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RAAF De Havilland Australia DHA-3 Drover 1

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Serial c/n Aircraft History
VH-DHA 5001 Registered VH-DHA 23/01/48 to 05/06/52.
Owned by De Havilland - Bankstown NSW.
Loaned to the RAAF for trials.
To ARDU Laverton 28/10/48.
Returned to De Havilland 23/06/49.
Registered (and presumed sold) to Dept of Civil Aviation 13/10/49.
Crashed into the Sea off Wewak PNG 16/04/52.



The Author of this page is Darren Crick updated by Brendan Cowan

Source:, Aircraft Status Card, National Archives, CASA Aircraft Records.


Updated 19 March 2016


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