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Pre-delivery was N8641X.
Delivered 12/10/61 but still held by De Havilland Bankstown for assembly.
To 16 ALA Sqn 11/04/62.
Crashed and burned on impact near Amberley Qld (Thorntom?) on 30/05/62.
Remains still with 16ALA Sqn 29/06/62 for survey.
Engine removed and to be repaired.
Remainder of aircraft written off 29/08/63.




Pre-delivery was N8642X.
Delivered 12/10/61 but still held by De Havilland Bansktown for assembly.
To 16 ALA Sqn 11/04/62.
To De Havilland 27/08/62.
To 16ALA Sqn 12/10/62.
Crashed at Toowoomba Airport Qld on 15/11/64.
Pilot Lieutenant CA Miller 31476 (ARA) seriously injured
Gordon Bennett witnessed the incident:
Cessnas A98-336 and -042 did a formation take off for their display. Both were carrying parachute stores under their wings and the display commenced with a low pass in front of the crowd where the stores were dropped. The stores drop was followed by a low pass by 042 in front of the crowd, heading from south-east to north-west, followed by what appeared to be either a stall-turn or a wing-over for another run back past the crowd, Unfortunately the aircraft did not recover to level flight from the pull-up and I last saw it descending vertically behind a rise in the airfield, followed by an almighty “crump” and a cloud of dust. The rest as they say is history.
Remains still held at 16ALA Sqn 12/04/65.
Written off 30/06/66.

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Pre-delivery was N8643X.
Delivered 12/10/61 but still held by De Havilland Bansktown for assembly.
To 16 ALA Sqn 11/04/62.
Sometimes used the callsign VMHQK.
To De Havilland 15/11/62.
To 16 ALA Sqn 28/12/62.
To De Havilland 16/06/65.
To 16 ALA Sqn 09/07/65.
Served with Australian Army 161 Recce Flight, Vietnam
30/09/65 to 19/11/67.
To De Havilland Bankstown 30/11/67.
To 1 Aviation Regiment 22/03/68.
To 161 Recce Flight Vietnam 08/03/68.
Damaged during a forced landing into a paddy field on 26/08/68.
The aircraft was recovered back to Nui Dat where it was subsequently written off on 29/08/68. Pilot: Steve Tizzard.

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There is another Cessna marked as A98-043 but it is not ex-Army.
VH-WGD c/n 50739 is owned by HARS




Pre-delivery was N8644X.
Delivered 12/10/61, I believe this was still awaiting assembly but we do not hold a status card.
To 16 ALA Sqn 1962.
Served with Australian Army 161 (indep) Recce Flight, Vietnam
22/11/67 to 04/10/68 & 08/05/69 to 10/05/69.
On the 10/05/69 the aircraft was extensively damaged during take-off at Fire Support Base ‘Blackhorse’.
The aircraft was recovered back to Nui Dat where serviceable parts were removed and the aircraft was subsequently written off.
Crew ok. Pilot: Errol Driver.

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Pre-delivery was N8645X.
Delivered 12/10/61, I believe this was still awaiting assembly but we do not hold a status card.
To 16 ALA Sqn 1962.
Served with Australian Army 161 Recce Flight, Vietnam
09/65 to 10/01/68 and 10/68 to 22/05/69 & 11/69 to 11/02/71 .
Crashed 08/67, on takeoff Nui Dat Vietnam.
Last Cessna 180 to be flown in Vietnam on 14/02/71 and at least part of the flight took place in formation with three Pilatus Porters.
Returned to Australia and after being 'ground looped' on 26/03/73 the aircraft was retired from service.
The aircraft was to be written off however, the aircraft was rebuilt and flown on 01 Sep 74
Its last recorded flight was on 23 Sep 1987 and the total airframe hours of this aircraft are 6346.8 hours.
Currently on display at the Museum of Australian Army Flying at Oakey.

