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Aircraft Serial Type Const No. Aircraft History
A6-435 836 435 First Flight 24/08/59.
Previously N40N & N140N.
Delivered 28/08/64 from the USA.
To Base Sqn Fairbairn 28/08/64, call sign VM-NSL.
To 34 Sqn 02/09/64.
To ANSETT-ANA Essendon 28/09/64.
To 34 Sqn 29/10/64.
To ANSETT-ANA Essendon 12/10/65.
To 34 Sqn 18/10/65. T
o ANSETT-ANA Essendon 11/11/65.
To 34 Sqn 17/01/66.
To ANSETT-ANA Essendon 25/05/67.
To 34 Sqn 21/06/67.
To ANSETT-ANA 01/04/68.
To 34 Sqn 11/04/68.
To ANSETT Airlines 03/03/69 and withdrawn from service.
Disposed of 31/03/69.
It became N40DA, VH-EQP, SOAF501, 3D-ACM, G-BFZL and 9Q-CGL.
Crashed and written off, either on 15/04/2003 or 27/04/2003.
One engine was damaged after landing on a 900m gravel strip in Congo. A three-engine takeoff was attempted, but one engine failed on takeoff, causing the plane to crash into trees. 3 Crew were on board and survived.
The exact date of the occurrence is uncertain as two dates are shown from different sources.

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A6-436 816 436 Previously ex Trans Australian Airlines, VH-TVS & Iran Government, EP-MRS.
Ordered from the Iranian Government.
Delivered 24/09/64 from BAC in UK.
Departed the UK 01/10/64.
To 34 Sqn 10/10/64.
To ANSETT-ANA 19/01/65.
To 34 Sqn 13/02/65.
To ANSETT-ANA 21/02/66.
To 34 Sqn 04/03/66.
To ANSETT-ANA 08/08/66.
To 34 Sqn 28/09/66.
To ANSETT-ANA 29/02/68.
To 34 Sqn 01/04/68. Withdrawn 26/03/69 and sold through dept of supply.
Sold on for use with amongst others Sultan of Oman, Royal Swazi Airlines, Air Bridge Carriers, Dan Air London, and eventually Air Zimbabwe. withdrawn from use and stored at Harare in Dec 1990.
Withdrawn from service by Air Zimbabwe and stored at Harare, Zimbabwe in December 1990.
Noted in derelict condition in June 1996.
Dismantled and moved to Chegutu circa 1997, 70 KM southwest of Harare, Zimbabwe next to the main road to Kadoma and Bulawayo, Zimbabwe for use as a Bar/Restaurant together with Viscount Z-WGC (C/N 446).
The port wing was not refitted. (Fuselage and starboard wings only mounted on concrete blocks)
Painted in a red and white livery circa 1999.
Still there in August 2011 but possibly no longer being used.
If anyone can tie Operators to Registrations after RAAF use that would be helpful.

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The Authors of this page are Darren Crick and Brendan Cowan

Sources: Australian Aviation Magazine, The Viscount Story by Frank Hudson, RAAF Status Cards, ,

Emails: Rene Sikkerle, Ed Jones, Ian Fairley, Howard Franks.

Updated 01 July 2015


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