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RAAF A74 Avro York

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Avro York MW140


Avro York Image Gallery

RAAF Serial RAF Serial  C/N Aircraft History
A74-1 MW140 ?

First Flight 10/11/44.
Delivered RAF 246 Sqn 09/02/45.
Transferred to RAAF as 'Endeavour' and allocated A74-1 10/03/45.
To 1 AD 19/03/45. To Governor Generals Flight 02/04/45.
To 17 RSU for engine change 10/04/45.
To Governor Generals Flight 11/04/45.
Although the RAAF identification number A74 was allocated, the York retained the original serial MW140,
RAF markings were exchanged for the contemporary RAAF blue and white roundels and flashes.
The York was used for long-range flights including the Duke's tour of New Guinea, New Britain, and Bougainville Island.
The flight was terminated on July 5 1945, because of the death of the Prime Minister, the Rt Hon John Curtin.
On two occasions (20/09/1945 & 05/10/1945 )"Endeavour" was flown to Singapore to evacuate ex-POWs,
On the first return journey a record flight was established between Perth and Canberra.
On January 17 1947, "Endeavour" departed from Mascot and arrived in England on January 23 1947,
Aircraft handed back to the Air Ministry.
06/01/48, RAF 24 Sqn.
03/52, Withdrawn & stored RAF 12MU Kirkbride, Cumbria, UK,
07/09/54 Aviation Jersey - later broken up.

Avro York C Mk.I
MW140 “Endeavour”,
VIP Standard aircraft for the use of the Duke of Gloucester as Governor General of Australia, on the ground at Holmesley South, Hampshire, before delivery to Australia by No. 246 Squadron RAF.  Avro York MW140
Photo provided by Roland Sparling  Avro York MW140  Avro York MW140  Avro York MW140  Avro York MW140  RAAF Photo
via Brendan cowan  Avro York C.Mk.I MW140 'Endeavour'. 
Governor-General's Flight, 
Fairbairn c.1945  
via Mike Mirkovic.  York C.I MW140, Pearce, c.1945. via Mike Mirkovic.  Avro York MW140
Photo via Peter Kelly  RAAF Form E/E.88 Aircraft Status Card


The Authors of this page are Darren Crick and Brendan Cowan

Source: National Archives, RAAF Status Card, RAAF Museum Website,

Emails: Greg Hyde, John Andrade, Grahame Higgs.

Updated 28 June 2015


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