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RAAF A68 Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation CA-17/CA-18 Mustang &
North American P-51B/C/D/K Mustang

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Mustang A68-118


Mustang Image Gallery

RAAF Mustang Pages Serial Range
Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation CA-17 & CA-18 Mustang A68-1 to A68-200
North American P-51K Mustang A68-500 to A68-583
North American P-51D Mustang A68-600 to A68-813 & A68-1001
North American P-51C/D/K Mustang III , IV  & IVa (3 Sqn & 450 Sqn, RAAF) RAF Serials

The Author of this page is Steve Mackenzie.

Source: Australian Aviation Magazine, Flightpath Magazine, Flypast Magazine, CASA Aircraft Database, National Archives, Australian War Memorial Archives, Mustang in Australian Service, Odd Jobs by Steve Eather, Korean War Resources Website, Joe Baugher's Website, Milton Mervyn Furze's Logbook, Air Britain Book " The British Purchasing Commission and Lend Lease " via Terry McGrady (UK).

Emails: Dean Davidson, Greg Hyde, Bob Livingstone, Phil Cooney, Tjalling Boelman, Dean Norman, Derek Macphail, Gordon Birkett, Daniel Leahy, John Andrade, Joe Scheil, John M Furze, Paul Coggan, Geoff Goodall, Lorence Fizia, Roger Cain, John Melson, David Jones, Owen Zupp, Warwick Henry, Terry McGrady, Hal Burns, James Oglethorpe. Steve Pace, Derek McPhail, Brendan Cowan,

Updated 06 June 2013


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