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RAAF A39 Beechcraft 17 Staggerwing

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Beechcraft 17 Staggerwing Image Gallery

Aircraft Serial c/n Type Aircraft History
A39-1 248 F17D Ex NC19478. Registered VH-ACU 07/03/39 to 01/05/41.
Impressed into RAAF service 23/05/41.
To 2 CF 24/05/41.
Taxying accident 06/08/41, taxied into boundary markers and the port wheel damaged.
To 2 CRD 05/03/44.
To 2 AD 04/11/44.
Sold 02/05/45 to Brown and Dureau for 1350 pounds.
Registered VH-ACU 01/06/46 to 19/03/74.
Was at Air World Wangaratta VIC in the Early 80's.
Currently in Adelaide SA, requiring a rebuild.

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A39-2 357 D17A A39-2 was first allocated 01/05/41 to VH-UXP c/n 108, but deferred and became A39-3.
Then reallocated to D17A c/n 357 ex NC20778 of the 1940-41 US Antarctic Expedition.
Impressed into service 27/07/42.
To 2 AP 27/07/42.
To 2 CF 03/08/42.
To 3 CF 04/09/42.
To 5 AD 22/12/42.
To ANA 27/12/42.
To3 CF 04/01/43.
To 2 CRD 04/05/44.
Sold as VH-AFP 03/47.
Crashed 22/12/63 near Springton, QLD while aerial seeding and destroyed.

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A39-3 108 C17B Registered VH-UXP 02/02/37 to 01/05/41.
Allocated A39-2 01/05/41 but not taken up (deferred).
Returned to Register as VH-UXP 09/07/41 to 25/08/42.
Impressed on 13/08/42.
To 36 Sqn 24/08/42.
To 2 CF 07/09/42.
To 4 CF 07/10/43.
To 3 CRD 25/04/44.
Approval given to transfer this aircraft to Beechcraft in a deal to swap it for A32-2 08/11/45.
It seems the swap was not completed.
To 3AD Store 09/08/45. Sold 02/04/47 to Kingsford Smith Aviation Services at Mascot.
Issued 23/06/47 and restored as C17L.
Registered VH-UXP from 06/08/87.

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The Authors of this page are Darren Crick, Steve Mackenzie and Brendan Cowan 

Source: RAAF Museum Website, Classic Wings Downunder Magazine, CASA Aircraft records, RAAF Status Cards.

Emails: Gordon Birkett, John Andrade.

Updated 29 June 2015


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