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RAN de Havilland Canada DHC-8-202Q Dash 8

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DHC-8-202Q VH-LCL  operated by the Australian Hydrographic Service by Surveillance Australia Pty Ltd

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Dash 8 VH-LCL replaced Fokker F-27 VH-EWP for RAN hydrographic duties.

It is equipped with the LADS (Laser Airborne Depth Souding) system which is an aircraft based, hydrographic surveying system which measures the difference between the sea surface and the sea floor as calculated from the aircraft's altitude to generate hydrographic data

The aircraft is currently operated by the Australian Hydrographic Service by Surveillance Australia Pty Ltd.

Registration Type C/N Aircraft history
VH-LCL DHC-8-202Q Dash 8 492

23/07/1997 Rolled out at the Downsview plant, Ontario, Canada,
Registered C
-GEOA to de Havilland Canada,
First flown as C-GEOA,
Delivered to Field Aviation Company Inc, Canada for fitout with LADS system,
Cancelled from the Canadian Aircraft Register,
Leased to Surveillance Australia Pty Ltd,
Registered as VH-LCL, to Surveillance Australia (a subsidiary of National Jet Systems),
Observed at Fort Lauderdale, Florida undertaking survey work
Observed at Melbourne (Essendon) being repainted into new blue livery,
Performed a three-month survey program in Norway,
??/03/2001 Spotted Budapest (Ferihegy), Hungary,
Ferried Oslo - Dublin for airborne survey work
Ferried Tenerife - Shannon - Keflavik - Boca Taton, Florida for survey work,
20/10/2005 Spotted Berlin (Templehof), Germany,
Registered to Tenix Lads Corporation Pty Ltd (later changed to FUGRO LADS Corporation Pty Ltd), and leased to Surveillance Australia Pty Ltd as the registered operator,
30/03/2006 Spotted Luqa, Malta,
??/04/2006 Spotted Lisboa (Lisbon) (Aeroporto da Portela Sacavem), Portugal,
26/04/2006 Spotted San Juan (Luis Munoz Marin International Airport), Puerto Rico,
14/04/2007 Spotted Rotterdam, Netherlands,
26/10/2007 Spotted Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Departed Doha on ferry flight to Australia,
Arrived Melbourne (Essendon) at conclusion of ferry flight,
Stps of the f
erry route included: Doha - Muscat - Male - Colombo - Kuala Lumpur - Denpasar - Broome - Adelaide - Melbourne,
2009 National Jet Systems was renamed Cobham Aviation Services,
24/05/2009 Spotted Athens (Eleftherios Venizelos International), Greece,
Observed at Adelaide for the fitment of LADS equipment from VH-EWP,
Operated by Surveillance Australia Pty Ltd for Fugro LADS Corp Pty Ltd on a five-year lease to the Royal Australia Navy (R.A.N.) Hydrography Institute,
Ferried Adelaide - Cairns following the installation of additional LADS equipment,
Commenced flying for the R.A.N. Hydrography Institute,
Current with Surveillance Australia, Adelaide.

DHC-8-202Q VH-LCL  operated by the Australian Hydrographic Service by Surveillance Australia Pty Ltd

More information on the RAN LADS (laser-airborne-depth-sounder)

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Updated 03 February 2014

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