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RAAF A41 de Havilland DH.83 Fox Moth

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Fox Moth VH-UZC 
In service with QANTAS 1943 
Photo Ed Coates


de Havilland Fox Moth Image Gallery

RAAF Serial c/n Aircraft History
A41-1 4047 Ex G-ACCT.
Registered VH-ABU 20/01/38 to 16/07/41.
Impressed into RAAF Service 16/07/41.
Delivered 20/07/41 at Pearce WA.
Taxying accident 24/11/41.
Forced Landing 04/12/41, no damage.
To 35 Sqn 23/02/42.
Forced Landing 11/04/42, damaged.
Forced Landing 18/05/42 due to engine failure.
Forced Landing 18/12/42 due to engine failure and repaired at ANA.
To 35 Sqn after repairs 06/04/43.
To QANTAS 16/01/44.
To 3 AD 20/09/44.
To 2 AAU 04/10/44.
To QANTAS for conversion to Air Ambulance 16/11/44.
To 3 AD 24/03/45.
To 2 AAU 02/04/45.
To CMU 06/11/45.
Sold to the Federal Methodist Inland Mission in 22/02/46.
Delivered 25/02/46.
Registered VH-ABU 12/03/46 to 20/10/48.
Registered VH-GAV 20/10/48 to 20/07/49.
Crashed 25/04/49 at Bulolo PNG.

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A41-2 4015 Ex G-ABXS.
Registered VH-UVL 06/09/35 to 12/10/42.
Impressed into RAAF Service 07/10/42 from S.D Marshall.
Delivered 21/10/42.
To 1 R&CF 03/11/42.
To 12 RSU 15/12/42.
Damaged 27/10/43.
To 26 RSU 23/11/43.
Approved for conversion to components 30/11/43.
Returned to CASA Register as VH-UVL on 27/07/00.
Currently airworthy with Rob Fox, NSW

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A41-3 4044 Ex G-ACCS. Registered VH-UUS 18/01/37 to 23/08/43.
Impressed into RAAF Service 27/07/43.
To be modified to Air Ambulance 05/08/43.
To 3 AD 08/08/43 from QANTAS.
To 2 AAU 17/12/43.
To 10 RSU 02/05/44.
To 2 AAU 04/05/44.
To 2 AD 31/01/45.
Survey of damaged aircraft completed 07/09/45.
Sold to the Federal Methodist Inland Mission 22/02/46.
Delivered 25/02/46.
Registered VH-UUS 24/12/47 to 31/03/64.
Registered VH-CCH 31/03/64 to 06/12/65.
Damaged 06/12/65 at Barney View QLD.
Later destroyed in bushfire at Geary's Gap ACT.

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A41-4 4048 Ex G-ACCU.
Registered VH-UZC 23/03/37 to 23/08/43.
Impressed into RAAF Service 27/07/43.
To 3 AD 08/08/43.
To be modified to Air Ambulance 05/08/43.
To 2 AAU 13/09/43.
Crashed 21/03/45.
To 3 CRD 27/03/45.
Converted to components 31/05/45.

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N/A 4058 Fox Moth VH-USJ had a short tenure with the RAAF
It was being operated by Australian Aerial Medical Services when on 16/03/42 it was commandeered by the RAAF for "urgent duties in the Northern Territory"
AAMS wrote to Prime Minister John Curtin seeking its release from military duty and it was returned to them on 31/03/42
VH-USJ was bought back onto the CASA Register on 28/03/2003
Currently airworthy based in West Australia

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