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Junkers G31 A44-1


Junkers G31 & W.34  Image Gallery

RAAF.Serial Aircraft.Type. Const/No. Aircraft History

Junkers G31

3010 Registered VH-UOW 10/06/31 to 30/01/42.
Impressed by the RAAF on 30/01/42 under requisition 9024.
It survived an air-raid on 21/01/42 at Bulolo when 3 other aircraft were destroyed (VH-URQ, UOU and UOV) as it was flying at the time.
To 34 Sqn 17/10/42.
Used by 36Sqn to deliver refrigerators to Darwin 19/10/42 and to return with wounded to Vic.
Pilot was Flg Officer J.L.Whiteman and Co-Pilot was Pilot Officer Peter Lavarack.
Third engine had a valve drop and was blanked off at Cootamundra by RAAF Engineering staff.
Arrived at Laverton for repairs.
P/O Peter Lavarack took off on test flight 31/10/42, but only two engines developed full power.
Aircraft crashed, continued off the strip and collided with the visiting Minister of Air's car, destroying the car and irreparabley damaging the aircraft.

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A44-2 Junkers W34f 1368 Registered VH-UOX 25/03/31 to 24/03/36 and 20/04/36 to 07/02/42.
Impressed into RAAF Service 07/02/42 as A44-2.
Derelict at Alexishafen,
Strafed by Japanese aircraft during the Pacific war.
After the war, only the fuselage section remained, without the wings or tail.
The wreckage remained in situ until the early 1980s,
Recovered by PNG Defence forces,
Current whereabouts unknown.

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A44-3 Junkers W34d 2610 Registered VH-UNM 05/03/30 to 10/02/42.
Impressed into RAAF Service 10/02/42 as A44-3.

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Updated 19 June 2013


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