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RAAF A41 Boeing C-17A Globemaster III

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Boeing C-17A
Globemaster III
31st March 2015
Photo by Darren Crick


Boeing C-17A Globemaster III Image Gallery



RAAF.Serial. USAF.Serial. Fuselage
Factory Serial
A41-206 06-0206
F-166 50167 AUS.1 07/11/2006 first Flight 11:03am from Long Beach Airport, California USA lasting over 5 hours.
28/1/2006 accepted by the RAAF in California USA.
04/12/2006 arrived in Canberra Australia from the USA.
Static display Avalon 2007.
In service 36 Sqn RAAF.

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A41-207 06-0207
F-173 50174 AUS.2 Originally given USAF Serial 06-0207,
Re-serialled 07-0207,
23/04/2007 first flight.
11/-5/2007 delivered at Long Beach California, USA.
11/2007 used in relief ops in Papua New Guinea, effected by floods from Cyclone Guba.
In service 36 Sqn RAAF.

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A41-208 06-0208 F-183 50184 AUS.3 12/12/2007 first flight,
18/12/2007 accepted by RAAF,
12/02/2008 delivered to Australia,
In service 36 Sqn RAAF.

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A41-209 06-0209 F-184 50185 AUS.4 19/01/2008 handed over to RAAF at Boeing Long Beach, California, USA,
08/03/2008 arrived RAAF Amberley,
In service 36 Sqn RAAF.

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A41-210 09-0212
F-239 50240 AUS.5 Believed to have originally been USAF serial 09-0212.
However this has been changed and the aircraft now wears 11-0210,
14/09/2011 acceptance ceremony Long Beach,
19/09/2011 delivered to 36 Sqn at Amberley.

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A41-211 12-0211 F-251 50252 AUS.6 24/10/2012 first flight.
06/11/2013 delivered to 36 Sqn at Amberley,

In service 36 Sqn RAAF.

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A41-212 14-0001 F-270 50271 AUS.7 20/06/2014 registered N270ZD to Boeing Co. Long Beach, California.
03/06/2015 registration cancelled

02/11/ 2015 arrived RAAF Amberley
05/11/2015 acceptance ceremony marking final C-17 delivery

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A41-213 14-0002 F-271 50272 AUS.8 20/06/2014 registered N271ZD to Boeing Co. Long Beach, California.
22/05/2015 noted on ramp Boeing, Long Beach
03/06/2015 registration cancelled
29/07/2015 delivered to RAAF Amberley.
06/08/2015 noted at RAAF Pearce

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A41-??? ??-???? F-???     Option to be confirmed or released.
A41-??? ??-???? F-???     Option to be confirmed or released.

The Author of this page is Darren Crick, updated by Martin Edwards and Brendan Cowan.

Purchase of two additional airframes and two options was under consideration as at August 2014.
The two purchased (A41-212 and A41-213) were delivered in 2015
However as of November 2015 only one unsold "white tail" C-17 remains available.

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Emails: John Voss, David Pollock, David Patrick, Norm Weeding, Gordon Birkett, Brendan Cowan, Col Tigwell, Martin Edwards, Ray Seppala

Updated 6th November 2015


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