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RAAF A82 Vickers Viking C.2

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  Vickers Viking C.2 
34 Squadron, 
Woomera, c.1947,
 via Mike Mirkovic.

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  One Royal Air Force Vickers Viking C.2 (VL 231) aircraft was loaned to the RAAF in November, 1947. Allocated the RAAF serial A82-1, the aircraft flew some 814 hours during its service with ARDU, Nos. 2 and 34 Squadrons, operating from Woomera and Edinburgh in South Australia until returned to the RAF in October, 1951. In RAAF service the aircraft was operated with both RAF and RAAF serials displayed.
RAAF Serial RAF Serial C/N Airframe History
A82-1 VL231 150 05/08/1947 Allotted serial VL231
19/08/1947 First Flight, Fitted with Hercules 634 engines H123008 & H123005,
05/09/1947 Delivered to RAF as VL231,
21/10/1947 Allotted to 2 Communications Squadron ex ARDU,
14/11/1947 Received ARDU ex UK,
17/11/1947 Damaged at 11:05 hrs whilst taxiing downwind to take off in gusty wind conditions, a/c stood on nose.
Caught by gust of wind under tailplane,
18/12/1947 Issued to 2 Communications Squadron ex ARDU,
10/02/1948 Received by 2 Communications Squadron ex ARDU.
20/02/1948 Allotment cancelled. DAP to carry out repairs and reassembly of damaged components at Mallala.
27/10/1948 Aborted landing at Mallala aerodrome.
A faulty oil pressure transmitter was causing large drops in oil pressure indications,
25/02/1949 Port tailplane leading edge damaged and fuselage skin punctured by oil drip tray flung up by slipstream.
Damaged port and starboard engines (Repaired),
07/03/1950 Allotted 1AD ex 34 Sqn for modification and 500 hourly service,
16/03/1950 Issued to 1 AD ex 34 Sqn,
10/05/1950 Received 1 AD ex 34 Sqn,
25/05/1950 Allotted 1 AD ex 34 Sqn
01/08/1950 Issued to 34 Sqn ex 1 AD,
03/08/1950 Received 34 Sqn ex 1 AD
22/02/1951 Unserviceable 34 Sqn awaiting spares,
01/03/1951 In service 34 Sqn,
10/05/1951 Unserviceable 34 Sqn, repairs,
17/05/1951 In service 34 Sqn,
19/07/1951 Unserviceable, minor repairs,
02/08/1951 In service 34 Sqn,
07/08/1951 Blade damaged by mobile refuelling tanker during refuelling operations.
Aircraft repairable but beyond unit capacity.
Remainder of aircraft undamaged.
09/08/1951 Unserviceable awaiting spares 34 Sqn,
18/10/1951 returned to UK ex 34 Sqn.
08/04/1952 Taken back on charge by the Ministry of Procurement as VL231 and operated by the Empire Test Pilots School at Farnborough.
15/08/1952 Crashed in Chilbolton and repaired.
13/05/1955 Sold to Field Aircraft Services Ltd and registered G-AOCH,
02/06/1956 Field Aircraft Services Ltd ownership cancelled
06/06/1956 Dragon Airways registered as the new owner,
Overhauled by BKS Aviation,
11/01/1957 Re-registered D-AMOR,
01/02/1957 G-AOCH Registration cancelled,
13/02/1957 Shipped from Southend to Frankfurt and then on to the new owner Flugzeugeigner-Gesellschaft Seibert, Sachsenberg Conle and operated by LTU (Luft Transport Union),
16/07/1957 The registration marks D-BONA were assigned, however, this was mistakenly placed on Vickers Viking c/n 223 (D-ABIR),
15/03/1957 Re-registered as D-BABY and in December 1960 Kurt Conle was registered as the new owner.
15/08/1963 Bought by Air Ferry and returned to the UK,
30/08/1963 D-BABY cancelled from the German register,
07/10/1963 Issued temporary registration of G-14, before reverting to G-AOCH,
??/04/1966 Passed to Invicta International Airways Ltd.,
03/07/1968 Certificate of Airworthiness expired,
03/02/1969 The aircraft was finally pulled from the market and broken up for scrap at Manston, UK.

RAAF Form E/E.88 Aircraft Status Card


  Vickers Viking C.2 
1 Aircraft Depot, 
Laverton, c.1950,  
via Mike Mirkovic. Vickers Viking C.2 
34 Squadron, 
Woomera, c.1947,
 via Mike Mirkovic. Vickers Viking C.2 
34 Squadron, 
Woomera, c.1947, 
via Mike Mirkovic. Vickers Viking D-AMOR ex A82-1 
LTU on the apron at Southend in 1957 
via Brendan Cowan Vickers Viking 
D-BABY LTU ex A82-1 
via Brendan Cowan Vickers Viking G-AOCH 
ex A82-1 Air Ferry 
via Brendan Cowan Vickers Viking 
Invicta Airlines 
G-AOCH ex A82-1
Birmingham 1967 
via Brendan Cowan


The Authors of this page are Darren Crick and Brendan Cowan

Source: RAAF Form E/E88 A82-1 ,, , , ,


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