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Wedgetail A30-004 
21st January 2011


Boeing E-7A Wedgetail Image Gallery

Aircraft Serial US Reg. Const.No. Line No. Aircraft History
A30-001 N378BC. 33474 1245 First flight on 15/11/2002.
Basic airframe noted Boeing Field 12/2002 On 3/11/03 the aircraft's power generation system was powered up for the first time.
Undergoing flight trials from 05/2004. Many test flights undertaken from Boeing Field
On show at Avalon 2005 as N378BC
Underwent hot weather testing Phoenix Arizona 06/2007
Completed Chaff & Flare trials at the beginning 11/2009.
Noted Penang, Malaysia 14/11/2009 en route to Dubai
Noted Victorville, California 28/04/2005 and 9/07/2009
Delivered to 2 Sqn.7/11/2009.
Dubai Airshow 11/2009

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A30-002 N358BJ 33542 1232 Registered .
Was at Boeing having antenna fitted and undergoing flight trials.
Delivered to 2 Squadron flying as N358BJ "Boeing 89" from Boeing Field on the 16/09/2011,
21/09/2014 Deployed to UAE  for operations in the Middle East.

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A30-003 N359BJ 33476 1810 Exercise Arnhem Thunder 14/04/2009 as N359BJ
Delivered to 2 Squadron 2/12/2010
Scheduled to take its first flight from RAAF Base Williamtown on 24/01/2011.
On display Avalon 03/2011
Noted RAAF Tindal 21/07/2011

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A30-004 N361BJ 33477 1885 Noted unpainted Hickman Airforce Base, Hawaii 24/04/2006
Noted unpainted at Richmond 29/01/2009
Painted 02/2009
On display Avalon 03/2009
Delivered to 2 Sqn 29/04/2010.
Static display Williamtown Airshow 09/2010
Noted Butterworth 26/10/2011

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A30-005 N363BJ 33986 1934 Registered .
Noted unpainted at Richmond 6/02/2009
Delivered to 2 Sqn 22/06/2010.
In maintenance hangar at Williamtown 09/2010,
Visited Hammamatsu, Japan 16/10/2010

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A30-006 N364BJ 33987 1991 Noted Hickman Airforce Base, Hawaii en route to Australia 15/05/2007
In Service 2 Sqn

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The Author of this page is Martin Edwards.

An initial operational capability for Air Logistics Services (passengers and cargo) and pods (hose and drogue) air to air refuelling capability is planned by end-2012. A full operational capability, for Air Logistic Services and pods and boom air to air refuelling, is planned by end-2013.

It would appear that A39-004 and A39-005 both carried Spanish registration EC-336. Any clarification would be welcome.

Purchase of two additional airframes is also under consideration as at August 2014.

Source: Defence Media.

Emails: John Bennett, Gordon Birkett, Colin Campbell, Mick Raftery, Peter Ricketts, Brendan Cowan, Greg Hyde, Andrew McLaughlan,

Updated 01 July 2015


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