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RAAF A42 Lockheed 5 Vega DI-1A

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RAAF Serial c/n Aircraft History
A42-1 155 This machine had a more colourful civil life having being registered as G-ABGK and flown by Jimmy Woods and Don Bennett (of RAF Pathfinders fame) in the England to Australia air race in 1934. It failed to finish and was shipped to Australia to be registered VH-UVK 23/06/36 to 05/11/41, and in this guise caused a stir in 1936 when it proved faster than a RAAF Hawker Demon fighter-bomber in an air race in Western Australia.
Impressed for service from its civilian operator MacRobertson Miller Aviation in November, 1941.
Ferried from Perth to Laverton 11/11/41.
Allocated A42-1 12/11/41.
It was painted in camouflage and issued to Northern Area Headquarters and it was delivered in late December 1941.
The Vega was ground looped at Cairns on 17 June 1942, with serious wing damage.
The aircraft was trucked to Townsville where it was stored by 24 Squadron and later by 33 Squadron.
In October 1942, the aircraft was delivered to "Aircrafts Pty Ltd" at Archerfield for repair under contract to the RAAF.
With the repairs completed, the Vega was issued to 3 Communications Unit on 24/11/43.
On 9 March 1944, the Vega was issued to DCA for disposal having been declared surplus by the RAAF.
The aircraft was stored at 3 Communications Unit at Mascot where it remained through October 1944.
On 17 September 1945, the Vega was approved for conversion to components and on 12 October 1945, the aircraft was dismantled and trucked to 2 CRD at Richmond for conversion to components.
By 15 October 1945, the Vega had been chopped up with axes at the Richmond RAAF Base.
It only logged 46 flying hours before being scrapped in October, 1945.

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Source: RAAF Museum Website, CASA Aircraft Records, RAAF Status Cards.

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Updated 04 June 2013


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