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Pre-delivery was N8646X.
Delivered 12/10/61 but still held by De Havilland Bankstown for assembly.
16 Army Light Aircraft Squadron, 22/06/62.
rashed into a hill near Rylestone, NSW, during Exercise Sky High on 18/11/63.
ilot Lt John Cope, Observer Lt Edward ‘Jack’ Smith and Lt John ‘Ben’ Hall were killed
A memorial plaque to the 3 young Lieutenants
was dedicated at Duntroon Chapel on

Cessna 180 A98-046




Pre-delivery was N8663X.
Delivered 12/10/61.
Served with Australian Army 161 Recce Flight, Vietnam
09/65 to 23/03/68, 28/09/68 to 11/07/69 & 10/01/70 to 05/70.
Damaged 13/01/69, by ground fire.
Damaged 23/02/69, by ground fire again.
This time though the aircraft was forced to return to Nui Dat.
On arrival it was found that the Prop, port wing, fuselage, starboard elevator and port flaps were damaged.
Sold 29/08/75 to the Victorian Forestry Department and subsequently sold to Max Balfour of Murrwillumbah, NSW. Registration being VH-TVB.
14/07/2006 Registered to Nicholas Challinor, Murwillumbah, NSW.
2013 Purchased by Darryl Hill and currently undergoing full restoration (Many Viet Cong bullet holes discovered!)
As of 18/04/2016
A98-063 will amend its civilian registration from VH-TVB to VH-PSM. As the last surviving Army 180 in Vietnam colors and config it was thought wise to honour the 161 Recce Flight callsign: PoSsuM

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Pre-delivery was N2644Y.
Delivered 30/08/62.
This aircraft was sold to the Queensland Police Department sold 03/09/75 and registered as VH-PFT.
The aircraft was subsequently sold to the WA Skydiving Academy.
In 1995 the aircraft crashed into the mangroves in Broome WA and declared a write off and subsequently removed from the civil register.
Purchased at auction by a New Zealander (Tim Austin) and shipped to New Zealand where it was rebuilt and registered as ZK-TUA.
As at June 2000 the aircraft was still serviceable and being flown.




Pre-delivery was N2646Y.
Delivered 31/08/62.
Sometimes used the callsign VMHQQ. Served with Australian Army 161 (Indep) Recce Flight, Vietnam
12/01/68 to 14/12/68 & 12/06/69 to 28/10/69.
Damaged during landing at Nui Dat on 28/10/69 and was subsequently written off on 01/12/69.
Pilot: Barry Donald.




Pre-delivery was N2648Y.
Delivered 30/08/62.
Served with Australian Army 161 (Indep) Recce Flight, Vietnam 22/05/68 to 16/12/68.
On 30/10/75 this aircraft was sold to the Queensland Police Department and registered as VH-PFM.
The aircraft was destroyed in storm at Archerfield Airfield, QLD in 12/80 and it is believed that it was subsequently written off.

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Pre-delivery was N2650Y.
Delivered 31/08/62.
Served with Australian Army 161 (Indep) Recce Flight, Vietnam 11/07/69 to 11/01/70.
Damaged 01/70, over Phuoc Hai Vietnam.
Hits taken on Port wing, Engine firewall and through perspex roof! Crew ok.
On 02/08/75 the aircraft was sold to GAF in Victoria and registered as VH-AUT.
The aircraft was damaged during landing at Moorabbin Airfield, Vic,
Placed into storage at GAF before being removed from the civilian register and sold.
Damaged in a heavy landing at Avalon VIC in Aug 1986.
Purchased by Carl Boulton of Grafton NSW and transported to Lismore Airfield where it was rebuilt to flying status.
Registered VH-CRB from 17/01/03.
Test flown after a rebuild on 14/11/03.
02/02/2006 Registered VH-CRB to Lionel Boulton, Grafton, NSW.
Current in civil paint scheme.

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Pre-delivery was N5036E.
Delivered 10/03/59.
On 12/12/75 this aircraft was sold to the Victorian Forestry Department and registered VH-TVC.
The aircraft was subsequently sold and registered as VH-HQA on 12/12/1986.
02/06/2001 Registered to Geoffrey Hosking, Pheasant Creek, Vic,

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Pre-delivery was N5038E.
Delivered 15/04/59.
To 2 AD 21/04/59.
To Base Sqn Canberra 12/05/59.
To 16 AOP FLight.
Had an 'Incident' in the circuit area at Canberra, 03/12/59. Pilot: SQN/LDR H K McLoughlin.
To 16 ALA Sqn 02/12/60.
To De Havilland 12/04/61 for survey submission and repair.
To 16ALA Sqn 05/06/62.
To De Havilland 12/07/62.
To 16 ALA Sqn 24/08/62.
Crashed and destroyed at Purga near Amberley, Qld on 15/03/63 after hitting power lines and crashing in a field.
Pilot: Lt G Lilley 13998 was slightly injured.
Struck off 11/04/63.

