,
South African
Red Cross South African AW Louis Trichard’,
SAAF 1371,

30/06/1943 First Noted on 1 AAU records as attached from SAAF,
20/07/1943 Arrived on attachment at 1 AAU, RAAF (along with RAF Bristol Bombay L5825 & L5838)
01/09/1943 Still on attachment to 1 AAU from SAAF,
0/09/1943 Still on attachment to 1 AAU from SAAF,
??/??/1943 Returned to SAAF,
ZS-AVS South African Airways,
Converted to Learstar Standard?
N672 Interstate
N672 Utah Construction & Mining Co.
13/01/1960 Flew into mountainside in fog near Minersville on a flight from San Francisco International Airport, California to Cedar City Airport, Utah , with Utah Construction & Mining Co, 6 Fatalities .

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The Authors of this page is Brendan Cowan

Source: National Archives, RAAF Website, CASA Aircraft Records, RAAF Status Cards, , National Archives of Australia, , , , ,

Emails: Gerben Tornij, Brendan Cowan, Ron Cuskelly, Gordon Birkett, Nelson Little.

Updated 20 August 2014


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