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RAAF A40 Cessna C-34 Airmaster

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RAAF Serial c/n Aircraft History
A40-1 339 Registered VH-UYG 20/07/37 to 02/07/41.
When landing at Broken Hill NSW 18/09/37 a very strong wind overturned the aircraft.
The pilot and two passengers were injured.
Impressed into RAAF service in 08/07/41.
It served with 2 CF at Mascot from 08/07/41.
To 2 AD 02/08/41.
To 2 CF 15/09/42.
Forced landing 02/03/43 due to partial engine failure, no damage stated.
To 2 CRD 06/08/44.
Sold for 50 pounds by tender 09/03/45,
Collected 25/05/45.
Registered VH-UYG 11/04/46 to ? and 01/62 to 04/63.
Registered VH-KWM 04/63 to 12/02/73.
Registered VH-UYG from 20/05/93.

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Source: RAAF Museum Website, CASA Aircraft Records, Aircraft Status Cards..


Updated 03 June 2013


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