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RAAF A83 De Havilland DH.103 Sea Hornet F Mk 20

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  DH Sea Hornet TT213 
via Brendan Cowan

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  On June 11 1948, a Sea Hornet F.20 was received at No 1AD and was brought on charge by the RAAF as A83-1.

However, as the aircraft was on loan from the UK Ministry of Supply (MOS) it retained the original serial number TT213.

On September 10 1948, the Sea Hornet commenced tropical trials at ARDU where the Australian designed CAC CA-15 was also being tested. Thus, at this particular time, ARDU was operating two of the fastest piston-engined fighters in the world.

The Sea Hornet was flown by RAAF pilots for 49 hours on MOS tests before it was returned to No 1AD on October 20 1950.

The aircraft was later return the the UK.

Aircraft Serial UK Serial C/N Aircraft History
(Not Taken Up)
TT213 ? 21/04/1948 Dispatched to Australia from De Havilland, Hatfield.
08/06/1948 Allotted 1 AD to ARDU for Tropical trials,
11/06/1948 Received at 1 AD ex UK,
10/09/1948 Issued ARDU ex 1 AD,
10/09/1948 Received ARDU ex 1 AD,
22/06/1948 Aircraft to be brought on charge on loan from (UK) Ministry of Supply,
14/09/1950 Aircraft to be returned to the UK and is allotted with effect from 30/09/1950 to 1 AD ex ARDU for work in accordance with AFHQRS,
19/10/1950 Issued 1 AD ex ARDU,
20/10/1950 Received 1 AD ex ARDU,
06/03/1951 Issued De Havilland UK ex 1 AD,
02/04/1951 Returned to De havilland, Hatfield,
03/04/1951 Issued 2 TMO 17/??/1951 for onforwarding to UK.

Post RAAF:

02/01/1952 To Airwork General Trading Co. Ltd at Gatwick for re-conditioning,
By July 1952 it had been delivered to AHU RNAS Abbotsinch for storage (as Abbotsinch was closed to traffic at the time because of runways construction, it flew into Renfrew and was towed to Abbotsinch),
By July 1952 it had been delivered to Airwork RNAS St. Davids (near Brawdy, Pembrokeshire) where it was coded "421/BQ".
28/04/1953 Transferred to Airwork Fleet Requirements Unit (FRU) at Hurn Airport, Bournemouth retaining still coded "421/BQ" with a yellow band around the rear fuselage,
??/ 01/1955 Declared surplus to requirements,
17/03/1955 Flown to AHU RNAS Lossiemouth for Long Term Storage.
SOC at AHU RNAS Lossiemouth (date info vague but presumed circa March 1955) but noted there in 1957.
By 1958 at least it was noted on its belly (still with BQ code & yellow band) dumped near the perimeter fence and still there on 19/07/1959,
Rumoured to have gone to Quarrywood circa 1960.

RAAF Form E/E.88 Aircraft Status Card


  De Havilland DH.103 
Sea Hornet 
 TT213 (A83-1)
AWM 128038 
via Brendan Cowan De Havilland DH.103 
Sea Hornet 
 TT213 (A83-1)
AWM 128039 
via Brendan Cowan De Havilland DH.103 
Sea Hornet 
 TT213 (A83-1)
 Alice Springs
AWM P00448 090 
via Brendan Cowan  De Havilland DH.103 
 Sea Hornet 
 TT213 (A83-1)
 AWM 128977 
 via Brendan Cowan  D.H.103 Sea Hornet PR.21 TT213. 
A.R.D.U., Laverton, c.1950, 
via Mike Mirkovic. 


The Author of this page is Darren Crick updated by Brendan Cowan

Source:, RAAF Form E/E.88 , ,


Updated 28 June 2015


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