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Pre-delivery was N5040E.
Delivered 20/04/59.
Served with 16 AOP Flight.
Had an 'Incident' in the vicinity of Canberra on 22/2/60. Pilot: SQN/LDR H K McLoughlin.
Another at Yass on 15/7/60. Pilot LT Constable.
On 20/08/75 Sold to the Victorian Forestry Department and subsequently sold. Registered VH-TVA
In 1995 this aircraft was owned and flown by Oscar Roche of Tottenham NSW with registration VH-TVA.
18/12/2009 Registered to Andrew Wallace, Casuarina, NT.

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Pre-delivery was N5042E.
Delivered 27/04/59.
To 2 AD 27/04/59.
To Base Sqn Canberra 26/05/59.
To 16 AOP Flight.
Damaged Bankstown NSW on 29/07/59. Pilot: P/LT Morris R S.
To 2 AD 31/07/59 pending survey.
Approved for conversion to components 04/03/60.




Pre-delivery was N5043E.
Delivered 02/05/59.
To 2 AD 02/05/59.
To Base Sqn Canberra 18/05/59.
To 16 AOP Flight.
Destroyed 6 miles east of Bungendore NSW, 29/06/60 near Canberra. Pilot: Lt G C Precians.
Still held by 16 AOP Flight 20/07/60.
Approved for conversion to components 03/10/60.




Pre-delivery was N5044E.
Delivered 14/05/59.
To 2 AD 14/05/59.
To 16 AOP Flight 08/06/59.
To 16 ALA Sqn 02/12/60.
Aircraft Crashed and destroyed near Eildon Weir VIC on 02/12/61.
Converted to components and written off 12/02/62.

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Pre-delivery was N5050E.
Delivered 08/06/59.
The first recorded ADF flight of this aircraft was carried out by Sqn Ldr McLoughlin when he carried out the Acceptance Test Flight on the aircraft at RAAF Base Richmond on 06/07/59 and subsequently flew the aircraft from Richmond to RAAF Base Canberra to commence service with 16 AOP Flight.
Throughout its military life the aircraft was primarily used for training purposes however there is some indication that it did go to New Guinea for a period of time in 1967.
In addition the aircraft was used for ARDU Trials at Edinburgh during Apr/May 67. (Don Cockerell being the pilot).
On 15/01/76 this aircraft was sold to the Victorian Forestry Department and subsequently sold to Dick Hourigan from Moorabbin Vic.
Registered and flying as VH-TVD.
Was sold abroad to Switzerland,
On its delivery flight the new owner sold the aircraft to R.Jaeggi, Malane Teken Terengguna Malaysia, who registered the aircraft in Australia on 09/06/2000.
Malaysia does not have a Warbird class, and if he was to re-register it in Malaysia, it would have to lose it Australian Army markings.
Seen at Kuala Terenganu airport at Kuala Lumpur, Malasia.
Now back in Australia still marked the same and registered VH-TVD.
At the Temora Aviation Museum and expected to move to QLD.
03/06/2006 Registered to Lars Larson, Flemington, VIC.

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Pre-delivery was N5051E.
Delivered 02/06/59.
To 2 AD 02/06/59.
To 16 AOP Flight 04/06/59.
Incident Report, 5 Miles North of Richmond Aerodrome Pilot: DS Bell.
Into reserve 13/07/60.
To 16 ALA Sqn 09/12/60.
To De Havilland 29/08/62.
To 16 ALA Sqn 12/05/65.
ARDU 30/05/66 for fatigue testing and weight and balance trials.
Severely damaged at Laverton VIC on 17/06/66 while in service with ARDU.
To 16 ALA Sqn 06/08/66 for investigation with a view to repair.
Was converted to a training aid prior to 15/02/67.
Aircraft was allotted to the School of Army Aviation at Oakey Qld, for static display,
Subsequently allotted to the Museum of Australia Army Flying at Oakey where it is to being restored for static display.
Some parts of this aircraft were recovered for use with A98-045 which is on static display.

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A98-360 52863 C-180K Cessna VH-TUV is based at Tyabb and is painted as A98-360.
This is not an ex-Army example and is included here for reference only.

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The Authors of this page are Darren Crick and Len Avery. Updated by Brendan Cowan and Martin Edwards

Source: Australian Aviation Magazine, CASA Aircraft Register, CASA Aircraft Database and The book: Target Charlie, 161 Recce Flight Website, National Archives, Len Avery, RAAF Status Cards, "Army" newspaper.

Emails: Bas van Oorschot, Johan van der Wei, Len Avery, Clive Lynch, Stan McClymont, Tjalling Boelman, Greg Hyde, Grahame Higgs, Roger Lambert, Gordon Bennett, Darryl Hill..

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