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Boeing 707 A20-623
Refuels French Mirage F-1
25th May 2002

Boeing 707 Image Gallery

ADF.Serial Aircraft.Type Const No. Previous Rego Delivered Aircraft History
A20-103 B707-368C 21103 HZ-ACG & N1987B 11/03/88 Line number 905.
Delivered as HZ-ACG to Saudi Arabian airlines.
Purchased by RAAF Named 'Wilberforce'.
Crashed 29/10/91 off East Sale coast during Asymmetric Training.
The 5 crew members were killed.
Crew; SQNLDR Mark Ellerker Lewin O321144 (Pilot, qfi), FLTLT Timothy Rohan Ellis O230675 (Co-Pilot), FLTLT Mark Ian Duncan O323947 (3rd Pilot), WOFF Jonathan M. Fawcett A228561 (Flight Eng), WOFF Allan G. Gwynne A113951 (Load Master).

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A20-261 B707-368C 21261 HZ-ACI & N7486B 11/03/88 Line number 919.
First Flight 15/12/76.
Delivered as HZ-ACI to Saudi Arabian airlines.
Sold to Boeing Military Aircraft Co.
13/07/87 stored at AMARC.
Purchased by RAAF 25/02/88.
Delivered 11/03/88.
In service with 33 Sqn.
Avalon Airshow 1999.
Painted overall grey 2000.
Total of 31,580 Flight hours 19/11/01.
Attended RIAT at Fairford UK wearing special nose art July 2006.
Retired in August 2006 and was situated at RAAF Amberley QLD.
Sold 24/08/2006 to Cambridge-based Turbine Motor Works.
The aircraft was fitted with a 160-seat all-economy interior, and departed Amberley for the US to have hushkits fitted to its P&W JT3D (TF33) engines in additional to a TCAS system and a security cockpit door.
Test flown as N707QJ at 1230 on 16/07/2007 before departing Amberley late that day bound for the UK via Darwin, Male and Cairo.
Stored at Manston Airport since 2007.
Purchased by Omega Aviation.
Engines removed 25/03/2011.
Tail, control surfaces and wingtips all gone by 07/2011
By 06/2012 the fuselage aft of the wings and the wings outside the u/c had been removed.

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A20-623 B707-338C 19623 VH-EAC, G-BDKE &
17/06/83 Line number 671.
Ex QANTAS B707. "City of Sydney" number 1 with QANTAS.
Converted to B707 Tanker.
Named "Clarendon".
Served with 33 Sqn.
A total of 54,922 flight hours 19/11/01.
I was advised that this aircraft had its floor beams and deck replaced in 2002.
Avalon 2007.
Was in Service 33 Sqn.
This aircraft was retired on 04/08/2007 and parked next to A20-627 at Richmond.
Held in open storage at RAAF Richmond.
Acquired by Omega Aviation 09/2011
Registered N623RH.
Departed Richmond 25/10/2011
Will be placed in storage at Victorville, California until it is re-engined with P+W JT8s.

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A20-624 B707-338C 19624 VH-EAD 30/03/79 Line number 689.
First Flight 18/03/68. Ex QANTAS B707.
Delivered 30/03/79.
Named "Richmond Town".
Converted to B707 Tanker.
Avalon Airshow 1997.
Painted all Grey Dec 1998.
Avalon Airshow 1999.
Total of 49,431 Flight hours, 19/11/01.
I was advised that this aircraft had its floor beams and deck replaced in 2002.
Avalon 2007. Special nose markings for Avalon Airshow 2007.
In Service 33 Sqn.
A20-624 was the last 707 in service and carried "Farewell 707" logo on tail "29 years of service to the nation" on forward fuselage. Retired 30/06/2008.
Held in open storage at RAAF Richmond.
Acquired by Omega Aviation 09/2011
Registered N624RH.
Departed Richmond 23/10/2011 for Brunswick, Georgia USA.
Due to receive major check and enter service early 2012 retaining current underwing refuelling system. May receive fuselage mounted twin point refueling system at a later date.
Returned home to Australia 06/2012 on contract supporting RAAF aircraft operating out of Amberley. Painted in Omega Tanker scheme

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A20-627 B707-338C 19627 VH-EAG 30/03/79 Line number 707.
First Flight 30/04/68.
Named "Windsor Town".
Served with 33 Sqn.
Converted to B707 Tanker.
Painted Blue/white scheme 07/2001.
Retired from Service 02/2001 with a total of 50,234 flight hours and was situated at RAAF Richmond NSW.
A20-627 was dismantled at Richmond on 20/11/2009.
The forward fuselage was originally planned for the RAAF Museum at Point Cook however it will now be going to HARS at Albion Park.
The tailfin and rudder departed 05/2010 for the Qantas Founders Museum at Longreach.

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A20-629 B707-338C 19629 VH-EAI,
17/06/83 Line number 737.
First Flight 12/08/68. Ex QANTAS B707.
Named "City of Sydney" (#2).
Purchased by the RAAF 1983 and converted to B707 Tanker 1990's.
East Sale Airshow 1996.
Named 'City of Sydney'.
Total of 58.053 Flight hours 19/11/01.
Deployed to Kyrgyzstan in 2002 to support Coalition Forces in Afghanistan.
Was in Service 33 Sqn.
Retired 31/10/07.
The final task for ‘City of Sydney’ saw it fly from RAAF Base Richmond to RAAF Base East Sale and Hobart for a series of ‘touch-and-go’ landings, aiding training for 33 Squadron crews.
Was kept at RAAF Base Richmond and used to support the continued operation of ‘Richmond Town’.
Held in open storage at RAAF Richmond.
Acquired by Omega Aviation 09/2011
Registered N629RH.
Departed Richmond 23/10/2011 for San Antonio, USA.
Due to receive major service and fuselage mounted twin point refuelling system and enter service late 2012

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A20-809 B707-368C 19809 HZ-ACC & N1486B 16/03/88 Line number 657.
Delivered as HZ-ACC to Saudi Arabian airlines.
Never flown with RAAF, acquired for spares breakdown.
Used also as training aid.
A20-809 or just 809 was applied to the tail.
Names 'Hulksbury'.
Broken up mid 1990s

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Boeing 707  Boeing 707 and Harriers
12th March 1998
US Navy photo

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