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RAAF A60 Hawker Hurricane Mk.I

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Hurricane V7476

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  In 1941, the British Government presented a Hawker Hurricane Mk I fitted with tropical equipment to Australia.

The RAAF serial A60-1 was allocated, but while on RAAF Charge, the aircraft retained its RAF number, V7476.

After it was erected at No 1 Aircraft Depot in August 1941 it joined Central Flying School (CFS) on 6 September 1941, where it was used for familiarisation flights and war-loan demonstrations.

In mid-1942, the Hurricane was transferred to No 2 Communication Flight and, while at Laverton, it was used for testing an anti-"G" suit designed by Professor Cotton, of Melbourne University.

Between 1943 and 1946, the Hurricane operated mainly with No 1 Communication Unit and Central Flying School, except for a month with No 2 Operational Training Unit.

In 1946, the Hurricane, now in an overall silver finish, was transferred to Point Cook, where it remained in a disposal park until sold on 27 January 1951.

Interestingly, the RAAF were flirting with the idea of ordering some 50 Hurricanes in July-August 1942 to equip an Interceptor Squadron and with enough for a OTU flight from Canadian production lines but with the supply of P-39D/Fs during July 42 and the promise of more P-40s(Ks) in September/October 1942 the offer/request was turned down.

Ironically, the "in-between supply" of 14 x P-40E-1s (Last ones to be ordered) were sunk per the SS Montreal on the way near Port Said. 41-36175 (ET821) was one of them. Circa 27/07/42.

The RAAF's 3, 450, and 451 Squadrons operated RAF serialled Hurricanes overseas in the North African desert in 1941 and 1942.

RAAF Serial RAF Serial Type C/N Aircraft History
A60-1 V7476 Mk.I   Ex RAF V7476.
To be erected at 1 AD 13/08/41.
Erection completed 16/08/41.
To CFS 06/09/41.
To 2 CF 27/02/42.
To 1 AD 05/04/42.
To ANA Mascot 30/08/42.
To 1 CF 18/01/43.
To 2 OTU 04/02/43.
To 1 CF 01/03/43.
To Special Duties Flight 12/04/43.
To 1 CF 20/04/43.
To 1 AD 12/09/44.
To 1 CF 13/11/44.
To CFS 14/01/45.
Approved for disposal 17/01/46.
To Point Cook for disposal by CDC 08/02/46.
Authorised for write off 13/05/46.
Passed to DAP 21/12/49.
On the 29/01/51 it was sold.
Some reports have it as wrecked at Werribee, but the aircraft was purchased by Mr Reg Dyke at Mirboo North and transported there.
It was wrecked and disposed of, we presume that means broken up and sold as parts or scrap.
Reg Dyke's family do not have any remaining parts of the aircraft.

Hurricane V7476
(A60-1)  Hurricane V7476
(A60-1)  Hawker Hurricane V7476 
RAAF Photo 
via Brendan Cowan  RAAF Form E/E.88 Aircraft Status Card


The Author of this page is Darren Crick updated by Brendan Cowan

Source: National Archives, Chris Jamesson, Terence Geary, Bob Livingston, Gordon Birkett, RAAF Status Card, British Military Aircraft Serials 1911-1979 (Bruce Robertson),

Emails: Gordon Birkett, Jason Stagg, Greg Ryan, Martin Edwards, Tristan Masterson.

Updated 30 June 2015


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