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Beaver A95-201 
photo RossDunlop via Lenn Bayliss


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RAAF Serial C/N Aircraft History
A95-201 783
29/03/55 Delivered to de Havilland Australia. 
04/05/55 To be assembled at de Havilland for Antarctic Division, Dept of External Affairs
22/07/55 Held ARDU
27/12/55 Departed Melbourne on MV Kista Dan to Antarctic Division Mawson Base.
Painted yellow with black fuselage stripe, carried standing kangaroo in centre of roundels (May of been named "Miss Shiela")
08/10/57 Status Card reads "Will be returned March '58 After return servicing, mods and rework required to be done at de Havillands"
28/02/58 Departed on MV Thala Dan for return to Australia
24/03/58 Allocated to de Havilland ex-Point Cook for survey, E Servicing and Mods. 
28/03/58 Received at de Havilland
Was repainted "International Orange" with standard leaping kangaroo roundels
07/08/58 Received Point Cook 
27/08/58 Allocated ARDU for test schedule 01/09/58 to 1/09/58
08/10/58 Received Point Cook for Antarctic Division
26/12/58 Departed Melbourne for Antarctica aboard MV Thala Dan
28/12/59 A95-201 and -203 suffered major damage in a storm.
The wrecks of both were merged into one airframe which took up the identity of A95-203.
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A95-202 964 With De Havilland 17/04/56 .
Delivered to RAAF 11/09/56.
Accepted by Antarctic Division 20/11/56.
12/56 Arrived Mawson Base
Registered VH-PGL to P.G. Law, the Director of the Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions from 12/59 to 04/60.
(Note; This was the first of two Beavers to be registered VH-PGL, the second being A95-205)
Then back to A95-202 RAAF.
Written off in blizzard, 09/12/60 Damaged beyond repair.

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A95-203 1052 Delivered 24/06/57 to De Havilland Australia.
Delivered to RAAF 23/09/57.
A95-201 and A95-203 suffering major damage in a storm 28/12/59.
Combined with wreck of A95-201 and rebuilt as A95-203.

Post RAAF;
Registered VH-AAV to Aerial Agriculture Ltd,
Exported and became N1590 (05/67), CF-YOI (07/69) and then C-FYOI.
Destroyed 03/07/83 when booby trap bomb exploded.
Owner John Kluber was killed as well as Ross Devauld in a boat along side on the Nechaho River.
Reported as registered C-GECT to Pacific Aircraft Salvage 35/01/99 and C-GFCO 07/06/99 (unsure how if it was destroyed?)
Parts to N94TP.

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A95-204 1125 Delivered 13/02/58 as VH-DHJ to De Havilland Australia.
Delivered 10/08/59 to RAAF.
To 1 ATU 15/12/59.
Used as an Air Taxi at Woomera SA.
Returned to De Havilland 03/08/61.

Post RAAF;
Later VH-DHJ, VH-MKT, VH-SMD - current status unknown.

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A95-205 1430 Delivered new to de Havilland Australia 07/60 as VH-IDR.
To RAAF Antarctic Flight, Point Cook 02/10/61 as A95-205
Received civil registration VH-PGL
(Note; This was the second Beaver to be registered VH-PGL, the first being A95-202 which was written off 09/12/60)
Arrived in Antarctica on board MV Magga Dan 01/62 marked as VH-PGL
Taken on charge as A95-205 by 02/62
Returned to RAAF Antarctic Flight, Point Cook 16/10/62.
To De Havilland Bankstown 19/03/63.
To Antarctic Division, Department of External Affairs with reinstated civil registration VH-PGL 19/10/64
Broke through ice while taxying 07/02/65

Post RAAF;
Sold to Air West Airlines in Vancouver as CF-AWA
Currently on strength with Baxter Air in Canada, she flies as C-FAWA

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The Authors of this page were Darren Crick and Brendan Cowan, Updated and revised by Martin Edwards

Source: National Archives, RAAF Status Card, RAAF Museum Website, Neil Aird,, Ed Coates Collection , "Alfresco Flight" by David Wilson.

Emails: Neil Aird, Sally Douglas, Mike Sattler, .

Updated 6th November 2014



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