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RAAF A96 Convair CV-440 Metropolitan

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  Convair A96-313

Convair 440 Image Gallery

RAAF.Serial Aircraft.Type c/n Aircraft History
A96-313 CV-440-78 313 11/01/1956 Rolled out with Registration N8434H to General Dynamics,
30/04/1956 Accepted by RAAF,
16/05/56 Received by RAAF,
17/05/56 To 86 Wing,
03/09/56 To 1 AD .
17/10/1956 To 86 Wing,
05/10/56 34 Sqn VIP Flight,
??/??/1968 Withdrawn from use,
07/05/1968 Sold to R.E.Nayor. Junior, and became N733E.
12/08/1968 Delivered to USA,
??/09/1968 Sold to H.E.Weiss,
??/02?1969 Sold to Omni Investment Corporation,
??/04?1969 Sold to Comision Federal de Electricidad, Mexico, as XC-DUZ,
??/??/19?? registered XB-ROF,
??/??/1995 Withdrawn from use and stored.
Believed to have been subsequently scrapped in Mexico

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A96-353 CV-440-78 353 10/07/1956 Rolled out with Registration N8463H to General Dynamics,
07/12/1956 Received by RAAF,
12/12/1956 To 86 Wing,
18/01/1957 To 1 AD,
08/02/1957 To 86 Wing and 34 Sqn VIP Flight,
17/02/1959 To 1 AD,
21/07/1958 To TAA Mascot,
23/03/1959 To 86 Wing & 34 Sqn VIP Flight,
22/05/1959 To TAA Essendon,
05/06/1959 To 34 Sqn VIP Flight,
04/06/1959 To TAA Mascot,
01/07/1959 To 34 Sqn VIP Flight,
01/01/1962 Had a near miss with a civil Cessna 172,
??/??/1968 Withdrawn from use,
25/07/1968 Sold to Omni Investment Corporation, and became N588E,
16/09/1968 Sold to P.T. Sharples,
02/12/1968 Reregistered as N912PS,
02/12/1970 Sold to General Development Air Service Corporation,
??/11/1972 Operated with 'Sunport' titles,
14/11/1973 Sold to Two Jacks Aircraft Sales,
14/01/1974 Sold to American Liberty Oil,
19/02/1982 Reregistered N912AL,
06/02/1986 Sold to Florida Aircraft Sales & Leasing,
??/03/1987 Leased to National Jets,
22/05/197 Aircraft converted to cargo configuration with installation of rear cargo door,
15/03/1988 Sold to Inter-Dominican Corporation,
08/04/1988 Sold to Samuel P. Burnstein,
31/07/1989 Seized by Sheriff of Broward County,
30/06/1990 Sold to Florida Aircraft Leasing Corporation,
14/02/1995 Sold to Inter Tropical Aviation, Paramaribo, Surinam and Entered onto Brazilian Aircraft Register as PT-TGA
??/09/1996 Leased to Tol Air Services, San Juan, Puerto Rico,
Entered onto U.S. Aircraft Register as N912AL
07/08/1997 Sold to Dodita Air Cargo, San Juan, Puerto Rico,
23/10/1997 Registered to Dodita Air Cargo, San Juan, Puerto Rico
??/02/2008 Observed stored at San Juan in a dirty condition,
Believed to be Current.

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Updated 07 October 2013


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